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If you don't know this blog, check some of our accomplishments here. Also this video. We only post on Benghazi-Truth when there is something important to say, we don't play games, and this blog entry is without question the most serious one we have ever posted. so please read it carefully. 

We are breaking conventional narrative form and stating the dramatic conclusion first because it's easy to imagine someone saying, "Get to the point!" Here, then, is the punchline, first:

Benghazi-Truth is now absolutely convinced that Twitter and Perverted Justice are literally one-in-the-same and the entire world - and the 2016 US elections - are in severe, immediate peril because of the fact.

Perverted Justice, the widely-condemned trolling operation apparently still masquerading as a child protection advocacy group for whom "protection" is defined by often criminally terrorizing the often wrongly-accused - is connected by more than simply Del Harvey (aka Allison Shea), Perverted Justice's continued current secretary, moonlighting as Twitter's VP Head of "Trust and Safety". We are absolutely certain that, in operation if perhaps not corporate structure - Twitter literally is Perverted Justice, under the same roof.

What apparently has happened is
that an initial handful of sadistic psychopathic trolls (trolls are now clinically defined as sadistic psychopaths, that's the scientific classification, not mine) grown into an in-house group of hundreds, sometime between 2006 and 2008, were empowered by the horrendously reckless radical left Twitter executives to, in essence, ruin the entire world if need be, provided the leftist/communist cause comes out slightly atop the destruction.


Here's how we think the chronology went down, followed by solid, concrete circumstantial evidence damning enough to convince any court of law:

In the early 2000's, Phillip John Idhe, who legally changed his name to the self-aggrandizing albeit comic-book-sounding Xavier Von Erck...

... created "Perverted Justice" as a 24/7 hobby for years on-end in his bedroom in his mother's apartment after he quit community college. Yes, that's apparently all true, he admits it, and it only gets worse...

 Yeah. I'm sure Xavier's mother is right and he did spent all day and night on his computer.... trolling... destroying human lives. No question. I'll bet that was just exactly how it was. 'Lil Darlin'.

By the way, for a surreal laugh and probable insight into his mind, hard-core atheist Philip John Idhe changed his name to one which translates as follows:

Xavier ("Bright", also a Catholic Saint?!) Von (German, signifying nobility, "from") Erck ("Perfect"). "A Nobleman, Bright of the Perfect".

Wow. This from a Community College dropout whose only "accomplishment" is the creation of a suicide-inducing trolling operation. Overcompensate much? "Zeig heil"!

And it's worse: in true cult-like fashion, two of his closest Perverted Justice pals also changed their names which translate almost identically. So did Allison and Nicholas also hate Xavier's father so much that they, too, had to change their names, so they translated much like Vo Ercks? Here are the translations. See a pattern?

Xavier Von Erck = Bright, of the (Nobility), Perfect

Del (Feminine, German) Harvey = Noble, Battle Worthy

(Nicholas Wilkins)  Pheobus Apollo = Bright, to destroy

                     A nice little introductory video to "Bright of the Perfect"

Please follow.....
Let's take a quick moment to get to know Phillip John Idhe/Xavier Von Erck:

He has what we believe any reasonable person on the street would agree sounds like very alarmingly hateful Daddy Issues:

That's nice. Good, stable fellow who has put the past behind him, like any normal person.....?

He literally - literally, no joke - wishes death upon anyone whose idealistic "virtues" do not jibe with his own and condemns people who aren't more brave while being beheaded by Islamic terrorists.

Having nothing to do with protecting children online, Von Erck relentlessly and with malicious intent destroyed a former friend by pretending to be a beautiful woman online - using a pretty picture he snatched off the internet, having cyber sex with his old friend and at times even asking his former friend to masturbate in front of the computer camera, videos Xavier apparently claimed to have and threatened to release. Nothing like having a pal, right?

Once the man's life had ultimately been ruined by Xavier obsessing hate and "vengeance' upon him in the form of pretending to be a beautiful woman for months, Xavier then had the mind-blowing temerity top essentially brag about doing it as a warning to anyone who disagreed with him about Perverted Justice. Hitler, much? (this story has been been reported in many a legit outlet, it's no gag or mere rumor):

Extremely hypocritical victim routine in the final sentence from a guy who was obsessed - and probably continues to be obsessed - with baiting complete strangers and then harassing and tormenting them practically every waking hour until those peoples' lives have been completely destroyed. That's what Perverted Justice does.

And Xavier Von Erck is Twitter Safety Head Del Harvey's bestest Perverted Justice boss and pal. Starting to get the picture?

And as if that isn't disquieting enough, to complete the classic image, Xavier Von Erck/ Bright of the Perfect, keeps rats as beloved pets. Nothing says warm and fuzzy love quite like a disgusting, vicious, plague-carrying denizen of the sewer. Screenshots from his personal blog, "Evil Vigilante":

Public figure Xavier Von Erck is, in our opinion, obviously extremely psychologically sick, plainly evil in the angry manifestations of his illness and in our opinion so deranged in the expressions of his hate and obsession over things like his former friend that he is quite possibly genuinely insane. Yes, people can be insane and still function with complex authority in pursuit of their sick goals, Hitler being a classic example. And this is the guy who created and presides with an iron fist over Perverted Justice, the secretary for which, Del Harvey, is your official security gatekeeper at Twitter.

After creating Perverted Justice,  a few local news organizations picked up on Perverted Justice "protecting children", i.e. ruining the lives of many, including innocent men who did nothing wrong.

This in-turn got the attention of TV Tabloid "Dateline NBC" which started the segment "To Catch A Predator", which, like Perverted Justice, was roundly condemned for being a sick and sad parade of misfits humiliated and arrested to the delight of Roman-era onlookers by apparently illegally entrapping most, and while many were arrested, Perverted Justice was such a legally bungled operation of irresponsible quasi-law enforcement mishandling, that few of their victims were ever prosecuted. Actual, undeniable result? Many of the guilty went free because they could not be prosecuted while the lives of many innocent have been ruined for all time by people like like Xavier von Erck and Del Harvey.

The series of Dateline "Predator" segments was cancelled in 2006 when a local gay councilman named Louis Conradt ended his particular segment: as NBC and police (most of the police have resigned because of the incident) with a hopelessly flawed arrest warrant broke into Conradt's home, Conradt put a gun to his head and killed himself, killing "To Catch A Predator" with the same bullet. NBC settled out-of-court for an undisclosed sum of the $100 million lawsuit initiated by Conradt's bereaved sister. 

Almost beyond belief, the obviously proud Von Erck said he was "very pleased" with the results of their efforts, and claimed no responsibility in Conradt's death, suggesting Conradt was simply taking the coward's way out instead of facing "justice". So let's be clear and not mince words: By his own prideful statement, it is obvious that Xavier Von Erck does not merely obviously feel the need to publicly wish death upon people with whom he disagrees, he plainly intimates that he pridefully stands firm in murdering people by proxy if he alone has determined that his victims were guilty of a crime and to hell with issues of improper warrants and procedure, entrapment and the rest of our judicial system. In our opinion, and apparently that of many others, Xavier Von Erck is, essentially, nothing less than a sick and sadistic total maniac.


Just about the same time that Xavier and friends lost their revolting gig of ruining lives for NBC,  around 2006 - 2008 (though the exact year is becoming a tad sketchy, unsurprisingly) Del Harvey got hired to supposedly helm safety at Twitter. Remember, Harvey had zero - zero - college education and nothing more on her prior work resume than being the secretary at Perverted justice....

... and somehow, in tech-security-job-candidate-rich Silicon Valley with over an estimated 387,000 potential candidates at the time, mind you, she - Harvey - is the one who got hired to be the front person of Twitter "trust and safety". In other words, among over a quarter of a million local candidates, Twitter hired the secretary of a semi-legal trolling operation which had just driven a man to suicide; a woman to whom "protecting children" plainly means sadistic trolling, playing judge, jury and executioner; a woman with no college education and absolutely zero actual programming/security experience to protect your kids and family members from exactly the kind of people she, herself, had professionally represented: an internet troll destroying human beings day and night at her personal whim. That is what Twitter executives regarded - and apparently still regard - as a "good fit" for the company whose motivations for creating Twitter must already be starting to becoming clear to you, Dear Reader.

Benghazi-Truth calls Harvey the front person because in our opinion when Xavier clearly became too publicly radioactive to be the face of Perverted Justice any longer (as you can see from the video, previous in this article, he's not exactly Hollywood's idea of camera-friendly in manner or appearance), Del Harvey, the secretary, became the spokesperson, and Xavier he fell away behind the scenes to continue to run his perverted brainchild while Del Harvey became the face of the operation.


You are probably now already ahead of us: In our opinion it's obvious that Xavier Von Erck is running the trolling operation which is now called "Twitter" instead of "Perverted Justice", immeasurably better financed by Twitter executives, with Del Harvey continuing in the same otherwise useless capacity she served when Twitter was actually called Perverted Justice; a better face than Bright of the Perfect for a sadistic trolling operation.

We believe what happened is that as Twitters creators were developing a social media platform with the singular purpose to serve the leftist cause, someone along the way said, "Hey, dude! We ought to get that Dateline predator group to totally destroy all the conservative wing nuts, wow and tee hee!" The offer is quietly made and Xavier, who was at that time fast blowing through his NBC money, accepted, and now every year, bathed in tears and grief, hundreds of thousands of lives are ruined when innocent people get sandbagged on Twitter, and too many, including children, do what Conradt, British TV host Charlotte Dawson and countless others have done: kill themselves because the emotional torment which Twitter willfully enables is too much for some normal people to withstand, and that includes the humiliation which surfaces on every google search of the victim; an operation which is absolutely, 100% identical to what Perverted Justice did to people: sadistic, emotional torment which leads to the individual's personal destruction, which we imagine continues to "please" Bright of the Perfect and his revolting pet rats.

This is extremely, extremely serious, people. Life and death serious, right now. Countless innocent victims are being destroyed all over the world because of Twitter - that's a well-documented fact, for sure - while Del Harvey, probably a former mental patient (as we shall show), apparently still Xavier's Perverted Justice secretary, posts weird, child-like Twitter posts, disgusting images of her own physical injuries and, in general, cuts out paper dolls at her desk all day long while Xavier continues to run an operation over which he was always in the tyrannical top post of command.

Sounds incredible? Probably not if you know either Twitter or Perverted Justice, but just wait - We' haven't given you the additional damning circumstantial evidence, and by evidence we mean hard facts, not speculation.

This is so terrible that, like Nazi Germany or Stalin's 40-million-murder purges - it is something decent people on the right and left alike can agree to condemn in the strongest possible terms. It's like Nazi Germany circa 1936 before the concentration camps: terrorism, defamation, mockery and harassment, including barely veiled death threats, including some to Benghazi-Truth's own Kathy Amidon, long a target after her publicly well-recognized conservative achievements; attacks led against her on Twitter by an organizer who changes names at a whim, is never removed by Twitter, and always writes in the style of Xavier Von Erck, apparently either himself or a sick admirer or protege.

Twitter tolling is the internet equivalent of Nazi Germany's Kristallnacht
- the Night of Breaking Glass, when Nazi sympathizers beat Jews and destroyed their property - except the victims today are innocent conservatives and Christians , and that is absolutely, 100% no exaggeration.

Further, in 10 years,  the trolls who are the Twitter operation now seem to have a network throughout other internet media. They brag about being able to control youtube views, and we know this first-hand: three days into Kathy Amidon's campaign for her genuinely outstanding christian movie project, (please be a good human being, go there and show her some support), youtube views went from almost a hundred a day to less than ten a day after she advertised it on Twitter. In other words, it's clear that once Kathy alerted the trolls who obviously comprise Twitter management of her campaign, they passed the word to an operative in Youtube who has crushed her numbers. This can and will, ultimately, happen to you, Dear Reader, unless Twitter is shut down in scandal and disgrace so it can never be financed to regroup again.


Here is where the supporting facts get solid as a rock.

1. KEY CONNECTION: Xavier Von Erck, formerly a IMO sick-minded, foul-mouthed malcontent almost every day online, has gone mostly silent since Del Harvey got her job at Twitter in 2006/2008. More specifically and more importantly, Von Erck, as public records show, that same year, 2006/2008 (records here likewise cross over the same two-year path) , moved his "Perverted Justice Foundation" corporate status from his home state of Oregon to Hermosa Beach, CA, which is a PO Box 5 hours from Twitter headquarters, but that's not not the half of it....

.... More importantly, the law firm which represents his Perverted Justice Foundation Corporation, Corpgate, Inc, at 5401 Scotts Valley Drive, in Scotts Valley, CA,  is not 5 hours from Twitter, situated at 1355 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, but rather is situated only an approximate 1 hour, 11 minute drive south of Twitter headquarters according to Mapquest. Xavier Von Erck is obviously very quietly working at Twitter and is keeping his legal rep for Perverted Justice, a corporation formerly from Oregon, close-at-hand an hour south of Twitter headquarters. 

Why is Xavier Von Erck using a PO Box for Perverted Justice Foundation in Hermosa beach, 4 hours away from his legal representative which in turn is only 1 hour and 11 minutes away from Twitter's front door? In our extremely-firmly-held opinion, it's obvious: Xavier, widely mocked and condemned for his Perverted Justice operation, is clumsily trying to keep the dogs off his scent as an employee at Twitter, probably running the whole show. This connection of time and place and individuals is way, way too obvious upon a cursory examination to be even discredited.

In our opinion it's totally obvious that Xavier Von Erck is secretly running a highly complex and well-funded version of Perverted Justice inside of the Twitter Corporation, itself, to the open knowledge of the executives who hired and pay him to do exactly that. Bright of the Perfect makes no mention of his current job status on his blog, an interesting about-face from his prior posts from ten years ago which were quite continually self-involved.

This list (more, below) of obvious, subversive connections between Perverted Justice and Twitter essentially totally qualifies a deep concern of ours: that Twitter "Safety" does not even exist at all as the name implies, but "safety" rather is an inside-joke euphemism for a sadistic trolling operation which targets conservatives, Christians and whoever Von Erck and company do not like and upon whom they continue to wish death; a trolling operation well-funded and well-paid by the Twitter corporation which keeps Harvey employed as the "official" head of safety despite Twitter being castigated around the globe for 10 years for college-never-been and professional cyber troll Harvey failing at keeping anyone remotely safe.

Responsible corporations replace people such as Harvey, especially when their manifest incompetence results in many deaths, and they replace them fast. But it's clear that Twitter cannot replace Del Harvey, however, because Phillip John Idhe/Xavier Von Erck/Bright of the Perfect IMO is obviously totally paranoid and needs to have his established trusted pal as his face on Twitter. You know, he's a "loyal master". Just ask his pet rats, an appropriate analogy to his Perverted Justice trolls.

If you want to get heavily attacked on Twitter, tweet to the trolls who attack Kathy Amidon, "How many Perverted Justice people are working at Twitter?" Abuse and a certain degree of reverence for Del Harvey will be the almost-certain responses from sadistic, hateful social misfits Twitter obviously willfully empowers and now, it is plain, actually employs for exactly that purpose for which Perverted Justice was engaged: to destroy targeted groups and individuals. Do know, however, that your remarks will never be seen by anyone but you, the trolls and maybe and few of your friends on Twitter, since Twitter is now also in censorship overdrive, that last part about censorship now being a well-established and widely-reported fact.

2. PERVERTED JUSTICE PATTERNS = TWITTER TROLLS.  Twitter censorship and trolling follows exactly the same pattern of human abuse which Xavier Von Erck apparently concocted as a sadistic mama's boy back in his mom's apartment and of which Twitter relentlessly enables.

Below, the upper screenshot, a nice little welcome to the Perverted Justice website. Aren't there laws against malicious harassment, criminal laws with no statute of limitations? Oh yes, there are. Below that, a typical description of Perverted Justice methods from one of many concerned detractors going back more than 10 years.

If you understand that Twitter and Perverted Justice are obviously operationally online one-in-the-same, under the same physical roof, you realize that Twitter does not merely enable trolling, but the trolling operations are organized and stem from inside the Twitter corporate office, itself, where leftists feel most safe to do so in the ultra-radical-left Market Street area of San Francisco. It is obvious that censorship and harassment is not an outgrowth of a wildly popular internet social platform as Twitter pretends, but that the relentless human destruction is obviously the very purpose for which the political activist creators of Twitter intended of their creation from the very first day they launched it, which is why after 10 years they refuse to stop it, or fire Del Harvey.

As Del Harvey often mechanically intones with a robotic lack of emotion, she was one of the first employees at Twitter, so Twitter and Perverted Justice have obviously been in bed from the very moment Twitter was launched - again, the same time Xavier Von Erck, secretary Harvey's continued boss at Perverted Justice, moved his corporate identity from Oregon to California and established his legal rep with a law firm 1 hour south of Twitter headquarters.

3. Seemingly endless extremely vile attacks continue to be made on many thousands of entirely innocent conservatives and Christians, ourselves included and Kathy Amidon (who may win the award for Twitter victim-hood, frankly). As an indicator of Troll/Perverted Justice coordination, for awhile, attacks against us - and we assume many others - were made by trolls with Perverted Justice secretary/Twitter safety head Del Harvey actually looped in by the trolls themselves, as though the trolls were currying her favor and hoping for a reward for trolling us.

These trolls also run to the defense of Twitter's CEO. Why do that out of nowhere, these same people who are harassing other people 24/7 to within an inch of their lives.... in the manner of Perverted Justice? The answer is obvious: to curry favor with the boss.

You find these same relentless anti-conservative trolls from Twitter all over the internet, gushing over... Perverted Justice!

  This childish and totally obvious behavior on the part of the trolls is appreciated, frankly, as it has proved over time to be additional evidence of further demonstrate direct operational connections between the Twitter trolls and Perverted Justice secretary/Twitter safety head Del Harvey.

4. NBC producer Marsha Bartel sued for wrongful termination before the dateline NBC Conradt suicide (for which she had no part or responsibility) when she complained to NBC executives about Perverted Justice being a "trolling operation". For that she was fired.  Her legal complaint, shown in-part, below,  quotes an NBC executive as saying "We know they're all nuts" about Perverted Justice. Conradt's suicide could have been avoided had NBC listened to professional and responsible Bartell and not a group of people who are "all nuts" and which is led by rat-loving,  daddy-issue-plagued Xavier Von Erck/Bright of the Perfect. 

5. IMPORTANT. Bartel and her execs may have been more right then they knew when they called Perverted Justice trolls "Nuts". In 2 interviews, including one in 2006 for Dateline (screenshot, below), Del Harvey volunteered a previously undisclosed albeit alarming bit of supposed prior work history which she has since dropped: she claimed to have worked in a "Level 4" psychiatric facility dealing directly with young teenage girls, something she fails to list on her resume. 

Such engagement is highly specialized professional work and as in usual secretive form Harvey never states the name of the "level 4 psychiatric facility".

The problem with Harvey's grandiose claim: Benghazi-Truth's  Kathy Amidon called several psychiatric facilities covering all of the four states Harvey claims to have lived, and recorded every call (we're putting together a "best of" video of those call moments). Each and every psychiatric hospital or state office said that no one without proper college education in the field gets to work directly with the kids - Harvey has no college education on her resume - and those offices that Kathy called which had access to state employment records showed no one named Del Harvey/Allison Shea/Alison Shea having worked at any.

Also, they all said that they do not allow volunteers of any sort to 'work with the kids". This makes Harvey's claim essentially impossible and therefore an obvious, total lie. But why volunteer a lie so eccentric, outrageous, and easily disproved?! The conclusion is bad.

In true form, the Trolls have stepped in to defend Harvey, this one (Kristen White, a self-professed Wiccan witch, Del Harvey's friend, who you've seen here often because she is one of the most "enthusiastic") seems to more or less admit that Harvey had been in a psychiatric facility.

Once again, Harvey apparently has no college education whatsoever - at all; does not even list her High School, so it is entirely reasonable to assume she did not even get far - and seems to have joined Perverted Justice as a "vigilante" trolling volunteer at around the age of 21, leaving a mysterious gap in her timeline since High School at least of no school or work history, a timeline gap which we now believe was filled as a severely disturbed patient at the unnamed mystery "psychiatric facility" in which she claims to have 'worked".

In our opinion the mysterious/paranoid Del Harvey said she worked at an undiscovered psychiatric facility as a cover story to mask her personal history in case anyone recognizes her from "the good old days" in the psych ward. We also have extremely firm reason to be of the opinion that Del Harvey, in our opinion like Xavier Von Erck, is still extremely psychologically sick.

But it gets even worse....

According to every psych facility and state office to which Kathy spoke, no such thing as a "Level 4 psychiatric facility", as Harvey mentioned, exists in those states in which Harvey claims to have lived, and on this they were quite firm. Instead, they wondered aloud if Harvey was confusing the term "Level 4" with their states' prison systems, which do have both level 4 facility designations as well as psychiatric patient inmates. "They do have psyches there, yes", as one psychiatric state office worker phrased it.

Yet even more alarmingly, and pay attention please because this really is alarming, while there are no Level 4 facilities, psychiatric hospitals in those states do have Level 4 psychiatric patients. Look it up.

For an insider's detailed description of Level 4 psychiatric designations, see the screenshot, below:

We believe that Harvey slipped up, and in the vagaries of memory induced from her meds from those days, confused her level 4 patient status with level 4 being a psychiatric hospital designation.

Most of the places to which Kathy spoke voiced significant concern when told of Harvey's claims and that she is now the front person at Twitter safety (a couple said "Oh my God") and a few agreed that Harvey sounded like a possible former patient, again, probably covering her personal history in case anyone recognized her from the old days as a psychiatric patient; Indeed, she has plainly gone out of her way to attempt to entirely erase her past: Allison Shea changed her name to Del Harvey (to an almost cult-like similarity to Xavier Von Erck), wears her now-dark hair in face-enshrouding teenage bangs and never speaks of her past before Perverted Justice - not ever; these are not a opinions, now, these are facts.

If Del Harvey is going to be the face of Twitter, of the "social platform" which destroys humans by the score every second around the world while enabling terrorists like ISIS to thrive, it is well past time that people know the private past of this now public figure who covers her history with relentless secrecy which she justifies as a protective measure against supposed retaliation from past trolling victims.

The problem with the idea is that Harvey is keeping her past secret to stay safe from past trolling victims, however, is that she is using that exact same identity - Del Harvey -  today as Twitter's highly visible head of Trust and Safety. It is obvious Harvey/Shea cares not at all about keeping secret her past with Perverted Justice, which is where the trolling victims originated, but is obviously very concerned with keeping secret that past before she began trolling "wannabe pedophiles" with Perverted Justice.

What was Allison Shea/Del Harvey doing before Perverted Justice? Her education? What was she doing with no job or college between the ages of 17 and 21, at which point, at 21, she became a full-time hobbyist troll with Perverted Justice? Has anyone ever spoken to her parents? What is the name of the psychiatric facility in which she claims to have "worked"? 

Many, many people around the world are apparently dying every day in torment and misery from emotional distress caused by the combination of enabling technology and the unbelievably poor job done in keeping anyone safe by "Twitter head of Trust and Safety", Del Harvey/Allison Shea/Noble and Battleworthy. The world should immediately demand answers and demand them now as part of the public awareness necessary to ensure the global public good.

But our research gets even worse yet: level 4 patients, a term Harvey, herself, voluntarily made legit for discussion, with which Harvey plainly had no training to deal with, are the worst of the psychiatric ill, and need 24-hour supervision to ensure that they do not harm themselves.

The reason this is extremely alarming is that Harvey's Twitter timeline is not only a juvenile, self-aggrandizing stream-of-consciousness social aberration compared to other corporate executives of similar executive responsibility on the internet, but Harvey has also posted pictures of herself with symmetric, first-sized black eyes which appear to fit the pattern of psychotic self-abuse episodes. She attributes these human-fist-sized bruises under her eyes to - are you ready? - her small dog. 

The health care officials to whom Kathy spoke  all agree that the dog could not possibly have been responsible and those pictures add to an intense concern over Del Harvey's psychiatric condition as the safety gatekeeper at Twitter.

Also, Harvey recently posted an image of a disgusting arm wound on herself. Again, fits in line with Level 4 psychiatric self-abuse and not exactly what most responsible corporations would call "Representing the company by demonstrating proper executive public behavior".

It's one thing not to behave like a "suit". It's quite another be rattling on in your Twitter timeline with a total lack of job-related substance while making bizarre observations she apparently believes to be clever and posting images of grotesque personal injuries. .

For a real comparison on the black eye issue, which we believe is critical, here is a common black eye and you'll recognize it as such and see the difference to Harvey's.

And another

Now here is Harvey again and look at the pattern of the man with the proven self-induced black eye image, below it. Note the very wide area, lack of a cut, lack of swelling or discoloration of the eye itself or eyelid, the near uniformity of color, all of which which comes not from a single severe facial impact, but from repeated modest acts of self-bruising.

Example of self-abuse black eye. Almost identical in appearance to Harvey's two black eyes. Here is the video of the inmate hitting himself in an effort, in his case, in an attempt to claim physical abuse by his jailors.

Harvey's black eyes very obviously fit the example pattern of self abuse. Anyone can see it. They are also the apparently kind of self-abuse one sees from "Level 4 psychiatric patients".

That's disturbing in the extreme; rather like her dog's teeth which she carefully arranged and shared with the world. This is not what the countless families of the dead who killed themselves because of Twitter-enabled misery want to see from the Corporate VP of Trust and Safety. Normal behavior? No, of course not. Not even remotely by the wildest stretch of the imagination. Let's keep this real.


It all fits. From the facts it is our opinion that Del Harvey was at one time so intensely psychologically disturbed that she was locked up as a Level 4 psychiatric patient during what should have been her college years, which explains the missing time from High School to Perverted Justice. Benghazi-Truth believes she is still trolling as she remains committed to Perverted Justice for life and we believe she is still alarmingly psychologically unstable.

In our opinion, Del Harvey is plainly obviously badly psychologically ill as she manifests the additional symptoms of mental illness, listed here:

Intensely secretive (from Forbes)

Provocative and abusive behavior (which is putting a generous face on Perverted Justice's treatment of their victims)

Confused thinking and abnormal comparisons

Convinced she has usual and unrealistic powers or abilities

Here are a few more various and sundry examples in what appear to be an endless library of extreme abnormal thinking and behavior by Del Harvey aka Allison Shea. Is this what you want from the person who does not seem to care that lives are being ruined by the thousands every day on Twitter, a situation she is supposed to ensure never happens? Where is the grown-up in all this? I don't see her.


IMPORTANT: THIS ARTICLE IS NOT 'ENTERTAINMENT". IT IS A WARNING to every person reading it, because with each passing day, Twitter's heavily financed Perverted Justice obviously continues to invade all other forms of social network. It isn't just Twitter, anymore, as the trolls have boasted. You are not safe from them on Facebook. You are not safe from them on Youtube. You are not even safe from them on PayPal(!).....

... the Tweet, below, seems like a nice well-wishing to Kathy about Paypal from Stan Hjerleid from Fort Collins, Colorado (Public info, Fair Use Act)....

... Seems nice until you know that this is the same Stan Hjerleid who has written defamation about Kathy endlessly, posted a map to her home and issued several death threats, including the following - and yes, as you can see, he rolls as part of an obvious team with Del Harvey pal Kristen White, Random Thoughts and a few others... 

Stan is an IT specialist. Conclusion/opinion? Stan criminally hacked Kathy's Paypal account and cannot resist needling her about it, obviously. needling, mocking.... tormenting... from an account Twitter refuses to remove... in other words, Perverted Justice. Stan and Kathy are not friends. But Stan and his friends are obviously friends with Del Harvey.

 You aren't even safe from trolls at home if they discover where you live and decide to have some 'fun". You may never know when they strike because Twitter engages in 'shadowbanning": any Twitter-paid and/or enabled troll can make a fake account of your name, post whatever they want claiming to be you, shadowban you so you never see it, and ruin your life when employers, relatives and friends google your name. Don't assume this only happens to other people. Tomorrow you can be next. Unless you publicly capitulate on bended knee to every one of their sadistic and totalitarian dictates, you will be targeted eventually unless Twitter is stopped and the trolls de-funded now.

The next obvious step for the Perverted Justice trolls obviously working for Twitter under Xavier and Del Harvey, if this is not happening already, will be to target people according to their public political records of any sort, regardless of what they tweet. The people over whom Del Harvey - as the face of the operation - clearly presides are obviously uncontrollable, compulsive, bloodthirsty sadists who have been given the kind of power of which Hitler himself could only have dreamed in his most horrendously sadistic nightmares.

UNDERSTAND THIS: If Twitter is in fact Perverted Justice itself in regard to its online operation, which now seems totally obvious, it/they will never self-police or moderate just as they never did in the past. Xavier has never apologized for ruining his past friends life - obsessively - by having cyber sex with him for months, even though the man was never a danger to the children Perverted justice uses to justify its sadistic practices: Xavier destroyed him because he simply decided he did not like him, personally. That is not a mind you want to empower using the second largest social media platform in the world. Perverted Justice types will never say "Okay, that's enough". Their continued activity proves that their thirst for the pain and humiliation of others can never be satisfied. They will simply continue to grow if left to their own desires and their sadistic compulsions will continue to grow with them.

The medical profession has now officially clinically categorized internet trolls as psychopathic sadists. That doesn't mean as in annoying creeps or immature troublemakers; it means psychopathic sadists.  It means as in Ted Bundy. It means as in Charles Manson. It means as in Joseph Stalin. It means as in Adolph Hitler.

If such people have been totally, recklessly  empowered by the Twitter Corporation which seems to be a completely obvious reality, now, and if those people are not stopped now, they will never be stopped, and you will be a victim, sooner or later. YOU will be a victim. Absolutely. Do not hide today because they will find you tomorrow. That is guaranteed because a sadist cannot destroy a person twice, and their essentially-proven compulsion to perpetually seek new victims while describing their acts as noble will continue to grow larger and larger, in the best tradition of Hitler's Third Reich. This is not fantasy. Without a reasonable alternative explanation of which there appears to be none, it's obviously happening, today.


Additionally, IMO  Von Erck the Perfect and company (his rats can stay home) need to be hauled before a congressional or other Grand Jury with countless witnesses for the prosecution to see what they have been doing for the past ten years for a living and inside Twitter. Brietbart has already reported on a mole inside Twitter who is reporting that Twitter is intentionally destroying those users it has targeted based of sociopolitical prejudice. Perverted Justice, anyone?

SHUT DOWN TWITTER, HOLD EVERYONE THERE ACCOUNTABLE. Call for it now. Shout the demand to the four corners of the earth, which is now Perverted Justice's sadistic sandbox.

People are beginning to leave Twitter in droves and its stock is down to $17.00 from a high not long after going public of $75.00, so it's clear that no one will miss it. The only people who will be missed are the dead, driven to take their own lives, and missed by their friends and families while Xavier Von Erck continues to feed his beloved pet rats and Del Harvey posts revolting images of her own physical injuries and scattered remarks about statistical spreadsheets and so forth from someone who never went to college and held no prior job apart from being an internet troll.

 Plainly,Twitter can never be repaired. It's impossible to fix because Twitter is systemically flawed; its destructive influence derives directly from the very nature of its operation, exacerbated by the obvious destructive influence of Perverted Justice and a "safety" VP who from her Twitter timeline to her bizarre claims and photos, is plainly inappropriate to be within 100 miles of a position in which she has manifestly failed utterly for 8 years and is costing human lives.

Twitter is genuinely dangerous. That is not theory or opinion; Twitter being a world-wide danger is a proven, immutable fact and the lives lost because of it cannot ever be regained, and the broken hearts of those who loved the dead cannot ever be mended. Twitter must be shut down and eliminated. Twitter's operational participants, IMO, must be, in a case of "Ironic Justice", shamed and left to the scorn of history so they may never collect enough money to reorganize and start the horror all over again; what goes around, comes around, legitimately. And those guilty must be prosecuted and sent to prison, hopefully with multiple life sentences each, for the history of Perverted justice which obviously resides within Twitter's operational construction is one of emotional terrorism unrepentent and unapologetic for the deaths they have caused. At their daily commonplace, they make Hitler's most sadistic Third Reich look positively gentlemanly by comparison, and that is an operation which can simply not be allowed to continue.


NOTE to the weak and indecisive GOP House which can shut Twitter down tomorrow with a much-needed investigation: the election results they may ruin will probably be your own. You better start doing your jobs. Now. If RINO Lamar Smith won't get off his worthless ass, frankly, tear the science chairmanship from his hands and give it to someone with a track record of successful prosecution. Now is the time.

Alternate conclusions to any or all of the above may be posted by you in comment section, below. Go ahead.  I dare you to come up with an alternate conclusion. Keep it realistic, fact-based and give it a try. Give it your best shot, right now. If you can't, then you better start agreeing this column loudly to everyone you know, before it's too late.These are Benghazi-Truth's very extremely-firmly-held opinions, and they will remain such until the following questions are answered and the answers qualified:


1. What has Xavier Von Erck been doing for employment for the last ten years? If he is at Twitter, then is involvement is both secret and obvious. He has only ever proved himself at one occupation in his entire life: destroying fellow human beings through interaction of the internet. A troll.

2. What was the name of then "Psychiatric facility" in which Del Harvey/Allison Shea/Alison Shea claims to have worked? if she is or has been certified extremely disturbed, the world needs to know and Twitter should not just remove her, but Twitter must be shut down for good' that kind of recklessly dangerous decision-making is ample grounds for a government/congressional-forced shutdown.

3. How many Perverted Justice members, past and present, are working at Twitter? This is minor compared to the first two, above, but helpful.

For more on Perverted Justice, which is now obviously called "Twitter". you may want to watch the second half of this video and see news commentators, ABC News, police officers, district attorneys and the like utterly condemn Xavier Von Erck's sadistic brainchild, Perverted Justice:

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