Friday, January 3, 2014


Obviously, it's tough to miss the Tea Party Fire Ants when they are at work, swarming. We have been splitting our swarms recently between two House resolutions: HRes36 for a Benghazi Select Committee and Rice's HRes 442, which in our opinion is a smart and straightforward move to cut through the BS and bring suit against the administration for relief against a number of Obama's Presidential overreaches. It's smart and the smart money says it can work. Here is a small swarm sample from last night, to approximately 40 Congressional House Representatives.

...You get the idea.

Congressman Tom Rice's office certainly didn't miss #TPFA at work the last couple of weeks swarming congress for co-sponsors for HRes442 (and yes, it has more co-sponsors, now, and yes, they are saying, like Wolf, that it is the swarms that are having the most impact). Today after a phone conversation with Rice's office, TPFA Twitter Swarm Leader Kathy Amidon got the following e-mail.

Of course we are happy to oblige and ask you to pass the following links to everyone you know on twitter and ask them to retweet them.

Congressman Rice's office is asking everyone to act as "citizen co-sponsors". The target number for the number of citizen co-sponsors now appears to be 10,000, and with some places like Tea Party Net having 100,000's of followers, Washington DC tea Party having 150,000, and the like, that really should not be such a problem. We have tested the links and they are fine.

Please click HERE and be a citizen co-sponsor. It's safe and will do wonders, quickly.

HRes 422 allows Rice & Congress to take Obama to court for overreach, meaning, among other things, Obamacare takes a body blow. Video:

Notable quotes if you have trouble with the video. Rice: "The resolution just requires a vote of the House, it doesn't even require a vote of the Senate … to bring a lawsuit against the president for violation of Article 2, Section 3 of the Constitution, which requires that he take care to faithfully execute the laws of the land... "He can't pick and choose which laws he wants to enforce. He has to enforce all of the laws.....the legal experts that I conferred with before I did this — and I've been working on this for months — came to the conclusion that this is a legitimate question for the courts … Many of the steps the president has taken are certainly outside of his authority. Things like extending, unilaterally, the employer mandate for a year, things like allowing the 'substandard insurance policies' to continue to be issued for a year …The House has brought institutional suits to enforce subpoenas where the executive branch has ignored subpoenas in the past. "It was determined in those cases that we had what's called institutional standing. There's never been a case like this, and we're looking forward to prosecuting it."

So besides swarming, or even while swarming, take a moment and become a citizen co-sponsor to Rice's brilliantly conceived. If swarming isn't your thing, then at least do sign on as a citizen co-sponsor. You'll be making real history.

On a secondary note, after 14 months of 100% volunteer activism, our ability to outrun the eventualities of working for nothing is becoming exhausted, and Benghazi-Truth & the Tea Party Fire Ants are now taking donations, which I hasten to add are handled by Twitter swarm leader Kathy Amidon (who has been putting in 14-hour days for a year with nothing back for it - the donation account goes to her and will be managed by her to pay people and expenses) to cover expenses, and for advanced activist materials. Please reach down and give what you can. Don't be shy: $1.00 can go a very long way. The link on the right is glitchy and we're working on that, so for the time being please follow the link, below, which is 100% secure via Paypal. Please Do it now and keep the Fire Ants swarming and growing at full vigor. 

NOTE in response to the trolls attacking TPFA on Twitter; Donations are not tax deductible, so if you give $10.00 to TPFA, you can't write it off in April of 2015. Trolls seem to think that's a big deal, but they're trolls, right? Right.

You have seen what we can do in the last year for free. Help us grow into 2014. Thank you. 



  1. Good job kids, will help you however I can. Prayer works miracles, and I am praying for lots of donations to help you, because your work is helping uncover awful goings on in Washington, with our military and anyone else they can!!

    1. Thanks, "D". A blast from the past! Great to see you. Yes, we're doing what we can do, but getting things done. Expect, with the help of generous people like yourself, bigger and better things in 2014. TY!

  2. Using Paypal to get paid for tweeting? This is NUTS and should be reported to Paypal ASAP. Clearly a violation of their TOS/User Agreement in addition to the LAW!

    1. Donations have been cleared through not 1 but 5 Paypal reps. Your "report" to them would be laughed at, so please do and brighten their day - everyone loves a clown.The Tea Party Fire Ants do a lot more than tweet and run a blog, of course. Look at our list of activities and accomplishment, thus far paid entirely out of pocket. You are the same lib troll antagonizing TPFA on Twitter. Why don't you grow up and get a life? Obanmacare is destroying the democrat party and we intend to ensure that the media soft-soaping is counteracted by a grassroots Tea Party media force. It's American patriotism 101, and a troll like you - or many trolls like you - can't stop that.

  3. To all "pseudo Conservative" trolls: SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP. Payback is a Biotche. I have been viciously and completely unfairly attacked and frankly slandered by you ilk. I know who some of you are, know the UFO websites you post at while not surfing HillBuzz and what ever else it is you do on the "incognito" Chrome pages. You have been PEGGED here. Your tactics have been used against you. HOW DOES THAT FEEL? Well, guess what, I know how it feels, and frankly you DESERVE what you are getting right now. I will enjoy knowing how much sleep you are losing, how stressed out you feel, how you are snapping at your co-workers because you are running on cortisol and adrenaline. I know how helpless and ticked off you feel. Now its YOUR turn, and guess what? I AM SO GLAD you are getting what you gave.


    All are dishes best served cold, and boy is this plate just chillackin.

    Cheers to Proe, Kathy and everyone else responsible for this bit of Smackdown. I am so grateful that someone has finally nailed some of these whackjobs with their own tactics. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!