Saturday, January 3, 2015

OPEN LETTER TO THE 2015 U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: John Boehner Must Not Be Speaker Again

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the 2015 House of Representatives,

To all of you, we need to be blunt up-front to get your attention: 

We promise every one of you this: If Boehner is re-instated as Speaker, whoever votes for Boehner, or we suspect has voted for Boehner as the House Speaker on January 6, 2015, will instantly buy for themselves a relentless  two-year campaign by us, targeted at your constituents, to have you removed in the next election cycle primary. Period.

Most of you know who we are and what we have accomplished and know that's no hollow promise. If you think you know and can work media and social media better than we do, may I remind you that we - as a group firmly ensconced on the political right - are the only group, organization or any kind of collective that has successfully boycotted Fox News - in our case demanding they move back to the right - and by successful I mean Fox ratings dropped on-average for months an astounding 22% due directly to our boycott and the ratings numbers proved it. Almost two years later Fox is still down compared to the months leading up to the boycott.  On the first night of the boycott Hannity fell an unbelievable 29% as opposed to months of continuous previous ratings right up to the night before. How would you like to lose that percentage of your voters in the next election cycle primary? That is not hyperbole or opinion, that's television history fact, under-reported though it may be, despite the very large degree of coverage we got from Newsweek, The New York Daily News, The Huffington Post and others. Unless you are better than we are at media, we suggest you listen up.

Media/campaigning is our specific combination activity of achievement. If you are new and don't know who we are and what we have done, I suggest you go to and take a good look around. 

I say "relentless" in campaigning to have you removed in the next election cycle for reinstating Boehner and you know what I mean by that, too. Many of you did not want to co-sponsor the Benghazi Select Committee for fear of reprisal by Boehner. After our 17-month campaign, 191 of you did. You stood up to him. 17 months. We'll keep our promise to November of 2016 with ease, and now we have several groups joining us this time around. 

We like most of you and many of your offices have been extremely friendly with us, so we make this political warning with no small sense of the unfortunate, but we are absolutely determined to see it through. The fact is that one can barely find a Republican voter who is pleased with Boehner, now, and yet many in media are reporting that the idea that Boehner will be be removed as Speaker is unlikely. This is simply an outrageous contradiction in facts which spits in the eyes of the voters who elected you.

Boehner is so inappropriate as a Republican Speaker of the House on so many basic leadership, media and strategic levels, that it is an absurdity that he remains in that position: On the surface, his weeping face, in our opinion indicative of a much more severe psychological state than mere sentimentality, makes the entire party look like red-faced babies, and I mean he casts that image over the voters, themselves, who are sick of it. He capitulates on every battle before it has begun. The chummy way Obama appears to manipulate that "sentimental" nature, overtly and continuously touching Boehner in a reassuring manner we have never seen in politics before, while Boehner practically shakes in gratitude to Obama, is plainly horrendous. And acts such as Boehner playing golf with Obama, and grinning like a pathetic sycophant at every Obama remark is plainly not just for mainstream show: he loses to Obama on fight after fight, and appears personally determined to do so. It is a sick scene you, ladies and gentleman of the U.S. House of Representatives, have allowed to go on to very considerable damage to this entire country. We're blaming neither Obama nor Boehner after Jan 6. If Boehner is reinstated as Speaker, we're blaming you for all the harm that Obama does.

You only strengthened control of the House and your counterparts only realized control of the Senate because Obama damaged himself politically very badly with the obscene Obamacare rollout. You have to stop "playing it safe" for fear of media reprisals, because it is unrealistic to keep hoping that your opponents will keep damaging themselves. You need to start being aggressive in the real-world sense. You need to fight, and Boehner has proven he has not the slightest understanding of the word outside of his now-utterly-unconvincing rhetoric, heavily outweighed by the gross appearance of Boehner being infatuated by Obama. 

Boehner's office said there would be no reprisals against anyone voting against Boehner. Keeping it real, it is plain that they volunteered that remark so you would know there would be reprisals. The only way for you to get out from under this nightmare combination of petty, weak and imperious Speaker and extremely angry voters out to see you thrown unceremoniously back into public life is to give Boehner a gold watch emblazoned with the words "Good Riddance" and get him the hell out of the way. 

Doubtless you have seen the many petitions to remove Boehner, from places like Freedomworks and at least a dozen other high-profile conservative groups, so you can't say that angry Republican dissatisfaction with Boehner is a surprise.

Word has it that there are over 20 of you at least ready to take on Boehner. The chances are, from our speaking to some of your offices, that there are many, many more than a mere 20.  191 of you stood up to Boehner on the Benghazi Select Committee. Boehner will remember those of you who stood up for the Benghazi Select Committee the moment he is sworn back in as Speaker, so if you don't remove Boehner as Speaker out of respect for your voters, do it for the hope of your future Chairmanships. 

Already the media is setting you up to take a huge hit in 2016 and you can take that from the business inside. They are tempting online readers daily with "will Hillary run or won't she run" to induce into the population a personal emotional stake in Hillary, herself, and it will be successful, and when she announces "Yes", the media cheering will utterly drown out any of you quoting her as saying "What difference does it make?" Simultaneously, they are setting up Romney - the squarest political centrist on planet earth - as the presumptive proven loser to Hillary. 

If you continue to play it safe, you have no chance. This means, again, that you - and we - need a fighter as Speaker, so as to go where others fear to tread and use the facts of the Obama Administration to so damage the Democrat Party that what the then-impeding impeachment of Nixon did to the Republicans will look like a cakewalk by comparison. A new Speaker, if he is a fighter, can do it, too, so badly vulnerable to public scorn is the Obama Administration if someone will show a strong arm and lead with determination the way the Democrats, frankly, have done repeatedly to Republican Presidents. You need to learn how to win and Boehner is plainly not the man to teach by example.

If you want to know for whom to vote as Speaker, look to whom the left media hates the most. And among those candidates look to who is most likely to respond to the media attacks not with compliance, but with withering counter-punches and a greater determination to do what the left media hates. Gingrich was a great example of that kind of personality, whether you liked him or not. You cannot afford to be comfortable anymore, but you don't have to be uncomfortable as long as you put a fighter in as Speaker who wants to do the intense political fighting most of you do not. You need a guy who thrives on it - someone to whom political fighting and winning is not a necessary evil as the current leadership has described it, but someone for whom a political fight for victory is his or her life's blood. That is what your voters have now been demanding for years, and most of you have ignored those demands.

Many have been pushing for Trey Gowdy as Speaker. Despite the fact we think he's great generally, he's a bad choice for Speaker for a couple of reasons. 1. First and foremost, his office told Sean Hannity that he does not want the job, so that's that. People whom we have seen behaving like liberal trolls have been pushing for Gowdy, so we hope all our conservative readers will know to stop pushing for Gowdy, because it's a liberal trick to run out the clock for a hopeless cause and thus ensure that we wind up with Obama-friendly Boehner, again.   2. Gowdy is desperately needed as the Chairman of the Benghazi Select Committee. No one is better suited and cannot be distracted from what is certain to become a pretty intense political situation within a year if Gowdy is sincere. 

Our unequivocal choice for Speaker of the House is "controversial" House Representative Steve King. He really isn't very controversial in the real world, only if you read and believe the mainstream media. In other words, the media is trying to Palinize him because they see him, as they have and do in Palin, a real threat, and they see him as a real threat because he is simply really good at what needs to be done to dismantle the democrat political machine and they absolutely know and fear that fact, and that fear enrages them. 

King knows how to win: Heavily outspent by a $7 million democrat machine in a new district in which no one had previously served, King won by 55% - 45% percent of the vote, handily taking all but a few counties. His voters love him.

King is earning our respect as perhaps the one man who can get the job done: ensure that the democrats are so badly damaged politically in 2016 that it does not matter who the Dems or the GOP run as their respective Presidential candidates, the Republican wins - and so do you.

King is not afraid of the Tea Party. Indeed, he has ingratiated himself to it. Smart man. The Tea Party is a pivotal force and will be around forever. Those of you who hate it are in for unhappy times. But if you elect King as Speaker, he can engage the Tea Party and you won't have to. 

Steve King is basically conservative on every point a person could be a conservative. In case you missed the memo, the Republican party is turning very hard and sharpy to the "far" right in response to the practical tyranny being inflicted by the left and taking the centrists to the right with it. The days of Kay Bailey Hutchinson-types being popular are long past. If she is your role model, get with the program or get a new career.

As far as King's "controversial" remarks on Immigration Policy, we have read and heard everything out there and what we see is the GOP leadership jumping under their desks at the very mention of the possibility that the remarks could be taken out of context - and apologizing in the process. This is absolutely idiocy: King's remarks were directed exclusively about the danger that the current Administration's Immigration Policy is causing due to the way it emboldens and enables drug smugglers and those who kill on their behalf, and King was absolutely right. Don't tell us that this argument cannot be won in the media. We are specialists in the media. You are not. If you want to play media specialists, you are making the same mistake lawyers make when they represent themselves: you are in for a colossal political bruising.

Here are a few Rep Steve King quotes that all the voters who put you in office - and can take the privilege away -  will admire and appreciate:

"The Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, is 10 times bigger than the Watergate and Iran-Contra scandals put together."

"I'm tired of seeing the current Republican leadership give in to (President) Obama's every demand. The way they voted to fund amnesty (and Obamacare) was shameful. It's time to stop compromising our principles and start doing the job that voters want and deserve."

"Today I joined my friends in the House and Senate, as well as conservative leaders from across the country, to bring light to the recent admission by the IRS that it unjustly targeted conservative groups leading up to the 2012 election. There is no place for this kind of political targeting in our constitutional Republic. This reeks of the kind of political tyranny that so many people from around the world came to America to escape."

There is another aspect of King that is worth noting, particularly from a media perspective: he is great casting for the part, even if some of you cannot see it. You cannot keep putting forward square jawed, hopelessly antiquated notions of "the Hero Appearance" in the form of absurdly square guys like Boehner and Romney; Leave It To Beaver was cancelled over forty years ago because people stopped watching. 

Rep Steve King has a genuine look and sound while remaining extremely photogenic for the role and in a way that will attract younger voters as a reliable and admirable elder statesman. King The Fighter is spectacularly good casting for the Role of Speaker Of the House fighting the Obama Administration. Even with liberal media attacks, younger voters will warm to his maverick, controversial ways in a heartbeat, and older voters will respect the fact that he doesn't screw around. 

To our readers who may not know much about House Representative Steve King, check his website:

He looks good, he sounds good, his ideas are great and he has more passion than a truckload of establishment types. We have poured over all of your pictures, records and videos for months. In our opinion, if you want to make life easier on yourselves for the next two years and ensure easy victories in 2016, get rid of the corny, outdated notions of 1950's heroes, obvious "me too" pandering to show you are minority-friendly and country club establishment weaklings whose eyes glitter like fairy dust every time a camera is turned on to Obama. 

Elect the person for whom casting in this role could not be more perfect: Rep Steve King as Speaker of the House.

No matter how you choose, however, Boehner must not be elected by you as Speaker again, or you'll be dealing politically with Fire Ants and their many allied groups across America every day for the next two years. We have no choice but to make that promise. The time has long passed. Boehner must go. If you cannot see the world with any greater clarity than that, then you must be voted out as well.