Sunday, June 21, 2015

TO CONGRESS: The Time Has Come: IMPEACH OBAMA NOW or you will never be rid of his destructive activism.

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JUST A SHORT MENTION: We hope that our courageous elected individuals in congress are not such confused, white-bread, unpopular-in-high-school nerds that they don't know how to impeach a half-black President who has committed obvious multiple impeachable offenses even liberals agree are impeachable offenses. If that's the case, we will explain to you how you impeach a Black President: the same way you impeach a White President. If you disagree, you have no place in our Congress. Resign.

EDIT: 6/25/2015: This has gotten long and detailed, indeed, below, so for those with limited time, here's a short list of definite offenses for which President can and must be impeached and removed, with all required qualifying Links in red (secondary qualifier links in Orange) followed by the reasons why President Obama's Impeachment is now a must for the continuation of the US as we have always known it (that's no exaggeration. Read on.)

Re Benghazi at least, Violation of

Note that when regarding terrorism, specifically, the prison term jumps from 5 to 8 years. This is a severe criminal act that far exceeds perjury as defined by
18 U.S. Code § 1623 - False declarations before grand jury or court.
for which Democrat President Bill Clinton was impeached which carries a maximum prison term of only 5 years.

Re Immigration Law (even the liberal NY Times has admitted that Obama has committed an impeachable offense on Immigration) and ObamaCare, Violation of 
U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 3
which states that the President shall faithfully execute all laws of the U.S. 

Re Killing US Citizens with Drones without due process is, according to many lawyers on the left and right, an act of murder, as well as a Violation (in Preamble, Chapter 1) of the

United Nations Charter

Re secretly Seizing Telephone records of the Associated Press and Fox News, clear violation of the 

Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

Re Targeting Tea Party groups via the IRS, Obama, apparently complicit in a cover-up according to a House Investigative report, is in violation of the

Hatch Political Activity Act
which imposes limitations on government workers in their ability to influence elections and if violated, removed from their position. 

(Sorry to have to say it, but) Re Obama's now-proven forged birth certificate -  everyone now knows it - including expert Joseph Newcomer whose analysis of the Bush National Guard "Killian" forgeries got Dan Rather fired as anchor of CBS Nightly news ) is a Violation of 

10 U.S. Code § 923 - Art. 123. Forgery

Honorable mention: Re appointing high-level cabinet members without congressional approval may or may not rise to the level of an Impeachable Offense.



EDIT, 5:53 PM EST, 6/23/2015: ADDENDUM RE TWITTER CENSORSHIP of this Impeach Obama memo

We are seeing astounding censorship of links to this BT memo at Twitter, now.

Here's how it obviously works: Twitter's pretty obvious censorship team is, IMO, apparently coordinated by Perverted Justice "Leader" Miss Del Harvey (incredibly, hired by Twitter to run their 'safety department"  !!!). IMO it seems as though once Twitter admins identify a strong conservative voice on Twitter, Twitter admins, doing what we assume only what Twitter admins can do, brazenly deletes retweets off people's walls in real time. We have seen this before and it was more or less confirmed by celebrities who retweeted me and I saw it, but the retweets vanished instantly and the celebs claimed not to have deleted them. The celebs then retweeted them without incident.

Check your own Tweets with dummy accounts run through proxies so Twitter doesn't know it's you and you may very well see censorship of your primary account if you are a conservative. IMO Twitter's administrators are now nothing more or less than social media Nazis.


A numbered and realistic list of the impeachable offenses, in detail, committed by Obama follows the analysis. There are not many truly impeachable offenses, but they are solid and very severe.

Please note as always we prove the facts here with links to respected mainstream sources or undeniable manifest evidence, highlighted in orange.

To begin with, impeaching Obama is something some liberal democrats have suggested, so this is can be framed as a bipartisan issue. That removes 90% of the political uncertainty. As long as the GOP congress keeps quoting those liberal democrats and calls it a bipartisan desire to have Obama impeached and removed to keep solid the rule of law, the media is helpless to credibly defend Obama against impeachment.

For all the pain and disaster Obama has leveled on this nation, this blog has never demanded that the Congress go through the inconvenience of impeaching and removing Obama from office. We do so now in the strongest terms, because regardless of the myriad of legal justifications for doing so anyway, a primary reason has only recently occurred to us: GOP congress, if you do not impeach Obama now, you'll never be rid of him. He will spend the rest of his life trying to politically ruin you and turn the youth of this country against their own nation.

This has gotten serious, now. As Obama's personal history is evermore revealed (I don't mean conspiracy theories, I mean quantifiable, undeniable facts) and it merges with his Presidential actions, the content of Obama's character comes into focus: he is a nasty, intentionally  destructive  communist agitator. 

If un-impeached, Obama will not go quietly into the night, write books and play the role of Elder Statesmen as is expected of Presidents. He is young and obviously enjoys being destructive regardless of human life and it is now plain that he will work to ruin all he can in this nation, including working to undermine the GOP Congress and GOP Presidents, their work and their re-election prospects for the rest of his life. It seems that he can't help himself. It now appears it's in his blood. Literally.

Of gigantic historical significance is the fact that a 1995 video (Link) has been unearthed in which Obama admits from his own mouth  that his mentor "Poet Frank" from his autobiography was indeed FBI-watched communist agitator Frank Marshal Davis - horribly, a close friend of Obama's parents and grandparents by Obama's own admission - a man who had a 600-page FBI file on him because of his anti-American actions; whose poems are sometimes racist-filled rants and other times love letters to the sadistic and murderous soviet army. This is the man who more than any other - more than Ayres or Wright and ten times worse than both rolled together, no joke - instilled Obama with the social and political values he holds close.

It seems that Obama's mentor was so alarmingly unhinged that according to his apparently also-radical friend Kathryn Waddwll Takara, the anti-Christian Davis authored a poem called "Christ Is A Dixie Nigger". Why didn't Barack Obama tell us about that when he ran for office? Because he knew he could not be elected dog catcher if American knew the truth about him. 

Davis is the man who Obama admitted was his mentor for 8 years and the degree to which Davis directly influenced Obama appears obvious in Obama's current actions as President. For example, Davis wrote that the only people Winston Churchill cared about were the whites of the British Empire, and as we all know, Obama, otherwise inexplicably as President, insulted the British crown by sending back a gift from them in the form of a bust of Winston Churchill (in typical Obama form, initially Obama's people lied about returning it until they were caught).  

It's becoming clear we basically have a younger, second-hand but just as intense version of Frank Marshall Davis, Obama's anti-Christian, Stalin-loving communist mentor, as President. That is extremely dangerous to this nation, and seems to explain many of Obama's impeachable offenses. It also may explain what happened to the still-missing 30 Benghazi survivor witnesses whose testimony could bring down Obama's presidency. 

Additional evidence that Obama was intimately connected to Davis can be found at the bottom of this blog memo.**

This is very bad news. 

The picture of the real Barack Obama emerges very clearly, now, and it's worse than anyone has ever guessed: Young Barack of the broken home was raised by communists. Brainwashed by communists. Did their bidding. Was shuttled by his grandparents a few days a week from the age of 10 to 18 to the home of one of America's most notorious America-hating communists. This is not theory. We now know it to be fact. Believes in their cause. Behaves - manifestly, mind you, categorically - in the mindset of the man who schooled him for 8 years, Frank Marshall Davis. Coupled with sitting in Wright's church of hate for 20 years, it is obvious that Barack embraced Davis' teachings of how to hate whites, traditional America, how to overthrow America (an apparent aim of Davis).Davis and presumably Obama's parents and grandparents, and likely Obama himself thought (and think) that soviet-style communism as practiced by the 40-million murderer Joseph Stalin was a good thing. 

The world has been conned. Worse than that, the con man is ruining this country while a timid and confused GOP congress sits with its collective thumb up its ass, making up rationalizations for not impeaching Obama because they plainly don't know how to do their jobs. 

All about Obama that is true but previously hidden and only suspected and rumored about is obvious, now, and it all falls into very deep focus: from Obama refusing to salute the American flag (video) in a truly brazen act of contempt for this country to giving up our ability to protect ourselves in space, which he has handed to Russia's former KGB Officer Putin. From allowing Ambassador Stevens to perish horribly to his complete disregard to the workings and restrictions placed upon him by the United States Constitution. And unless Congress impeaches him and shocks the nation with the depth and depravity of Obama's gross list of impeachable offenses by exposing them in public hearings which the media cannot silence, Obama, the still-young man, will be a non-stop destructive actor on the world stage, doing everything he can to ruin Republican Presidents and Congressmen for the rest of his life. 

It's obvious, now, with the release of the 1995 video: Obama is a destructive communist agitator and a believer. We'll never be rid of him unless you put a stop to his political authority now with impeachment and removal, something, once again, even some liberal democrats have suggested. 

Here is the admittedly short list we feel is solid regarding impeachment.

To our pals on the right, don't attack this blog for leaving out your favorite Obama impeachable offense. This short list is horrendous enough to send any President and his official oil portrait to political purgatory. Let's stay focused on facts and only facts. 

1. Gross Illegal Violation of the War Powers Act.

Obama militarily intervened in Libya in 2011 without the Congressional approval required by the War Powers Act. Legal experts seem to agree that this is the strongest case for easy impeachment and removal, and there is no obligation on the part of congress to act at the time of the transgression on the issue. Congress can, and should, simply say, in so many words, "We tried to be extra nice to our first half-black president, but he's been such a lawbreaking bastard to everyone on the face of the planet hat we can't do it in good conscience anymore and neither do many liberal democrats" and impeach and remove him.  

Boehner, wipe the tears of love from your eyes and get on the stick or get out of the way. And if Boehner won't, the rest of you Congressional GOP must move the Tearful Tyrant out of the way and do it yourselves.

Removing Boehner as Speaker is a good idea regardless. Boehner should not be playing golf with the executive whom Boehner has a duty to hold accountable. The appearance of personal conflict of interest is enough to have seen Boehner gone as Speaker of the House years ago.

Even Congressman Dennis Kucinich, the seven-term liberal Democrat from Ohio said Obama committed an "impeachable offense" in the matter of Lybia. When even ultra-liberal Kucinich says a liberal must go, that liberal must go. Quote Kucinich and other liberals on this issue on TV and do it loudly. Remember, impeaching and removing Obama from office is a bipartisan desire.

2. Killing US Citizens With Drones and Without Due Process.

Obama violated the U.S. Constitution by authorizing drone strikes to kill American citizens abroad without due process.   In the opinion of most lawyers,  republican and democrat alike, under US law, what Obama did was to commit nothing less than repeated acts of cold-blooded murder of  United States citizens.  Yes, they were very, very bad people who were killed. OK. We get that. But the US does not kill its own citizens it believes to be criminals who are not shooting at officers sent to arrest them without due process. By every legal definition this country has to offer, to do otherwise is called murder

Right-leaning lawyer Bruce Fein, who was a top Justice Department official under the Reagan administration, said on this issue of drones killing US citizens, even citizens suspected of being terrorists, "That’s what we read about in the Soviet Union under Stalin and Khrushchev and Brezhnev. That’s what we read about in China under Mao. Is that what we want to be?”

Worse, Obama's administration has said that they could use drones to kill US citizens on US soil. Basically, in truth, they advocated wholesale murder at the discretion of a coke-snorting, America-hating communist punk who conned his way into the White House.

On the other side, for bipartisanship, far-left ACLU also strongly objected, saying "Obama basically believes he can be judge, jury and executioner." Indeed, the liberal ACLU sued the Obama Administration for information about the killings. From Mother Jones to the Huffington Post, hard-core liberals have severely condemned Obama on this issue.

A 2013 Gallup poll showed American citizens, unsurprisingly, opposed Obama using drone strikes to kill Americans. Once presented with the idea of doing so on US soil, only 13% supported the idea, so Congress is on extraordinarily safe political ground impeaching Obama on this offense. 

3. Intentional Refusal To Enforce Federal Immigration Laws. 

Even the very liberal NY Times Op-Ed on this agrees that Obama can be impeached on this issue alone, though, you know, laughingly they don't necessarily recommend the idea based on opinions which unsurprisingly have nothing to do with the law. 

Obama's motivation, being a communist political animal, is obviously to get more democrat voters into the US than GOP. 

If you are unfamiliar with this story, basically Obama has said, in effect, "I will not obey immigration law and I will simply do whatever I want on this issue." Presidents can't do that. Big time no-no. Obama needs a time out without his blankey, via impeachment. 

Basically the President signs the laws Congress writes or the President does not sign the laws Congress writes. That's all he gets to do when it comes to legislation. He doesn't get to make up his own laws that suit him, which Obama has so acted to do repeatedly, and each one of those instances is an impeachable offense, some worthy of removal from office. It's time congress made it happen.

4. Benghazi - Obstruction of Justice

This one is personal with us. Obama neglected his most basic duty to protect an Ambassador from harm when warning signs were positively everywhere. Gross incompetence is the very least he could and should be charged with on this matter.

For liberals, know that murdered Ambassador Stevens was a liberal democrat who loved and supported Obama and Hillary Clinton, who then ignored liberal Stevens' cries for help and let him die horribly. Please know that using Stevens and Benghazi as a model, Obama and Clinton would do the same to you. The GOP, when impeaching and removing Barack Obama from the Presidency, must repeat this point that Obama would trap, abandon and similarly allow to die any other liberal, too, as he did to liberal Stevens, unless people have a reason to believe he had something specifically against Stevens. The GOP must make this point at every public appearance on the subject, in every speech and on every television interview. It's the GOP's sure-fire way to deflect left-wing media attack when it comes to the Benghazi issue relating to impeachment. This is guaranteed.

Additionally, by fighting to keep hidden from congress the names of the Benghazi survivor witnesses Obama is clearly engaged in obstruction of justice per 18 U.S. Code § 1505 - Obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies, and committees.  Not about a silly Watergate political burglary, but about the murder of a US Ambassador and his aides, which can be laid at Obama's Office door. 

Also, by lying to the American people about the cause of the Benghazi attacks, that, too, is obstruction of justice: after all, Obama basically came to the defense of the murderers by suggesting they were otherwise good people who were 'enraged" by a cheap and ineffective video out of millions. 

This makes Watergate and Bill Clinton's dalliance perjuries look like a picnic. The Obama Administration as become a destructive living nightmare.

BY THE WAY, THE SECRETARY OF STATE CAN BE IMPEACHED FOR LYING ABOUT BENGHAZI EVEN AFTER SHE HAS LEFT OFFICE AS THE SECRETARY OF STATE. ENTIRELY LEGAL AND PROHIBITS THAT SECRETARY STATE FROM SERVING AS A FUTURE PRESIDENT. IN THIS CASE, HILLARY CLINTON. Want to end Hillary Clinton's Presidential run? Impeach her as secretary of state as part of the Benghazi Select Committee actions. Bam. No more Hillary for President. As easy as that. Over and deservedly so. The United States simply cannot have that avaricious, lying harpy getting to within a hundred miles of being the chief executive in the same office - how she could be so pathologically detached about the issue is alarming in itself - where her own cheating, lying, perjury-guilty and impeached husband was getting bl*w jobs from some kid he apparently conned for sex and then whose name he dragged through the mud to try to save his own political ass when he got caught. This is America. We need to maintain some absolutely basic standards.

The Benghazi dead will roll in their graves if Hillary Clinton is allowed to run for President.

5. IRS Targeting Conservative Republicans

A House Investigation shows that probable cause exists that Obama was directly involved in the IRS illegal targeting conservative businesses.This alone is worthy of impeachment on a myriad of different levels, all serious. 

A congressional investigation reported that,

“The pressure to ‘fix the problem,’ (of Conservative Tea Party group ascendancy) as articulated by Lois Lerner, originated with President Obama and senior party leadership..... For twenty-several months, from February 2010 until May 2012, the Internal Revenue Service systematically targeted conservative tax-exempt applicants for additional scrutiny and delay.” 

That is not cute and it is not "politics". That is extremely serious criminal conduct carried out on a massive scale against the American people by their own government. 

The report also stated that Obama was involved the the secondary - and potentially more serious -  crime of covering up the initial IRS series of crimes. Pardon my French, but let's keep this real: Obama is a nasty, lawbreaking, son-of-a-bitch wise guy punk and if he retires as a 'popular president" politically unscathed, he will be working behind the scenes, in front of the camera, as well as lecturing to endless impressionable university students, the endless community organizer - Frank  Marshall Davis reborn - in this nation for the rest of his life to cause exactly this same kind of lawless destruction. We'll never be rid of his destructive influence. His entire personal history points to that obvious and horrendous conclusion. And Congress will have committed a breach of its own responsibilities by not impeaching Obama over these entirely impeachable offenses and thus allowing Obama to hurt this nation for the rest of his life.

5. Obamacare

How impeachable art thou? Let me count the ways. Obama extended, changed and modified provisions in Obamacare, each time ignoring the required congressional approval to do so. Every time he did one of those things, he committed an impeachable offense.

Obamacare was sold as a lie, and as readers know, this blog's  opinion is that Obamacare's true purpose had nothing to do with health care. As Rep Gohmert discovered, Obamacare enrollment attempts to squeeze from the applicant that person's political party affiliation. We believe Obamacare's sole purpose was nothing more or less than a monstrous gimmick, run by the Obama-controlled IRS, to deny life-saving measures to applicants with an R beside their name and approve it to those with a D beside their name, and in so doing, tip the voting balance of power forever to the liberal democrats, because the older GOP voters would have died from 'natural causes" while the older democrat voters would be saved. Mining for applicant's political affiliation makes it clear that Obamacare was nothing more than a political numbers game that only the devil could love. 

Too horrible to be realistically possible? That is always the mistake well-meaning people make which opens the door for evil to thrive. 

The Russian people by and large have always been good, honest people with a long and productive history. Just the same, Russia's Communist Leader Joseph Stalin, whom Frank Marshall Davis is said by friends to have adored, murdered 40 million of his own people, ordering two at a time to be shot simultaneously through the head to save ammunition, while the victims were often ordered to kneel on the edge of positively gigantic mass graves off in the country, looking into thousands of dead bodies, knowing they would, themselves be murdered and added to the slaughter, into which they toppled after being shot to save on burial costs less than 70 years ago,  and most people in Russia did not know Stalin was a psychopathic mass murderer until it was too late. Indeed, these facts were stricken from the Russian history books until Gorbachev came along. Stalin is a man Obama's mentor and/or father Frank Marshall Davis admired. That appears to be absolute historic fact, not hypothesis. And in his book, Barack Obama muses how he would often stop when a decision had to be made, imagine Davis visually, and think to himself, "What would Frank do?" 

We have a real problem in the White House folks - a big, big problem - and if the GOP does not impeach and remove him in a wave of scandal which shocks and horrifies this nation, Obama will plague this nation and its good people with his evil dirty work like the devil himself for the rest of his life - and ours.

On the bipartisan aspect of impeachment as it relates to Obamacare, as we all know, many, many liberals have turned on Obamacare, too, and this and this and this are just the tiniest sampling of that fact.

6. Intimidation Of the Press

Obama apparently unlawfully seized telephone records of 20 telephone lines used by more than 100 Associated Press reporters and editors to basically spy on their reporting. Where does this story come from? The Associated Press itself which called it a "massive and unprecedented intrusion".

Liberals join conservatives in hating this one, too. Liberal Democrat Patrick Leahey said, "I am very troubled by these allegations and want to hear the government's explanation. The burden is always on the government when they go after private information... I am concerned that the government may not have met that burden."

The eventual explanation was so legally weak that it has been condemned by left and right lawyers.

Likewise, Representative Zoe Lofgren, a California Democrat, said it was clear to her that the Justice Department impaired the First Amendment right to free speech.

The always far-left ACLU said "The attorney general must explain the Justice Department's actions to the public so that we can make sure this kind of press intimidation does not happen again." 

Even Worse, Obama went after Fox News phone records also and "labeled one (Fox) correspondent a criminal "co-conspirator" in its successful effort to seize his personal emails."  The Fox reporter was not in any way engaged in any wrongdoing. The term "criminal co-conspirator" appears to have been Obamaspeak for political adversary - of a news reporter not towing the Obama line. Very Joseph Stalin of Obama. Just exactly what you would expect from the protege of Frank  Marshall Davis.

Like all that is bad and Obama, we still don't know the full truth on all of this, and as usual, GOP Speaker Boehner has let these problems vanish away like a wisp of fog in the night, and that attitude, too, needs to be corrected by Congress.

Lawyers agree that these acts were very clear breaches of the Forth Amendment seemingly in an effort to control the First Amendment. When the President does that intentionally, it's an impeachable offense.

7. Obama's Proven Criminal Forgery

Whether you want to deal with it or not, the famous and beloved "America's Sheriff", with 30 years of federal law enforcement,  a constituency of 5 million people for 20 years, responding to a request from his constituents, using the best from his team of 3,500 law enforcement people, investigated Obama's posted birth certificate and Arpiao and his team found it to be a pathetic criminal forgery. Posting that forgery on a government website is a serious felony.  

Sorry to "go birther" on you in this memo, but with the revelation that Davis was indeed "Poet Frank", we're guessing that the forgery - Stop! Yes it is a forgery, stop pretending that it isn't, every analysis by conservatives and liberals alike agree on that - was to cover up the actual birth certificate which we are now convinced will show Davis to be Barack Obama's actual biological father. It's the only thing that makes sense: why else would Obama's grandparents shuttle 10-year-old Barack over to that apparently nearly-destitute, notorious, old anti-American racist, who was well-known as a communist agitator, who drank whiskey out of an emptied jelly jar, took pictures of naked women and read poetry to Barack so vile as to be, IMO, truly grotesquely sick, and leave Barack with that man all day, over and over and over, year after year until Barack was old enough to drive himself? That kind of shuttling is what grandparents do with their kids when the person they shuttle the kid to is a parent, not a 'friend of the family" unless, IMO, Obama's larger family was more screwed-up than anyone can possibly imagine. And apparently Barack simply soaked in the atmosphere and lessons from "Poet Frank" like a sponge - this, by his own admission.

Obama obviously lied on every form about not just what he wanted to do, but even who his birth parents were. If lying on any such form precludes him from continuing to be President - boot, out he must go if we are a nation in which our lawmakers themselves follow the law. 

Time to grow a little common-sense courage and get on the stick on the birth certificate forgery and ignore the media trying to mock the issue into non-existence. Without impeachment, Obama will retire empowered for the rest of his life to ruin your lives. Rely on it. And lying to the  American people about his birth certificate - Donald Trump showed the issue will be embraced by the right spokesperson (he was number one in the polls for Presidential possibilities before he ever ran back in 2012) - is the kind of gross shock that will turn the country against Obama and embrace impeachment and removal. Nobody likes a smartass. Especially one who has ruined both their healthcare and their employment prospects.

Honorable Mention: 

President Obama has appointed numerous people to cabinet level positions without the consent of the U.S. Senate, as is required by the Constitution. There is debate as to whether this rises to High Crimes and Misdemeanors. However, it is a violation of the law to skip congressional approval if those people are paid by taxpayer money, and they are, and a few of these appointments were struck down by the court.

We ask every one of you reading this to immediately publicly tweet in discussion threads all the members of the GOP House and Senate and give them this blog and message:

If you are gentlemanly to Obama and ignore your obligations to impeach him on these matters while Obama is laughing at you behind your backs, he will repay your kindness by spending the rest of his life - and yours - 30 or 40 years, trying to ruin your careers and election prospects as the grand old man of the democrat party and you know he'll be a nasty wise guy about it and ruin many if not all of you however possible in time. 

You have never read this blog communicate like this before. But we have not been entirely convinced of all of this until now.

If you don't impeach Obama now, you are going to have two sets of enemies fighting your re-elections at every turn for the rest of your lives: Obama and the kids he will be organizing and leading against you, and the right activists hating you for the rest of your lives for allowing Obama to do it. Under those circumstances, I would say your prospects for happy and comfortable careers are not good.

There are rumors that Obama has been blackmailing and threatening members of Congress to avoid impeachment. If this is true, then, if legal, they should throw it right back at Obama and say,"We are going to impeach and remove you in a wave of scandal to stop your influence. If you blackmail us, we will send you to prison for the rest of your life, as well."

Do it for the country.

Do it for your kids and grandchildren.

Do it for yourselves.

Whether biological or by political proxy, Obama as President is essentially the son of Frank Marshall Davis and he must not be allowed to walk away unscathed from his impeachable offenses. This is now a critical necessity for the continuation of this country as we have always known it. Otherwise Frank Marshall Davis reborn will be working his evil magic on this nation for the rest of his life. The GOP House and Senate has no right to subject this nation to that kind of future.

The time has come.


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** ADDITIONAL shocking evidence of the Obama/Davis connection: 

Worse yet, the recently found 1995 video, which proves from Obama himself that he was in direct intimate personal contact with Davis almost daily from ages 10 to 18, arranged by his mother and grandparents, provides the last apparent connecting puzzle piece for our FBI-style, morphing graphic analysis which basically proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Barack Obama is the biological son of Frank Marshall Davis: we found that by carefully morph/mixing - in a straightforward, 100% entirely scientifically unbiased way which we show you how do yourselves - a formal photo portrait of Obama's mother with a formal photo portrait of Frank Marshall Davis, you inadvertently - indeed, cannot do anything but -   create an identical facial duplicate of President Barack Obama virtually exactly - a trillion-to-one impossibility unless Davis is Barack Obama's actual biological father. (A mix of Obama's mother and Barack's supposed father Obama Sr produces a stranger no one has ever seen before).

This explains why it was so important for Obama's grandparents to ensure that young Barack Obama saw Davis all the time from ages 10 to 18 years as described in Obama's own biography. IMO and that of many others, Davis is obviously Barack Obama's biological father, and the virtually  conclusive circumstantial evidence exists on many levels, in many directions. That probably also explains, additionally, still, why a very young Obama wrote not one but two autobiographies. It wasn't an ego-driven hyperventilating need to write about himself which prompted him to write two published autobiographies before he had accomplished anything - it was that Obama was plainly nervous about putting to rest questions -lying, if you will - about his past before such questions were asked. 

All this is very bad news.

Additional circumstantial evidence everyone knows is that amateur nude photos of Obama's mother were apparently discovered among the late Davis' possessions, and, coincidence or not, the woman in the sado-masochistic and lesbian-themed adult magazines also apparently in Davis' possession is absolutely a dead-ringer for Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama's late mother. Not as damning as the photo morph analysis, but additional strong circumstantial evidence. Davis did not just have the magazines, he had the prints and negatives which he apparently took himself (an admitted amateur photographer) that appeared in the magazines.

Obstruction Of Justice; killing US citizens without due process; committing wartime actions without approval of Congress; intimidating and spying on the press; changing laws illegally at a whim; posting a forgery about himself; illegally weaponizing the IRS for political gain; appointing cabinet members without congressional approval; obviously lying about his past on legal documents. It's almost too much to absorb.

It's pretty plain. Obama has lied to the world about everything in order to gain the power he craves to hurt the nation he hates: America. And if the GOP congress allows him to retire as an unimpeached president, you can forget about this nation's future for good.