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Wither Troll Credibility? New Troll Angle: "TEA PARTY POLICE"

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The following e-mail was sent to  Kathy  from the head of a large and prestigious Tea Party group which wishes to remain anonymous  generally on this issue lest they get drawn into troll madness - though that person has made it quite clear that they will step up on this issue if needed. If you don;t quite know what is involved behind-the-scenes of running a highly effective Tea Party group, the effectiveness of which draws such targeted hate and lunacy, here is an inside peek.

A little background first:

1. The receiver has given us permission to post this with rebuttal and the sender has no legal expectation of privacy on this matter.

2. Since this letter details point-by-point the talking points of the usual trolls, and the style like one in particular, we feel quite certain this was written and sent by, IMO, the usual jerk on Twitter, @Clarencesilkwow, who since admitted being @Sirtatters, who is a female named Dawn (last name withheld). She claims to be law enforcement but when the local police stations around her town and the state FBI were called, no one had ever heard of her. In their estimation, on several points this letter segues from absurd ranting into actionable conduct. That's a different issue, though claiming to be law enforcement when not is not legal, and doing what she is doing as a law enforcement officer would get her fired- at least. That's what the police and FBI said, as i understand the conversations. This person Dawn is now IMO, demonstrating psychotic behavior; the obsessive quantity of attacks is simply something none of us have ever seen on social media before. If you have been watching that play out on the #TPFA hashtag you likely agree.

3. The large and prestigious group to whom this was sent has dismissed it entirely and indeed, the attack only strengthened  camaraderie between our two groups and we are now organizing activist ops as allied groups. Fear of that was almost certainly the motivation of the following letter designed to drive a wedge between the Tea Party Fire Ants and the other group. Just as Newsweek's attack on our boycott backfired by instead advertising the event and making it the only successful boycott on Fox ever done, this letter backfired, too: instead of dividing our two groups so they would not work together to greater overall effect, we are now closer than ever and have agreed that it will work well to operate as activists off and on as an allied team.  

Certainly we don't want to  allow them to distract us - and you - from productive work but A. They may be sending this around to others to quietly attack us in the hope that they can do so without engaging us on the facts and B. it might be helpful for you to see just the kind of malicious evil trolls manifest while the rest of you chat merrily away.

Here's the e-mail. with rebuttals in red 

Whoever runs your Twitter page has been interacting with a "group" called "Tea Party Fire Ants", hashtag #TPFA, owner is  @ FrankMDavis and his "helper" @ Kathy_Amidon. We are very concerned about you aligning with this group because of their behavior. The owner has kept his identity hidden so he doesn't get busted for his lies.

Bad assumption - I write under a pseudonym, like many writers, so I don't get dragged into the madness of, IMO, psychotics; a decision I see was correct.

They are PROVEN liars and can only be bad for GROUP NAME WITHHELD AT REQUEST OF OWNER. We are BEGGING you to look into this for yourself, 

They did, they apparently think you're a jerk.

don't just take our word for it!

We(?) are an "undercover" group("Undercover group" is now an apparent euphemism for "Trolls") of concerned patriots who feel the need to help Tea Parties avoid this fraudulent group.

There are some very serious issues that you should be aware of. The main concern is the owner If the writer means "founder", that is me. He is actively attacking people who are telling the truth about his group, including releasing their names, addresses and even the names of their children. Absolute bullshit. No names except Dawn's first name have been given and no addresses or children's names.  Outrageous and impossible to prove, since it never happened. He launched a vile attack on well known conservative, Harriett Baldwin, on the very night her husband died. Bullshit again, 100%. Any words to Harriet - who we reported with screenshots that she was leading spamblocking ops against conservatives (of this there can be no debate - the screenshots are absolute unless she wants to explain them, which she has refused to do) - were made as a defense of TPFA on the hashtag which is the only place I can see her since I have had her blocked for months. If my response was written on the night her husband died, then IMO she should be doing something more dignified than trolling an honest group at such a time in her life. I have no idea what is going on in the lives of people who attack TPFA - none of us follow them and most of us have them blocked, including me. They also went after conservative actor, James Woods, claiming he's actually a liberal, simply because he asked to be taken out of a thread of conversation on Twitter. Untrue. As you can see here, we claim he is liberal for apparently helping in the spamblocking of conservatives and the fact that as a "conservative", his public political donations stink. There's a screenshot of "Frank" attacking Conservative Chuck Woolery, too. Now they've actually written an entire article trying to discredit him. No, we just said that Woolery should stop the chatter and get more active. Bitching only got us a second term of Obama. No such "entire article" by us exists here or elsewhere.  They constantly claim they are being attacked by "paid libs". They are ex-members and popular conservatives! Only 2 or 3 are, IMO, "outed plants" the rest were never with us, and none are "popular" in the conventional sense. We hope that that is enough to motivate you not to associate with this group IMO, There they say their real motivation: to prevent the two groups from hooking up and becoming greater than the sum of each alone, however, there is more. 

Earlier in the year, this group got some press (mostly negative, making fun of Tea Parties in general) when they launched a "boycott" on FOX News for not reporting more on Benghazi. Many people joined but quickly left due to the behavior of the owner and his helper, Kathy. Here by citing kathy by her real name, they have sequed into actionable and possibly criminal conduct. The owner, who remains anonymous, claims to be a media expert and goes by the name Frank (Davis) because he believes that Obama's real father is the late communist. That part is true., top of the page. Kathy contacted many popular news outlets, Untrue, Newsweek picked up on the article independently off Twitter and the rest followed their lead--->

 including those on the left, who of course, ran with the news of some "crazy Tea Party" boycotting FOX. Of course the media was saying "Tea Party Boycotts..." because they lump us all together. They made the distinction that the Tea Party fire Ants are an independent   sub-group of the Tea Party, which itself has no central governing authority, anyway. 

Several ran the story but Frank refused to even speak on the phone with any of them You can imagine what a career in NYC media would be worth if they knew I was doing this, though we find this apparent desperate whining clearly motivated by being unable to apply the politics of personal destruction to me interesting since Dawn goes by two fake MALE names.. Kathy and an ex "member" (see link below) did a couple of interviews. This group then made up fake stats, claiming an effect on the ratings. Untrue. The ratings reported by us were 100% genuine. We provided the links to a few outfits, including the very reputable TV By The Numbers - the first day of the Boycott Fox ratings fell by 22%. That's on-record. Thank you, Newsweek.(Images are screenshots from ratings reported by "TV By The Numbers")

They requested a thank you letter from Rep. Wolf's office and got it (and two more later). Volunteered by Wolf's office, thanks. His office sends out "hundreds of requested letters each week". Absolute baloney. Such letters are exceedingly rare. Ask Wolf's office for one, sometime, and see what you get. If true, where are the rest out there in the world? For the record, Wolf has sent us three letters on different occasions, two more than any other group and we are only aware of one other group that ever got a single one. We're rightfully proud of that, and the IMO trolls hate the fact that we have that cred.

We agree with most of their messages, but when the lies become public, which they will be soon, we don't want the Tea Party to go down with them. The point is, since the media does lump us together, we must not allow ourselves to be tied to this "Twitter Tea Party" as they are becoming radical and are proven liars. This IMO is slander. There has not been a single lie by us, proven or otherwise, clearly, since they offer not one shred of evidence of untruth by us. Dawn, by including Kathy in this, is now at-odds with the law.

If you look at our photos, you will see disturbing things from this group. One particularly shocking claim was that they were responsible for "rallying" 178 congressmen to co-sponsor HRes36! 

Ask Rep Wolf, and we never said "responsible", we have only used terms like pivitol and critical. Wolf agrees. Image added by us-->

The claim was made while DEMANDING a NH Tea Party "prove" their accomplishments. 

True. But the New Hampshire "Tea Party" group also "does not care for" Sarah Palin and wants us all to forget about Benghazi; not our idea of a Tea Party group:

The NH Tea Party group, unlike these "fire ants", have an actual group that has a website, meets and functions in real life, not just on Twitter. These shocking (GASP!) tweets are included with the photos.

This "group" gives "advice from a media pro" like printing messages on balloons for a protest...complete with a photo graphic of Photoshopmessages on balloons, and a phony story to boot! What a silly thing to lie about! But sadly, that's the MO with this group.

IMO very obvious Slander, again. The event happened and we will be posting videos as part of a larger TPFA promotional video, soon. Kathy ATTENDED the activity.


Perhaps most telling is their most recent "challenge" to Tea Parties. They are again DEMANDING proof of Tea Party accomplishments to prove their "worth" as a Tea Party! We're hoping you'd agree, but who do they think they are to demand that any patriot group explain themselves to some anonymous "Twitter Tea Party" who won't even stand behind his own "work"? Can you imagine your Tea Party running with the "founder" hiding his/her identity - although sometimes you might want to! This behavior goes against everything the Tea Party stands for! 

*Eyeroll* You can see why the head of the group to whom this troll letter was sent dismissed it as bullshit. And we challenged that very group to show accomplishment or achieve some - and they have agreed to the challenge!!! They understand that the tea Party needs to get out of chat mode and into take back America mode, and God Bless them for it! 
They are not the only ones who agreed with the challenge, by the way. This is a different group-->

You'll notice on the "challenge" graphic that they take credit for FOX rehiring Sarah Palin (seriously)

I will post what I assume they included, here. You may debate the causation, but like the FOX boycott, you cannot argue the timing

Less than 2 months later Palin was back with Fox. Coincidence? Who else operating as an organized group were doing anything that would have contributed to that? Of course there is causation, because the Boycott numbers were/are 100% genuine and on-record. 

 and claims Rep. Wolf said they were "critical" in getting more sponsors on HRes36 (he thanked them for their help).

That's what Wolf himself has said! (Sheesh! Brother! Laughing or have a headache, yet? It's a little of both for me)

Anyone that disagrees with either Frank or Kathy is relentlessly called a "troll", a liberal, and in many cases, much worse.

No, disagreements are fine. We call trolls "trolls" relentlessly as responses to their relentless trolling. They can stop that by ending the trolling of the TPFA hashtag and letters like this one.

 The former members of the group that have attempted to warn others are not only having their private info released, they are constantly told the police are going to arrest them. 

Only 1 person has been reported to the police, police who agree misconduct is certainly  apparent. A few former members who are among the trolls were IMO (and that of others) clearly plants as they never did anything substantial, except "Stan", and we were suspect the moment he, IMO, tried to behave like the official spokesman for the TPFA when the media covered the boycott, the strategies of which he had zero input. When we objected, he left the group, and that's fine; IMO you can't have loose cannons making all sorts of declarative statements to the press on behalf of the organizers. Since then, Stan the "senior editor" of his newsletter with only one writer that we can tell - himself - has complained bitterly about TPFA. It seems every successful group winds up with one of these guys, and that's just how it is.

If you look at the timeline of the "owner", you will see the threats that come day after day, and now, a graphic (graphics are his specialty) stating that two of the people (he believes they are the same person) have been reported to the police. We have no personal knowledge of police contact but presume it is untrue since the two (along with many, many others) continue to warn people about the group.

Untrue. Police have been contacted. If Dawn wants us to release the names of the exact police departments/FBI offices contacted and the people spoken to there, we will release them here. That's up to her. We're trying to be gracious victims of troll slander and defamation, but patience is at a premium, now.

 We have contacted the police in our area Interesting slip-up, since this presumes all the 'people" are in the same area. Pretty much confirms that all are coming from the same person - in one area - with multiple ID's; Dawn/Clarence/SirTatters to find out if we are allowed to provide this information. We are, just as the people tweeting facts about TPFA are operating legally.

This letter was read to police who suggested that laws are being broken.

 TPFA releasing private information,especially about the children, is illegal.

This is really a gross, unconscionable lie and we challenge them to provide screenshots. Horrendous untruth in that one, and by including Kathy in the TPFA name automatically makes for actionable and possibly criminal conduct by the writer.

 However, without his identity, or a serious, direct threat, they can't do anything. If GROUP NAME WITHHELD AT REQUEST OF OWNER says anything against them, they will turn on you, too. They already wrote about you on their website, which we assume you know about. We are surprised that after what they said you chose to have what he calls an "unofficial alliance" with them.

The Trolls should not be surprised. The owners of that group agreed with the challenge. They are honest people with America's best interests at heart and are working with us now, and we, them. 

We pray that you will do your own investigation before engaging with them. 

They did. They think you're full of shit.

Their behavior and attitude has driven away a number of conservative patriots who unwittingly got involved. While their media ideas and method of tweeting our government officials may be helpful, they are also things that can be done on your own without subjecting your Tea Party to this very negative, two member group. Thank you for your time.

Hundreds of people tweet and retweet "I am a proud Tea Party Fire Ant" every day. The organization has several people in front and behind the scenes organizing and operating the Tea Party Fire Ants. Here are a few notable groups  who identify themselves on Twitter in solidarity as Tea Party Fire Ants

Look at the #TPFA timeline. Notice how few people actually tweet their messages. All positive tweets are by Frank, Kathy and the 4-10 people who they have convinced to help them that day.

This refers to the die-hards who tweet with TPFA every single evening between 7:30 PM & 10:00 PM. Such dedication is at a premuim and the trolls who wrote this offer not one accomplishment of their own, for contract, you will notice. By the way, re the #TPFA timeline, the troll is being clever here - the #TPFA timeline is never looped into these activities so you don't see them there. Cute, but too cute by half.

 You will also see many, many WELL KNOWN CONSERVATIVES trying to warn people away from them. There is a reason!

The only well-known ones we known "Conservatives" warning people away from TPFA of were IMO (and everyone with whom we associate who has looked) caught red-handed in group spamblock  operations suspending unwary  Conservative  accounts, and that we proved with screenshots. When we ask them to explain the screenshots, they only attack louder.

Take a look at their rambling website.

You're reading it. ;)

 The website is non-stop praise...of themselves. The photos are fake/Photoshop,

No faking of events held has ever been done. A blatant lie as bad as the others. This burns me up because it's hard as hell to get people to get active. Even Overpasses for America, with whom we also coordinate and support, only ever has a handful at any given event. That is one thing we hope to remedy with the alliance with this other very large TP group to whom this troll e-mail was sent.

 the ONE media "event" they concocted is alluded to over and over. It was all on the same day, and primarily made the Tea Party look bad. Their facts and figures are made up. Look into it. http: //

Read stories explaining in detail why people left and why the TPFA are proven liars. 

Stan is the, IMO, malcontent mentioned earlier. By all means read his junk - we're all for open dialogue.  Ask Stan what he has accomplished. What's that? Nothing? That's our assessment. (Headache!)


Tea Party Police

The TEA PARTY POLICE?!?! Submitted anonymously by people who complain endlessly and with great concern that I write here under a pseudonym. Beyond insane.

Think it's easy to run a productive, activist tea party group like the Tea Party Fire Ants/Benghazi Truth? All we ask is that you tweet congress and media with us to hold Obama accountable to make an even greater impact than we are making now. Be grateful you don't have to deal with this kind of malicious, childish foolishness.

Thanks for indulging this insanity for a few minutes to appreciate what goes on behind the scenes, here. See you on twitter!


  1. Thanks for posting this. I follow both you and Kathy on Twitter. When I first discovered and followed you two, the person you rebutt in this blog post, and a couple others of similar bent, entered a conversation specifically to "warn me" about you folks. So I sat back and watched for a while. I've watched arguments and accusations like this for years in several contexts and have gotten pretty accurate at identifying who is the more credible combatant. In this case, it is you. Thanks for the good work you are doing. I will continue to follow, retweet, and support your efforts. Keep it up.

  2. Thank you for the support and encouragement. "Clarence" has now twice at least admitted on twitter that antagonizing and slandering the Tea Party Fire Ants is "his job he loves". Appreciate the kind words - from you!