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This blog has many new readers since this was first published on Jan 28, 2013. I indulge your time to read it for an historical perspective on "Missing Witnesses", such as those missing from Benghazi.IT SEEMS INCREDIBLE THAT EXACTLY 7 MONTHS AFTER THIS WAS WRITTEN WE STILL DON'T KNOW WHO THE SURVIVOR WITNESSES ARE.

DESPITE THE TEPID CONCERN DEMONSTRATED BY MOST GOP CONGRESSIONAL MEMBERS and the deafening silence of the mainstream media on the issue, it is Benghazi-Truth's opinion that the 25-30 (update, we now know there were/are 34) missing Benghazi survivors' missing status - missing because Obama has taken them out of society -  poses the potential for the greatest crisis of freedom the United States has ever known. 

"Over-the-top"? Unfortunately, no. 

The missing Benghazi survivors exist and that fact has been confirmed by congress and even Hillary Clinton herself  who in her Congressional testimony claimed to know they existed and are in the possession of the U.S. Government (but not know anything else despite the fact that the survivors, employed at the Benghazi Consulate, worked directly for her.) So right away we know something true and manifest and now undeniable: for over four months, 20 - 30 U.S. citizen Government employees - not military - are being hidden from society, not allowed to walk free among their fellow citizens, in almost certain alarming violation of their fundamental constitutional rights. This is not a conspiracy theory; they are citizens of the United States and the Obama administration will not tell even Congress who or where they are after over four months, even when Congressional members press them for an answer, as some have claimed to do. Our response, shouted loudly and anxiously, must be "NO".  That cannot be allowed to continue in the U.S. after Obama and Clinton lied patently about the cause of the murders in the first place, a fact that even mainstream media has been forced to acknowledge. This situation constitutes a crisis because people in this country cannot be spirited off on the whim of a President, lest such casual, dictatorial activity be extended to you and me.

This kind of thing is not new in the rest of the world, however, and as always, it's time to learn some lessons from the past. At no time in world history have citizens been whisked out of their society to good moral and legal effect by the state - the reasons have always been bad and usually horrendous. Let's look at some. But first, let's put the narrative in perspective. Let's call the survivors by their significant function  relative to the Benghazi investigation; let's stop calling them "survivors" now and call them what we need to begin calling them: "The Witnesses".

When witnesses are made to vanish by a Government, history teaches us without exception that what happened to them was very bad. And let's remind ourselves at every point that what happened to the Benghazi witnesses can happen to you or me. 

Also, we need to correct assumptions that have led to a form of suicide by the millions: people have always assumed "the past" is always some distant and primitive epoch on the timeline, measured today as though the citizens of Nazi Germany and Communist countries like Russia and Cuba lived in some barbaric state like cave men. No. They  too, believed they were in an enlightened age in which mass communication like radio, telephones and widespread published media made it absolutely impossible - they would assure themselves with a confident and bemused chuckle - for another Caesar to emerge, and their hubris about the sophistication of their society cost them the lives of tens of millions, slaughtered mercilessly in mass bloodbaths by their own governments.  Cable TV, the internet and Skype will not save us from the next Hitler or Stalin. Current and future murderous tyrants will not be stopped by those technological advances, they will utilize them, and propagandists,  anxious for the approval of cold-blooded dictators, will carry their water today and into the future just as they have for thousands of years past; human nature will not change, nor has it been  or will be changed by our "enlightened society", as defined by better technology and mocking sarcasm about those on whose accomplishments we today live a better life. 

Hitler's minister of "Public Enlightenment", Joseph Goebbels, said, "We .. intend a principled transformation in the worldview of our entire society, a revolution of the greatest possible extent that will leave nothing out, changing the life of our nation in every regard ... It would not have been possible for us to take power or to use it in the ways we have without the radio and the airplane. It is no exaggeration to say that the German revolution, at least in the form it took, would have been impossible without the airplane and the radio." 

Sound familiar?

It is generally assumed that the concentration camps in Nazi Germany were reserved for Jews and their torture and extermination. Untrue. Some were used to condition, brainwash and re-create the minds of the opposition in their society so they would become, in turn, those who then, too, torture, murder - and brainwash - others. The first step is that these people would vanish from society, as the Benghazi witnesses have vanished from our society. In their day, too,  politicians did what they are doing now: timid of the unknown repercussions of difficult decisions, did nothing while people vanished and leaders with uncertain pasts and the worst possible political associations rose to absolute power.

This is Theodor Eicke, who developed, ran and oversaw the Nazi concentration camp system.

Prisoners stand at attention in the Nazi concentration camp Dachau. It was famous for killing Jews. It was also one of the places used to indoctrinate political dissidents into becoming "useful servants of the Fatherland". These dissidents - and witnesses - did not enroll to be there. They were taken out of society, seemingly as Obama has taken out of society the 30 Benghazi witnesses.

Here is an example of the result of being "trained" at Dachau: SS guards assigned to the notorious concentration camp Mauthausen. After four months we have no idea where the Benghazi witnesses are. Are they being likewise 'trained"? The longer we wait and be timid about shouting for the answers the American people deserve and to which they have every right, the more difficult it will be to stop whatever is happening to the witnesses, for certainly, something must be happening; people do not exist in a literal state of limbo, their friends and families silenced as surely as they have been.

For more about Dachau, though the information is everywhere, you might be interested in this BRIEF HISTORY.

When Goebbels fell out of favor with Hitler for a while,  this was the result: removed from photographs - removed by people working for Hitler, and a comparison could be drawn to whoever did the airbrushing to people like Chris Matthews  who in my opinion is a perfect example of what Goebbels himself advocated: self-censorship on the part of the media for the good of the Fatherland. Photos courtesy Dartmouth Edu & used via the Fair Use Act.

"It's impossible" is the refrain when witnesses vanish because people refuse to suffer the emotional pain of disappointment today to save themselves and their country from annihilation tomorrow.

Stalin was a truly dashing and smoulderingly handsome, charming revolutionary hero in Russia 1902.

He grew into the epitome of the kind and benign leader whose only concern was to help the people whom he loved and who loved him back, reading and listening to him in their media, convinced that only lunatics would accuse him of....

... murdering 40 million of his own people for purely political purposes, two of whom lie dead here in the frozen snow - a mother and her young son. I will spare the reader the displeasure of photographs of Communist Stalin's atrocities so vast they make Hitler's murders of the Jews look like a mere admonishment for wrongdoing.

History sees the same pattern in the beginning of Stalin's rein of terror as Hitler and now Obama: Lies about the causes of deaths of politicians - and ambassador's - are discovered,  media controlled by willing accomplices censor themselves to gain favor with the tyrant and information re-created to suit the desires of the Government.

And witnesses to Stalin's crimes vanished, just as surely as the Benghazi victims cannot be identified or found, though all agree they do - or did - exist. The people under Stalin were just as aware and awake as you are reading this now. They were not uneducated. They were talented, well-versed, often highly sophisticated who were well-read in the classics, could quote without effort the great philosophers and excelled in all the arts. They worshiped God publicly before Christian references were outlawed in public. They listened to media commentators praise Stalin for his leadership and mock the "crazy people" who made claims so awful that they could not possibly be true to a reasonable mind. They were not barbarians. They lived in an enlightened, technological age in which no well-meaning citizen needed a gun because Caesars were impossible. They loved and wrote, played and performed, engaged in style and fashion, worked and thrived and laughed at the town criers without checking the facts of their presumed political absurdities. And the streets eventually ran deep in their own blood. 

You can read an interesting little thing along these lines at the New York Times, HERE

Communist China's Chairman Mao: the same pattern. Witnesses to atrocities vanish, guns taken from people who collectively believe their world is too sophisticated for Caesars and trust the media which voluntarily censors itself to gain favor with the tyrant and the image the media painted of the benign, handsome, loving and well-meaning leader. The photographs of the many thousands of human heads of Mao's victims - the political opposition -  stacked in giant piles are too horrifying and nauseating to even begin to contemplate publishing here. 

Cuba's murderous Castro in 1968; guns taken from people, media complicit - fawning over the handsome, loving leader of all good people - and censoring itself before being taken over by the tyrant they tried to please, murders millions of the political opposition, and as seen here, witnesses are made to disappear, and as always, their families also said nothing when they vanished.

This could go on forever. The pattern of Obama's political activity is clear. But the fact that there are Benghazi witnesses who have vanished means we can stop this madness legally right now; we can, though the GOP House, demand all information on the witnesses who must then be medically/psychologically evaluated and made sure to be who it is claimed they are. This is not fun and games anymore. If Obama's pattern - now including the hiding of witnesses to an atrocity - are half of what it seems, then we must demand action - and make sure we get it - to simply save ourselves. That means we have to do what most other citizens in times past failed to do: we must motivate frightened and feckless politicians to show courage they do not possess by instinct. Warn them in the most severe possible terms of political loss in 2014 - and put meat into the threat by openly, loudly and immediately calling for tea party recruits to challenge them in the 2014 primaries.  This is all we have left. If we fail, we risk living - or worse - under another Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Castro.

Look at this simple video collection of bizarre public statements by Obama and ask yourself if he should be trusted with the Benghazi witnesses merely on faith of his good intentions and the picture of him painted by the media.

"Over the top"? Ask all those who also mocked the "crazy person" who warned of horrific dangers because in their enlightened age, Caesars were impossible; history books are full of pictures of their stiff, naked corpses piled high by the millions.

FIND THE BENGHAZI WITNESSES and be sure they have not been 'conditioned" and are who they say they are. The time for good manners is over. The pattern is clear and absolutely irrefutable with the advent of the missing/hidden Benghazi witnesses: From any historical perspective whatsoever, this is past a series of coincidences being a reasonable explanation; this country appears to be on the verge of the worst crisis in its history. But it can still be stopped.

FIND THE BENGHAZI WITNESSES and at least set this country back into some small sense of balance before it's too late. Do it now.

(Update, the above graphic on Twitter, original to this blog, today saw it's 2,500 Retweet to an estimated 10 million people)

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As Many of You  have noticed on Twitter - indeed, many have joined - #TPFA is/are going birther at least through the congressional recess, ending Sept 6, 2013. 

Some trolls have tried to claim that such a move indicates insincerity on the issue of Benghazi and therefore the #TPFA are insincere. This, by the way, is "troll number #1" in our Troll ID list, "the Purist", for whom perfection is only ever measured, no matter how tortured, by a mindset that results in no action against democrats or Obama. Others have suggested we not scatter our focus (with which I generally agree) and not take on the birther issue. 

Of course, this author has been a "Birther" from the very beginning, hence, so I cannot claim no personal skin in this game ideologically. However, we've been testing a strategy and it works. It works so well that there is no harm in giving the game away, and much to gain if everyone understands the method behind the madness. It's simple: When the issue of both Benghazi and Obama's birth certificate are made angrily, before the world, with both cases being so legit, forcing Congress to answer, and with Congress scared to death that tackling the birth certificate issue which will result in people discovering they are not up to the job, they voluntarily choose Benghazi. Fast.

How do we know it works? Because there were 80 co-sponsors for a Benghazi select committee in April. As of a few days ago there were 160. In the few days since we started this duel message approach, there are now 166. This is called, in the common vernacular, a "win/win strategy". When confronted with what they perceive as not demands for both - as actually presented - but a choice to placate the angry voices making them look bad in public on Twitter, and hence jeopardizing their fine, lazy lives on the public dime, they jump on the Benghazi bandwagon, signally wildly that they care.

We suggest all TPFA and their friends Tweet and contact the reps with BOTH issues angrily presented with equal, terrific force. They will choose Benghazi and we'll also make a bit more headway in getting Congress to look at Sheriff Joe Arpaio's evidence of the birth certificate being what he has determined to be a 100% sure criminal forgery.


There is a response the trolls cannot beat on the birther issue. Don't be too smart for your own good: please use it: 

Sheriff Joe Arpaio (@realSheriffJoe on Twitter) says the birth certificate is a fake. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has 62 years in law enforcement, 30 of them Federal. he has a constituency of 5 million people. More people in little Maricopa country, Arizona, voted for him than watch MSNBC on any given night in the entire continental United States and fully more than half the number who watch O'Reilly on FOX. CNN has 800 employees, all involved in media. Arpaio has 3,400 people under him, all of whom are law enforcement. That is what Arpaio has. What to the anti-birther trolls have? The trolls have nothing. 

Tell them that. often.

Speaking of Trolls, the #TPFA have come under intense attack - which TPFA have successful pretty much beaten away while making the trolls look foolish - by trolls of whom one appears to be "Boss Hogg", who makes a good show for himself but attacks anyone who demands real action against Obama politically while playing martyr to obvious-self-gulaging on Twitter - "Troll #3" in our guide to internet trolls. 


We now, by virtue of updates from TPFA activists, count about 1,500 Benghazi Bucks and Birth Bucks in circulation so far. This means about a quarter million messages will be received and discussed by people otherwise not tuned into these issues.

Another 2 groups are planning balloon launches soon.

TPFA will also continue working with Overpasses USA which is the one group of all that this blog can 100% recommend as hard-working volunteers who have the right approach and attitude - get in people's faces.*

That's what we're doing today. What are you doing?

Get active! Follow #TPFA and @Kathy_Amidon & myself, @FrankMDavisJR on Twitter. Don't let other fight the fight, and don't let others cut you out of the party when success draws near. Get active now!

*Because of an entirely alarming rant from the seeming Special Ops Speaks Twitter administrator, this blog and the #TPFA can no longer support that group until his/their outrageous remarks against Rep Wolf and HRes36 have been explained by them to our satisfaction. This is a no-option. Their billboards appear also to blame everyone for Benghazi but Obama, as well. Vaguely, this blog is beginning to suspect there is a firm possibility that SOS is an ACORN-like operation of leftists who conned 700 patriot military Vets to sign on so as to be able to use the honor of those patriots' service to make themselves unassailable in polite company on the issue of their, IMO, shaky message at best. Of course, SOS need only explain themselves and their Twitter admins remarks and all will be good again with this blog and SOS is the explanation holds water. Since SOS voluntarily contacted us (Kathy Amidon, specifically) first wanting our help, knowing we were firm Wolf/HRes36 supporters, requesting an explanation from SOS for their twitter admins remarks before supporting SOS further is entirely appropriate and fair.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


On Aug. 16, 2013, the Nashville chapter of the Tea Party Fire Ants and a sympathetic group each released separate balloon releases according to the plans outlined here.

Activity Advertisement, please share:

One release was in Nashville, the other in Murfressboro, Tennessee . Still awaiting all the videos, but street traffic in both Nashville and Murfressboro was dense and people seemed positively uplifted, laughing, clapping, cheering, and playing them them - eyes sparkling, smiles open wide, amidst much laughter, as though some heavy burden had been lifted from their shoulders. Yes, the truth has that effect. A few people took what they seemed to regard as a memento - a balloon itself. One person attached one to the side of his car with the "Obama's Birth certificate is fake" side facing out. 

What's terrific is that the Hi-Float additive allows these balloons to travel - at 5 - 8 feet as prepared -  for 2 weeks! The jet stream indicates a hard north-eastern flow last night and today at approx 8 miles per hour, so as of noon Saturday we estimated what part of the group of balloons which did not fall prey to accident to be within several miles, this way or that, to Danville, Kentucky, 192 miles away. As of this writing, about 12 hours later, they are probably headed in the dark toward Ohio/Pennsylvania, where by morning the occasional message is certain to surprise church goers in those states.

The genius in all this is that the message meets and exceeds "Advertising 101" - it will be blasted into the minds of everyone who sees them because the moment is surprising, colorful, entirely unique and extremely controversial. The crowd reactions prove it. A color, a balloon shape, a light moment where good memories flow, almost anything will trigger the memory and elicit a discussion of the message at home, store, party, pub, or online.  

Your Congressional House Representative is back home until Sept 6. Those of you with activist leanings - especially the Overpasses To Impeach Obama people, should contact whichever balloon printing place you want and get going NOW. The instructions, followed beautifully and easily - and they said they had a blast doing it - by the Tennessee groups, are on this Benghazi-truth post:


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GUEST EDITORIAL: PsyOps; #BenghaziBucks From A Military Perspective

Guest editorial by Sergeant Major
"Sgt Major" spent 25 years in the Green Berets and retired E-9 SF Jumpmaster with a Top Secret Clearance. He's also, naturally, a regular on Twitter as one of the Tea Party Fire Ants (indeed, it was a comment he made about being like fire ants which led to the group name itself). We ask him for his guest editorials. He obliges quickly and without a fuss. We're proud and grateful to have him among our ranks, and to stand by him. - Proe  

When I went through Special Forces Training a good deal of time was dedicated to Psychological Operations. In the cliche, PsyOps is the “Winning of Hearts and Minds” of the enemy. But in the truer sense PsyOps is “Getting the Enemy to Think What We Want Him to Think”A PsyOps mission can run from the mundane - say mob control - to the intricate, like the phony army built around Patton before D-Day in WWII. 

One such PsyOps mission is the distribution of ideas, propaganda, and information to the general populace, opposition, and allies. In today’s internet world much can be accomplished with Social Media. Twitter and Facebook allow access to a large ebb and flow of information. That’s why it’s used, followed and, ultimately, monitored by the Authorities. With Government as Tyrannical as the OBAMA administration, (not to mention protected by a sycophantic, slavish press,) the message of the Oppressed requires as many outlets as possible.Its not just about “Tweets” and “Likes” anymore. 

Low Tech PsyOps, tried and true, has a place in the Civil Disobedience Arsenal. Such techniques include Banners, OverPass Demonstrations, even Graffiti. In three months time, I hung eight #BENGHAZI banners over the freeways in Los Angeles. I witnessed an overpass “Impeach Obama” demonstration in the same city. In a bathroom stall in the Denver  Airport I read a scrawled “Fuck Obama”

The banners required hours of prep. The demonstration was broken up by the Glendale Police. I’m sure by now the graffiti is painted over. This brings me to my current favorite Psychological Operation: #BENGHAZI BUCKS, originated on this blog by the Tea Party Fire Ants, with whom I am proud to serve. #BENGHAZI BUCKS are nothing more than US currency that you have stamped with your favorite anti-OBAMA slogan. Mine is “Who Ordered The Stand down At BENGHAZI” printed in red on the back of ones, fives, tens, and twenties. You can put anything on yours, though I suggest keeping it short. I will skip all the logistical nuts and bolts as you can find them in another post in this blog if you scroll down this page. ( - Editor)

#BENGHAZI BUCKS are anonymous, grass roots and subversive. The perfect PsyOps trifecta. Spend them at high trafficked areas, i.e. sporting events, concerts, conventions, or at locations where the bills are sure to travel, i.e. airports, truck stops. You want to target a specific audience,say, Libs? Spend them at coffee shops, trendy restaurants, museums, anywhere wealthy Lefties gather. #BENGHAZI BUCKS should be passed face side up so as to not call attention to them. If the recipient notices and comments, play dumb and claim you got it in change. This has never happened to me (and I’ve spent about a hundred and fifty of them).(That means according to the Where's George and CDC distribution models, about 50,000 messages sent and received - spurring awareness, discussion and debate in homes and public - in only a couple of months for just that many spent so far. -Editor)

#BENGHAZI BUCKS work as PsyOps because it forces the reader into thinking about the current scandal. Even if the reader is a bleeding heart, holier than thou, condescending Lib they still can’t be immune to the nagging feeling that something big continues to simmer in America. They might even be motivated to chat it up. And, bonus!, unless the reader is really wealthy, they will pass the money on for someone else to read. 

As with all Civil Disobedience, the more of us spending #BENGHAZI BUCKS, the more effective the message. I’ll settle for just knowing they are out there, but I would love to have one circulate to me from another #BENGHAZI Patriot. I even hope that one day so many are in circulation, it gets some attention in the Press. (I know, I’ll see Big Foot before I see that). 

I’ve been passing #BENGHAZI BUCKS at the Iowa State Fair, just before and after headliner Dennis Miller performs. Stamp your bills and pass them at your favorite locale. 

There’s Discontent to PsyOp in America.

Sergeant Major's Twitter handle is @Pugs47
An Example of Sgt Major's message:

Examples sent in so far by TPFA Patriots


Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Dear Congressional House Members,

As some of you know and most of this activist blog's readership know, NYC media is my business & has been for over 20 years. The people running this group are not lawyers and "small business owners" like many of you. We're media and marketing specialists, which is what you need and what you are not, so please pay attention. If you are unfamiliar with this group, its media coverage (nationally it's more than most of you have) and it's significant grassroots accomplishments, see this:

As you know CNN recently aired a special on Benghazi which had many conservatives, politicians and pundits scratching their heads: "Why would they do it? Why open a can of worms certain to damage Obama?" The clue that the report is not as it seems can be found in the silence from other leftist media outlets who refused to condemn the action of a leftist outfit exposing the scandal of a leftist president.

After speaking with some people in the media biz I am now convinced I have formed a very reliable opinion on why CNN has begun their baffling scathing expose into Benghazi, and those few with whom I have shared it, professionals all, had "eureka moments" and agreed with the analysis and conclusion: The behind-closed-doors lib media plan (and it is pretty hush-hush because we're only getting inklings of it on the street, and I've been behind plenty of closed-door meetings) is to hand the Congressional House to Obama in 2014, therefore allowing Obama can do whatever he wants unobstructed, and truly "fundamentally transform America" into what surely must be the soviet Communist model adored by his parents, grandparents and other influences in his youth. Do know there will little place for you in such a world, so as I said, pay attention.

The formula is simple: Benghazi = Obama + Boehner = no trouble for Obama, GOP loses House in 2014.

Boehner certainly seems like a man with something to hide on Benghazi. His refusal to allow a vote to form a  Watergate-style Select Committee on Benghazi, which would be bi-partisan, simply reeks of it. If true that means that the Dems would open up Boehner as surely as the GOP would Obama. The deal between them seems to be, don't hurt us, we won't hurt you. Many of you may already suspect this but signed onto HRes36 demanding a Select Committee anyway, knowing it will never get a vote. This way you can posture has heroes to the voters in your districts without having to deal with a brawl and the hard and uncertain work of winning it. Sounds like a sensible and safe way to deal with it, right? No.

Enter CNN to screw up your genius plans. In their Benghazi special, as you know, they hinted at GOP blame in Benghazi.  In my opinion (and now that of a few others, though certain to grow) this two-sided approach wasn't to appear fair and balanced, but rather to sow the seeds of what will be a relentlessly expanding narrative which will put the blame equally on Obama & Beohner, and perhaps shift it evermore to Boehner. 

You know what's coming. Knowing how the timing of these kinds of things tend to be structured, I am convinced that this has been in the works for awhile, and that the big media guns will come out "exposing" Boehner in less than six months, so as to let it ferment in the public mind before the 2014 mid-terms with a probable October Surprise, either real or imaginary, exploding the scandal further, just before the elections. This means you. Obama's invariable understated culpability in Benghazi will hurt the dems in congress just a little, but Boehner in many ways is the House to the American people, and the attacks will all be about "The culture of murderous corruption led by Speaker Boehner and the Republicans in the House, though Obama certainly shoulders some of the blame."

CNN, Time, Newsweek, The Daily News, The New York Times, the Washington Post, every major left-media outlet (many of whom have reported on this very blog) and to some extent even FOX since Ailes announced in Sept of 2011 he was taking Fox to the left, will be all about nothing but Boehner's face and the words "Republicans" and "Benghazi" and "Death" and "Murder" and "Cover-up", and it will all play beautifully because Beohner has fought a Select Committee for 6 months for no good reason, allowing the media to invent any they want and the public will buy it lock, stock and barrel. It will be better than good for the Democrats, it will be magnificent. And an absolute nightmare for you and those of us who care.

The problem, of course, is Obama is not up for re-election in 2014 and will never have to worry about investigations or impeachment from a lame duck session of congress in which the House has been brutally pulverized by it's own Speaker via the media.

I do worry that all this will confuse and frighten many of you because, quite frankly, you're clearly just not up to the job on this scale. Some will retreat into a daily world of half-measures, timid posturing with an unhealthy dose of unrealistic daydreaming to make the terror go away. Others will add large martini lunches and dinners. That is the wrong response. Once again I want to repeat something: you people are not media professionals, and defeating Joe Blow in your little district is not the same as beating a national mainstream media, funded by billions, with a virtual monopoly on everything the nation sees and hears. A media which almost to a man wants to see you ruined and, if possible, utterly humiliated. It is not 1992, anymore. You can convene on the capital steps as a group all you want; the media has learned with all the entertainment distractions in the world, it can ignore you utterly with absolutely zero consequence to themselves, and do so all year and America will never hear your great or lousy words.

The only solution is the legislative/oversight kind which circumvents media and forces them to follow and spin you, not to force you into doing tricks for them, which appears to be the role most of you have accepted. IMO a year plus a few months is all you have to save your careers. Pay attention. This is no joke.

In my opinion there is only one media solution and it must be done immediately - even if it means introducing some emergency re-convening of the House if it can somehow be done without Boehner: the requisite 30 House members must confront Boehner immediately and force him to step down. Fight the impulse you just had to turn away. Keep reading.

The entirely legit reason for this - and I am sure you are preparing to do it anyway lest anyone say you were influenced by a crazy right-wing blog for whom FOX NEWS is not conservative enough - is because Boehner has denied the will of the people by disallowing their representatives a Vote on HRes36 in violation of the Hastert Rule. Not only is it a great real reason, 99% of America won't even understand it enough to debate it. All they will understand is "The Republicans are doing what they were elected to do". That's good, in case you need it explained to you.

When Benghazi breaks fully, the only thing that will play to the public is to prove to them that you are much more honest than the Democrats before it fully broke. Purging your own, especially the guilty, is a time-honored trick. In this case, it also happens to be the right thing to do and people will instinctively understand that regardless of media spin. 

Force Boehner out - clear yourselves of this damn mess - now, not when you feel like it. As usual in life, when you feel like it will prove to be too late. Tell the world that Boehner was obstructing the will of the people by disallowing a bipartisan investigation because you want the democrats to have their say too, you see, being right and honorable men. The idea being that if Boehner is complicit - or made to look complicit and that is surely coming - you get out in front, say it before the media does and make sure Obama takes the majority of the blame, and that will play, because Obama will still be in power and Boehner will not. In this way, you have exposed the truth while the democrats will look like sewer rats covering-up a President who de facto killed innocent Americans and then covered it up.

But this is the only way out. 

It's uncomfortable. It means most of you will have to really concentrate in ways in which you are unaccustomed. That may frighten you. That fear may enrage you. It may even panic you. It has mild potential political dangers inherent in the uncertain way of things. But if you wait for the handwriting to be on the wall to be readable to you who do not understand the media from the inside, it won't be on the wall, it will be staring up at you from your morning paper and it will destroy you. And those of us who care.

I won't repeat myself. You see what it is. You've been warned. The only ones who will cover you on avoiding what you have just been told will be the mainstream media, and they want to politically destroy you.



Tuesday, August 6, 2013


No, we're not selling them. We wouldn't for many reasons, including not wanting to look like trinket-selling hucksters like Bill O'Reilly and, in fact, Obama. But we're going to show you how you can very quickly and easily do this for yourself.

Imagine this: it's nearing the end of summer but many beaches are sweltering from the heat of the sun and that of the reflected body heat of hundreds of thousands amassing closely in an effort to get cool. Down along the beach, carried perpendicular to the line of the ocean and quickly working inland are perhaps 100 colorful balloons. They have messages on them, but who cares, really, because while such promotions are not at all common - you may never have seen one - probably hasn't been much done -  it somehow just the same doesn't feel unusual in the carnival-like atmosphere of red and white peppermint stripes bleached pale by years of baking under the light and greasy wax paper containing greasier hamburgers. But suddenly someone shouts out loudly, "Obama's birth certificate is fake?!"

And another person calls out, "This one says, "Obama free the Benghazi witnesses!"

"No, you guys, they say both! (laughs loud and with some sense of ironic glee)"

"What's that they said, Martha? My hearing aid isn't working too good!"


"What do they mean "Free the Benghazi Witnesses?!"

"Obama's a fuck, man! Don't you know? The guys who saw the killings there are being silenced!  I saw it on CNN!"

"Oh my God!"

"Mommy, why does president Obama have a fake birth cerfilificate?"

"I don't know dear."

"Is it true?"

"Dude! Check out this report on my droid! It fucking IS true, Dude!"




Panic-stricken angry-type liberals move fast to destroy the evil balloons, their minds electrified by the sudden
 impulse to destroy anything which is contrary to their world view, an impulse brainwashed into them to act thus when confronted by anything designed and put into action by political conservatives. But destroying the balloons cannot be done. One, maybe two are caught, but you can't throw anything at them for fear of hurting someone and the balloons themselves float just out of reach, and somehow dodge and jump evasively with the wind. In half an hour the majority of 5 thousand people are discussing two things: Benghazi and Obama's fake birth certificate. By the time kids have messaged and called and chat roomed their friends, 100,000's are talking, at least briefly, about it, though for many, the discussion will continue for days. Even months.

6 days later maybe 50 people on the beach that day see a small article in a paper, or someone mentions, that in Everyville balloons were  seen floating down main street - only maybe a dozen, but there they were. Everyville?! That's 25 miles away and seen 5 days after they saw it on the beach! Those balloons can't possibly be the same balloons, travelling all that way and all that time, spreading the messages to millions?!

Oh yes it can, and yes they are. because there is something called "Hi-float" you can get for five bucks that extends the floating life of balloons for TWO WEEKS and more (Up to 25 times longer!).


Floating without a string at approximately 10 feet off the ground - close enough to read, too far for liberals to grab and destroy. Photo courtesy a rural-based Tea Party Fire Ant 

Imagine the same thing happens in Texas and a week later they are still Moving, now into Maryland. Released in Ohio, a week later they're moving off the coast of Massachusetts

While the currents vary considerably, as everyone knows the U.S. jet stream generally runs west to east, often turning sharply north and up long the coast as they near the east coast and hit conflicting air masses which turn them northward.

You can even track your free-floating "TPFA Media Beaters" via the weather channel online and get a general idea of where you little army is likely to be days, even weeks, later. of course, here and on Twitter, if anyone spots your floating soldiers of truth, they say something and hopefully take and post a picture. If "Where's George" is fun enough for millions of people, surely this must beat it by a mile!

Sound like a great and fun investment for truth? I think so.

Cutting to the chase, here's how you do it: 

1. Choose the message. As always, we recommend


2. Order the balloons. If you can wait a week instead of rush delivery, you can get them pretty inexpensively. We recommend, for no particular reason except quality and price, link --> BALLOONS TOMORROW where custom-printed 12-inch balloons can be had for as little as 19 cents for a large run. Admittedly 100 balloons will set you back &89.00, and with a helium tank, the investment will be over $100 bucks. Those on a fixed income may have to bow out, but with a luck many others won't. Google "Custom balloons" for more choice.   

3. Helium kits can be had at Party city for around $40.00 or party city can blow them up for you. However, not all Party Cities are created equally, apparently  It really depends on the manager. Our TPFA boots on the ground on this reported one place that refused completely on ideological grounds and another who couldn't wait because the manager can't stand Obama, being the two extremes. The others were kinda in the middle and no problem.

4. The process:

A. Order ballons, get them.

B. Apply Hi-Float to the inside of the balloon and rub it around - it creates a coating which prevents the air/helium from escaping so fast through the porous rubber and keeps the balloons afloat a LONG time. Test balloons being tried by a couple of TPFA are still floating full days later.

C. The genius of this is that the balloons float low, near the ground. Uniformly, the info we are getting is that the ideal mix is 80% air, 20% helium. Your message is no good at 20,000 feet. 80% air / 20% helium makes them slowly see-saw between 6 - 10 feet off the ground for, so far, days, with Hi-Float. *IMPORTANT* some Party city helium tanks are already 60%/40%. The air must be put in first and then the helium included after that. It sounds complicated but it's really very, very easy.

D. Release only the number per day allowed by your state's law. Most have no restrictions but a few do. You can read them HERE.

Balloon Release Laws:
    10+ balloons
    Connecticut (1990)
    Florida (1990)

    25+ balloons
    Tennessee (1990)
    California (1990) 

    50+ balloons
    Virginia (1991)
    Hawaii (2)
    Massachusetts (1)
    New Jersey (1)
    New York (1)
    Pennsylvania (1)
    Washington (1)
    Wisconsin (1)
    Massachusetts (1)
    New York (1)
    Massachusetts (2)
    New York (1)
    Massachusetts (2)
    New Jersey (2)
    New York (1)

Even if you live in a restricted state, with Hi-Fly extending the life of the balloons so dramatically, you can release the minimum number one day, the next batch the next and so on.

C. Choosing a day when there is an event is good, but don;t let over-planning result in paralysis by analysis. If you aren't sure of an event to crash, just let them go on a sunny day. They'll travel for a week or two, so if you are in suburbs  or near a small town, in a city, etc, they will reach a larger population - and probably many - no matter when you do it or where.

Send us your pics and we'll post them here! Summer is winding down & libs will begin figuring out ways to beat this, so ACT NOW!

Hypothetical Photoshop example: KIDS LOVE BALLOONS and get a civics lesson at the same time. Raise your kids to be patriots!