Thursday, November 28, 2013



1. Obamacare has rolled out and had the same effect as was predicted here 2 months ago. The good news is that it is proving a disaster for the democrats as their poll numbers for 2014 are now falling well below that of the Republicans who haven;t done anything but sit and watch (which is wrong - they can;t hold that advantage forever with the media against them - they must press their advantage now so they are well above their current poll numbers 11 months from now). Therefore

2. This may be the end of concerns about sopcialized medicine in our lifetimes. We can thank God that someone less ideologically crazy and more skilled than Obama was not behind it, because they might have pulled it off. As it stands, Obamacare looks certain to face the very real prpospect of a full repeal IF WE KEEP PRESSING THEM. Therefore

3. The GOP appears to be growing a spine as they watch the media attack Obama for a change. They should act NOW before the media chances its mind.

4. Therefore Tea Parties need to act. And they are. In solidarity with TPFA, it's causes and activism, and to stand united against trolls who would divide us, significant TP leaders and tea Parties just in the last days have formally pledged their support and allied action.

5. Therefore, TPFA and other Tea Parties of proven accomplishment, together as an allied political front, are certain to have real decisive power in the direction of this country in ways RINOs themselves will be forced to accept and against which democrats are currently helpless - America has now learned not to trust the democrats. Or at least the democrats in the White House and Congress.

6. Therefore, things are suddenly looking pretty good for the future as long as we stay truly active on Congress' back. That's all it probably takes, now.

7. Therefore, since will will not onlt stayt active with other Tea Parties, we will - indeed, really, must - see this nation move to the right because TP candidates are springing up all over for 2014 to challenge RINOs for the GOP nominations. Already we see the RINO/centrist GOP running to over to the right, with several centrist democrats with them. This is certain to continue. If Obama keeps fighting for Obamacare, dems lose. If he admits it was a mistake, dems lose. If he tries a modification - which cannot work because the core plan is horrible and the media will not cover for them because their lives are at stake now (and that isn't theory - take it from me - the media offices in NYC are filled with seething liberals who got their bad health care news and are  absolutely furious that "Barack betrayed me"). As long as we jump on congress so they don't turn jellyfish utterly and try to make nice with Obama while they absolutely, 100% hold the cards to win completely (and TPFA has manifestly proven itself pretty good at communicating with congress) - we will see a huge move to the right in the coming 12 months.

This is no time to breath a sign of relief, make no mistake -  there is still much fun, exciting, sometimes time-consuming and by necessity productive work to do to absolutely, positively ensure a giant lurch to the right in the coming year. The road ahead in the next year is certain to be filled with potholes, trolls and unexpected outrages. But the plan itself is neither complicated nor particularly difficult to see realized, generally. Obama did most of the work for us: in overplaying his ideological  communist hand, Obama has opened the door for a Reaganesque revolution with a certain seismic shift in congress in 2014. Not even liberals - as they are proving - are prepared to trust Obama with their very lives anymore, and no matter how you slice it, there is no successful exit from or implementation of Obamacare. It just stinks, and Obama will not, by any stretch, be invited to speak at any of but the most liberal districts for the 2014 elections. And when a party must run that hard from their standard-bearer because of a plan they fought to see realized which has resulted in a situation they cannot control - and they cannot control what is happening to people's health care costs and plans - that is the end of that party's control of congress. It's a combination of historic patterns that can be 100% relied-on to deliver all the political power we need in 2014. That's another prediction TPFA is certain will come true - one we're overjoyed and excited to make and enthusiastic to help see realized for America's sake.



Monday, November 25, 2013

The Tea Party Fire Ants' "TEA PARTY CHALLENGE"

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The art being spread around social media, above, speaks for itself. However, it's probably a good idea to drive a few points home and make clarifications.

To begin with, as you know we have swarmed Congress every day (no joke) for one year and have been cited by Congressman Frank Wolf, the author of HRes36 as being critical to getting 178 GOP Congressional co-sponsors to sign on for his Benghazi select Committee resolution. We have not one, or two, but now three such letters of thanks, as cited in the art, above.

(Off topic for a moment, trolls - IMO like Stan Hjerleid - have tried to strongly suggest that these letters are not genuine. IMO such people are idiots and nasty to boot: forging a Congressman's letter & signature would have us in jail in 2 seconds. The letters/FAX's are genuine. All three of them.)

So you see, there is something to be said of this swarming technique, led brilliantly by Kathy Amidon, the Tea Party Fire Ant twitter swarm leader (you don't realize, probably, that a list needs to kept, updated, checked, components chosen for any given night and then led. I subbed in for her for 2 hours the other night until she returned from a business trip and while I have done this many times before, I was reminded again that to do it right isn't easy. She does a spectacular job). However, as anticipated, the further into those groups of holdouts we go, the more difficult they become to convince (the fact that they are not being smart has little to do with it).

Additionally, there is a little hypocrisy in the very general sense: what is a Tea Party group like TPFA doing calling out GOP congressmen for not doing their job when so many Tea Party groups leaders appear to be following those Congressmen's lackadaisical example? You see where this is going: it is time for the Tea Party groups - Tea Party Express, Tea Party dot org, all of them - to stop using social media to simply feed the masses lots of red meat media which stir the passions of the crowds but do nothing to actually help the country. Any schoolkid knows that the work comes before the entertainment. Popularity is a sad stand-in for patriotism and talk is no substitute for action. This is a time which demands non-stop activism and results, not talk, posing and whining.

By the way, the idea that the Tea Party groups are "working hard behind the scenes" is, IMO, total BS. We heard that endlessly leading up to the elections of 2012 and afterward the media said that the Tea Party was dead. The Tea Party isn't dead, it's leaders are just giving that very fair impression. When someone says "You don't know how much work the TP leaders do behind the scenes" you might answer with, "That's right, because we aren't seeing any results. Tell them to get off their duffs!"

Look at these examples:

Tea Party Express:

This is what everyone does! This is what every regular politically-active person on twitter does. Since when is this the wall of an active group? Where is the activism? WHERE IS THE LEADERSHIP? There isn't any. None. Zero. At this time of crisis such a Twitter wall from a high-end, mainstream-media-recognized Tea Party Group is an absolute, unmitigated disgrace. You don't see this kind of sloth-mindedness on liberal activist walls - they are all over the activism part.  Every Tea Party supporter, IMO, should be entirely ashamed of this.

Tea Party.Org:

Same thing. A news-story conduit. How the hell are we supposed to win elections and guide our congress down the conservative path with this kind of stupidity going on? This is a liberal troll's wet dream: to see these massive Tea Party Groups using Twitter for nothing more than to engage in the online equivalent of handing out free newspapers. I bet Obama loves to see this kind of insane waste of time and effort. It could not benefit him more if he designed the distractions himself.


Talk. Blather. Wheel-spinning. They can't tweet one damn thing to a congressman?! Really? All this time and energy wasted day in and day out while Obama spins Obamacare around, slowly, worming it back into our lives while nerds in congress smelling of too much cheap starch and headache-inducing colognes admit with smiles between themselves that everything they need to do really is more than they know how to handle. Absolutely lunacy.

Tea Party Patriots

Are you get sick from all the spinning, yet? 

Talk. News items. Posing. Demands. Complaints. Declarations of every variety. But not one thing which deals with any problem directly, makes public demands on congress which embarrass them on their walls and motivate them to action - nothing. Nothing!

Well, the Tea Party Fire Ants do take action and take it seriously. And we're sick and tired of being the only Tea Party group in the last year to actually do anything and have anything tangible to show for it, so we're calling out the others and hope that they get smart like 148 congressmen did when we convinced them the time had come for them to sign HRes36. We will be swarming the Tea Party groups every night along with Congress until in a day, a week, a month or six months, they get the picture and learn new habits. Productive habits in a time of national crisis, not the easy habits of all talk and no action.


Not everyone will be comfortable with this, I assume on instinct, but logic demands me to wonder why they should? Political correctness is for the left, and we on the right simply have got to get our collective ass in gear. NOW. Obama is now as politically vulnerable as any President in US history. If we want to reverse the course of this country legally/politically, now is the time to do more than gab and gossip between each other. Where would this nation be today if those groups had led like TPFA instead of just chatted and tried to rack up followers for the sake of an abstract popularity contest? Obama might be impeached by now. Instead we have endless threads how the country is going to hell without those talkers-only being honest enough to in part blame themselves for doing nothing, which IMO is the very least of the things they should own up to.

Despite all that, this Challenge is not to demean others or play up this blog and the Tea Party Fire Ants, believe it or not. This really is a challenge, and the above is the tiniest tip of the iceberg of an oncoming Tea Party Fire Ant tsunami of tough love as an inducement for them to meet the challenge. We want other groups to meet and surpass our accomplishments. The farther the better as far as I'm concerned. Indeed, I'd love to get my life back; I did not reckon on my life going down this road so steeply years ago when I started. I've been losing money on this. It isn't smart business, of course, but neither was it when our Founding Fathers pledged their sacred fortunes to this nation - they had bigger things in mind and this country is in VERY bad shape right now. 

So, just as we successfully called out - and continue to call out, in public on twitter - our own GOP congressmen to get off their asses and get to work, it is high time we did the same with our Tea Party group leaders. Just because those people wrap themselves in the term Tea Party does not make them holy: if it looks like a Boehner and walks like a Boehner and talks like a Boehner, it probably isn't Ted Cruz. 

The Tea Party Fire Ants and Benghazi Truth challenge all and every Tea Party to start posting manifestations of their accomplishments. No, saying "Sarah Palin spoke at our rally" is not an accomplishment - it is a great motivational moment. We mean they need to start getting things done. Pressure Boehner publicly on social media every day to allow Benghazi Select Committee HRes36 a floor vote until such pressure is overwhelming. Tell Congress that when the next budget comes around Obama must repeal Obamacare himself or there will be a shut-down and impeachment. Tea Party leaders, start gathering Arpaio's birth certificate forgery evidence and land it in congress' lap - NOW. I know Zullo just did it. DO IT AGAIN. For Christ sake, the way we see some of you people operate you'd think you never accomplished anything in your lives and still need your parents to hold your hands on the way to school. Speaking of school, demand Obama's college records - there's plenty enough there to motivate Obama to hide them - ripe pickings for future history books, no doubt, get on it.

The Tea Party Fire Ants has started using a phrase to congress regarding dealing with Obama now that Obama is on the ropes: BE DEVASTATING. Obama, IMO, is a very not nice man. He gave people the finger, called the GOP the enemy, sat in a racist church of hate for 20 years. He's also a wise guy raised with communist values and is ruining the nation is a very true way, very, very quickly. It's time to put the pressure on him legally but also in a very real way. And therefore, so, too, is it time for you Tea Party leaders to take action for a change. BE DEVASTATING to Congress so Congress will be devastating to Obama. If you have not the will, resign your positions immediately and choose as your successors people who are up to the job. Are you up to the job?! It's not a rhetorical question - take a moment to ask it out loud to yourselves, because you're not acting like it.

MEET THE CHALLENGE. This nation is more important than you are, and we're going to be on you every single day until we see some action. You'll give in sooner or later so make it sooner. Ask Congress. They know.