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Many of us in the Tea Party Fire Ants worked and waited a long time for this. If you have been following this blog for the last 22 months you know how long and hard so many have worked. I won't repeat it all here again, just read back a few posts to see the toil and sweat many people with TPFA put in for this moment. 

The first of presumably many hearings are currently scheduled to stream live on the internet via CSPAN 3 today, Sept 17, 2014. If you do not see it on CSPAN 3 starting around 10 AM, check to see if it has been moved to another channel (they have 3 online)

On this matter,  A BIG SHOUT OUT TO TPFA'S CO-LEADER KATHY AMIDON. This is a little thing on the surface, but little things can make a difference, and it is absolutely a perfect example of the mindset at TPFA, and we're proud of that mindset: to get things done. 

Kathy called CSPAN to find out when the hearings would be scheduled because they were not listed. Well, it turned out they were listed but CSPAN listed the event with wording so obscure and oblique that the words "Benghazi", "Select" or "Committee" were not even mentioned in the listing. After explaining who she was, the group and our association with Rep Wolf on this issue, Kathy informed them that they must change the listing so it read in a way that made sense for average viewers and at least get the word Benghazi in there. 

Low and behold, CSPAN did just that within 30 minutes:

Little steps, big steps, as long as they all point to justice on the issue of Benghazi. Well done, Kathy!

All other blogs and chat sites will report and gab about the commonly-known facts, but TPFA and this blog have never been about re-stating what everyone else says; we like to give you a little something of value you may not get anywhere else for the gracious time you allow us. So here are some new perspectives, in no order, to add to your consideration of Benghazi, the investigation of Benghazi, and the trolls who want anything but an investigation of Benghazi.

1. To begin with, take your info from the source. Here is the Government page on Benghazi run by the Republican House - in other words, the good guys in all this. This announcement was today, Sept 16, 2014:

2. Gowdy appears to be doing exactly what a prosecutor who never lost a case does: building his case slowly and methodically. It is clear that Gowdy does not want headlines, he wants to win the case. What case? The case of why a President lied about the cause of the killings. A case about why he has been secretive to the point of seeming paranoia about any facts about Benghazi. A case as to why the survivor witnesses who were on the ground have either been in a few instances silenced, and in the rest of the cases, gone missing.

3. Yes the democrats are in a panic. Their anxiety is so intense that it has now taken on the practical effect of a dog whistle; above the pitch of human hearing, but sending their subhuman, animal-like  propaganda activists  scurrying in every direction. Some notable cases in point:

1. On Twitter, they are posting like crazy telling people the first hearings are on Thursday, not today, Wednesday. In other words, they want you to miss the first day of hearings, which occurs today, Wednesday, Sept 17, 2014 at 10Am EST and can be seen streaming live on C-Span 3. So there, trolls!

2. The democrats/liberals are in full-swing in terms of protecting Obama on Benghazi. here are few (we are not including live links - go to their dank dens of misinformation, if you dare, on your own):

George Soros-funded Media Matters is reduced to calling the Benghazi scandal a "hoax"! (Their word, not mine!).

Media Matters says that Fox News is taking credit for the select committee when in fact Boehner was pushed by fellow GOP congressman to establish a select committee on Benghazi. This part is actually partially true. Fox News had damn little to do with it, frankly. If you recall, TPFA boycotted Fox with demands for more coverage as the centerpiece of the boycott! (click image for video)

What Media Matters fails to mention is that Boehner was pushed into it when the number of co-sponsors for Rep Wolf's bill swelled to a bursting 190, and that was done in great part by a little group which made Benghazi the focus of it's efforts for 17 months, every day (yes, we're bragging - happily and loudly. What are you going to do about it? :)

The euphemistically-named "Benghazi Research Center" has a blog which is, IMO, plainly nothing more than a propaganda hit-piece against the Republicans who are leading the charge for truth. It's hilarious but also shows you the, IMO, the dangerous lengths the left will go to in an effort to silence the truth and mislead people away from the facts. As a lifelong student of media history as well as a longtime professional media  practitioner, I have to say that lengths of disinformation this gross IMO positively reek of Nazi Germany and Stalin's Communist Russia; where such people spread disinformation on this scale, people must be alert to the kinds of acts that history has proven follows such manifest disinformation. 

Never say, "It cannot happen in this enlightened age" or "it cannot happen here." Those were the same words the intellectual elites used to dismiss the warnings of Hitler and stalin until the streets ran deep in their own blood. 

This blog, Benghazi-Truth, has been here since practically the beginning of this Benghazi outrage. Where was the absurd leftist mouthpiece "Benghazi Research Center" then?!

The House democrats have launched their own blog about Benghazi which basically states, no joke, "the questions about Benghazi have all been answered." Incredible.

I don't know how these people can show their faces in public, seriously. I suppose they forgot this question: "Where are the missing Benghazi Survivor Witnesses"?

3. Not all liberal news outlets are as absurd as the ones listed above. Liberal stalwart New York Daily News is reporting that Hillary had another shredding session, this time in the basement of the State Department Headquarters to destroy Benghazi documents. You have to hand it to Hillary: once she develops a behavioral pattern, she sticks with it.

4. We're very pleased that Rep Martha Roby is on the Benghazi select committee. She's no-nonsense and like Gowdy, she will leave no stone unturned as she makes clear in this Breitbart video:

Here Roby shows her courage again by signing onto Rice's HRes442 which now, or course, has become Boehner's lawsuit against Obama's constitutional overreach. Benghazi-Truth and TPFA love a Congressperson who puts truth-finding above D.C. Country Club politics. She's doing the job her voters sent her to Washington to do.


That's right. The news departments for television networks CBS, NBC and CBS are nowhere to be found in a search of the last 24 hours. In fact, you have to scroll back several pages to find any in the last week. And CSPAN is showing the hearings on CSPAN 3, and many places only have CSPAN 1 & 2. 

Call CSPAN and tell them you want the Benghazi hearings right up front on CSPAN 1. If they balk, remind them that the Watergate hearings were on all three networks gavel-to-gavel and no one was killed in Watergate.

CSPAN (202)737-3220 M-F 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Only a few short hours before the first of the Benghazi hearings and here is the earth-shattering news the three major networks are showing at the top of their political pages - and as of this writing not one mentions Benghazi anywhere on their pages.

If you enjoy beating your head against a wall with the mainstream media, you never know - it might be worth a try. We do:

CBS NEWS (212) 975-4231

NBC NEWS (212) 664-3720

ABC NEWS No phone they are willing to give out. here is a contact page:

It seems Obama is wagging the dog via Clinton and the mainstream television networks are obliging dutifully, lest Obama's poll numbers get any worse:

6. Saving the best for last, we would like to remind one and all who was the one champion in the entire U.S. Congress who kept fighting for Benghazi truth, for justice for the slain, for the rule of American law to be respected when so many others were ready to thrown in the towel on Benghazi amidst media apathy and leftist demagoguery:  

U.S. Representative Frank Wolf.

If anyone doubts the time and effort Rep Wolf put in to keeping awareness going of the need for justice for the Benghazi slain, see this:

True to the typical ways of RINO Speaker John Boehner, who TPFA would love see replaced as Speaker of the House by Rep Trey Gowdy, Wolf's contribution to an investigation which never would have occurred without him has been all but pushed aside as everyone from Fox News to Boehner himself behave in ways which are almost unconscionable in taking credit for the Benghazi select committee. It's truly nauseating. Sure, we take big, low bows, too, but at the end of the day, all should, as we do, recognize that it was for over a year only Wolf in Congress who stood firm and demanded action on Benghazi, and without his HRes36 and tireless efforts on behalf of the Benghazi dead and their families and a country to which Obama plainly lied, there would be no fact-finding about Benghazi today. Period. This is Wolf's achievement, and he should be thanked and honored for it.

Rep Wolf retires at the end of this year. He's a great, good man and an American hero. Drop by his Twitter page at @RepWolfPress and mention how much you appreciate his many years of honest and devoted service to our country.

Author of the Benghazi Select Committee.



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