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PLEASE READ THE UPDATE AND SHARE/RETWEET AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. This is not a reality you can risk taking lying down unless you want to gamble that that's how remain - forever. The link is to another article on this blog:

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The issues in the collage created by this blog, above, are but a small representation of the problems plaguing ObamaCare. Here's is a modest list of the disasters: 

1. The website is an absurd train wreck. It's worse than anything a high school kid ever put together badly. Obama has tried to distance the healthcare plan itself from the website delivery system, but he cannot, because he chooses the people who administer to both. Expect Obamacare, if fully implemented  to literally kill people by 100,000's at least with a 30% chance that you will be one of the people Obamacare kills. There's no point in being cute about it. 

2. Premiums are skyrocketing because of Obamacare.

3. Many insurance providers have dropped millions because of ObamaCare and those people cannot now be covered by ObamaCare. They have no insurance. 

4. As millions of additional people crowd into hospital emergency rooms because of the Obamacare disaster leaving them without health insurance, emergency services will be stretched many times their operational capacity. Once again, Obamacare will kill millions. Please remember if you are a regular reader here - we pour over the stats endlessly and have never made a prediction that did not come true. Not ever.

5. CBS News found that the Obamacare website was deliberately underestimating quotes by 50% - 300%. Repeat: deliberately. Because of this no faith can ever be fully placed in the system from this moment forward. As a consequence, confusion and mismanagement will always rein ObamaCare.

6. Young will get the same rate as the elderly. Meaning, their premiums will skyrocket the worst. Word to the kids who were conned by Obama into voting for him. Learn it: "No good deed goes unpunished."

7. The IRS will administer to Obamacare. Expect them to target Republicans for "being allowed to die the way nature intended" the way they targeted Republicans maliciously for audits and tax penalties. Once ObamaCare is fully implemented, the GOP establishment which has always been so weak-kneed and fearful of taking resolute action will never have to worry about taking resolute action again, because once Obama's ACORN-fed IRS starts passively killing off registered GOP seniors, the GOP establishment will never be able to win a majority again - ever.                    

8. No, you can't keep your doctor or existing plan. Worse, they are dropping you and replacing you with a website which, after 3 weeks, is no nearer to operational than it was on the first day it was launched. 

How can you help to end it?  Following the same, simple, safe, easy and satisfying strategy from this blog which its leaders and participants on Twitter did to earn this and others for this group like it:


In that same tradition start hammering all the GOP Congressional Representatives and Senators in public like this:

with a close variation of this message:

Why is it the best way and how will it work?

1. Obamacare will never get 60% approval from the public in a million years but

2. to be fair to Americans whose lives are literally on the line it should get at least 60% and

3. it is imperative to look fair to Obama, and not like political hacks. To say, "Fix your own toy you demanded on getting before it literally kills us" is way more than fair. The fact it has not already been said by the GOP astonishes me.

4. Why December? Because that is when the next potential budget standoff/shut-down can occur. If we wait longer than that - or allow the GOP House to dither waiting for the obvious time to act, it will already be too late - people will have started dying because of Obamacare. BE SURE TO TELL THE GOP IF THEY LET PEOPLE DIE THROUGH OBAMACARE BY SITTING BACK TOO LONG, WE WILL HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE BEFORE OBAMA IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE. Just because we know Obama is a reckless jerk doesn't mean the GOP can be reckless jerks just a little bit less than Obama and come out clean; the American people will excoriate them in 2014 if they do not act now and people start to die because they can not get the life-saving care they need because of the ObamaCare train wreck.

We're media pros in the big city and know what we're talking about. We dropped FOX ratings by 33% - never done before. We have been credited with the lion's share of 180 co-sponsors for a Benghazi Select Committee HRes36. Do you have those accomplishments? Does any other group? Do the trolls attacking us? The answer is "No", so we implore you to save your own country, your neighbors and yourselves by following the strategy recommended here.

Obama wanted Obamacare. OK, he got it. But that does not mean he gets cart blanch to do whatever he wants while it implodes and destroys millions of lives. Obama must be held accountable for it's failure. Lives are being destroyed, now. This is no game. Convincing the GOP to issue a warning to Obama now that he has until December to get 60% of America to love his health care nightmare is a fair way to deal with this issue.

If you need more help getting started, or need to know the twitter accounts for congress, contact (or better yet, follow) TPFA Twitter swarm leader @Kathy_Amidon or myself, @FrankMDavisJR on twitter.

ADDENDUM: Leftist trolls pretending to be Tea Party have frightened many conservatives into non-action by filling their minds with paranoid, New World Order fantasies of black helicopters coming down out of the sky to swoop them away in terrifying scenarios to keep them curled into a fetal position, and to some extend they have been successful in frightening some people. In a word, all that New World Order paranoia is bullshit. We're still here and more energized than ever. Unlike most of you, Kathy uses her real name online and no one has so much has said "boo" to her. Particularly if you are using a pen name online, there is no reason to fear doing this. You can not threaten or personally slander members of Congress, but you can say any other thing as a disgruntled citizen demanding action to them and they have no choice but to take it - in public. Twitter does not "monitor" posts or "suspend/gulag" accounts - those are the leftists using a glitch in the system to group spamblock people into suspension and since we outed the people doing it (as you have probably read), "Twittergulag" has been pretty quiet. No black helicopters, New World Order troops or other paranoid scenarios exist in reality. It's "Terror propaganda  to shut you up. Ignore it and let your voice be an explosive weapon for freedom and a country the way you want it to be. The world is, in fact, mostly as your neighbors believe it is except for the media covering for a communist president with a fake birth certificate trying to turn America into a hard-core soviet communist model. Everything else is the same, and that's a lot.

Don't sit it out and watch others do the work. Rush Limbaugh would have you believe that saving America is a spectator sport. It isn't. You must get involved, today!

MESSAGE: GOP MUST ANNOUNCE Obama has until Dec to get #Obamacare 60% public approval or GOP will shut-down/impeach.


Do that, and like our similar activities, you win. And this will be one of the biggest wins America has ever seen

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All art and screenshot content not created by us is used here via the Fair Use Act in proper accordance with that law.

We have never done this, but The Tea Party Fire Ants is now asking directly for your help, and not money, but a little time and activism from the confort of your own home. We need your help to close the sale
with congress on Benghazi and defunding/eliminating Obamacare. No, we don't need your money (we never take any and never will - not even advertising revenue - this effort needs to be 100%"clean" and with no special interests involved). We need you because we can attain victories now against Obama's agenda in the conclusive 
sense, but we need you.

Recapping this groups' efforts, and most importantly successes and recognition, to prove our worthiness of your small time and modest amount of energy for which we are asking, we've been at it for about year in Twitter, and at it online for 5 years, long before the Tea Party Fire Ants name was born (25-year Green Beret Vet Sgt Major: "We're like fire ants". Me: "Eureka! The group's official name should be 'The Tea Party Fire Ants'! Anyone disagree?" Everyone loved it. And here we are. #TPFA on Twitter). 
You probably know NYC media has been my business for over 25 years (I'm a very closeted conservative in the belly of the beast. It isn't easy, but it has it's activist advantages to know what the "enemy" is thinking and doing very intimately). You know that marketing is the specialty of twitter swarm leader Kathy Amidon. You know that Sgt Major brings his Green Beret experience and perspective to the TPFA op. And you know we, in the very larger collective, have had solid successes under our banner I believe no grassroots group in the last year can remotely match. You can decide on that last part. If anyone has, please correct me so I can correct this blog entry:

For almost 1 year of unbroken consecutive nights, Christmas and New years included, the core of our group has Tweeted media and congress on mostly Benghazi, but has diversified a fair amount to include the shutdown, activism generally and to eliminate ObamaCare, because IMO Obama's media armor is as thin as rice paper, now. A concerted GOP effort brings it all down politically. Tweeting as a group on open threads for public pressure was a strategy brainstormed and initiated in practice by this group.

100's of you retweet our swarm posts every night and we thank you. You brought this particular art original to us to 2,600 Retweets (approximately 10 million people) as of this writing (the first group to demand Obama free the Benghazi survivor witnesses to testify, posted on Twitter, Jan 13, 2013).
We've produced 100's of original works for the Benghazi/conservative cause (prompting lib trolls to christen me, this group's founder, as "#clipartdude". I guess I'm supposed to feel diminished by their "devastating"  sarcasm. Sorry. I'm just a little pissed off at dealing with idiots, that's all. Smart people know the difference. Honestly, does that sound to you like fellow conservatives who merely have a problem with your activist approach, or does that sound like lib operators trying to make a successful group unpopular by mockery?) 

We initiated and exclusively did many dozens of Benghazi days counts. We don't believe tweeting hashtags into outer space twice a week, while America has no idea of the issue, is good enough for an organized activist group. We don't think that you think so, either:

Dozens of pieces if Editorial art

Most importantly, you probably know of some of this group's accomplishments by now. Real accomplishments, not just the kind of appeal to popularity lib trolls pretending to be conservatives use to fake out people looking for a group to which to belong:

When Fox News, IMO, began to clearly betray the conservatives who made that network hugely success in the most nauseating and manipulative audience betrayal in television history, we made America's voice known in the only successful boycott of that network, ultimately bringing their ratings down 33%. And yes, thanks to a mocking media whose unctuousness backfired, they know who did it.


At this point we would like to ask poisonous critics who have been relentlessly attacking Kathy and myself on twitter - @clarencesilkwow, @BossHoggUSMC, @SirTatters, @Lillisbeesmom, @HarrietBaldwin etc, to post their group accomplishments, to, you know, remind them that activists are not on this earth to be those for whom the trolls were put here to judge. They need to prove they can get something done once in a while just to distinguish the difference between do-er and, IMO, the merely obnoxious voice designed to distract and make true conservative accomplishment less efficient. 

#TPFA / this blog has made significant inroads successfully into keeping issues alive and denied the left media the victory of making them go away, not just to the choir online, but to the rest of society :

We've done some pretty gutsy stuff, too, like when #TPFA swarm leader Kathy Amidon had the patriotic chutzpah to call Boehner's office and legally record the guy on the other end admitting Boehner was refusing to allow HRes36 for a Benghazi select committee a vote because he knew it would pass!


Admittedly, on occasion we have not been successful, but no-one get's 100% success 100% of the time. Truckers to Shut Down America refused to take our free information, guidance and advice as most of you know, and as you know the event was basically a media catastrophe insomuch as, as with most conservative "big events", it went nowhere because the media put a lock-down on any story that advances the Conservative cause. We wanted the trucker event to look like this, told them how and researched and found the resources for them to do it incredibly inexpensively. They refused. But we tried. Maybe the next time:  

We keep an eye on the important facts necessary for conservative political media success and broadcast them in ways you probably know that no other group does.

We've had our right-wing celebrity acknowledgements from the right as well as major major media who attacked us;

We've also held events (Exhausted yet? I am)

We have also provided art for other groups' events, unconditional and free of charge:

We've helped fellow conservatives learn how to identify liberal trolls, and protect themselves from being "Gulaged" (account suspended) on Twitter:

And we have waded obliquely in the past into some pretty controversial material which we feel is entirely legit to investigate further based on the evidence, because ignoring  important evidence is what our side often does best - and hurts the conservative cause the worst, because, like cancer, the damage is done silently and undetected:


Besides the basic need for more people to influence congress to ensure that by January Obamacare is given its last rites and to see a floor vote on HRes36 for a proper Watergate-style Benghazi select committee, people, common called "trolls" who are, in my opinion, troublemakers and opportunists  have hurt the TPFA brand, scaring people away from activism. Some of those trolls were past "members" of TPFA whose involvement was pretty slight to say the least. Some have never been involved at all except to act is grand critics that none of the above is good enough for those whose own accomplishments amount to zero.

You have probably seen this relentless guy, whose name we are supposed to believe really is Clarence Silkwood (who is apparently a woman who goes by the additional handle of "SirTatters, whose real name Kathy knows from past association)), who seems to have made it a cause to attack us 24/7. He/she even spent the night Ted Cruz filibustered attacking us while everyone else was tweeting support for Cruz:

In this case he is pushing a guy named Donnie who set up a blog to, IMO, whine about what we feel is nothing more or less than a veiled excuse for cyber-squatting our group domain name, around April 3 or 4th, just after the media gave huge coverage to the Tea party Fire Ant name. Here is our abbreviated rebuttal to his, IMO, whining rant.

"Stan" has written two columns about me as a mysterious persona whom he feels, seemingly for the good of all mankind, needs to be brought forth into the sunshine, never mentioning some of the people he trolls against us with have names like "Boss Hogg", "SirTatters", etc, with no legit identities - and no activist accomplishment, either. He also does not seem to realize, also, that his seeming obsession appears to be alarming most who read it since 99% of the people on twitter who are not brand-name celebrities, as is recommended by online advisers,  use an alias to protect themselves and their families from harm. But "Stan" is a citizen "investigative reporter" who has decided, it seems, that finding any angle to diminish my credibility and thus hurt this group is where his journalistic talents best lie.

And they have partially succeeded. The trolls have hurt us, no question. Most people see them, know their type and retweet our demands that they tweet some example of their own accomplishment. But the net result is that TPFA activists have been reduced to a handful because the trolls' weird, obsessive ways and sometimes downright alarming ways succeed in frightening people off, as is their way-too-obvious goal (Update: this trend is now reversing itself as people have seen the relentless aspects of the trolling, have seen the harmlessness of it except as a distraction, and have begun to get on-board again while occasionally shouting down the trolls).

The conclusion of all this is that America needs you and we really need you and your help right now through the final month or two to see Obamacare ended and the Benghazi investigation truly properly begun. We can do it. I'm right a lot, frankly - my business for 25 years has been to be right. For example, I was right in predicting that the polls would turn against Obama and the dems last week after people got a good sense of Obamacare when no one else, media or conservative pundit alike, mentioned it. I am now absolutely convinced that we are in the end game of stopping Obamacare and seeing Benghazi break open. But I'm also right that we need more people to accomplish it and am fearful that Obama's agenda will be realized fully if more people do not join this effort to see victory through.

Update, Please see 12/10/2013 post on the Tea Party Barter Deal.

We need people to tweet congress with TPFA (follow @Kathy_Amidon's wall on twitter any/every night at 7:00 PM EST) and shout down the trolls attacking #TPFA and we need more of you than them. Right now ACORN pays its people and we can't match their monetary inducement.

Saving America is not like a football game where a handful of people play it out and everyone else watches. This is a game where every person in the bleachers now needs to get on the field. We need you activist help very badly to succeed in a way that will prove to be truly historic if unreported by the mainstream media. We need you.

My twitter account is @FrankMDavisJR
Kathy's is @Kathy_Amidon

Now is the time. Please log on or click back to twitter and pledge & fulfill your activism to help defeat Obama's agenda for the next 2 months. 


Friday, October 18, 2013


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Already the media - my loving urbane pals with a head full of Dr Spock upbringing and "idealistic" anti-American radical youth jelly-mindedness - are determinedly trying to cement the idea in the public consciousness that the Republicans lost on ObamaCare forever. They say the Republicans were irresponsible - not brave - to engage in the shut-down and ObamaCare is here to stay. They are wrong. You balanced the democrats' previous superior poll numbers with your own negatives - negatives induced over years by a savaging "objective" mainstream media; you who supported the shut-down were brave - and must continue to be brave - and you absolutely have the power to stop ObamaCare for good. That latter point, particularly, is true. But understand, you have to act immediately to counter-act a negative media perception in the public mind certain to emerge if you wait until you are most comfortable. Keep reading.

Already Senate minority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose intelligence and courage is well-represented by the dull, calculated and emotionless expression he has stamped onto his slow and placid wooded head, is pronouncing - as though he has any control of the House - that there will not be a shut-down again. It's also clear, to my own great disgust - that we would see millions suffer and die if he can spin the circumstances to aggrandize himself:  "By the time I came in [Wednesday], it was clear to me that it was up to me to get us out of the government shutdown and make sure we didn't default," he told The Hill." Click for the Newsmax article.

Being in NYC media for 25 years, especially as a closet "hard-right conservative" (known in Reagan's day as an America-loving citizen just slightly right of being centrist), makes one mindful every day of the need to be practical. Though I disagree that ending the shut-down was appropriate, I understand why many of you may feel it was: it seems that to have the nation default while the media is blaming you is a disaster. That was the wrong conclusion, because that concern was a media-created illusion. Many of you in statements made it clear you had put the media first, the polls second. Polls showed - and will continue to show -the people were and are behind you in eliminating Obamacare and for the reason predicted here weeks ago, which came true almost to the day: every day, America gets a form of media bad-news about ObamaCare the mainstream media cannot hide, spin or correct: they are getting horrendous news from their insurance providers. -13 percent spread on the polls show ObamaCare is unwanted by the people. That means, in theory, essentially every Republican with the 13% being democrats and Independents. Do know that ObamaCare will become even less liked over time.

Let me say here that if your plan is to wait until ObamaCare implodes by December, and shut-down again citing the by-then truly alarming statistics, I think your plan is positively brilliant - because it will work. Truly. But you will need to know how to sell it and you guys couldn't sell raw meat to a starving wolf. Here is what you do: announce now that December is the deadline for which statistics and negatives about ObamaCare must reverse. Be fair. Give Obama fair warning in the eyes of the people that you will give that long for America to grow to love Obama's health care nightmare.

Obama will call that "unrealistic", and say things like, "To overhaul an insensitive system leaving good folks like you at the mercy of unconscionable insurance providers takes time, but already we are seeing vast improvements." Reject that without a second thought no matter what the media says. Remember, the people saw through Jimmy Carter's media BS too, but Reagan was confident - even cocky - in turning the tables. You need to channel Reagan's persona and confidence now because America is getting confirmation of your point-of-view every day from their insurance providers and as the polls show, they understand it (read the open letters below this one for the poll stats during the shutdown, from real Clear Politics).

America will continually grow to hate Obamacare, but that is not what the media will say - they know how to frighten you, but this time, the polls show the people are on your side. Already discussions behind closed media doors are taking place to paint a poll-less, glowing and rosy picture of ObamaCare in anticipation of a third round of brinksmanship playing out in December. Please understand, from a media perspective you are not in a game of poker. This is a game chess. This is not faking out the opposition - that plays to the media's strengths. Poker works when people are undecided. Poker always works for the media because they have the voice. Chess works for you in this instance overwhelmingly, and chess strategy beats poker strategy because poker strategy relies on a fake-out and winning in chess is absolute from the start of the game. Since you have the facts and polls behind you, have to - and can, easily - out-maneuver - on an open board for all to see - the opposition, and you can do it. You can do it because there is no way to fix the disaster of ObamaCare in three months. Or 30 years. The law is intrinsically flawed, as is illustrated by the mind-blogging skyrocketing premiums.

As an added inducement to act, let me remind you that Obamacare will be run by the IRS which targeted GOP taxpayers. They are certain to do the same with health care. malicious, hateful, probably-disturbed types, hired by Obama's radical-left, who targeted Republicans for pain financially will do so to life-saving procedures to both your constituents (who, when enough die, won't be around to re-elect you) and to your extended families not covered by your own (probably  unconstitutional) health care plans. If you fail and your young nephew asks, "Why  does  grandpa have to die?" you can say, "Because I did not have the courage to do what was right" 

IN A NUTSHELL : YOU NEED TO PLAY THIS AS FAIR AND SENSIBLE, not like sneaky wise-guys. YOU NEED TO ISSUE REPEATED WARNINGS THAT OBAMA HAS BETWEEN NOW AND DECEMBER TO FIX OBAMACARE OR THERE WILL BE A SHUT-DOWN AND POSSIBLE IMPEACHMENT, AND YOU NEED TO DO IT IMMEDIATELY. Do that and America will see you as fair, sensible, and concerned heroes for America - and support the next shut-down in December positively guaranteed overwhelming numbers, almost guaranteeing either Obamacare goes away or Obama resigns or at the very least so damages the democrat party that 2014 and 2016 will be a walk in the park for Republicans. BROADCAST YOUR FAIR WARNING TO OBAMA THAT HE NEEDS TO MAKE OBAMACARE PERFECT BY DECEMBER OR THE DEAL IS OFF AND THERE WILL BE ANOTHER SHUT-DOWN. LET EVERYONE KNOW. BUT LET EVERYONE KNOW, NOW!

Yours Truly,


Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Ladies and gentlemen,

First, NYC media is my business and I want to remind you that on Oct 2 I predicted the disastrous GOP polling on the shut-down would dramatically reverse in a week and start to actually favor you and would hit Obama negatively.  Unlike every other media outlet, this little blog by this long-time NYC media specialist called it right, and more importantly, for the correct reason: People got one whiff of ObamaCare in the mail, which shocked and frightened them, and they hated it. So I was right. I continue to be right. I am almost always right in these things. I will be right again so please pay attention.

In the event you have 10 seconds to read this, I will cut to the chase: whoever is perceived in the American collective opinion as having saved America from scary Obamacare will prove to be the hero in every poll in 4-6 weeks from today. It will be that fast and that dramatic. I absolutely,  positively guarantee it and there is nothing the mainstream media can do to change that. Impossible?  No, that is certain. Read on:

Some of you know this blog and associated group. A few of you know this group very well indeed. This letter is a follow up to the previous letter advising from a media perspective to stay the course on the shut-down. We know NYC media. I know NYC media almost too well from an inside professional viewpoint. Do not let that same media rattle you into reckless surrender: the shut-down is a political GOP winner. 

For the past few days you have heard the media say the shut-down is a loser for you and to substantiate that opinion they point to the NBC/WSJ poll - and only the NBC/WSJ poll. The degree to which they have hung their political fortunes on that one poll which was a glitch even in terms of that organizations own tracking is astonishing. The fact that it is the only poll the media cites tells you the most important fact in the political/media shut-down situation you need to know: the other polls are different. Indeed, the other polls continue to move in your favor.

The fact is that poll is such an absurd statistical anomaly that like all statistical anomalies it should be thrown out of the statistical average. Instead, the democrats and media cite it endlessly as the representative illustration. Reducing it down to its most simple common vernacular, that's called "a lie". My advice:  simply cite others, listed below, when you speak.

Please understand this analysis. It isn't difficult to grasp: 

First and foremost, remember the media situation itself. They favor Obama and Democrats by 10-1, numerically, and almost 100% when you consider which outlets have the most influence. Therefore, any poll number you see in the media: A. is usually skewed to the democrats in terms of how the poll was structured. For example, the NBC/WSJ poll sampling had approximately 35% more democrats. How can they do that? Easy: they know none of their pals in the other outlets will call them out on such a thing, and they don't. B. The polls will continue to shift dramatically in the GOP favor compared to all other situations because Obamacare is it's own bad-news mainstream media: it arrives in the mail and shocks and angers and terrifies people. C. As always, today's poll is yesterday's opinion, because it takes a few days to properly organize the material if the poll is reliable.

Let's look at the bigger picture using Real Clear Politics political averages, and we see not just good things, but a few astonishing things you likely won't read cited elsewhere:

First the so called bad news. The dems poll more favorably today.But there is nothing bad about this poll.

Why is this not bad? Because 2 weeks ago they were generally double-digits ahead of you. Once again, people are getting a whiff of Obamacare and as of the middle to end of last week, they turned dramatically (that's the time these polls reflect) and the people are turning in your direction to, literally, save them from Obamacare. literally. that's what all these polls ultimately amount to when rolled together.

Why else is that poll not bad? Because opinion polling of congress is entirely disastrous. In point of actual fact, it's so bad, that being close to the margin of error as you are to democrats puts you in a statistical tie when you factor in this percentage:

What is happening is that people are understanding the media attack against the GOP congress as being that of all of congress. They don't see the difference between the parties. The media attacks on you are washing over the democrats and having the same effect on them. The media is saying it isn't, but the numbers clearly prove it is.

So how do you find some perspective that breaks the tie, that gives you a clue? Easy and you know what it is: you look to the President's poll numbers. If the standard-bearer is up, he breaks the tie in favor of his party. If he's down, his party suffers by association - he's the guy everyone knows.

You have probably seen this around on twitter:

Obama is in the worst situation any politician can be in: he's on a downward slide. That means the numbers do not reflect any hope of a glitch or hiccup. Despite all the fawning in the world, many democrats now see Obama as a bad president, and it is happening at lightning speed, and not coincidentally, his slide coincides with people getting bad news about Obamacare, just as this blog predicted would be the case and got it right almost to the day.

Here is the general average.

This particular poll, above, is more of a personality contest for the general public, because they want to believe their president is a nice guy, no matter who he is. Note however, that his approval rating is worse than the congressional Republicans in terms of the actual spread. That's a hug net gain for the GOP.

Now get specific, and see what happens:

This is where Obama's actual job performance numbers are. Almost three times the spread between the GOP and the democrats. That's a huge net loss for the democrats.

Now everyone wants their president to succeed. So when he rolls out his most cherished, personal plan - the hallmark of what he wants to  be remembered by - this number is positively horrendous:

This will only get worse. Besides people hating ObamaCare when they get the info in the mail, there is something else shocking in this poll: CNN, viewers - and those whom CNN has targeted for their poll -the network of Obama's most ardent supporters, hates Obamacare worse than anyone else. What does this tell us? It tells us that Obama did something he cannot afford to do but did anyway: he profoundly disappointed his base. What this also tells us is that Obama now has no reserves from which to draw politically. There is no slap or play available in the numbers. That negative 10.3 is as hard as a rock. And it will quickly get worse.

If you, the GOP congress, cave on the shut-down now, you will be seen by America as the people who ruined their lives because America is turning to you to save them. if you cave in the press will mock you and 2014 will be a disaster and maybe 2016 with it. 

Stay the course, hang tight on the shut-down and if the US defaults, it will be Obama's default, because the people do not want Obamacare. Also, if the US defaults, you must decide something: do you impeach president Obama? This blog has advocated some admittedly controversial things, but never advocated his impeachment. If the US defaults because Obama will not let go of a horrible law nobody wants - indeed, he now wants to impose on them against their will, justifying that law based on a re-election based on a lie - then you must impeach him. There is no choice. At that point, America will understand it as long as you make it clear that it happened because Obama was being a petty tyrant and in so doing caused the US to default. I'm right about that, too.

The media is saying everything they can to convince you that they are convincing America, but they aren't convincing anyone. Obamacare info in the mail is the horror that overshadows all media spin.

No matter how you slice it, you must stay with the shut-down. In every possible regard, it is a huge PR and political winner for the GOP.

Faithfully Yours,


Wednesday, October 2, 2013


UPDATE OCT 9, 2013 - In a world where all tout their own success, this blog will tout another of a growing list of impressive firsts and accomplishments -  it's definite  This article was right, and almost to the day when we said the predicted events would come true: The polls are turning dramatically in favor of the GOP regarding the shutdown. To my knowledge, this blog is the only outlet anywhere to make that prediction, so, GOP Congress, do pay attention, please.

CNN Polls; 60% blame Republicans, 59%, Democrats, 59% Obama, within a 3-point margin of error, all 3 equally.

10 days ago the GOP took almost all the blame, with Obama looking the best. I said it would change. It did. Now that I have been proven right on that (because of 25 years NYC media experience), please read below and know WHY it changed, and why you, GOP Congress, must STICK TO THE SHUT-DOWN:

Yes, the GOP is being blamed by the media for the Government shut-down. Did they expect anything less from a media which would put an unaccomplished community organizer with the worst associations possible for a president into the White House? The GOP Congress is learning, for the first time in years, what it means to lead and not follow, to act and not simply re-act. They also seem to be getting a little nervous about it, so before they scare themselves silly into mass-career destruction, please pass on these points to Senate and House Republicans. The following is written directly to them.


Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Please pay close attention because this group, under this leadership, has both been instrumental in convincing many of you to co-sponsor HRes36 and managed a boycott of FOX NEWS for going left that ultimately brought that network down by 33% (they dropped fully 22% on the first boycott day, and readers of this blog are well-acquainted with the fact and the evidence of the fact), and while FOX has recovered some margin over the intervening months, they have never recovered fully. Those things are impressive enough by any standard that you should listen to the professional media specialist who has been the primary strategist for those and other things. I'm talking to you and time is too short for me to be gracious and modest about it. I have to get to the point, and you have to respect and understand what I am about to tell you.

Some of you are already getting rattled by the media regarding the shut-down. Cut the crap. I absolutely guarantee you that everyone in this town knows you can win this if you just shrug off the nonsense and stick it out. Here are 5 reasons to stick out the Government shut-down for as long as it takes to see Obamacare vanquished, and the how's and why's.

1. Even going in, as you know, a majority of Americans dislike Obamacare. That's over 50%. That's more than all the Republicans in the United States rolled together. Unless you want to utterly enrage the people you need to keep you living a luxurious and often lackadaisical lifestyle filled with perks and prestige, you will do whatever it takes to defeat ObamaCare. The people don't want Obamacare in very big numbers. Theoretically, we can stop right there because that's reason enough to stick it out. But there's more.

2. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE MEDIA. Media in NYC has been my business for over 25 years and you know that counts for something. Listen. The media cannot spin the reality of Obamacare this time because people are feeling it at home. ObamaCare reality is its own "mass media" and it's an ugly, painful show and no cheerleaders can make make this anything but an awful thing to endure - especially for the country that claims to be the most free society on earth. The media cannot make you look bad in the eyes of the people. Not this time. It is 100% critical that you understand that.

3. People are citing polls as loud and fast as they can to frighten you into thinking the people are not behind you. IGNORE THEM. How can you ignore those polls? Because except for unreliable snapshot polls, reliable polls take at least a few days to process. The polls you are hearing about today were last week's public opinion, before many Americans started getting letters this week in the mail telling them their health care was cancelled, would expire or have skyrocketing premiums. I saw some advance numbers yesterday and people are furious. IN ONE WEEK YOU WILL SEE POLLS REFLECTING AMERICA IS BEHIND YOU. The more you stick it out, the better the polls will look for you, because the longer you stick it out, the more people will have received the devastating news. Not one person in the majority of Americans who disliked Obamacare before will suddenly favor it because of anything they get in the mail from their insurance companies, and most are getting bad news they didn't expect. THIS HELPS YOU - A LOT.

4. Your primary concern is to be re-elected. There is no way to prove the following, which unlike the rest of this letter contains a degree of speculation,  but I did not fall off a turnip truck and, horrible though it may sound, I am now absolutely convinced, after the IRS debacle, and with the IRS running ObamaCare, that the plan from the very beginning was for the "Review Boards" to cross-index medical records with voter registration and deny health to GOP seniors to tip the voting balance in the democrat's favor. It's a brilliant if horrendous plan because most people who shift parties almost always go from being liberal to conservative. It almost never happens the other  way around. That means that only a very small proportion  of GOP seniors need to be denied life-saving treatment under Obamacare to tip the scales to the Democrats. And the people denying the life-saving measures will do it, too, because it's a very passive form of murder which can be easily justified with any number of rationalizations and has no criminal consequences while enjoying the malicious satisfaction of doing to GOP peoples' lives what those same people did to GOP peoples' finances.   Once again, if you want to keep those cushy jobs 5 years from now, you better stop Obamacare, because as I read the math, even a 2% shift in the senior population in less than 5 years will cause you to lose any hope of a majority forever. It's that bad.

5. This is not a reason, but advice. Turn the tables on the media. Mock them. Tell America, with smiles and chuckles, that as cute as the PandaCam is, American lives hang in the balance and they are much more important. Say, "You know, maybe CNN should hire some new reporters, because the ones they have don't seem to realize that is was Harry Reid who shut down the government because he couldn't compromise." And repeat endlessly what you already figured out: "The American people simply hate Obamacare." Yes. Say "hate". most people do. This is similar to your current message, which is good, except it puts the onus on media corps by name, and forces them into defense, which is exactly where you want them.

This is your time in history. Don't be frightened by it. Enjoy it. As I read the media Tea Leaves, if you stick 100% to your guns and do not budge while mocking the opposition and keep repeating that you are doing what America wants, and especially if you force ObamaCare into permanent remission or are able to pull the plug entirely, 2014 will be a spectacular year for you. Rely on it.


Frank/Proe/ Benghazi-Truth

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