Monday, June 2, 2014


The Tea Party Fire Ants would like to extend our very sincere thanks to World Net Daily, one of the largest and most well-read Conservative-targeted news organizations in the world, and its reporters, bestselling author Jack Cashill, and WND reporter Leo Hohmann  for running so far not one but two articles about the Fire Ants battle against false flag liberals operatives and the operatives seeming collusion with Twitter administrators to silence conservative voices. The impact these articles have had gas been immense, and we again thank WND not just for running these stories, but recognizing the 1st amendment importance to give them both front-page status. We support World Net Daily and regard ourselves as indebted for the fair and honest coverage they have provided to this issue. Thank you, guys.

The stories are here, chronologically. Click on the images to read each at World Net Daily:

Jack Cashill's initial expose:

Reporter Leo Homann's excellent investigative report

On a related issue, a group has been started by the very people who have defamed and antagonized the Tea Party Fire Ants and tried to ruin its conservative activism for over a year. Deliberately-named so as to confuse the initial hashtag #TPFA, that group, "True Patriots For America" is another in a seeming long-line of Alinski tactics to silence conservatives by confusing their (in this instance, our)massage and minimize their (our) presence. They essentially admit as much, here:

Please beware of "True Patriots For America". Our experience is that they are just as nasty generally as they are in their response, above.

Remember, on Twitter, #TPFA means TEA PARTY FIRE ANTS! 
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