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UPDATE OCT 9, 2013 - In a world where all tout their own success, this blog will tout another of a growing list of impressive firsts and accomplishments -  it's definite  This article was right, and almost to the day when we said the predicted events would come true: The polls are turning dramatically in favor of the GOP regarding the shutdown. To my knowledge, this blog is the only outlet anywhere to make that prediction, so, GOP Congress, do pay attention, please.

CNN Polls; 60% blame Republicans, 59%, Democrats, 59% Obama, within a 3-point margin of error, all 3 equally.

10 days ago the GOP took almost all the blame, with Obama looking the best. I said it would change. It did. Now that I have been proven right on that (because of 25 years NYC media experience), please read below and know WHY it changed, and why you, GOP Congress, must STICK TO THE SHUT-DOWN:

Yes, the GOP is being blamed by the media for the Government shut-down. Did they expect anything less from a media which would put an unaccomplished community organizer with the worst associations possible for a president into the White House? The GOP Congress is learning, for the first time in years, what it means to lead and not follow, to act and not simply re-act. They also seem to be getting a little nervous about it, so before they scare themselves silly into mass-career destruction, please pass on these points to Senate and House Republicans. The following is written directly to them.


Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Please pay close attention because this group, under this leadership, has both been instrumental in convincing many of you to co-sponsor HRes36 and managed a boycott of FOX NEWS for going left that ultimately brought that network down by 33% (they dropped fully 22% on the first boycott day, and readers of this blog are well-acquainted with the fact and the evidence of the fact), and while FOX has recovered some margin over the intervening months, they have never recovered fully. Those things are impressive enough by any standard that you should listen to the professional media specialist who has been the primary strategist for those and other things. I'm talking to you and time is too short for me to be gracious and modest about it. I have to get to the point, and you have to respect and understand what I am about to tell you.

Some of you are already getting rattled by the media regarding the shut-down. Cut the crap. I absolutely guarantee you that everyone in this town knows you can win this if you just shrug off the nonsense and stick it out. Here are 5 reasons to stick out the Government shut-down for as long as it takes to see Obamacare vanquished, and the how's and why's.

1. Even going in, as you know, a majority of Americans dislike Obamacare. That's over 50%. That's more than all the Republicans in the United States rolled together. Unless you want to utterly enrage the people you need to keep you living a luxurious and often lackadaisical lifestyle filled with perks and prestige, you will do whatever it takes to defeat ObamaCare. The people don't want Obamacare in very big numbers. Theoretically, we can stop right there because that's reason enough to stick it out. But there's more.

2. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE MEDIA. Media in NYC has been my business for over 25 years and you know that counts for something. Listen. The media cannot spin the reality of Obamacare this time because people are feeling it at home. ObamaCare reality is its own "mass media" and it's an ugly, painful show and no cheerleaders can make make this anything but an awful thing to endure - especially for the country that claims to be the most free society on earth. The media cannot make you look bad in the eyes of the people. Not this time. It is 100% critical that you understand that.

3. People are citing polls as loud and fast as they can to frighten you into thinking the people are not behind you. IGNORE THEM. How can you ignore those polls? Because except for unreliable snapshot polls, reliable polls take at least a few days to process. The polls you are hearing about today were last week's public opinion, before many Americans started getting letters this week in the mail telling them their health care was cancelled, would expire or have skyrocketing premiums. I saw some advance numbers yesterday and people are furious. IN ONE WEEK YOU WILL SEE POLLS REFLECTING AMERICA IS BEHIND YOU. The more you stick it out, the better the polls will look for you, because the longer you stick it out, the more people will have received the devastating news. Not one person in the majority of Americans who disliked Obamacare before will suddenly favor it because of anything they get in the mail from their insurance companies, and most are getting bad news they didn't expect. THIS HELPS YOU - A LOT.

4. Your primary concern is to be re-elected. There is no way to prove the following, which unlike the rest of this letter contains a degree of speculation,  but I did not fall off a turnip truck and, horrible though it may sound, I am now absolutely convinced, after the IRS debacle, and with the IRS running ObamaCare, that the plan from the very beginning was for the "Review Boards" to cross-index medical records with voter registration and deny health to GOP seniors to tip the voting balance in the democrat's favor. It's a brilliant if horrendous plan because most people who shift parties almost always go from being liberal to conservative. It almost never happens the other  way around. That means that only a very small proportion  of GOP seniors need to be denied life-saving treatment under Obamacare to tip the scales to the Democrats. And the people denying the life-saving measures will do it, too, because it's a very passive form of murder which can be easily justified with any number of rationalizations and has no criminal consequences while enjoying the malicious satisfaction of doing to GOP peoples' lives what those same people did to GOP peoples' finances.   Once again, if you want to keep those cushy jobs 5 years from now, you better stop Obamacare, because as I read the math, even a 2% shift in the senior population in less than 5 years will cause you to lose any hope of a majority forever. It's that bad.

5. This is not a reason, but advice. Turn the tables on the media. Mock them. Tell America, with smiles and chuckles, that as cute as the PandaCam is, American lives hang in the balance and they are much more important. Say, "You know, maybe CNN should hire some new reporters, because the ones they have don't seem to realize that is was Harry Reid who shut down the government because he couldn't compromise." And repeat endlessly what you already figured out: "The American people simply hate Obamacare." Yes. Say "hate". most people do. This is similar to your current message, which is good, except it puts the onus on media corps by name, and forces them into defense, which is exactly where you want them.

This is your time in history. Don't be frightened by it. Enjoy it. As I read the media Tea Leaves, if you stick 100% to your guns and do not budge while mocking the opposition and keep repeating that you are doing what America wants, and especially if you force ObamaCare into permanent remission or are able to pull the plug entirely, 2014 will be a spectacular year for you. Rely on it.


Frank/Proe/ Benghazi-Truth

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  1. They also need to stress that the difference in what the Dems do and what they do, the conservative congress is listening to the people.

  2. CCorrect me if I'm wrong and I will gladly spread your theory, but isn't the IPAB going to be making across-the-board cuts and rate setting for Medicare that would effect ALL off its recipients, not going through things on a case by case basis as you seem to imply? I can't imagine 15 people having the time to do all do you propose they will be targeting GOP seniors?

    1. It isn't so much theory as firm extrapolation: the IRS did the same thing to individuals and you could make the same case about they not targeting people based on their political leanings - but they did. The IRS will be running the day-to-day operations of ObamaCare. 15 people couldn't decide the needs of all those people WITHOUT checking their voter reg, but the IRS can. IPAB will be overseeing the larger aspects - IMO IPAB is clearly a front so people don't rightfully go berserk knowing the IRS will be deciding if they literally live or die, and that is exactly what the situation will be. Whatever the IRS can do to taxpayers they can do to life-saving procedure needs. I would not call that theory. I would call that common sense since they already did it to taxpayers.

  3. Once the truth gets exposed, a number of uninformed liberals who see the truth for what it really is will likely turn on their puppet masters and revolt against them for inflicting pain upon them. The puppet masters Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schumer, Chuck Rangell and Dick Durbin will be subject to getting voted out when the political serpent gets ready to bite their hands.

    1. I think that is a good prognostication. Going further, where they are really playing with fire is with the youth. The Reagan teenagers in 1980 got the message that the dems were hopeless, but the degree to which today's kids have been lied-to, manipulated and used by the left will enrage them. The kids are the idealistic ones, no matter how cynical the media and left has tried to make them, and when they realize just what has been going on with Obama and the dems, they will be indignant on a scale off-the-chart, and enraged because of it. Much hinges, IMO, on the shut-down. Once Obama looks impotent against the stalemate AND bad news keeps coming into their parent's mailboxes about ObamaCare, and they hear their parent's anger and distress, they will start snooping in earnest. When that happens, the Dems are done for a generation, along with the media heads who covered for them. And it's not only possible, but likely, because the GOP can do what congress does best - nothing. They just have to sit back, put their feet up and smile day after day while America gets all the gory details of Obamacare from their insurance providers. Once ObamaCare is gutted and sent to the ash-heap of history, Obama becomes worse than uncool. He become an idiotic jerk. We can turn America around with this one situation. Press the Reps to stick to the shut-down. Once congress gets into the habit of enjoying be on the attack for a change and starts asking the hard questions, we might even find out what happened to the 33 missing Benghazi survivor witnesses.

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  5. Even Forrest knows Obamacare is Stupid.