Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tea Party Fire Ants' Fight To Rid Online Conservatives Of Twitter Trolls Makes Front Page Of World Net Daily

The Title says it all. This is News, of course, and News is fleeting, but for about 14 hours the Tea Party Fire Ants' battle with online Trolls made the top headline on the front page at World Net Daily, one of the largest and most well-read of Conservative news sources in the world.

Here's a small portion of Jack Cashill's 
excellent article:

We have always appreciated Jack Cashill's and World Net Daily's groundbreaking work, so if you are a follower and friend of this blog and the Tea Party Fire Ants - or just happen to believe in Free Speech - please follow this link to WND and read the article which is both informative and written from a fascinating perspective. You going there from here will also show that Benghazi-Truth readers support WND and it's advertising and you help to provide a few hits more which will help keep WND running at peak power and efficiency; every little bit adds up fast in our allied struggles - and victories - against socialist and communist propaganda and operatives.

CLICK HERE or go directly via the link

For more on our battles with trolls from this blog, you may like these older pieces which are just as relevant - or moreso -  then they were months ago when first written:

CLICK HERE to read how the Fire Ants have begin a process which will likely result in a Congressional Investigation of Twitter

CLICK HERE to see screenshots of trolls organizing spamblock suspension operations of conservatives, most notably members of the TP Fire Ants.

CLICK HERE to read and see evidence that actor James Woods, currently touted as "conservative" by some media, is, in our opinion, very very definitely not anywhere near being a true Conservative, and may be, IMO, part of a subversive liberal troll operation.

CLICK HERE for the now somewhat grassroots-activist-famous Benghazi-Truth Guide To Stealth Online Liberal Trolls Pretending To Be Conservative

You know, you find small countries in places like the Caribbean which are derided by liberals as somehow lacking sophistication (most are well read and often versed in the classics, something American culture has mostly abandoned in favor of the violent and often uneducated prose of much pop music), yet in my experience some of these small countries appear to have almost no racism, no religious bigotry, no political correctness minefields and daily preach a sincere value set of love, peace and prosperity. They also would - and will - immediately condemn and disown any person who acted even remotely in the manner of the liberal trolls in America. How much liberals could learn from those mostly non-white populations who live the life that most American conservatives embrace; one of love, peace, personal freedom and the God-given right to defend oneself in an otherwise polite, prosperous and respectful society.

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