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As of approximately 3:25 PM EST, 4/25/2014, we have definite congressional confirmation that the opinion expressed in this blog - that Twitter needs to be put before a Congressional Investigation Committee - is going to soon be put before GOP House Oversight and there is a very good chance that the investigation will go forward ASAP. YOU can HELP! Contact your Congressman/Congresswoman and tell him or her: "In my opinion, there needs to be an immediate Congressional Investigation of how Twitter protects - and fails to protect or suspends - it's 250 million users! Do it now!" We can win this. YOU can win this. Now is the time to express yourself using your 1st Amendment right to protect your 1st Amendment right! Contact Congress! Pour it on! 

UPDATE: The comments section has been set to Moderator Approved, so you need not worry about being attacked by the liberal trolls who have been attacking this blog. No more allowing trolls in, even for a good laugh. They're just too sick and nasty.

Dear Reader, This is a long article but stick with it, because there is a surprising - and enraging - payoff toward the end.

"Under the Constitution, Congress has broad oversight powers to investigate businesses, governmental agencies, and even private citizens. Generally, this power is wielded by the majority party's committee chairmen."
Bloomberg BNA.


TO THE REPUBLICAN CONGRESS: You know us and you know this blog. Some of you have thanked the Tea Party Fire Ants personally for our activism. This is about media - our specialty and we've proven over and over in real terms that we know what we're talking about.  

IT IS BECOMING ALL TOO COMMON: You read often about some conservative who has been suspended by Twitter for, at worst, defending his or her self against unprovoked trolls. This happens thousands of times each day. Lives are being ruined as laws are being broken in the process and these horror stories about Twitter are everywhere.

THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF ARTICLES LIKE THESE, written in just the last couple of years. For every one reported, there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of other victims whose stories are not told.

The example may even go something like this:

Unprovoked liberal troll masquerading as conservative: The attacker starts with a smarmy, defaming insult. "Your home address is XXXXX and we have ways of exterminating pests like you! It is time for you to be dead." 

Conservative Victim: "Go away! You are acting like sadistic Nazis. read this article about trolling."

Unprovoked troll: "Twitter! Twitter! Boo hoo hoo! That bad person called me a Nazi! The horror of it all!"

The Conservative Victim is suspended and no amount of complaints to Twitter see any negative result happen to the liberal troll who defamed, posted personal info and threatened to kill the conservative victim. 

In other words,  the conservative victim is suspended by twitter while the liberal trolls, often masquerading as conservatives, remain on-line on twitter to then brag about seeing the victim removed - and then continue to defame the victim when the victim can no longer even defend him or her self. In our opinion after months of research, we believe the liberal trolls on Twitter are being empowered in these sometimes criminal acts by Twitter 'security"

Sounds truly, horribly, literally sadistic, doesn't it? A Psychology think tank, whose results citing online trolls as sadistic psychopaths, agrees, and made headlines all over the world with their report:,2817,2453609,00.asp …

Remember that article calling trolls sadistic psychopaths as we continue....
Look at some examples we know of: 

Conservative "Airman Kofage", who lost both legs and an arm while in the military service of his country, is treated in terms so emotionally horrendous by liberal trolls as to be almost unspeakable (as well as in many cases criminal - threats and cyber-bullying are crimes) - for simply voicing his conservative political opinions - yet he - the victim - is continually suspended, but the trolls who antagonize him remain malicious and unimpeded.... thanks to Twitter.

Conservative activist Chris Loesch, whose wife Dana works for CNN - has made major media for suffering exactly these same kinds of suspensions while the trolls who threaten to rape and kill his wife remain in undisturbed by Twitter security to gloat over his suspension and further horrify his wife, maliciously and unimpeded.... thanks to Twitter.

The account of this Black Conservative Group was suspended once they voiced political opinion, yet the racists who defame them with hate speech remain malicious and unimpeded.... thanks to Twitter.

Just Google "conservatives suspended on twitter". The list appears endless. This is happening by the many thousands and there appears to be nothing anyone can do - except you,  Republican Congress.  You can do something about this problem and must do something about this problem. Fast.

Closer to home, in ways we can document from personal experience and in minute but importantly illustrative detail, this writer under his Twitter handle of Frank M Davis Jr (get the political insider joke? - few do, but that's fine) has been suspended as of this writing for about a full month for reasons as yet undisclosed by Twitter (of course the reason is clearly that we are effective conservative activists with thank you letters from Congressmen). Our Tea Party Fire Ants Twitter Swarm Leader, Kathy Amidon, an incredibly brave, courageous and determined conservative woman, responsible for such accomplishments as these

... and many more...(read through this blog for many more accomplishments and pro-activist works)

.... Kathy Amidon also remains suspended for that long as of this writing. What did we do? From the defensive whining of the trolls on this matter - yes, they volunteer the goods if you press the right buttons - it is this tweet that upset them and for which Twitter admins dutifully suspended us.

"CLARENCE'S TROLLS ATTACKING # TPFA ARE LIKE NAZIS: psychotic sadists. SEE science article on internet trolls … # CPAC2014"

Now we believe that equating sadists and psychopaths to Nazis is a pretty tame comparison, since Nazis WERE sadists and psychopaths, and the people who troll us unprovoked, IMO, earn such responses from conservatives. Remember, these troll/antagonists come after conservative activists and strong voices - we don't seek them out for trouble and never did. 

Now compare that tweet - made in our own defense for TPFA being defamed and cyber-stalked/bullied for months - to what these same people, who complained about that tweet, have done to TPFA's twitter swarm leader Kathy Amidon before and after that tweet. These people illustrated here, IMO, are representative samples of a problem being reported now everywhere, causing this kind of thing to many, many thousands of innocent conservative Americans at least - and the GOP Congressional House has to do something about it.

Edit: Apparently the very people whose screenshots are featured as illustrations below- the malicious attackers of TPFA-  have themselves launched a website meant to confuse the Tea Party Fire Ants' Twitter hashtag (#TPFA) for the unknowing called "True Patriots For America". We're getting communications like crazy that that website contains spyware meant to track you & get your personal info, Trojans and the like. We haven't tested it because we're not stupid - the actions documented below makes us confident that such claims for their new website are accurate. therefore, BEWARE "True Patriots for America . com". What else would you expect? one of the big players in that is Stan Hjerlied, who is proven via screenshots to have hacked Kathy Amidon's unlisted home address somehow (we believe Twitter admins had a hand in that by giving the trolls DM info we exchanged privately on Twitter) and posted a map to Kathy's unlisted residence on Twitter (see the screenshots, below). IMO, unless you want to risk the exact same thing happening to you, steer clear of tracking software is often not detected by virus scan and malware prevention apps. You have now been told. Don't say we didn't warn you.

"Clarence Silkwow" has in the past , for nearly a year, turned his wall into a one-person antagonistic attack force against mostly Kathy, myself and other TPFA for months, seeming often to the exclusion of all else for days and weeks, filled with defamation and cyber-bullying - the latter of which is a crime (look it up)

to the point that people, not at that point affiliated with us, posted things like this

Recently Clarence and "Stan" (coming up in a moment)posted this. Malicious gloating based on Twitter suspending who they demand Twitter suspends without provocation or a veiled death threat? We're taking no chances.

Yet his account remains in great shape despite endless reports to Twitter - thanks to Twitter.

Harriet Baldwin (who IMO cannot be the a conservative she claims because no actual conservative would organize and sustain humiliating, spamblock attacks against a conservatives with our accomplishment track record, which she does NOT have).

(what does "Instablock" mean? It has no meaning except spamblock from what we can gather- spamblocking is a unified attempt to suspend their target victims. Otherwise, it's meaningless, especially as a "call to arms" form of activism for other people to engage.)

Yet Harriet's account remains in great shape despite endless reports to Twitter - thanks to Twitter.

Stan Hjerleid whose blog carries mind-blowing defamation and besides that, apparently sent Kathy a virus, as we have documented before....

but also, and in truly horrendous form,  posted a map to Kathy's current home (bad enough but on top of which by the way is private information not listed anywhere  publicly) IMO with the obvious intent to literally terrorize her in the most heinous and vile possible way (against Twitter rules and a probable crime)... 

Yet Stan's account remains in great shape despite endless reports to Twitter - thanks to Twitter.

"Kirsten Snow-White", a self-described Wiccan (a pagan witch of sorts)who has called Kathy on the phone and left bizarre telephone messages, very obviously clearly meant to rattle,  antagonize and intimidate Kathy, has not only volunteered things like this, endlessly, unprovoked...

but also posted,unprovoked,barely-veiled death threats, IMO, to the Tea Party Fire Ants generally

and warned Kathy's TPFA friends to shut up or "they will be next"

This is called threatening a cyber-bullying, which as I understand the law are crimes, Yet Kristen Snow-White's account remains in great shape despite endless reports to Twitter - thanks to Twitter.

"Tea Party Proud" posts such mind-blowing defamatory gems as this

yet the victim's - Kathy's -account remains suspended while Tea Party Police account is apparently regarded as being in good standing, despite repeated reports to Twitter, even though their account essentially prides itself in it's defamatory and cyber-harassing endeavors....  thanks to Twitter.

There are several more we could (and perhaps will with addendum) list here regarding attacks against our group. Multiply this by thousands and you can see the effect it will have on the November elections. The situation is truly, almost unbelievably, gross.

I say, "thanks to Twitter." Is it their fault? IMO they clearly have always been responsible because once having created a form of interaction in which such criminal acts (yes, cyber-stalking, cyber-bullying and death threats are criminal acts and the statutes are on the books) they have a RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that such behavior does not occur or is kept at a minimum. Perhaps it is not possible to keep such things from occurring, just as police cannot prevent crimes. But police did not invent the streets and telephones and knives, guns and drugs and so are not responsible for what is done with them - but Twitter created Twitter, and IMO must be held to a much higher and more appropriate standard. So right away we must, IMO, ask ourselves, "Is Twitter engaged in acts which at the very least could be, in the aggregate, described as empowering criminal conduct, particularly with a political prejudice as a motivator?" Unfortunately, having investigated this for months at this point, IMO it's worse than that, and I mean that in all seriousness.

I knew nothing about Twitter security until the trolls began directly and publicly soliciting our & other conservative's suspensions publicly from someone on Twitter named @Delbius. Who is Delbius? She is the chief security officer at far-left-stationed San Francisco Twitter. The trolls cry to her all the time for suspensions of conservatives over comparatively nothing and suspensions happen. That's what we see happening over and over again. Conservatives, in response, however, cry to @Delbius for liberals to be suspended for cruelty, cyber-bullying and threats and nothing has happened except the trolls laugh at such cries for help.
In our Group's case the people who have cyber-bullied, antagonized and threatened TPFA members are now trying to to claim our TPFA "hashtag" abbreviation for themselves, #TPFA and IMO that would only happen if they were very confident of where they stood with twitter "security".

However, for the record, Delbius has indeed intervened directly to media acclaim...  for coming to the rescue of two high-profile liberal feminists. See a pattern?

When these kinds of suspensions of conservatives were first reported, Twitter explained that people were exploiting a spamblock algorithm to unfairly suspend conservatives. 
Watching trolls plead to Delbius for suspensions and having them occur unprovoked, however,I now no longer believe that. It looks a lot different upon investigation. IMO, and that of many others who have different experiences, Twitter is very plainly in on the game, working with liberal activists to deliberately deny people their first amendment rights while creating a situation in which those same people find themselves the targets of defamation and death threats.

Do I believe that Delbius, the Twitter  security head, is in on the troll game? In my opinion, yes I do. Absolutely. Now I can hear the response: how could someone in such a high, austere and responsible position at such a huge social network troll people, allow them to be suspended and work hand-in-hand with others doing the same? Well, if you do a Google search, some people have alleged  that she has done it before,and it certainly looks that way. To understand you need to know some facts you probably do not know.

Delbius is "Del Harvey". According to news reports and this court document of her past activist activity she also once went by "Allison Shea".

This shows she once lived in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This shows a facially very-similar-looking girl also named Alison Shea in Charlotte, North Carolina, approximately fitting the timeline, who was a very brave and determined gay and lesbian activist, and it may or may not be Del Harvey, but in the surface it seems so.

Now, there's nothing wrong with her sexual orientation per se, mind you, but if that is Del Harvey,  you begin to see the profile of Allison Shea/Del Harvey, starting as a lesbian awareness activist and moving to San Francisco, is not exactly your average conservative profile, that's for sure, and that is significant in context, especially in ultra-left San Francisco which she chose to make her home, where Twitter is headquartered AND STAFFED.

Now it gets very interesting. It appears that Twitter's security head never finished college and the only job I can find on Harvey (or that she apparently lists as of this writing), only a few years ago, before Twitter, is that she worked at first as a volunteer then as a paid activist - one of a core group of only three top people - in a group called "Perverted Justice." (that's right, "Perverted Justice".  This isn't a joke) 

You may have seen her on NBC's "Dateline" as a ruse acting as an underage girl to lure in child molesters. I did. At that time, utterly unaware of the rest, I, for one, applauded her efforts. But looking deeper, there are disturbing patterns, IMO, when applied to the history of Twitter's top security enforcement person who appears to have held no jobs prior except for Perverted Justice (I would be interested to be corrected on the issue of her prior jobs, so go ahead)

* More on Perverted Justice

IMO the following is profoundly troubling in the extreme, in context. You might find it troubling, also:

1. It seems, mostly unreported, that  Perverted justice was criticized by many law enforcement agencies and people as being "unethical vigilantes."

2. Others have claimed Perverted Justice ruined innocent lives by publicly humiliating innocent men who were not engaged in speaking improperly to children online, a fact seemingly essentially admitted by the PJ founder.

3.. Del Harvey was one of the core people who spent much time infiltrating the molesters by posing as underage online, typing furiously away - very hand's on -  trolling, apparently and then humiliating them to the world. REMEMBER THE HUMILIATION PART. MORE ON THAT IN A MOMENT.

4. Still others have claimed Perverted Justice used child molesters as their targets simply to ennoble the act of sadistic humiliation online (remember that article from the Canadian think tank about trolls being "everyday sadists"?)

5. Some law experts have called what perverted justice did "entrapment" (their word, not mine)

6.   The dateline segments featuring Perverted Justice were cancelled when one of the last "bad guys" could not be lured to a fake residence to an encounter (in other words, refused to engage the "child" in a physical act). Perverted Justice then looked him up (somehow) and the NBC camera crews showed up at his home. Perverted Justice (presumably Del Harvey was there as the ruse) stayed outside his home, knocked on the door of the man's house for hours before the man, humiliated by a crime of chatting to an underage girl who was not actually underage and never having laid a hand on her, put a single gunshot round into his head and killed himself. THEN NBC decided to cancel those segments. Nice

7. Perverted justice was apparently afoul of criminal law when it is alleged they posted child pornography on the internet, which is a crime, as is owning child pornography, which the group must have done to be able to post it, one supposes. While this was done apparently to humiliate pedophiles, and pedophiles are no heroes in our society to be sure, it is clear that what perverted justice was doing is not how our laws and the criminal justice system operate.

8. When asked in an interview, "how long will you stay with Perverted Justice", Del Harvey said, essentially, "as long as it exists".

So right away, with the many people who could have been promoted to a position to be the top watchdog over the free speech of 250 million people at Twitter, IMO I personally have a big problem with any choice who has apparently not finish college (I see no update on her graduate status), been accused by legal experts of being involved in unethical pursuits in activities generally reserved for law enforcement handling the issues properly, accused of making mistakes when it comes to humiliating innocent people online, and whose TV segments have been cancelled, apparently as a result of someone they accused of wrongdoing blowing his brains out, which resulted not just in his death, but presumably was a horror in the lives of his friends and family. But IMO it's worse still:

By all means agree or disagree, but this is the pattern we have seen from leftist trolls attacking conservatives on twitter.

1. Infiltrate (pretend to be a conservative on twitter and online chat rooms. This is not as crazy as critics will try to make this sound; we have all seen it, and remember how far this can go: during the election leading up to Obama's second term, many democrats via left-wing websites were convinced to register as Republicans specifically for the purpose of electing the weakest GOP candidate in the hope that candidate would lose to Obama. That's what happened, and extremely similar to "infiltrating" in purpose and design)

2. Identify a target individual. Dig for information.

3. Bully, defame, post personal information and humiliate and threaten the targeted individual.

That's what we, IMO, see trolls doing. Every day in ways unrelenting and often brutal. Now, for comparison, what did Perverted Justice do? In my opinion it reads like this:

1. Infiltrate (pretend to be underage girls in online chat rooms - this is not speculation, this was the apparent centerpiece behavior of their operation)

2. Identify a target individual. Dig for information.

3. Bully, defame, post personal information and humiliate and (apparently) threaten the targeted individual.

Anything look familiar? And the common denominator to both nearly identical activities, first at Perverted Justice and now what we see from trolls on Twitter? In my opinion, the common denominator is college dropout/ Perverted Justice activist and now Twitter chief of security Del Harvey. IMO Harvey has some explaining to do, and should do it before Congress. 

Additionally, for perspective, this account, Will and Kate, which has no trouble cyber-bullying TPFA members (and also creates art for the trolls to humiliate conservative TPFA and possibly others) ALSO CLAIMS TO HAVE WORKED FOR TWITTER, so IMO you can get a view of their thinking on the issue of political opinion and decorum from the inside of Twitter, directly. It all adds up.

Kate Beecham also appears to be supplying the people antagonizing the conservative Tea Party Fire Ants (TPFA) with graphics to antagonize and threaten them.
And Wil and Kate's account is doing just fine despite repeated complaints to Twitter.... thanks to Twitter.

Here is my speculation and my opinion: the trolls are, essentially, either Perverted Justice activists directly or are taking some lessons from someone there because they are extremely well-organized and seem to operate with a tried-and-proven method of infiltrate, troll for info and then humiliate. IMO they are still doing what they love to do, except these people, whose behavior is clearly skewed to the political left, have replaced pedophiles as the targets of their humiliation for conservatives on Twitter, and they do more than humiliate: IMO the appearance is obvious that they work hand-in-hand with Twitter security to suspend conservatives in apparent violation of the conservatives' constitutional rights. We see the same kind of language, same seeming hate-filled attempts at humiliation, same infiltration - all identical. And, in my opinion, it adds up that Del Harvey is still the Perverted Justice activist she promised to be, only now with the power to humiliate and censor millions of people with whom she does not agree and very realistically change how the voting numbers in November will fall. Also, in my opinion, it is difficult to imagine a worse candidate for a position of such huge responsibility, demanding tremendous amounts of unbiased decision-making, and IMO that is a blame to be placed on the top executives at Twitter. And Delbius Harvey's staff for that size of oversight is small - about 30 people. 30 people, IMO, all or most playing a left-wing game of suspending and humiliating effective, vocal conservatives.

Now I might possibly be wrong, despite the evidence. It's only my opinion based on the facts. But something is clearly very, very amiss at Twitter as hundreds of news stories of horrific situations can attest and IMO the only way to get to the bottom of it is a congressional investigation ASAP to see how Twitter handles the "free Speech" of no less than a staggering 250 million people, before the clock runs out and once-confident Republicans are struggling at the polls in November and wondering where their lead went.


I repeat: "Under the Constitution, Congress has broad oversight powers to investigate businesses, governmental agencies, and even private citizens. Generally, this power is wielded by the majority party's committee chairmen."

I will re-state my opinion here: 

250 million people, mostly unaware of the patterns of Twitter's history, unknowingly at the whim of 30 people in liberal San Francisco with a security leader whose professional past seems to be most distinguished by Perverted Justice, a group apparently once notable for online humiliation and whose climb to fame ended in the miserable suicide of a man who not been even arrested, is 250 million too many people at the mercy of too few. The way Airman Kolfage, Kathy Amidon, Chris Loesch, The Black Conservatives and many, many others are at the mercy of trolls it appears Twitter does nothing about is just too much of an ongoing nightmare to be allowed to continue unquestioned by authority.



Readers, if you have a similar story to tell, log on anonymously, below, and tell what has happened to you or someone you know. The more for congress to see, the better. Keep your story clean and respectful. Posting stories as excuses for attacking others and/or this blog will not be tolerated and will be deleted.  This isn't Twitter.


ADDENDUM TO THE GOP CONGRESSIONAL HOUSE: Many of you know - and some of you have publicly thanked - the Tea Party Fire Ants for our grassroots activism (some of which is covered in this blog post, below). 

This blog memo is about our very strong suspicion that Twitter administration is actively censoring conservatives so the other 250 million users a day don't get the conservative message. Here is more evidence. Many months ago Kathy Amidon (who many of you know) took out the Twitter account @TeaPartyFireAnts. It was decided today, April 18, 2014, that the time had come to finally tweet the first tweet from that account. We then discovered the account had already been suspended by Twitter administration without so much as a single infraction - no infraction was possible because not a single message/Tweet had ever been posted. 

In our opinion this is proof positive that twitter admin is engaging in raw, naked political censorship and if it is happening to us, then that same kind of censorship against Republicans and Conservatives is probably happening to thousands of accounts which would otherwise be supporting your re-election campaigns. In our opinion this is flagrant  abuse and censorship at it's most heinous and in numbers - censoring certain political voices so they cannot be heard to the other 250 million users - which dwarf any such similar censorship in the annals of human history, and you will see truly horrific examples, below.

We insist in the strongest terms that you call for a House investigation into this 250-million-person juggernaut and haul the Twitter executives and Twitter security  administration before Congress to get some answers. Something must be done. This is too gross and too outrageous. 


* For additional reading on Perverted Justice,

In 2006, the New York Daily News had this somewhat unnerving story about Perverted Justice:

Gawker has an interesting link

As does US