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CUT TO THE CHASE: It seems way fewer conservatives have heard of Harriet Baldwin than one might suspect from the way she and her pals communicate to the world. So here's the short version:

She categorically declared our three Thank You letters from Congressman Frank Wolf were "bogus" forgeries...

Well-known World Net Daily called Wolf's office and confirmed the Tea Party Fire Ants are legit and the Thank You letters from Congressman Wolf are genuine...

Therefore, we demand an apology from Harriet Baldwin and her pals. If she refuses to give an apology, then IMO considering the vitriol she & pals have spewed at us for over a year...

their conservative motivations must be considered suspect and they, themselves, abandoned as any legitimate voice for conservatism. That's pretty straightforward and IMO, a common-sense necessity, because Tea Party groups must be more or less unified by November.
Harriet Baldwin, IMO, very clearly stands in the way of that necessity. Look at this jaw-dropping response Harriet Baldwin made regarding Kathy's demand for an apology - Harriet threatens her in, IMO, the proven way of the leftist trolls. Does this sound like one conservative talking to another? I think not!!! What do you think?


The Long Version for people with time on their hands...

As we start to move out of summer and into campaign season, it's pretty important that the Tea Party tighten up, mobilize and get more active. That is really what the Tea Party Fire Ants are all about. Despite the formation of a Select Committee, which we are extremely proud to be able to say we were fundamentally helpful in helping to bring about (you know the story), Benghazi remains our primary focus because it's such a mind-blower that it has the chops as an issue to send the democrats politically back to the stone age in November, and with the media behind the left, the right must not miss any opportunity such as this. Considering death occurred in Benghazi, that may sound overly-political to some, I know, but I, for one, have moved past my heartbreak for the loss of the four Americans, now, and am much more firmly focused on the missing Benghazi survivor witnesses; any Administration which would do everything it seemingly can to keep witnesses from testifying to the murder of its own Ambassador (and even one of our congressional heroes, Rep Frank Wolf, acknowledges that Obama's Administration is silencing the witnesses) deserves whatever political hardship befalls it in November, and the democrats who supported that administration deserve, IMO, to share that political hardship. It's terrible and alarming leadership, and leadership that bad is certain to ruin millions of lives (indeed, on a different issue but as a solid  barometer, look at the current economy).

This brings us back to an issue we cannot ignore but wish we could: the internet trolls; subversive leftist internet agents - ranging in styles and techniques from socialist Dr No's to Marxist Mata-Hari's - pretending to be conservative and gaining cred among their victims by passionately shouting the proper, harmless-to-Obama political red meat while defaming and destroying effective conservatives and conservative groups from the inside. Jack Cashill in World Net Daily reminds us that that us simply a variation of an old Communist trick, and our own Sergeant Major has written on this blog about false flag operations, similar to what is encountered in battle - one side raising the flag of the opposition and then gunning them down when they get close.  Subversive trolls  are fact, not imagination. You know the drill and if you read here regularly you know the Tea Party Fire Ant fight with trolls has now been covered - favoring the TPFA - twice in World Net Daily
and now also in the truly hugely-followed Tea Party News Network.
As of this writing their latest story about us has over 4,500 Facebook shares alone. That's shares, not views. If the Share numbers translate the same way Twitter Retweets do, that's way over 20 million times that the story headline has been or will be seen. People care about this issue. It's important.

The troll situation admittedly is now much-improved due to places like WND and TPNN (and this blog on a very considerably more modest level) shining public light onto troll ops and forcing the trolls into a far less aggressive posture. As you know the Fire Ants are in nearly continuous communication with congressional offices, who are preparing a congressional investigation of Twitter, as well as regular contact with the Ohio Attorney General's office who are expanding their investigation of a criminal forgery of a forged letter from the Ohio AG's office meant to be sent to Kathy which the trolls were mocking before Kathy even knew about it (so some were plainly in on the forgery or at least knowledge of it from the source). Additional investigations are likely to expand very quickly in less than a week due to a situation of which I cannot speak at present, but we will give it to you asap when we can.

Still, there is more we - you and I and our conservative friends, associates and allies - can do on social media. To do it we need to speak plainly and cut the delicate chat. In my opinion, and the last I looked I was still entitled to an opinion in the United States, so-called conservative 'leader" Harriet Baldwin has proven herself to be a very central controlling authority among the leftist operatives, and if she isn't, then someone please explain to me why she behaves as she does, because IMO she has all the earmarks. IMO she very plainly gives out directives to trolls, calms the rattled nerves of upset trolls, assures trolls and often speaks in apparent-intentionally vulgar and foul-mouthed ways to IMO clearly embolden trolls and put their victim's associates and friends, who would otherwise defend the victims, into a fearful mindset in which they decline to defend the victim, simply because some of what she says sounds so, in my opinion, psychotically aggressive that they don't want to draw Harriet's horrendous fire, (which, in my experience/opinion, BTW, is totally without teeth at the end of the day).

There are plenty of examples of Harriet volunteering these kinds of things unprovoked, but to me this is the representative poster child which IMO encapsulates all her all-too-common negatives into one quick little package, shown with variation (Harriet seemed to really like this one):

It's an insult, it demeans, it's vulgar, it's foul-mouthed and it appears to be a directive someone is supposed to obey and carry out.

Now let's speak plainly on the flip side of the coin, about the Tea Party Fire Ants. Anyone at this point who knows our history and says that TPFA is anything but a dedicated conservative activist group, in my opinion, needs very serious psychiatric care, or they are just malicious and agenda-motivated liars. A quick checklist of TPFA's activities of which Harriet, I am sure, is well-aware: 

1. Benghazi is the worst of all political situations for Obama, and we worked hard to take Wolf's HRes36 for a Benghazi select committee (the same kind of thing that would have gotten Nixon impeached had he not resigned first) from 35 co-sponsors to 190 co-sponsors via a daily, 18-month Twitter campaign, hence the 3 thank you-letters from Wolf (more about that in a moment).

2. A similar campaign for GOP Rep Tom Rice's HRes442, to take Obama to court (yeah, leftist trolls really want something like that, right?), hence Boehner's version of the same.

3. The only successful boycott of Fox news in that network's history, demanding Fox News report more aggressively about Obama's scandals (I wonder what our supposed 'subversive, leftist' end game was supposed to be when we did that one?! Eyeroll)

4. Working with Overpasses and local TPFA boots-on-the-ground groups now being created to more heavily advertise to the mainstream voter Obama's scandals.

5. Pro conservative, anti-Obama Videos, including the latest, an elaborate 5-minute stereoscopic video (which earned a story and a great review in Tea Party News Network and Tea which calls out Obama's most horrendous scandals in visual metaphors using George Orwell's "1984" as a theme.

6. Countless other less elaborate activism and conservative successes.

Yet Harriet Baldwin, whose Conservative achievements have yet to be explained to me besides having many Twitter followers (which can be easily bought online),  calls us "Worthless", Crap-stirrers", "Twitter shadow Group", "Alinski progressives", "Enemies of the Tea Party" and, of course, among many more, "Totally pathetic F'ing A-holes" and asks other people to call us that was well. The dichotomy between our conservative actions which are now beyond reproach and Harriet Baldwin's vulgar, scatological epithets against us are now taking on a degree of surrealism that would make Salvator Dali green with envy. Therefore, I have no choice but to come to the conclusion that, no matter how well she has worked herself into minor but ensconced areas of the Tea Party, that in my opinion Harriet Baldwin is absolutely, positively, one-hundred-percent a subversive  liberal left-wing activist of the most poisonous, manipulative variety. (and oh yes, when Jack Cashill, phd, of three books which crack Amazon's top ten and writes for Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Weekly Standard, AmericanThinker; Leo Hohmann of World Net Daily; and Matthew Burke at Tea Party News Network covered the Tea Party Fire Ants favorably, Harriet's unaccomplished, otherwise-nobody co-activists actually attacked, on Twitter, often, those writers and extremely accomplished journalistic institutions.

When different leaders of Tea Party groups disagree, to my knowledge one group does not request that people regard the other group as "totally pathetic F'ing A-Holes" and "Alinski progressives". IMO that's just loud-mouthed conservative red meat to turn whoever can be influenced against the effective Tea Party group being attacked, and that is the very epitome - the dictionary definition - of the very hard-core leftist troll.

But one of the worst attacks, frankly because TPFA worked so hard to get the job done which earned the praise, were the troll attacks against the three (that's right, three) letters of thanks from Congressional House Representative Frank Wolf. With no basis in fact whatsoever, not even qualifying the accusations as opinions, Harriet and pals categorically declared as statements of fact that the letters from Wolf that we posted were fakes. Some people innocently stepped up to the plate, like this girl....

... and Harriet's brutal apparent close pals figuratively, but only barely figuratively, tore her to pieces. The problem was not that she got involved, the problem is that trolls manifest being so horrendously brutal that not enough people came to her defense, and that kind of sitting-on-the-sidelines when fellow conservatives are under attack has to stop.

Then World Net Daily dealt the trolls a pretty severe blow by any normal human standard. They called Wolf's office and reported....

In the past few days I have tried something novel by internet standards: I informed Harriet and her pals that we await her and her pals to issue an apology to the Tea Party Fire Ants and, Kathy and, yes, myself, for accusing us of a criminal forgery after Wolf's office confirmed the letters were genuine (though they had no right to categorically declare it as such regardless). They have since responded to the expectation of an apology by them as only they could; they are behaving as though my demand for an apology is aggressive action against them:

You can see them only yesterday still attacking TPNN and alarmingly, Harriet says "@Delbius knows", as though this is all very cozy between them. If you read here regularly you know Delbius (apparent aka Alison Shea) is Twitter's euphemistic "chief of security", whom we have challenged to justify the suspension of Kathy's main account while Harvey and company allow outrageously  aggressive trolls to run wild.
In our opinion, this cozy remark by Baldwin about Delbius only makes Delbius look even more complicit in these extremely inappropriate behaviors (including apparent criminal cyber-bullying) and actions on Twitter, where Delbius Harvey is supposedly safeguarding the users against exactly this same kind of action.

So what can be done? Well, I have an idea. Since Harriet often calls for others to do certain things which IMO are extremely negative, I will make a positive request of you - and everyone - and don't be afraid of "the trolls" because there is safety in numbers and we have your back: you, too, please demand that Harriet and her pals issue an apology to the Tea Party Fire Ants and Kathy Amidon and Proe Graphique (me). Any normal person, IMO, would make the apology without fuss and one assumes with a tad of embarrassment over so gross an accusation as they made which turned out to be entirely false (and repeatedly falsely accusing people of criminal conduct on a public forum of 250 million daily users is pretty damn serious). The more people ask for the apology and the more those being asked for an apology act put-upon by the request/demand and refuse, the more headway we will make, IMO, of separating the counter-productive aggressors from the wholly productive and optimistic Tea Party conservatives. Demanding an apology for something as gross as their accusations (which went on for months), IMO, is not harassment, or defamation or anything else. In my opinion, it is simply entirely fair in a normal, free society and more than just a little well-deserved.

If we are all Tea Party, then we are unified, and if we are unified, it only makes sense to come to each others' aid. In this case, the aid serves many extremely important functions to the Tea party as a whole: it puts people on notice to know their facts; it puts people on notice that their 'targets" are not without the same support that those who take aim at them appear to have; and we can start to clear the air - and maybe quickly finish the job - as to who stands where regarding conservatism and that needs to be done fast, because if these people are as I believe in my opinion - hard-core leftist operatives making significant inroads into the Tea Party to destroy it - then they must be driven back and out of any influence among conservatives. If I am wrong and IMO some seemingly impossible way Harriet and her tight group really actually are Tea Party conservatives by some definition of which I am entirely unaware, then demanding an apology from them lets these people who have voluntarily chosen to be limited public figures know that the rest of the Tea Party won't stand by and watch attacks like these be made against some of their own. 

We're using this graphic, below. You have our permission to use it, also. Make sure your comments do not slide down the same vulgar path that, IMO, Harriet Baldwin uses, because trolls will ignore her communication style and attack you for yours. Be firm but polite. In other words, be a strong conservative doing the right thing, and don't run from their attacks; IMO that kind of thing has to stop if we don't want that kind of aggression to rule the roost. Politely demanding an apology is fair, and will force them to act one way or the other, or prove themselves by their lack of action. These kinds of relentless attacks against conservatives have to stop, regardless of who is doing the attacking.

EDIT: As we are wont to say at Benghazi-Truth, "Curiouser and curiouser, said Alice." IMO, reading a response like this from Harriet Baldwin, someone who has made such vulgar attacks, absolutely qualifies as a falling-through-the-looking-glass experience.

What is one to make of this? She accused us of creating fake letters from Congressmen, appears to indulge others who volunteer the same accusations, and when the reliable conservative news source (a giant for Conservatives, really) World Net Daily confirms via Congressman Wolf's office that the group Harriet has been attacking is legit and the thank you letters from the Congressmen are genuine, when pressed for an apology, this so-called "conservative leader" posts a response like this?! She blows off the demand with an, IMO, arrogant dismissiveness like some Uber Queen Bee, and then appears to implicate Twitter administration in the spamblocking of individual users she doesn't like?! AND THEN THREATENS KATHY AND SAYS KATHY IS "BEING TRACKED WHILE INSULTING KATHY?!?!" Are you kidding?! By the way, I have had two accounts, @TP_Fire_Ants and the recently un-suspended and soon-to-be-retired @FrankMDavisJR, the latter of which had been suspended by Twitter admins for so long - over 6 months - that the relationships built on it have evaporated (IMO, that was the intended plan among those at Twitter admin I feel certain are in on the censorship of conservatives game. Cute, eh? Adorable. Indeed, for all we know, this may be why Twitter was created in the first place)

So Harriet refused to even acknowledge in any way that she had wronged people. Not just Kathy and I, but by making the false, defamatory accusation as a declarative  statement), basically, IMO, defamed all the TPFA members, contributors and friends by implicating that they supported such endeavors. On their behalf, then, as well, we are going to keep pressing Harriet for an apology, and we're going to press for it hard. IMO, it's difficult to have sympathy for someone who speaks and behaves like that. 

The Tea Party needs to be unified, and since Harriet voluntarily started this war, unprovoked,  with TPFA, and said the, IMO, truly vile things she did, she needs to be pressed for an apology so people can see this situation play out, and therefore judge for themselves where they feel she should stand, if anywhere aside from a, IMO, pariah, in terms of influencing the Tea Party and its direction. As stated, it is my personal opinion that she is one of the leftist troll leaders, worked into place over time and possibly supported by a larger operation to bring down the Tea Party from the inside (I remain uneducated as to any actual accomplishment she can claim for herself). We work with other groups and IMO the idea that any would even consider for a slimmest moment emulating Harriet's example as reported on this page is absolutely inconceivable.

Further, as we saw again last night, Harriet's pals continue to chase us around Twitter and try to  discredit us to GOP lawmakers when we press those GOP lawmakers to further the conservative cause, and this kind of thing cannot just be let go and left unresolved. We will continue to press Harriet and her pals for an apology and see where this winds up because, frankly, IMO, we deserve an apology and it needs to be repeated and it needs to be contrite and sincere as well, or, IMO, people seriously need to walk away from Harriet as any kind of conservative authority, regardless of any legit or constructed  conservative  reputation, because something is plainly just not right with what we see going on here - that's obvious. 

Oh, and regarding her pals using multiple accounts when caught being naughty, apparently so as to  continue to attack TPFA with supposedly less of a trail back to the central operators, it isn't working; the writing styles of who is whom in the multiple accounts us so obvious they could be recognized by a grade school student.

AND WHERE IS DELBIUS HARVEY, TWITTER'S SO-CALLED CHIEF OF SAFETY AND SECURITY? In my opinion only, she is wherever one happens to be when working directly with the trolls themselves against activist conservatives availing themselves of their first amendment rights on Twitter; IMO re-living glory days of her apparent only job ever held before joining Twitter: trolling and humiliating pedophiles for fun and profit with the resultant occasional suicide, only with conservatives  instead of pedophiles now the target of censorship, cyber-bullying and online humiliation.

Indeed, it is my growing suspicion (only an opinion, but becoming very firmly held) that it is exactly  those  qualities Twitter execs sought and why they would hire and promote someone with so slim and controversial a resume as Del Harvey's; IMO to get someone into that job not to protect people, but to do exactly the thing most prominent, apparently, on Harvey's prior resume: trolling, bullying and humiliating  people online - people, in this case, the leftist San Francisco-based Twitter would disagree with socially and politically. If true, that would make Twitter, with 250 million users, a massive criminal  cyber-bullying operation against conservatives that would utterly dwarf any such oppressive anti-free-speech operation ever seen in world history. It's only my opinion, but in my opinion, when you add it all up, it's the only thing that does add up. And harrassing and cyber-bullying conservatives while pretending to be one also appears to be, IMO, what Harriet Baldwin  seems to be up to, as well, and would explain, IMO, why Baldwin started this part-time vulgar-mouthed crusade against the Tea Party Fire Ants seeming out of the clear blue sky. It all fits together, too, too well.... in my opinion.

Speaking of which, by the way, it looks like TPFA has yet another  Congressperson on board the GOP House investigation of Twitter abuses. Stay tuned.


  1. Harriet, DO NOT THREATEN. If you don't like what the TPFA are doing, why do you feel the need to threaten? Are you really THAT insecure?

  2. IMO it's the same person posting the same stuff over and over!