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As of approximately 3:25 PM EST, 4/25/2014, we have definite congressional confirmation that the opinion expressed in this blog - that Twitter needs to be put before a Congressional Investigation Committee - is going to soon be put before GOP House Oversight and there is a very good chance that the investigation will go forward ASAP. YOU can HELP! Contact your Congressman/Congresswoman and tell him or her: "In my opinion, there needs to be an immediate Congressional Investigation of how Twitter protects - and fails to protect or suspends - it's 250 million users! Do it now!" We can win this. YOU can win this. Now is the time to express yourself using your 1st Amendment right to protect your 1st Amendment right! Contact Congress! Pour it on! 

UPDATE: The comments section has been set to Moderator Approved, so you need not worry about being attacked by the liberal trolls who have been attacking this blog. No more allowing trolls in, even for a good laugh. They're just too sick and nasty.

Dear Reader, This is a long article but stick with it, because there is a surprising - and enraging - payoff toward the end.

"Under the Constitution, Congress has broad oversight powers to investigate businesses, governmental agencies, and even private citizens. Generally, this power is wielded by the majority party's committee chairmen."
Bloomberg BNA.


TO THE REPUBLICAN CONGRESS: You know us and you know this blog. Some of you have thanked the Tea Party Fire Ants personally for our activism. This is about media - our specialty and we've proven over and over in real terms that we know what we're talking about.  

IT IS BECOMING ALL TOO COMMON: You read often about some conservative who has been suspended by Twitter for, at worst, defending his or her self against unprovoked trolls. This happens thousands of times each day. Lives are being ruined as laws are being broken in the process and these horror stories about Twitter are everywhere.

THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF ARTICLES LIKE THESE, written in just the last couple of years. For every one reported, there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of other victims whose stories are not told.

The example may even go something like this:

Unprovoked liberal troll masquerading as conservative: The attacker starts with a smarmy, defaming insult. "Your home address is XXXXX and we have ways of exterminating pests like you! It is time for you to be dead." 

Conservative Victim: "Go away! You are acting like sadistic Nazis. read this article about trolling."

Unprovoked troll: "Twitter! Twitter! Boo hoo hoo! That bad person called me a Nazi! The horror of it all!"

The Conservative Victim is suspended and no amount of complaints to Twitter see any negative result happen to the liberal troll who defamed, posted personal info and threatened to kill the conservative victim. 

In other words,  the conservative victim is suspended by twitter while the liberal trolls, often masquerading as conservatives, remain on-line on twitter to then brag about seeing the victim removed - and then continue to defame the victim when the victim can no longer even defend him or her self. In our opinion after months of research, we believe the liberal trolls on Twitter are being empowered in these sometimes criminal acts by Twitter 'security"

Sounds truly, horribly, literally sadistic, doesn't it? A Psychology think tank, whose results citing online trolls as sadistic psychopaths, agrees, and made headlines all over the world with their report:,2817,2453609,00.asp …

Remember that article calling trolls sadistic psychopaths as we continue....
Look at some examples we know of: 

Conservative "Airman Kofage", who lost both legs and an arm while in the military service of his country, is treated in terms so emotionally horrendous by liberal trolls as to be almost unspeakable (as well as in many cases criminal - threats and cyber-bullying are crimes) - for simply voicing his conservative political opinions - yet he - the victim - is continually suspended, but the trolls who antagonize him remain malicious and unimpeded.... thanks to Twitter.

Conservative activist Chris Loesch, whose wife Dana works for CNN - has made major media for suffering exactly these same kinds of suspensions while the trolls who threaten to rape and kill his wife remain in undisturbed by Twitter security to gloat over his suspension and further horrify his wife, maliciously and unimpeded.... thanks to Twitter.

The account of this Black Conservative Group was suspended once they voiced political opinion, yet the racists who defame them with hate speech remain malicious and unimpeded.... thanks to Twitter.

Just Google "conservatives suspended on twitter". The list appears endless. This is happening by the many thousands and there appears to be nothing anyone can do - except you,  Republican Congress.  You can do something about this problem and must do something about this problem. Fast.

Closer to home, in ways we can document from personal experience and in minute but importantly illustrative detail, this writer under his Twitter handle of Frank M Davis Jr (get the political insider joke? - few do, but that's fine) has been suspended as of this writing for about a full month for reasons as yet undisclosed by Twitter (of course the reason is clearly that we are effective conservative activists with thank you letters from Congressmen). Our Tea Party Fire Ants Twitter Swarm Leader, Kathy Amidon, an incredibly brave, courageous and determined conservative woman, responsible for such accomplishments as these

... and many more...(read through this blog for many more accomplishments and pro-activist works)

.... Kathy Amidon also remains suspended for that long as of this writing. What did we do? From the defensive whining of the trolls on this matter - yes, they volunteer the goods if you press the right buttons - it is this tweet that upset them and for which Twitter admins dutifully suspended us.

"CLARENCE'S TROLLS ATTACKING # TPFA ARE LIKE NAZIS: psychotic sadists. SEE science article on internet trolls … # CPAC2014"

Now we believe that equating sadists and psychopaths to Nazis is a pretty tame comparison, since Nazis WERE sadists and psychopaths, and the people who troll us unprovoked, IMO, earn such responses from conservatives. Remember, these troll/antagonists come after conservative activists and strong voices - we don't seek them out for trouble and never did. 

Now compare that tweet - made in our own defense for TPFA being defamed and cyber-stalked/bullied for months - to what these same people, who complained about that tweet, have done to TPFA's twitter swarm leader Kathy Amidon before and after that tweet. These people illustrated here, IMO, are representative samples of a problem being reported now everywhere, causing this kind of thing to many, many thousands of innocent conservative Americans at least - and the GOP Congressional House has to do something about it.

Edit: Apparently the very people whose screenshots are featured as illustrations below- the malicious attackers of TPFA-  have themselves launched a website meant to confuse the Tea Party Fire Ants' Twitter hashtag (#TPFA) for the unknowing called "True Patriots For America". We're getting communications like crazy that that website contains spyware meant to track you & get your personal info, Trojans and the like. We haven't tested it because we're not stupid - the actions documented below makes us confident that such claims for their new website are accurate. therefore, BEWARE "True Patriots for America . com". What else would you expect? one of the big players in that is Stan Hjerlied, who is proven via screenshots to have hacked Kathy Amidon's unlisted home address somehow (we believe Twitter admins had a hand in that by giving the trolls DM info we exchanged privately on Twitter) and posted a map to Kathy's unlisted residence on Twitter (see the screenshots, below). IMO, unless you want to risk the exact same thing happening to you, steer clear of tracking software is often not detected by virus scan and malware prevention apps. You have now been told. Don't say we didn't warn you.

"Clarence Silkwow" has in the past , for nearly a year, turned his wall into a one-person antagonistic attack force against mostly Kathy, myself and other TPFA for months, seeming often to the exclusion of all else for days and weeks, filled with defamation and cyber-bullying - the latter of which is a crime (look it up)

to the point that people, not at that point affiliated with us, posted things like this

Recently Clarence and "Stan" (coming up in a moment)posted this. Malicious gloating based on Twitter suspending who they demand Twitter suspends without provocation or a veiled death threat? We're taking no chances.

Yet his account remains in great shape despite endless reports to Twitter - thanks to Twitter.

Harriet Baldwin (who IMO cannot be the a conservative she claims because no actual conservative would organize and sustain humiliating, spamblock attacks against a conservatives with our accomplishment track record, which she does NOT have).

(what does "Instablock" mean? It has no meaning except spamblock from what we can gather- spamblocking is a unified attempt to suspend their target victims. Otherwise, it's meaningless, especially as a "call to arms" form of activism for other people to engage.)

Yet Harriet's account remains in great shape despite endless reports to Twitter - thanks to Twitter.

Stan Hjerleid whose blog carries mind-blowing defamation and besides that, apparently sent Kathy a virus, as we have documented before....

but also, and in truly horrendous form,  posted a map to Kathy's current home (bad enough but on top of which by the way is private information not listed anywhere  publicly) IMO with the obvious intent to literally terrorize her in the most heinous and vile possible way (against Twitter rules and a probable crime)... 

Yet Stan's account remains in great shape despite endless reports to Twitter - thanks to Twitter.

"Kirsten Snow-White", a self-described Wiccan (a pagan witch of sorts)who has called Kathy on the phone and left bizarre telephone messages, very obviously clearly meant to rattle,  antagonize and intimidate Kathy, has not only volunteered things like this, endlessly, unprovoked...

but also posted,unprovoked,barely-veiled death threats, IMO, to the Tea Party Fire Ants generally

and warned Kathy's TPFA friends to shut up or "they will be next"

This is called threatening a cyber-bullying, which as I understand the law are crimes, Yet Kristen Snow-White's account remains in great shape despite endless reports to Twitter - thanks to Twitter.

"Tea Party Proud" posts such mind-blowing defamatory gems as this

yet the victim's - Kathy's -account remains suspended while Tea Party Police account is apparently regarded as being in good standing, despite repeated reports to Twitter, even though their account essentially prides itself in it's defamatory and cyber-harassing endeavors....  thanks to Twitter.

There are several more we could (and perhaps will with addendum) list here regarding attacks against our group. Multiply this by thousands and you can see the effect it will have on the November elections. The situation is truly, almost unbelievably, gross.

I say, "thanks to Twitter." Is it their fault? IMO they clearly have always been responsible because once having created a form of interaction in which such criminal acts (yes, cyber-stalking, cyber-bullying and death threats are criminal acts and the statutes are on the books) they have a RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that such behavior does not occur or is kept at a minimum. Perhaps it is not possible to keep such things from occurring, just as police cannot prevent crimes. But police did not invent the streets and telephones and knives, guns and drugs and so are not responsible for what is done with them - but Twitter created Twitter, and IMO must be held to a much higher and more appropriate standard. So right away we must, IMO, ask ourselves, "Is Twitter engaged in acts which at the very least could be, in the aggregate, described as empowering criminal conduct, particularly with a political prejudice as a motivator?" Unfortunately, having investigated this for months at this point, IMO it's worse than that, and I mean that in all seriousness.

I knew nothing about Twitter security until the trolls began directly and publicly soliciting our & other conservative's suspensions publicly from someone on Twitter named @Delbius. Who is Delbius? She is the chief security officer at far-left-stationed San Francisco Twitter. The trolls cry to her all the time for suspensions of conservatives over comparatively nothing and suspensions happen. That's what we see happening over and over again. Conservatives, in response, however, cry to @Delbius for liberals to be suspended for cruelty, cyber-bullying and threats and nothing has happened except the trolls laugh at such cries for help.
In our Group's case the people who have cyber-bullied, antagonized and threatened TPFA members are now trying to to claim our TPFA "hashtag" abbreviation for themselves, #TPFA and IMO that would only happen if they were very confident of where they stood with twitter "security".

However, for the record, Delbius has indeed intervened directly to media acclaim...  for coming to the rescue of two high-profile liberal feminists. See a pattern?

When these kinds of suspensions of conservatives were first reported, Twitter explained that people were exploiting a spamblock algorithm to unfairly suspend conservatives. 
Watching trolls plead to Delbius for suspensions and having them occur unprovoked, however,I now no longer believe that. It looks a lot different upon investigation. IMO, and that of many others who have different experiences, Twitter is very plainly in on the game, working with liberal activists to deliberately deny people their first amendment rights while creating a situation in which those same people find themselves the targets of defamation and death threats.

Do I believe that Delbius, the Twitter  security head, is in on the troll game? In my opinion, yes I do. Absolutely. Now I can hear the response: how could someone in such a high, austere and responsible position at such a huge social network troll people, allow them to be suspended and work hand-in-hand with others doing the same? Well, if you do a Google search, some people have alleged  that she has done it before,and it certainly looks that way. To understand you need to know some facts you probably do not know.

Delbius is "Del Harvey". According to news reports and this court document of her past activist activity she also once went by "Allison Shea".

This shows she once lived in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This shows a facially very-similar-looking girl also named Alison Shea in Charlotte, North Carolina, approximately fitting the timeline, who was a very brave and determined gay and lesbian activist, and it may or may not be Del Harvey, but in the surface it seems so.

Now, there's nothing wrong with her sexual orientation per se, mind you, but if that is Del Harvey,  you begin to see the profile of Allison Shea/Del Harvey, starting as a lesbian awareness activist and moving to San Francisco, is not exactly your average conservative profile, that's for sure, and that is significant in context, especially in ultra-left San Francisco which she chose to make her home, where Twitter is headquartered AND STAFFED.

Now it gets very interesting. It appears that Twitter's security head never finished college and the only job I can find on Harvey (or that she apparently lists as of this writing), only a few years ago, before Twitter, is that she worked at first as a volunteer then as a paid activist - one of a core group of only three top people - in a group called "Perverted Justice." (that's right, "Perverted Justice".  This isn't a joke) 

You may have seen her on NBC's "Dateline" as a ruse acting as an underage girl to lure in child molesters. I did. At that time, utterly unaware of the rest, I, for one, applauded her efforts. But looking deeper, there are disturbing patterns, IMO, when applied to the history of Twitter's top security enforcement person who appears to have held no jobs prior except for Perverted Justice (I would be interested to be corrected on the issue of her prior jobs, so go ahead)

* More on Perverted Justice

IMO the following is profoundly troubling in the extreme, in context. You might find it troubling, also:

1. It seems, mostly unreported, that  Perverted justice was criticized by many law enforcement agencies and people as being "unethical vigilantes."

2. Others have claimed Perverted Justice ruined innocent lives by publicly humiliating innocent men who were not engaged in speaking improperly to children online, a fact seemingly essentially admitted by the PJ founder.

3.. Del Harvey was one of the core people who spent much time infiltrating the molesters by posing as underage online, typing furiously away - very hand's on -  trolling, apparently and then humiliating them to the world. REMEMBER THE HUMILIATION PART. MORE ON THAT IN A MOMENT.

4. Still others have claimed Perverted Justice used child molesters as their targets simply to ennoble the act of sadistic humiliation online (remember that article from the Canadian think tank about trolls being "everyday sadists"?)

5. Some law experts have called what perverted justice did "entrapment" (their word, not mine)

6.   The dateline segments featuring Perverted Justice were cancelled when one of the last "bad guys" could not be lured to a fake residence to an encounter (in other words, refused to engage the "child" in a physical act). Perverted Justice then looked him up (somehow) and the NBC camera crews showed up at his home. Perverted Justice (presumably Del Harvey was there as the ruse) stayed outside his home, knocked on the door of the man's house for hours before the man, humiliated by a crime of chatting to an underage girl who was not actually underage and never having laid a hand on her, put a single gunshot round into his head and killed himself. THEN NBC decided to cancel those segments. Nice

7. Perverted justice was apparently afoul of criminal law when it is alleged they posted child pornography on the internet, which is a crime, as is owning child pornography, which the group must have done to be able to post it, one supposes. While this was done apparently to humiliate pedophiles, and pedophiles are no heroes in our society to be sure, it is clear that what perverted justice was doing is not how our laws and the criminal justice system operate.

8. When asked in an interview, "how long will you stay with Perverted Justice", Del Harvey said, essentially, "as long as it exists".

So right away, with the many people who could have been promoted to a position to be the top watchdog over the free speech of 250 million people at Twitter, IMO I personally have a big problem with any choice who has apparently not finish college (I see no update on her graduate status), been accused by legal experts of being involved in unethical pursuits in activities generally reserved for law enforcement handling the issues properly, accused of making mistakes when it comes to humiliating innocent people online, and whose TV segments have been cancelled, apparently as a result of someone they accused of wrongdoing blowing his brains out, which resulted not just in his death, but presumably was a horror in the lives of his friends and family. But IMO it's worse still:

By all means agree or disagree, but this is the pattern we have seen from leftist trolls attacking conservatives on twitter.

1. Infiltrate (pretend to be a conservative on twitter and online chat rooms. This is not as crazy as critics will try to make this sound; we have all seen it, and remember how far this can go: during the election leading up to Obama's second term, many democrats via left-wing websites were convinced to register as Republicans specifically for the purpose of electing the weakest GOP candidate in the hope that candidate would lose to Obama. That's what happened, and extremely similar to "infiltrating" in purpose and design)

2. Identify a target individual. Dig for information.

3. Bully, defame, post personal information and humiliate and threaten the targeted individual.

That's what we, IMO, see trolls doing. Every day in ways unrelenting and often brutal. Now, for comparison, what did Perverted Justice do? In my opinion it reads like this:

1. Infiltrate (pretend to be underage girls in online chat rooms - this is not speculation, this was the apparent centerpiece behavior of their operation)

2. Identify a target individual. Dig for information.

3. Bully, defame, post personal information and humiliate and (apparently) threaten the targeted individual.

Anything look familiar? And the common denominator to both nearly identical activities, first at Perverted Justice and now what we see from trolls on Twitter? In my opinion, the common denominator is college dropout/ Perverted Justice activist and now Twitter chief of security Del Harvey. IMO Harvey has some explaining to do, and should do it before Congress. 

Additionally, for perspective, this account, Will and Kate, which has no trouble cyber-bullying TPFA members (and also creates art for the trolls to humiliate conservative TPFA and possibly others) ALSO CLAIMS TO HAVE WORKED FOR TWITTER, so IMO you can get a view of their thinking on the issue of political opinion and decorum from the inside of Twitter, directly. It all adds up.

Kate Beecham also appears to be supplying the people antagonizing the conservative Tea Party Fire Ants (TPFA) with graphics to antagonize and threaten them.
And Wil and Kate's account is doing just fine despite repeated complaints to Twitter.... thanks to Twitter.

Here is my speculation and my opinion: the trolls are, essentially, either Perverted Justice activists directly or are taking some lessons from someone there because they are extremely well-organized and seem to operate with a tried-and-proven method of infiltrate, troll for info and then humiliate. IMO they are still doing what they love to do, except these people, whose behavior is clearly skewed to the political left, have replaced pedophiles as the targets of their humiliation for conservatives on Twitter, and they do more than humiliate: IMO the appearance is obvious that they work hand-in-hand with Twitter security to suspend conservatives in apparent violation of the conservatives' constitutional rights. We see the same kind of language, same seeming hate-filled attempts at humiliation, same infiltration - all identical. And, in my opinion, it adds up that Del Harvey is still the Perverted Justice activist she promised to be, only now with the power to humiliate and censor millions of people with whom she does not agree and very realistically change how the voting numbers in November will fall. Also, in my opinion, it is difficult to imagine a worse candidate for a position of such huge responsibility, demanding tremendous amounts of unbiased decision-making, and IMO that is a blame to be placed on the top executives at Twitter. And Delbius Harvey's staff for that size of oversight is small - about 30 people. 30 people, IMO, all or most playing a left-wing game of suspending and humiliating effective, vocal conservatives.

Now I might possibly be wrong, despite the evidence. It's only my opinion based on the facts. But something is clearly very, very amiss at Twitter as hundreds of news stories of horrific situations can attest and IMO the only way to get to the bottom of it is a congressional investigation ASAP to see how Twitter handles the "free Speech" of no less than a staggering 250 million people, before the clock runs out and once-confident Republicans are struggling at the polls in November and wondering where their lead went.


I repeat: "Under the Constitution, Congress has broad oversight powers to investigate businesses, governmental agencies, and even private citizens. Generally, this power is wielded by the majority party's committee chairmen."

I will re-state my opinion here: 

250 million people, mostly unaware of the patterns of Twitter's history, unknowingly at the whim of 30 people in liberal San Francisco with a security leader whose professional past seems to be most distinguished by Perverted Justice, a group apparently once notable for online humiliation and whose climb to fame ended in the miserable suicide of a man who not been even arrested, is 250 million too many people at the mercy of too few. The way Airman Kolfage, Kathy Amidon, Chris Loesch, The Black Conservatives and many, many others are at the mercy of trolls it appears Twitter does nothing about is just too much of an ongoing nightmare to be allowed to continue unquestioned by authority.



Readers, if you have a similar story to tell, log on anonymously, below, and tell what has happened to you or someone you know. The more for congress to see, the better. Keep your story clean and respectful. Posting stories as excuses for attacking others and/or this blog will not be tolerated and will be deleted.  This isn't Twitter.


ADDENDUM TO THE GOP CONGRESSIONAL HOUSE: Many of you know - and some of you have publicly thanked - the Tea Party Fire Ants for our grassroots activism (some of which is covered in this blog post, below). 

This blog memo is about our very strong suspicion that Twitter administration is actively censoring conservatives so the other 250 million users a day don't get the conservative message. Here is more evidence. Many months ago Kathy Amidon (who many of you know) took out the Twitter account @TeaPartyFireAnts. It was decided today, April 18, 2014, that the time had come to finally tweet the first tweet from that account. We then discovered the account had already been suspended by Twitter administration without so much as a single infraction - no infraction was possible because not a single message/Tweet had ever been posted. 

In our opinion this is proof positive that twitter admin is engaging in raw, naked political censorship and if it is happening to us, then that same kind of censorship against Republicans and Conservatives is probably happening to thousands of accounts which would otherwise be supporting your re-election campaigns. In our opinion this is flagrant  abuse and censorship at it's most heinous and in numbers - censoring certain political voices so they cannot be heard to the other 250 million users - which dwarf any such similar censorship in the annals of human history, and you will see truly horrific examples, below.

We insist in the strongest terms that you call for a House investigation into this 250-million-person juggernaut and haul the Twitter executives and Twitter security  administration before Congress to get some answers. Something must be done. This is too gross and too outrageous. 


* For additional reading on Perverted Justice,

In 2006, the New York Daily News had this somewhat unnerving story about Perverted Justice:

Gawker has an interesting link

As does US


  1. #DubiusDelbius…. who coined that particular different take on her name, I wonder…. hmm….

    More thoughts on her stinky strain of liberal craptivism:

    "We Conservatives are accused of playing political favorites yet thats what Twitter Security did!!"

    "Playing political favorites indicates an agenda, not a true belief in freedom for all!!!"

    "Women are women regardless of their politics.  But Delbius applies rules UNEQUALLY! Does she even believe in equality by applying the rules UNEQUALLY?" Let that sink in for a moment…

    Delbius allowed my friend Kathy to be threatened…. UNACCEPTABLE! That's not security.

    For Delbius:
    Look, Kathy is a woman. Delbius, you claim to be an activist for women, but you don't do shit about what happened to her? Applying the rules unequally I see. Do you even believe in equality for ALL women?

  2. PS I really think you should own your own news organization. If I could have ONE wish: You'd be in charge at Fox News.

    1. Wow, what an endorsement! Thank you. If I owned Fox News, however, no one would recognize it: Sarah Palin would have her own show at 8 PM with O'Reilly long gone, Newt Gingrich would be on at 9, Hannity at 10. Shepherd Smith would have been shown the door the day after he went on his anti-birther Tirade and instead of Judge Jeannine, Sharyl Attkisson would be on weekends at 9. The vacuous, giggling talking head pundits would be replaced by smart and level conservative thinkers like Thomas Sowell. Standing orders for the whole organization: find new angles every day on the missing Benghazi survivor witnesses and Obama's background and forged birth certificate and push those stories until they are on the angry lips of every astounded and enraged American. That's how things get done. That's what Fox News would look like if I were in charge.

    2. You are most welcome!

      Back to reality: what sucks is that you're not in charge of Fox News. Damn!

      And in case anyone at Fox (especially the head honchos) read this: TPFA has the credentials to be saying to you "Do better, do more, and as Proe has said, be devastating!" Well, that's my opinion anyway.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Don't like being exposed for the fake conservative you are or what? If you would stop with your B.S. you wouldn't have to worry about someone calling you on it.

  3. CEASE & DESIST Immediately REMOVE any and all references & screenshots related to me: Kristen C. Snow-White.

    You will find this is a LEGAL demand and failure to comply, can and will, lead to legal action.

    I could post as "Anonymous" but what FUN would THAT be?

    1. The Tweets by you as shown in the screenshots were voluntarily made in public by you. We recorded them and since you refused to stop making similar comments, of which Kathy has, I believe, hundreds of screenshots, we have included them here, with opinion, as is the right of any individual under the 1st Amendment. If you can cite anything specific to you which is inaccurate, we will revise or remove references to you. We regard ourselves as being gracious by not posting the voice mail recordings you left for Kathy, as there is no legal privacy expected in such matters. The blog will remain as written until such time as any that you can make the case that there is any inaccuracy about this blog made as it regards you, at which time we shall respond according, but you have not made that case.

      We have not followed your link for obvious reasons. Thank you for your feedback.

    2. Cease = STOP USING "MY" Tweets, and "MY" name in your Libelous blog-crap; and
      Desist = DON'T DO IT AGAIN!

      It has NOTHING to do with the 1st Amendment, that makes you sound stupid! It's a LEGAL DEMAND! Please, take some time to discuss it with your attorney! You have NOT posted "Tweets" with no expectation of Privacy, you have posted PICTURES of TWEETS making them the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of the TweetER! There's a "TM" after my name, it's there for a REASON! All of the PICs you posted, whether by Kate or Stan, Me or CW were CREATED by SOMEONE ELSE! You are more than welcome to your "opinion" (Opinion 55; Benghazi 0) but you are NOT welcome or entitled to PICTURES! Do you understand the difference? If I take a picture of the cover of a book and TWEET IT, then the AUTHOR or PHOTOGRAPHER say "Cease & Desist" you can BET YOUR BUM I'm going to REMOVE it POST HASTE! I suggest, respectfully, you do the same... kcSnowWhite

      Cease and desist
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      A cease and desist letter, also known as an "infringement letter" or a "demand letter,"[1] is an order or request that a party halt an activity ("cease") and not take it up again later ("desist"), else face legal action.[2] The recipient of the letter may be an individual or an organization.

    3. You clearly know nothing about copyright law and the Fair Use Act. In the book cover example you cite, the legal argument you make would only be true if the person who copied it claimed authorship, or violated copyright law. That is not the case with the screenshots of your tweets. The screenshots as used in the article are covered under the Fair Use Act, just as it is when you and your friends use screenshots of tweets by other people, which you do regularly. Once again, if anything is incorrect about you in this blog, please state it and if reasonable, we will amend that aspect. Otherwise the article shall remain as written.

    4. Good point! The trolls use screenshots against you, Kathy and the other Tea Party Fire Ants all the time. The moment you use some to show what they said, you get a bogus "cease and desist" demand. LOL! You've got em on the run, Proe! Great job! Long live the Tea Party Fire Ants!

    5. The trolls are ok with using screenshots against us, but the munute we do ssomething like that to them, they whine and complain like IMO rotten brats. They cant take what they dish out, yet have the GALL to say things like "cease & desist" ? Who do they think they are!?!?

      Oh yeah.... cant firget how theyve issued veiled death threats to us, but in this thread here, wont condemn them.

      These are bullies who hide behind tbe law after they break the law!

    6. IMO, those 'people' are 'troll infiltrators' not conservatives and people see that now. Just look at the their twitter pages (go back for a few weeks and even months) and see for yourself. (some tweets have been scrubbed but many of us have screenshots and I know Kathy and Proe have hundreds.)

      I have watched @ kcKristenSnowWhite7 and her troll friends stalk, harass, defame and attack Proe / @ FrankMDavisJr , Kathy and other TPFA's constantly for months. Who does that? Not conservatives or anyone else for that matter except for lib trolls. @ kcSnowWhite7 and her 'troll friends' have done everything they can and still break every 'twitter rule in the book' to 'try' to stop TPFA's successful, dedicated, grassroots conservative activist group from working; swarming congress and gaining co-sponsors for HRes36 & HRes442.

      I know Kathy and a few others have taken hundreds of screenshots of those troll attacks over the months so Snow White and her troll friends have zero grounds or reasons to pretend otherwise. The trolls fake conservative gig is up!

      Great job Proe, Kathy and TPFA's. Keep up the great work!!

    7. Upon re-reading, I see Snow White's longest (2nd) entry was in gross violation of the terms laid out in the blog:

      "Posting stories as excuses for attacking others and/or this blog will not be tolerated and will be deleted. This isn't Twitter."


  4. CEASE & DESIST Immediately REMOVE any and all references & screenshots related to me: Kate Beecham/@wilandkate.

    You will find this is a LEGAL demand and failure to comply, can and will, lead to legal action.

    1. KGB, If anyone covered in a News story (much less an opinion piece) via Fair Use Act-compliant material could stop such reporting with a cease and desist demand, all the news left in the world would be the weather. Please state anything incorrect in this blog about you and if confirmed or reasonable, we will comply. In the meantime, the blog stands as written. Thank you.

    2. Kate! OMG, you used Kathy's actual FACE in one of your crappy "graphics" to insult her, Proe and others and now you cry like a baby because he used screenshots of what you said in public? Crawl back into your hole. When you have done all the good things they have done for conservatives and stop insulting and slandering them, then you can behave like someone with a complaint to make!

    3. Kathy has had her good name dragged through the MUD, had her address posted on the internet for all who happen by to see & the trolls screwed up her computer. If the trolls were co concerned with being good & decent citizens, they would condemn those actions taken against her. But they don't. And they expect for us to respect them? WHO do THEY think they are??

    4. The trolls seem to be okay with everything 'they do' and cry foul with "cease & desist" demands because people see them exposed for who and what they are. Really KGB!? You didn't have a problem creating 'art' to attack Kathy, FrankMDavisJr /aka Proe and the TPFA's then tweet them as 'cc' to your troll friends and you even said "have fun". What!!? Did you seriously think nobody would see that? All anyone had to do was look at your tweets/ pics. You exposed yourself and your true colors to all. Next time,try not to do the Happy Dance after you get people suspended on # TPFA, IMO, it's very telling.

    5. Janson, Dealing suddenly with an environment - this one - that does favor them with mind-blowing double standards appears to be a shock for some. Too bad. To say they earned this is a laughable understatement. Thanks for the comment, my friend.

    6. Kate, when this becomes a legal situation, you'll be the one taking the orders not the one giving them.

  5. So coming to a blog about "Benghazi" what people see is a bunch of so called adults complaining and fighting like little children. All while using the names of 4 men who were abandoned. I would say that makes the creator of this blog pretty sick.

    1. The trolls started in on we Tea Party Fire Ants the moment we were successful in a FOX NEWS boycott to attempt to drive FOX back to the right (they made some small concessions but IMO only window dressing). The primary point of that boycott, lackluster investigative reporting, primarily about BENGHAZI. Then the trolls tried to say the letters from congressmen to us regarding our activist work on BENGHAZI were fakes - they are not, of course (that would be criminal and you can call the Rep's offices and confirm that they are authentic). No one here is fighting like a child. We're fighting like adults. IMO the people attacking us are behaving like children, but we regard this battle as extremely serious; if nothing else, 30 missing survivor witnesses from Benghazi - people rescued with lives, presumably families, children with friends, relatives (and these survivors existing were confirmed by Hillary Clinton in her testimony, though the information had to be pried out of her - she did not volunteer it) do not simply VANISH. The seldom-reported idea that they were all goiven "new identities and moved around the county" is alarming-to-horrifying, depending on how well you know world history. Those people were Americans and their testimony is vital. Who think ALL of them, AND their families, AND their children would agree to new names, invented lives, EVERY friend and family member they ever had or knew would remain silent, in an apparent "Witness Protection Program" which seemswould prtotect only opne person - Obama? No, this is VERY serious. But people are working very hard to discredit and eliminate the Tea Party Fire Ants' activism on Twitter - Kathy's primary account has 6,000 followers, many of the them congressmen and celebrities, I have almost 3,000, the same kind of people. Kathy is reduced to a handful and when she reaches out to old followers the newer account gets suspended. I have only now started a new one since it is clear Twitter "security" has decided, in our opinion, to silence us for political reasons since the examples cited above in the blog are guilty of much worse than anything we ever did or said, and their accounts remain open. IMO the political prejudice at Twitter is glaringly obvious, and before we can get the bigger message out about Benghazi, it appears we're going to have to beat Twitter at this war first. So we are calling upon our friends in Congress, because it isn't just us - the outrages are reported by the thousands, and those outrages have to stop. Battles, both on the battlefield, sea, air - or political - are multifaceted and evolve. This is one such instance.

    2. The fact that Kathy and Proe can't even continue their work on Benghazi because the trolls follow them from format to format is pretty sick if you ask me. BTW, I always use my full name. Show some balls and quit hiding behind the anonymous comments.

    3. Anonymous on April 20 2014 at 4:53 am....In answer to your claim that this is just "fighting like little children": Now, I won't be as rude you you have been. What I will say is, "Adopt the practice of researching the topic before you comment the next time." I have lived through most of the attacks on the Tea Party Fire Ants so I can absolutely without question tell you that the attacks are REAL and this is not a case of immature squabling. We have been relentlessly attacked/harrassed/threatened by people who made the claim to be conservatives but, are not. They are obviously liberals who have wormed their way in to do as much damage as possible.


  6. To the person who says we mention Benghazi on this blog only once, there is much archived material that goes back to Nov 2011. You will notice the 3 letters from Congressman Frank Wolf posted in the article above, thanking us for our twitter campaign which, according to him, has been crucial in getting no less than a staggering 190 co-sponsors (3/4 of the entire House republicans) for his HRes36 for a Benghazi Select Committee. In my opinion, it is the fact of that success which has led, IMO, to Twitter suspending our accounts and letting antagonists post what they do for purely political purposes. It seems to us that the situation is all pretty obvious, now. But do know we remain focused on Benghazi, first. There are 30 (at least) missing survivor witnesses and they must be located to testify.

    1. You say you are using my Name, Photo & Modified (aka doctored) Tweets (all dates have been stripped) in accordance with the "Fair Use Act" (FUA) of...(?) you will need include a date. It has been revised many times as technology has progressed. I assume you did research on the FUA before you stated the Rights afforded to you under it. That said, you will need to provide us with NAME, ADDRESS and governing Board of Directors' of the Educational, non-profit entity under which these Rights are being exercised.

      There are a lot more laws protecting the abused (myself and others) than are afforded to the harassers and abusers (you, [Jack/Frank/Proe] & Kathy). To be on the "safe side," I respectfully suggest you honor the "CEASE & DESIST." If you require additional information, I you might turn to GOOGLE, Bing or your search engine of choice and include a PROPER CITATION to each and every Screen Shot you feel you have the "Right" to use. The citation should include: 1. The name of the original Tweeter; 2. The date it was written; 3. the word "Twitter," and 4. A working link to the original post. THAT is what YOU are REQUIRED to DO under the "Fair Use Act!"

      As an aside, I have a CA Non-Profit Private School, so I'm more than a little bit familiar with the Fair Use Act.

    2. That said, the Fair Use Act is for pictures that are at LEAST second generation. Your "POSTS" are FIRST generation making it possible to obtain permission to use them. You do NOT have MY PERMISSION to use ANYTHING with MY name, MY likeness or MY words, original or modified. So take them down, remove them, delete them IMMEDIATELY!
      Your cooperation is appreciated in advance,
      Kristen C Snow-White

    3. A. The screenshots of what you said were not doctored and 1,000's of people saw them on Twitter. B. Fair Use makes no demand for citations per quote or image or date. Please provide a reliable link on these issues you are citing as fact, but we know copyright and fair Use and no such demand exists. C. 1st and 2nd generation is absurd, and because they are screenshots of Twitter, they are already second generation, anyway. Your arguments re Fair Use are ridiculous, particularly since you and your ilk use screenshots "copyrighted" by the owners every day - we have screenshots of others tweets tweeted by you, for example. I will not debate the merits here any further and will delete any more distractions along these lines. I asked you to provide any information that was incorrect about you. If any exists in this blog, we will amend accordingly. But your demand to have images of Tweets made in public by you removed from this blog when you and your pals do the same every day is absurd and ridiculous. I will delete these portions of the thread, soon, because this is obviously an attempt to change the subject after people read the initial blog and that will not be permitted here. We know copyright law and the demands and allowances granted by the Fair Use Act. Your argument is ridiculous. That's the problem for you when it comes to the First Amendment, it seems to me: it isn't a one-way street. However, you are free to post links to legit sources which back up your claims. Like any corrections about information about you, You have not done that and so have not made a reasonable case. Any more such remarks will be deleted immediately.

    4. Oh, by the way, even if this were an education piece in a classroom, the fact of your name as the author on the screenshot and the knowledge that it was written on twitter is enough "citation". Ridiculous.

    5. Hahahaha! "Snow White" is saying she wants her tweet screenshots removed despite the fair use law, even though she uses other peoples screenshots on twitter, but at the same time she also wants a more official citation crediting her with authorship of the tweets she says she want removed! LOL! You can't make this stuff up! OMG!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  7. I am getting the feeling that people who posted the kinds of things shown in the screenshots by the hundreds and even thousands are no longer as proud and confident of their insults and threats against us as they once were before this blog cited them as examples of the issues described therein. We're finding this turn of events extremely telling. But let's not get off track. IN OUR OPINION EVERY READER HERE MUST CONTACT THE GOP HOUSE MEMBERS AND DEMAND A CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION OF HOW TWITTER ALLOWS FOR FREE SPEECH AND DOES OR DOES NOT PROTECT THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE ENGAGED THE SOCIAL PLATFORM THEY CREATED AND, IN OUR OPINION, ARE RESPONSIBLE.

  8. Someone posted that Stan was once a "good Tea Party Fire Ant". IMO, absolutely baloney. We was only part-time at best, left during the Fox News Boycott, then plainly tried to speak for the group when that same boycott got media coverage, quit again, came back again and quit. All groups wind up people who do those things. That, naturally, also does not explain or justify saying he never had Kathy's e-mail when he did or the fact that he somehow hacked in some way information of her current address which is not listed anywhere and then posted a map for anyone in the world to go there in, IMO, a plain and obvious attempt to utterly and maliciously terrorize her. Trust me - had he done that while being a TPFA, we would have disowned him on the spot, so it's just as well he quit voluntarily, though my feeling is his heart was never with the group, even from the start. Every group has the occasional person who does not fit in, and sometimes they grumble, but it seems to me that laws were broken when he posted a map to Kathy's home, the address for which is otherwise unlisted.

    Back to the point, in our opinion every reader must contact the GOP house and demand they begin a congressional investigation on how twitter handles the safety - and lack of same - of it's users

    1. Contacting the reps TPFA style.., otherwise there is no public pressure or what pressure there is jappens to just be too.weak to get anything done,

    2. You wanna know who's a good TPFA? An example? Kathy is the most obvious, and Faith In Actions is also an example of what a great Tea Party Fire Ant is! Stan made half efforts. And considering who I'm comparing him too, it would be very hard to prove otherwise.

      BUT considering who & what Stan turned out to be, well… it's impossible to compare him to people like Faith, etc! He was a fake to begin with!

  9. It is the job of Congress to listen to the people of the US. What we do via the TPFA method of putting public pressure on the Reps is NOT unsolicited AT ALL. If our job weren't to speak up & Congress' job wasn't to listen, THEN and ONLY then would it even be plausible to consider what we do as "unsolicited"


    Hey Twitter: True freedom for ALL means letting people you agree with AND people you don't agree with speak their mind!

    1. 5 significant truths in one quick comment! TY as usual, Janson!

  10. To all "pseudo Conservative" trolls: SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP. Payback is a Biotche. I have been viciously and completely unfairly attacked and frankly slandered by you ilk. I know who some of you are, know the UFO websites you post at while not surfing HillBuzz and what ever else it is you do on the "incognito" Chrome pages. You have been PEGGED here. Your tactics have been used against you. HOW DOES THAT FEEL? Well, guess what, I know how it feels, and frankly you DESERVE what you are getting right now. I will enjoy knowing how much sleep you are losing, how stressed out you feel, how you are snapping at your co-workers because you are running on cortisol and adrenaline. I know how helpless and ticked off you feel. Now its YOUR turn, and guess what? I AM SO GLAD you are getting what you gave.


    All are dishes best served cold, and boy is this plate just chillackin.

    Cheers to Proe, Kathy and everyone else responsible for this bit of Smackdown. I am so grateful that someone has finally nailed some of these whackjobs with their own tactics. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

    1. Thanks for the support and the great comment! Follow us on TWITTER(!) @T_P_Fire_Ants

    2. You bet Proe! Its been a while since I suffered at the hands of the Snow ilk. But I know exactly from first person experience what it is like to be targeted by them. That said, I achieved a very great deal in spite of them. I am so grateful to see some of them suffer the payback. I know I am legit, I know I am honest. Everyone who knows me knows that and a lot more. To be so solidly consistent over a lifetime, and yet be slandered, have my family slandered - well, to see some of that get thrown back at them legitimately is lovely. Keep on keepin on brother. To what ever extent I can, I got your 6.

  11. I love the stupidity of Snow White. FIrst of all, her understanding of the law is infantile. She doesn't use her real name, but somehow thinks she can issue a cease and desist order. She wouldn't dare review her true identity. She's all bark and no bite.
    She will be on the receiving end of legal action, not the other way around.

    Secondly, she doesn't get that her IP address is being captured and we know the comments she makes anonymously too. That includes the threatening ones. Somewhere along the way she picked up the notion that she can threaten people anonymously over the internet and get away with it. Many people sitting in jail right now made that same incorrect assumption. I want to see her face when the authorities knock on her door.

    1. Apparently the dear little booger eating troll doesn't know how blogs work....

      Yeah, Snow dear..... the owners of the blog can see your IP address when you post! They don't have to ask for it, you deliver it when you hit "POST". Yeah, like your beloved ObamaCare, you have no expectation of privacy, even when you use proxy servers and dummy accounts... it can all be traced. Want to know the kicker? It also shows your "arrived from" page, your "departed to" page, and of course a few other things that I will keep to myself, just to force you to figure it out, because I know that's how you paranoid freaks roll. Cheers!

    2. Only a true blue liberal can be this sick.

  12. You deleted the ORIGINAL! Did I strike a nerve?

    Bitter much? Wow... The hostility is palpable!

    It's very much a womans' words, but with enough vile snarkiness to have been polished up by a shunned "birther!"

    Why in the world would you make me look up the "Fair Use Act" crap again when it sounds like you have Chrome & "icognito" down pat! Although I've never purposely read anything on "HillBuzz" it's certainly not bookmarked! However, by the things that ARE bookmarked, even you would know that I'm Right of Rush!! And a "UFO website?" Please...what is THAT?

    Good to know you lost sleep though! Mission Accomplished! However none of you hold down a job outside of your home(s) 'Proe' and your car in sis's driveway Amidon. So snapping at "co-worker's" wasn't a problem for either of you! Wait, you sent Mark Gillar!! Almost forgot about that old fat dude!! "HE'S TOO FAMOUS TO HAVE TIME FOR YOU! SEE: HERE'S MY INTERVIEW WITH HIM (from 2 yrs ago on Free BlogRadio)! [whispers] But not SO FAMOUS that he ranks with O'Keefe AND A PHOTO WITH HIS BOOK on MY HOME PAGE!"

    Continue.. This is good stuff"

    1. LMAO.

      Birther? REALLY?? ROTFLMAO!

      Sorry, not sorry there sweetie pie... but I am thoroughly enjoying seeing some of you "pseudo Conservative" trolls Get back what you give.

      You might want to consider that letting Amadon know you have her under some twisted form of surveillance is stalking, something local police take rather seriously. Just a little FYI there.

      Birther... LOL

      ok, back to the serious stuff, I am seriously just so gratified to see I got under your skin. (whispers) So tell me, did you get sucked up by African Press International? Maybe Mountain Sage? No wait, it HAS to be Lame Cherry? LMAO... Let me see, what other read meat can I toss you.... Oh wait I know, What's your handle on Fogbow?

      Yes, I am enjoying your discomfort. I know your ilk, and it is a pleasure to see the tables turned so utterly against you, using your own tactics. So by all means, continue to drool on your keyboard. This is nothing but net!

      Sleep warm and fuzzy knowing this, the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have done unto you," isn't so much a rule of life, as it is a warning. You have a whole lotta karma coming you cheoote-eating-diet-coke-swigging-claim-to-be-employed-troll. I am enjoying it - sorry, not sorry.

    2. Old fat dude? Really? If that picture really is you Snow, I only have one question. How much do you charge to haunt a house? Good god you're ugly.

    3. LMAO. I have to remember that one... LOLZ

    4. Well, that comment is Snow Troll in action for everyone to see. I have watched her insulting comments month after month as she and her palls attacked Tea Party Fire Ant leaders Frank & Kathy day after day. She insults Kathy with her comments about employment all the while Snow's complete career for the last year seems to have been harassing/stalking Tea Party Fire Ant leaders. How she would have been able to hold a job after being on Twitter, spouting her venom, all night is beyond me. Oh, she has "scrubbed" her timeline in more recent days but, all anyone has to do is go back a couple of months to see it.

      At some point it became obvious the purpose of the harassment was to prevent Tea Party Fire Ants from tweeting congress with appeals for them to co-sponsor HRes 36 to set up a Select Committee to investigate Benghazi. Every night Snow & her palls would swoop down harassing, insulting or accusing TPFA of being "Spammers". They also targeted any of Twitter users who tried to join the Tea Party Fire Ants often harassing anyone who acted even friendly. (This has been reported by former TPFA members) All the while, Snow & her cohorts were insulting Frank & Kathy accusing them of not being concerned about Benghazi.

      Eventually TPFA was pared down to a handful of people. We would not have stayed together if it had not been for the tough leadership of Kathy Amidon & Frank M Davis Jr. Kathy & Frank were there 7 nights a week often for months on end. While praising them I, in no way minimize the role of the handful of people who have stayed with TPFA giving of themselves and their time. WHAT PATRIOTS!

      Thank-you Kathy for your tireless service to this country. As an American I appreciate your efforts to right so many wrongs. You have been willing to put yourself at risk for us.

      Thank-you Frank. I sincerely appreciate the amount of time & effort you put into researching/writing this blog. You did good my friend. Without your skill & talent in graphic advertisement our messages to congress wouldn't have been as powerful.

      Than-you Tea Party Fire Ants for you patriotism & dedication. I consider all of you my friends.


    5. Well, posting maps to Kathy's unlisted home and leaving alarming voice mails is a tad worse than insulting as a couple of attackers have done, and there has been clear defamation and attempts to silence the Tea Party Fire Ants at every turn - which why many people to which you allude understandably fled the terror and why we are exacting a pound of oversight flesh on this issue via Congress. What the attackers did was IMO by any definition true defamation and terrorism, not posting screenshots of what a person said, which is how the the people attacking TPFA describe it when applied to them.

      I did not know Snow White scrubbed her timeline to, one assumes, have a more innocent appearance and IMO that is clearly an example of a nervous and guilty mind - just as she wants this blog to scrub the screenshots of what she voluntarily said which is never going to happen - and we have HUNDREDS, many of which are much worse than what is posted here, from most of the people involved.

      The tide is turning on many levels though, and as you can see on Twitter, many old friends, seeing the attackers exposed and beaten back, are rejoining the Tea Party Fire Ants effort once again. The attackers dare not continue as they were with congress staring down, though twitter itself has A LOT of explaining for allowing those attacking accounts to continue un-suspended for so long and indeed, right up until today. And as we have been saying in recent days, there are many BIG surprises yet to come. Hopefully the attackers being beaten back will extend to freeing up many thousands of other strong conservative voices on Twitter, voices suspended or who fled, as the fact of this rally to congress to investigate Twitter starts making the rounds to an even larger audience. Make the rounds it will, too.... just in time for the November elections.

  13. Snow if you don't understand that anything you post on a forum like Twitter can be captured and used against you, you're even dumber than that fake picture makes you look. I can't understand why someone faking their identity wouldn't at least choose an attractive picture of a woman. Knowing how the most cherished liberal male fantasy is to be a woman, I doubt you are even a woman.

    I'm pretty sure if we contacted the Patent and Trademark office in D.C. we'd find that your TM isn't registered. I do get that legally it doesn't have to be, but you'd be facing one hell of a legal battle to prove it's really a trademark when you just stick that TM after what you think is a trademark. I doubt you'd actually come out of your coffin into the sunlight to initiate a court challenge anyway. The simple fact is that you and the other paid Obama trolls have stepped into some deep doo doo. The question is how much longer will you keep it up before you quit to cover your own ass? I also wonder why someone who has a non-profit school would know the first damned thing about the fair use act. Comes up a lot at your place does it?

    1. I think I love you Mark. :)

    2. Ouch Snarky-Marky! I have suffered hurt feelings with your harsh words!

      When someone starts using their hateful language, they have lost the debate... If there ever WAS a "debate!" It wasn't even a battle of wits, you aren't sufficiently armed! I am a little hurt that you think I'm ugly... However, if EVERYTHING was captured you would know from my daughter's birth cert that my maiden name was Snow and I married a guy named Dale White!

      And no, you caught me, I didn't register my name with the Patent and Trademark office in D.C. because well... It's my frikk'n NAME! It's on my CDL and SS card. But thanks for playing Snarky-Marky!

      Carry on...

    3. Wow, do you do ignorant for a living? Oh wait never mind, you have uncle Obama paying your internet. Sorry my bad.

      But then I do think it roundly hilarious that you don't know that blog owners can do all sorts of stats on those who visit their pages.... But you keep on keepin on. Watching you panic drool is vastly entertaining.

    4. If we're going to quote you, which we have every right to do, then we will use your name. Your complaints on this particular topic, Snow White, are ludicrous.

  14. Well Just so Snow White isn't successful in changing the subject, NOW is a good time to remind all readers to, in our opinion, CONTACT ALL GOP HOUSE REPS - MANY ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THIS AND SOME HAVE EXPRESSED REAL INTEREST - AND DEMAND A HOUSE INVESTIGATION OF TWITTER! THE TIME FOR ALLOWING THE LEFT TO WALK ALL OVER THE TEA PARTY IS OVER. We on the right have huge Congressional power over something like what is happening to people on Twitter. It's time we inspired the GOP House to use it. Trust me, many Reps are just waiting for the following excuse: "I work for the voters and they told me to." SO TELL THEM TO! THEY *WANT* YOU TO TELL THEM TO!

    1. Done and done! Furthermore, there needs to be a law passed regarding harassment on the internet. If these trolls said to a person's face what they do online... they would be sued - rightfully so - up one side and down another. What these people do is EVIL. They know the laws are far behind technology, and so they stalk, harass, slander, destroy reputations, lie, and otherwise destroy people for their own pleasure and political goals. It isn't right or moral. It is time for congress to wake up and do something about that. It's up to us to make sure they know they need to!

      Keep fighting, don't give up the ship!

    2. If these trolls did in person what they do online, they'd be in jail real quick. The kind of stuff they do & get away with is atrocious!!

    3. KEEP telling them they need to investigate Twitter. One is never enough. The people must DEMAND it to give congress the excuse it needs to act - and they will. Janson, I am most interested in congress investigating and smoking out whoever is enabling the troll accounts to continue operating while someone in Twitter is giving out private information to them. IMO THOSE people really do need to be in prison for a long time and hopefully they will be after this.

  15. You should start "Swarming" (aka SPAMMING) the Reps on Twitter about how they should investigate Twitter! Because YOUR Twitter SUSPENSION, in YOUR opinion, is AS IMPORTANT as investigating Benghazi! Nope, nothing wrong here!

    IMO/pinion 66 - Benghazi 14

    Keep on keepin' on!
    Isn't that a song?

    1. It is our job as citizens to speak up in a way that the Reps get the message & it is their job to listen. As such, it's not spamming to swarm them.

    2. Delbius Harvey aka Akision Shea, Twitter's 'security" head, even said when someone repeats a message of political importance over and over, that is not spamming. The Tea Party Fire Ants activities were/are always ever swarms. By Twitter's own rules from it's rules enforcer herself, we never spammed once. IMO what we are seeing is gross corruption via political motivation from inside Twitter. The trolls were even repeating and chiding lines of conversation in DM's (private twitter chat) between Kathy and myself. There is obviously an operative inside twitter causing grief and terror to innocent users at a whim with 250 million potential victims every day. CONGRESS HAS A DUTY TO INVESTIGATE BUSINESSES WHOSE WRONGDOING, PARTICULARLY, HAS A NATIONAL IMPACT. CONGRESS MUST INVESTIGATE TWITTER (and will)

    3. BYE, the Tea Party Fire Ants will NEVER give up. We just occasionally re-group and reorganize so as to come back stronger.

  16. Mark Edward Gillar - YOUR WORDS on Twitter (DM) - on or about 31 March 2014

    I'm a little disappointed that some of the OBOTs disguised at Tea Partiers are still attacking people I know to be true conservatives.

    It's also more than humorous that an idiot like snow thinks the real Jack Cashill would give them the time of day.

    Finally, I loved it when that CW clown said I was Cashill, Proe and Mark Gillar.

    I guess he still has no explanation for how I interviewed myself.

    The truth here is that no real conservative would go after Jack Cashill. Only an OBOT disguised as a Tea Partier would do that.

    You're either running with the wrong crowd or you're part of it.

    You're fake conservative friends should know that at some point misprision of treason and misprision of felony charges will be handed out.

    That's not a list anyone wants to be on. Nothing on the net is anonymous to law enforcement.

    At least three people threatening Arpaio online have been arrested from what I've been told.

    A little good info for your fake conservative friends who refuse to back off.

    Snow told Kathy that big brother was watching her. Big brother isn't the only one watching.

    Your friends are harassing Kathy Amidon. One Tweet really crossed the line. I've advised her to contact law enforcement

    1. @MarkGillar "This Pro guy accused me of taking credit for his artwork. I told him I was just trying to help. What an ass"

    2. So Tea Party Police man, why did you post anonymously here?

    3. OOOOoo @TeaPartyPolice..... BUSTED. LOLZ

  17. Got to love this snow white idiot. She puts TM behind her name and then tries to make me look silly for suggesting that she didn't register the trademark. "It's my frickk'n name!!!" Really, then why do you bother putting TM behind it? As for intellect, you and TPP and Clarence can all sit down beside me and take an IQ test. I'll even let you add your scores together. It won't help. I still beat you all. The simple fact is that you're a liberal troll. Your harassing phone calls to Kathy, your constant revealing of her personal information, as well as your not so subtle threats will soon land you in jail. The fact that you think anybody bought into that bullshit little personal history you tried to feed us is just further proof of your stupidity. You can reference a California school and your CDL all you want.

  18. As for my brief family fight with Proe, it was over quickly. Hardly justifies all the bullshit you and your liberal troll friends have thrown at Kathy and him. Just keep coming back to visit us here. We await your return with eager anticipation.

    1. I barely remember any "family fight" at all between us at all, Mark. Couldn't have been much. For the record we have has a link at of Mark Gillar's terrific Tea Party Power Hour radio show interview with several graphics experts about Obama's forged birth certificate and I want to repeat again that IMO it's by far the very the best media ever presented on the subject by anyone. Trolls attacking him are pretty pathetic and their obvious motivation for doing so - as liberal troublemakers - is IMO absolutely, 100% transparent..

  19. BTW, Am I the only one who noticed that Snow is such an idiot he/she thinks we were suppose to somehow be able to capture his/her daughter's birth certificate when he/she visits the blog. That is a special kind of stupid. For the record Snow, your attempt to throw us off isn't going to work. We know that's not your real name. We know you don't live in CA. We doubt that's your actual picture, but if it is you have our sympathy.

  20. Anybody think she bought it? LOL For the Record Snow, I too am soooooooooooo hurt that you think I'm old and fat. Oh, I'm soooooooooooooo hurt. Someone get me some comfort food so I can get fatter.

    1. Typical Communist tactics by the trolls, Mark: insult, demean, humiliate and terrorize when they can't win on the facts. IMO no one needs me to tell them that you're a smart, well-spoken conservative patriot who works his ass off for this country, your radio show is terrific - I listen often - and we're glad and proud you are helping to hold the conservative turf on this board. You have done a lot. I don't know what the opposition attacking us who claim to be conservative have done EXCEPT attack us. Their idea of accomplishment is how many followers they have on twitter, and those can be bought for, I think 10,000 for $79.99. I see no letters from congressmen or media coverage like we have. I don't see them being recognized for a great show or being privy to the very inside workings of Arpaio and Zullo's investigation - an incredibly rare place to be - like you have, among other things. The people attacking us over this issue and others are, however, IMO, defining themselves nicely for all the world to see. In that regard they are being helpful. A dangerous enemy is one who works by stealth, and stealthy they aren't.

    2. I'm wondering if that is the same snow white who seems to think anyone reading this blog gives a shit what her opinion is.

  21. Just to repeat, since trolls are out to distract as usual (so we spend our energy fighting them instead of Obama's agenda - they need to "protect him" - their words! and apparently clean the little Prince's diapers every time he poops himself)

    Staying on topic: IMO there is obviously at least one operative inside twitter causing grief and terror to innocent users at a whim with 250 million potential victims every day. CONGRESS HAS A DUTY TO INVESTIGATE BUSINESSES WHOSE WRONGDOING HAS A NATIONAL IMPACT. CONGRESS MUST INVESTIGATE TWITTER (and will). IMO CONTACT ALL GOP HOUSE CONGRESSMEN EVERY DAY AND SAY "YOU NEED TO HAVE A HOUSE INVESTIGATION OF TWITTER AND YOU NEED TO DO IT SOON! RIGHT AWAY! NOW!"

  22. Shut up Jack.

    Only an OBOT would suggest distracting Congress from investigating Benghazi to investigate Twitter. How does THAT fight o's agenda?

    Only a Libtard-Idiot would think offering Benghazi Bucks for another fake balloon launch is a good idea. You really are an ego-maniacal, self-absorbed asshole...And your little dogs too.

    1. You hoo! Are you scared? Are you AFRAID that the Fire Ants might actually achieve something WITHOUT YOU? LOL You pathetic little liberal... I would be willing to bet if you didn't have legs you would leave a trail like a slug. Actually I really don't want to know, that level of skank is really something I don't need to see first hand. That said, go hang out and cry on Fogbow. Ta ta~!

    2. Liberals are scared shitless! OMG! Proe, Kathy and the Tea Party Fire Ants are blowing a hole in every liberal stronghold there is. Media silence on Benghazi and O's Birth certificate. Demanding Fox News turn right and having a successful boycott about it. Exposing Twitter as a bunch of corrupt left-wing assholes! I love this! Woo Hoo! GO TEA PARTY FIRE ANTS! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I think @Furtive over at is @Delbius!

    1. I haven't seen that, myself, but we'll take a look. Delbius at least used to be a VERY hands-on-the-keyboard activist, luring presumed pedophiles into, initially, not arrest but internet humiliation (which people can cheer on the one hand, but is ALARMINGLY not how our criminal justice system works on the other and she and her pals have taken heat from legal experts who were not entertained by that stuff) and anyone that outside the loop and, IMO, horrendously and maliciously irresponsible, could be inclined to do, IMO, anything. You never know. The people who have posted all those things we document and hundreds like them still have their accounts happily active while their victims remain suspended - something only Delius and her small staff can arrange. Thanks for the tip. We'll check that out, Saska, my friend!

  24. Apparently the very people whose screenshots are featured as illustrations in the above blog article - the attackers of TPFA- as malicious conduct have themselves launched a website meant to confuse the Tea Party Fire Ants' hashtag for the unknowing called "True Patriots For America". We're getting communications like crazy that the website contains spyware meant to track you & get your personal info, Trojans and the like. We haven't tested it because we're not stupid - the actions documented above makes us confident that such cl;aims for their new website are accurate. therefore, beware "True Patriots for America . com". What else would you expect? one of the big players in that is Stan, who is proven via screenshots to have hacked Kathy Amidon's unlisted home address somehow (we believe Twitter admins had a hand in that by giving the trolls DM info we exchanged privately on Twitter) and posted a map to Kathy's residence on Twitter (see the screenshots, above). UMO, unless you want to risk the exact same thing happening to you, steer clear: tracking software is often not detected by virus scan and malware prevention apps. You have now been told. Don't say we knew and didn't warn you.

    1. BEWARE ""! Read immediately above and don't say we didn't warn you!


    Apparently the very people whose screenshots are featured as illustrations in the above blog article - the attackers of TPFA- as malicious conduct have themselves launched a website meant to confuse the Tea Party Fire Ants' hashtag for the unknowing called "True Patriots For America". We're getting communications like crazy that the website contains spyware meant to track you & get your personal info, Trojans and the like. We haven't tested it because we're not stupid - the actions documented above makes us confident that such cl;aims for their new website are accurate. therefore, beware "True Patriots for America . com". What else would you expect? one of the big players in that is Stan, who is proven via screenshots to have hacked Kathy Amidon's unlisted home address somehow (we believe Twitter admins had a hand in that by giving the trolls DM info we exchanged privately on Twitter) and posted a map to Kathy's residence on Twitter (see the screenshots, above). UMO, unless you want to risk the exact same thing happening to you, steer clear: tracking software is often not detected by virus scan and malware prevention apps. You have now been told. Don't say we knew and didn't warn you.

  26. Hey Snowie, Where's your troll buddies? Scared to speak up here for themselves? Why are you the only one that comments? Did you draw the short straw or is it because you've got the biggest mouth? Just curious Snow-ee because you know [whispers] investigators are watching you.

  27. Hey asshole! This blog is great but I got a virus warning from your stupid fucking TruePatriotsForAmerica site. You suck!!!!!!!!!!! The Tea Party fire Ants have done great things and all Stan Hjerleid did was hack kathy's personal info and then post a map to her home you fucking psycho. Anyone who would trust you assholes needs their head examined! Everyone would enjoy this site and run like hell from those "True Patriots" whose screenshots are posted on this blog. All those psychos did was slander, hack and threaten real patriots. True Patriots For America is like ACORN. Run like fucking hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes. This blog is great. But who would trust Stan, who hates it, for God's sake? Look are the pictures! That troll never denied he posted Kathy's address, he just changes the subject. Kathy, Proe, Gillar, Janson and the rest with this blog are great and the so called True Patriots For America trolls like Stan and Snow White are pretty terrible human beings. Just look at them.

    2. I would never trust going to a site that Snow White, Stan or Kate had anything to do with. No rocket science there.

    3. IMO Stan is a cruel person. He posted kathys address but changes the subject when that point is made. HE PUT HER AT RISK. If delbius gave a true crap about equality for ALL women, Stan would be permanently suspended like kathy and you were AND delbius would have reported him to the police. But delbius didnt, proving she doesnt believe in equality for ALL women.

  28. Snow White/other antagonists. I have deleted you insults. Understand, however, it takes you however long to post your rants and it takes me mere happy seconds to delete them. For all your effort basically what you are doing is proving the point of the blog article correct with your malicious insults and antagonizing and it's inconveniencing me not one bit. It's up to you, but that's all you're doing here.

  29. As the colorfully-voiced poster above points out, at least a few of the people covered in the article are proving the point of the way they behave with their comments on this board, which are like they are on Twitter: attempted to defame, demean and humiliate. Therefore, while all of you may by all means comment and we hope you do, for conversational sanity THE COMMENTS WILL NOW BE MODERATED. That means we have to okay them before they go up on the board. Hopefully this will not only rid this comment section of troll remarks, but will embolden nice people to post without fear of being attacked by the trolls. Thank you

    1. They get nasty on OUR page, the comments prove the point youre making here , but they continue anyway. OMG and IMO theyre nuts.


    BEWARE ""!

    Apparently some of the very same people whose screenshots are featured as illustrations of horrendous conduct - the malicious attackers of TPFA- have themselves launched a website meant to confuse the Tea Party Fire Ants' Twitter hashtag (#TPFA) for the unknowing called "True Patriots For America". We're getting communications like crazy that that website contains spyware meant to track you & get your personal info, Trojans and the like. We haven't tested it because we're not stupid - the actions documented in the article, here, makes us confident that such claims for their new website are accurate. Therefore, BEWARE "True Patriots for America . com". After all, really, what else would you expect? One of the big players in that new websiote appears top be Stan Hjerlied, who is proven via screenshots to have hacked Kathy Amidon's unlisted home address somehow (we believe Twitter admins had a hand in that by giving the trolls DM info we exchanged privately on Twitter) and posted a map to Kathy's UNLISTED residence on Twitter (see the screenshots, below). IMO, unless you want to risk the exact same thing happening to you, steer clear of tracking software is often not detected by virus scan and malware prevention apps. You have now been told. Don't say we didn't warn you.

  31. What initially attracted me to the group called the Tea Party Fire Ants was it's narrow focus. Every other group was all over the spectrum chasing first one issue then, the other. The Tea Party Fire Ants was focused on addressing the ROOT cause of Americas' problems. Acquiring that focus is directly due to the leadership of someone know on Twitter as @FrankMDavisJr. With his help we were able to stay focused on what was vitally important.

    By saying all that I certainly do not diminish the importance of Kathy Amidon, the small group of people who have faithfully stayed with the Fire Ants nor, the people who consistently offered us encouragement and support. They are all exceptional, not the norm, nor are they average by any means. Most of them I do not know personally yet, I consider them my friends. I am Faith In Action @WeHaveAlready.

    1. Thank you, Faith. That's very kind. Do know, though, that Kathy is great with people and if Kathy had not put her name and face out there to be the real human persona of TPFA, it would have gone nowhere. Considering how controversial the issues have decided to tackle are, it was as brave a thing as I have ever seen anyone do politically. We spoke at length about the horrendous possibilities inherent in taking that chance on social media, and she did it anyway, and she is no glory hound. She did it because with she in marketing and I in media we both knew that someone had to take that role to be credible with politicians and the like. We knew someone had to take that chance, though law enforcement recommends to always use an alias online. She volunteered. Presenting herself as the face of TPFA has proven to be a huge personal sacrifice endured because of the kinds of, IMO< malicious and horrendously poisonous monsters that this blog describes (a few of whom have tried to troll the comments here) . It was especially brave because she knew she was sticking her head into a potential grinder (though the extent no one could have imagined because most of us want to believe people are better than what we have seen with the trolls) and Kathy made that sacrifice anyway for America. TPFA would have gone nowhere without her. Indeed, it would have flown more with her and without me than the other way around. That's just the reality of it, though your kind words are appreciated.

      Regarding FMDjr you mention, it appears Twitter will never allow the @FrankMDavisJr account to return, alas, though that was a fun ride. Follow the new one, @T_P_Fire_Ants, instead. Same Tea Party Fire Ant leadership. I say that only because if anyone looks for the account name you mention, it will likely never be there. IMO Twitter is playing a very nasty game of 'silence the truth-sayers." But JKathy as @TPFA_KathyA is the one people should follow first, and people should thank her for what she has done and will continue to do, because TPFA is on the verge of explosive growth.

      BTW, you are no slouch either, Faith. With this blog post the trolls have clearly been knocked back lest any of them get their asses hauled in before a congressional committee where genuine, long-term trouble awaits people who behave as they have. While many old friends are coming back, it's a fact that for a couple of months some TPFA members were scared off by the horrible relentless threats and antagonizing of the trolls who have been, IMO, nothing less than monsters. The best of the best TPFA people hung in there to watch it all come back again from the inside. You're one of the few. That took guts and determination, Faith. Thank you

    2. Kathy is awesome, plain & simple. A truly hard worker & dedicated to saving America!!!

  32. The Breitbart Televised Event Patriots a rally 4 Freedom was Sabotaged by Battlefield America Groups. A team including several Tea Party Frauds were involved.

    Press and Announcements
    For Immediate Release

    Patriots Rally for Freedom, Inc.: We Soccer Moms, Blue Collar Workers, Small Business Owners and Retired Americans stand Shoulder to Shoulder, with the singular goal; Uniting Conservatives of all “Labels”. Truly an effort worthy of the “Battleground” groups opposition the Company encounters daily.

    What was not expected were the misrepresentations from “within”, costing both Charitable Organizations and company officers thousands in losses. The multiple attempts to settle corporate embezzlement privately, has been withdrawn, due to a variety of illegal events including abetting by guilty parties, and the continued grifting of other conservative organizations. Patriots Rally For Freedom, Inc. is now compelled to release the results of the investigation to set the record straight.

    Kate Beecham perpetrated Company Prohibited Behavior in Violation of Board Policy, by personal commitments. Refusal to follow Corporate policy in making personal commitments, as unknown to the Board of Patriots Rally For Freedom, Inc., Ms. Beecham and those abetting her, were not only violating Policy, but were able to manipulate Board votes, resulting in a exporentialy smaller Event, of which was only discovered a week before the Event.

    Concurrent with cession of contracts, and Ms Beecham’s sudden disappearance with Board Minutes and Company records, the Event faced a breech. Rather than default, Patriots Rally For Freedom, Inc. renegotiated all contracts, and personal promises Ms. Beecham never had intended to explain. Ms. Beecham would not respond to phone calls, texts, or emails to even apprise us of her status until after the Rally. Investigators find she did however, communicate with others during the lead up to the Event that week, Reporting of a sudden Cancer surgery. Patriots Rally For Freedom Board requested Medical confirmation of Ms. Beecham’s needs, Company minutes and documents as the law requires, as well as cessation of Rumor, by text, email and Registered letter. Ms. Beecham has since confirmed in writing that in fact some of these commitments are her personal responsibilities; But since, Ms. Beecham has continually refused contact of any kind, including certified mail. Our attempts to settle these commitments privately, within company parameters, have been met with illegal release of Company minutes, documents and rumor to third parties. Those “Battlefield” groups in Opposition to the Conservative Unity Movement, edited that information, then attempted both in social media and Internet Media circles, smear campaigns against Private Citizens, Rally Personnel and Conservative Organizations by representing themselves falsely as “Co-Founders”.

    Rising Above all this, Patriots Rally For Freedom, Inc. Board of Directors, have settled Ms. Beecham’s sizable Debts, Effected the parallel values of Red Nation Rising, begun the “Hand Off”, and will now continue to once again focus on the mission of The Conservative Unity Movement.

    We are humbled and thankful for the support by expert speakers who gave selflessly of their time at their own expense to share the message of unity, and to exhibitors, donors and volunteers who are dedicated to a Conservative Majority In Washington. Americans, we must continue to fight for our freedoms.

    1. For the record, we have no firsthand knowledge of what March Hare is reporting in his comments, but they are being allowed as they are on-topic and do not insult or defame this blog not the Tea party fire Ant members, and we believe in free speech though we take no responsibility for what he alleges.

      However, that said, I personally (in my opinion) believe what is being alleged. Besides having a gut-level ring of truth to the sound of it, we are only now discovering the breadth of left-wing infiltration into Tea Party groups and events to attempt to make TP events unsuccessful and to splinter TP groups apart. Indeed, a few of the trolls hounding us now were weak, part-time "participants" in Tea Party Fire Ant activities before having seeming epiphanies about how supposedly terrible TPFA is, backed up with the most heinous defamation and bags of lies anyone every heard of from "former members".

      Personally I find it entirely incredible that people could be this - let's use the word - "shitty", but for me one big wake-up call was in 2012 when many democrats registered as republicans for the singular purpose of screwing up GOP primaries in an attempt to put the weakest possible candidate against Obama so Obama would win. There is no speculation about democrats doing that - they were covered by local news all over the country. The mindset between hard left liberals and Tea Party conservatives could not be more different. I am sure that it would never occur to most conservatives to do that kind of thing to the democrats. The problem is if conservatives to not counter these efforts in SOME way besides patriotic grandstanding, the liberals will win. They will simply "out-nasty" us. Unfortunately, as communism, Nazis and sharia law among many other examples illustrate, nasty often wins in the world and the people who were polite often regret their quiet good manners.

      Contact your congressman - or all of them - and tell them that you, in your opinion, demand Congress immediately have open congressional hearings into Twitter 'security" for the sake of the health of the country. We'll never out-nasty liberals - it's simply not in our blood - but we don't have to take this kind of incredibly malicious bullshit lying down, either.

    2. You wrote:

      "Personally I find it entirely incredible that people could be this - let's use the word - "shitty", but for me one big wake-up call was in 2012 when many democrats registered as republicans for the singular purpose of screwing up GOP primaries in an attempt to put the weakest possible candidate against Obama so Obama would win."

      "The time to start thinking about the next election is now. It doesn't matter whether the vote is next month or next year. Whether the vote is a year away or four, start preparing now, because the Democrats already are."

      -David Horowitz, from his book "How to Beat the Democrats and Other Subversive Ideas"

    3. Horowitz has it EXACTLY right, but he doesn't go far enough. I would add, ...."because the Democrats already are, and conservatives need to work up counter attacks to the most heinous possible approaches by the democrats, because when it comes to the far left, they will always manage to outpace your very worst nightmare when it comes to being sadistic and malicious players."