Sunday, October 25, 2015


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Conservatives all over America worked themselves to exhaustion to ensure that America had a Republican-controlled House and Senate in the last election, and now you taxpayer-funded congressmen are considering utterly and totally betraying that hard work and trust by electing an essentially Boehner-clone who literally gets communist and America-destroyer Obama's seal of approval?! (See the several images, below) Have you good people lost your minds?!

Every conservative wants Daniel Webster and there will be hell to pay at the ballot box worse than any "GOP House disarray" if Ryan is voted in due to "practical considerations" meaning in this instance that GOP House could not get its act together to do what the voters want, and those millions of citizens will be voting again before you know it for the primaries leading up to the 2016 election.

Perhaps some of you have missed the depth and degree to which Paul Ryan has sided with Obama and the degree to which the voters, who will hold you accountable in just about one year, truly and genuinely despise Ryan. No one will accept a Boehner-like, "I know this decision will not go down well with everyone, but we must remain unified in the end...." answer. Speaking in plain voter street-talk, every politically-aware Republican is sick of that sh*t.

Our graphic for expressing the matter....

Maybe Ryan said the right things to you recently and lazy, lackadaisical daydreaming has led you into a false sense of easy and effortless security on the taxpayer dime, but if you expect Ryan to keep those promises you need your heads examined. Boehner made the same promises. Did he keep them? Hell no to 90% of them and 10% wasn't enough.

The GOP voters have waited for years to get rid of Boehner and now you are on the cusp of giving them someone who will turn out to be twice as bad. He has proven he will be twice as bad.

We don't need a peace-maker to favor malicious and aggressive democrats. We need a fighter to beat them.

Look who supports Ryan as Speaker. The absolute worst and most destructive enemies of the Republican Party are rooting for Paul Ryan to be the GOP Speaker.

And the best friends of the Republican Party are against Ryan.

There are always new readers who don't know our Tea Party Fire Ants history in terms of helping to get the Benghazi select committee when Ryan's mentor Boehner was dead-set against it for almost two years, so......

You know us. Many of you know us well. We worked like hell for 17 months to give most of you the political cover you needed to stand up to Boehner and get the Benghazi Select Committee for which so many of you are now taking bows (at least Frank Wolf was nice enough to say, "Thank you", unlike some of you). We don't want to have to go through that hell again representing the will of the majority of Republican voters, and Paul Ryan is the poster child for exactly that future nightmare which will empower and embolden Obama, Reid and Pelosi in their America-destroying plans, for which all three have already thanked Ryan!


If you vote for Ryan, everyone who reads anything from Breitbart to National Review, who listens to everyone from Sean Hannity to Rush Limbaugh, will be infuriated beyond your worst nightmares and will want your political heads for making the dumbest, most destructive mistake of any GOP House in American history.

Look, let's say it very plainly: the people who vote for you hate Ryan and no excuses will protect you from their intense political fury in one year after Ryan sells them out.


Thursday, October 22, 2015


It was a long congressional hearing in which Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was asked to explain many mysteries about her responses to Benghazi, both at the time and for three years afterward. Clinton had been caught basically lying to the American people about Benghazi by emailing her family that it was a terrorist attack not motivated by any video and then telling the nation is was caused by the video. She was asked why she did not send help during the attack to at least try to save the US diplomats when under attack - for appearance sake if nothing else. Why did personal friends' emails about Benghazi arrive on her desk but she claimed no knowledge of hundreds of others sent by the people whose job it is to know Benghazi? Many more unsettling facts arose in the hearings, as well.

Hillary Clinton was reduced to essentially a big, snake-hearted zero upon whom, along with Obama, can be hung the responsibility of the deaths of four Americans who never should have been in Benghazi after the consulates of other countries pulled out because it became so incredibly dangerous.

But most of all, Clinton demonstrated why she should never be President, because her answers were filled with the kind of excuses one gets from a child who has not done his or her homework, truly.

We can see what kind of President Hillary Clinton would be: The only time in her life she had to make a series of presidential-grade decisions that mattered in the real world, and she kept trapped in a death box 4 Americans who pleaded for help, and when they were predictably attacked by terrorists, she did not even take the trouble to send anyone to help for appearance sake, presumably to save a buck. And then, she lied about it. Liberal or conservative, if that is the kind of person you want protecting you and your families, you will know who to vote for when the time comes.

To all liberals, remember that slain Ambassador Stevens was a liberal. He worked for Hillary. He admired she and Obama and he told them so and they knew it. In return, when Stevens cried out to Hillary and Obama to save his life, Hillary and Obama let Stevens die. If they would do that to Stevens, they would do that to you.

Jim Jordan traps Hillary Clinton on blaming video for Benghazi attack when she knew it was planned

Jim Jordan GRILLS Hillary Clinton For Flip Flops Benghazi Committee Hearing

Hillary Clinton: I didn't have a computer in my State Department office

Hillary Clinton Snaps at Gowdy in Testy Exchange: Benghazi Committee Hearing

“Entrepreneurial Spirit?” Clinton Jokes About Benghazi Security

Monday, October 19, 2015


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People have asked why there have not been more Benghazi Truth blog posts in recent months. The truth is, I have nothing to say until today. We like Trump. He can take care of himself and is doing just fine. Hillary is imploding and the Benghazi select committee appears to be doing a pretty good job.

But news is news, and this Thursday, Oct 22, 2015 Hillary testifies before the Benghazi Select Committee again, at 10 AM EST. You can watch it streaming live on cspan, CLICK HERE.

It seems like a lifetime ago, and yet it seems like yesterday that Kathy Amidon, myself and the other Tea Party fire Ants, fresh off the heels of our successful "Fox News Turn Right" boycotts, began to spearhead an effort to get congressional co-sponsors for a Benghazi Select Committee when now-retired House Representative Frank Wolf's House Resolution HR36 appeared stalled at only 35 co-sponsors - not nearly enough to get it put through and voted on when House Speaker Boehner declared repeatedly there would be no Benghazi Select Committee.

It took TPFA 17 months every single day (Christmas and New Years included) tweeting many thousands of tweets to House Representatives, over 100 graphics, 2 videos, dozens of blog posts, over 350 emails between Wolf's chief of staff and Kathy, and enduring relentless 24/7 harassment and worse of the Tea Party Fire Ants patriots by Twitter trolls who, literally IMO and that of others, criminally harassed, defamed and in some instances issued thinly veiled death threats demanding TPFA shut up (I understand a few received restraining orders and then stupidly ignored them. More on that later)

The Tea Party Fire Ants did not shut up.

So much has changed since then. The 35 co-sponsors eventually became 191 and according to Wolf's office, almost all came via the TPFA campaign.  Many thanks on Twitter from ranking congressmen,  mostly to Kathy, the Twitter leader of the Fire Ants. TPFA received 3 effusive thank you letters from Representative Wolf himself. The Benghazi Select Committee was established and remains in full swing, so damaging presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that it is now an open secret that Joe Biden may step in to the race to attempt to save the democrat party in next year's presidential election. We expect him to make the announcement on Thursday, the same day as the hearings, to give the mainstream media an excuse not to talk much about the hearings and replace Hillary's Horror with Smiling Joe.... we'll see. Representative Wolf, The Quiet Lion as we call him, has retired and we miss his voice on The Hill very terribly - he was perhaps the unsung hero of congress for his courage, his voice, his honesty and his integrity. Wolf, Dan Scandling and Wolf's entire office were Aces. 3 Benghazi witnesses toured the country hawking a book that proclaimed Obama and Hillary innocent while the rest of the witnesses were forced into silence and still no one knows who or where they are (though that story may be breaking, finally). Friends have been made, a couple have passed. Twitter 'safety' suspended Kathy Amidon several times for essentially non-existent infractions while those who relentlessly harassed her remained unscathed as they exchanged pleasantries and worse (More on that at a later date. Kathy has a formidable quality unsurprising for a patriot: she never forgets.) Unsurprisingly, I was suspended permanently from very obviously leftist Twitter for, essentially, it seems, being a conservative activist. So be it. Nothing can be eternal.

Hillary, obviously, appears absolutely terrified of the upcoming hearing  - she can't stop angrily screaming and basically flipping out while insisting that Thursday's hearings won't damage her politically, but if they do, it's a vast right-wing conspiracy (again).

The GOP says there is nothing political about these hearings while Rep Kevin McCarthy stepped down from being the House speaker frontrunner after saying the hearings were political. Frankly, we hope they are political. It seems the only way to get justice in DC is to tie justice to a political advantage, and we want justice for the Benghazi slain. So if it means equal parts justice and Hillary being politically destroyed, well..... Benghazi did happen on her watch after all. What does she expect - a gold cup and a blue ribbon? A presidency, perhaps, as a reward for her one time only at bat as a leader which resulted in American diplomats being killed after they cried for help?

We expect real fireworks this time around for Hill on the Hill. We hope so, anyway. Many people within and along with the Fire Ants worked hard to see justice done, after all. Hats off to all the Fire Ants, friends and patriots all. Hillary would be answering to no one on Benghazi at this point if it had not been for you, the Tea Party Fire Ants. Though congress knows, the nation does not and probably never will know it, but this moment would not be happening, literally, if it were not for you. You are the stuff of which history by patriots is made. Thank you.

A brief look back while we're feeling nostalgic. 

All images, quotes and  screenshots of "tweets" used via the Fair Use Act.

Check the tweet at the bottom of this graphic:
Letter number 1 from Wolf
One of several groups of our friends at Overpasses For America sporting the TPFA logo and message. Thank you, guys!
Speaks for itself.

Creative advertising. The Fire Ants did it politically before anyone else.

There were over a hundred of these.
Wolf letter 2
From our e-book, "Oh How bad The President Has been!"
There were plenty of exchanges with congressmen. 
In the end, TPFA won.
People went crazy for these TPFA balloon launches in conservative states.
We mixed it up plenty with Fox news personalities Greta, James Rosen and others, pushing for more Benghazi coverage.
A small sampling of Kathy and Wolf's office emails apprising of updates on the HRes36 co-sponsorship status. This is hard work, folks!
Speaks for itself.
Tweeters unfriendly to TPFA even tried to hijack the TPFA hashtag! For all their efforts against TPFA, TPFA won: the Select Committee is happening.
Not all communication with congress was contentious. TPFA made many friends!
TPFA's defensive battles with Twitter trolls made 2-front-page stories on World Net Daily and elsewhere.
Wolf letter number 3. If memory serves, HRes 36 was at around 180 co-sponsors when this came in, 11 short of 191, at which point we knew the resolution had a bright future, and turned to Rice's HRes422 which was successful in only 5 weeks.

Tea Party Fire Ants, Hillary would not be testifying on Thursday if there was not a Benghazi Select committee, and there would be no Benghazi Select Committee if it had not been for your tireless efforts. Even Rep Wolf admitted that. Thank you again, my friends.

PHEW! As the song goes, "What a long, strange trip it's been!"

See you next time!