Friday, October 18, 2013


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Already the media - my loving urbane pals with a head full of Dr Spock upbringing and "idealistic" anti-American radical youth jelly-mindedness - are determinedly trying to cement the idea in the public consciousness that the Republicans lost on ObamaCare forever. They say the Republicans were irresponsible - not brave - to engage in the shut-down and ObamaCare is here to stay. They are wrong. You balanced the democrats' previous superior poll numbers with your own negatives - negatives induced over years by a savaging "objective" mainstream media; you who supported the shut-down were brave - and must continue to be brave - and you absolutely have the power to stop ObamaCare for good. That latter point, particularly, is true. But understand, you have to act immediately to counter-act a negative media perception in the public mind certain to emerge if you wait until you are most comfortable. Keep reading.

Already Senate minority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose intelligence and courage is well-represented by the dull, calculated and emotionless expression he has stamped onto his slow and placid wooded head, is pronouncing - as though he has any control of the House - that there will not be a shut-down again. It's also clear, to my own great disgust - that we would see millions suffer and die if he can spin the circumstances to aggrandize himself:  "By the time I came in [Wednesday], it was clear to me that it was up to me to get us out of the government shutdown and make sure we didn't default," he told The Hill." Click for the Newsmax article.

Being in NYC media for 25 years, especially as a closet "hard-right conservative" (known in Reagan's day as an America-loving citizen just slightly right of being centrist), makes one mindful every day of the need to be practical. Though I disagree that ending the shut-down was appropriate, I understand why many of you may feel it was: it seems that to have the nation default while the media is blaming you is a disaster. That was the wrong conclusion, because that concern was a media-created illusion. Many of you in statements made it clear you had put the media first, the polls second. Polls showed - and will continue to show -the people were and are behind you in eliminating Obamacare and for the reason predicted here weeks ago, which came true almost to the day: every day, America gets a form of media bad-news about ObamaCare the mainstream media cannot hide, spin or correct: they are getting horrendous news from their insurance providers. -13 percent spread on the polls show ObamaCare is unwanted by the people. That means, in theory, essentially every Republican with the 13% being democrats and Independents. Do know that ObamaCare will become even less liked over time.

Let me say here that if your plan is to wait until ObamaCare implodes by December, and shut-down again citing the by-then truly alarming statistics, I think your plan is positively brilliant - because it will work. Truly. But you will need to know how to sell it and you guys couldn't sell raw meat to a starving wolf. Here is what you do: announce now that December is the deadline for which statistics and negatives about ObamaCare must reverse. Be fair. Give Obama fair warning in the eyes of the people that you will give that long for America to grow to love Obama's health care nightmare.

Obama will call that "unrealistic", and say things like, "To overhaul an insensitive system leaving good folks like you at the mercy of unconscionable insurance providers takes time, but already we are seeing vast improvements." Reject that without a second thought no matter what the media says. Remember, the people saw through Jimmy Carter's media BS too, but Reagan was confident - even cocky - in turning the tables. You need to channel Reagan's persona and confidence now because America is getting confirmation of your point-of-view every day from their insurance providers and as the polls show, they understand it (read the open letters below this one for the poll stats during the shutdown, from real Clear Politics).

America will continually grow to hate Obamacare, but that is not what the media will say - they know how to frighten you, but this time, the polls show the people are on your side. Already discussions behind closed media doors are taking place to paint a poll-less, glowing and rosy picture of ObamaCare in anticipation of a third round of brinksmanship playing out in December. Please understand, from a media perspective you are not in a game of poker. This is a game chess. This is not faking out the opposition - that plays to the media's strengths. Poker works when people are undecided. Poker always works for the media because they have the voice. Chess works for you in this instance overwhelmingly, and chess strategy beats poker strategy because poker strategy relies on a fake-out and winning in chess is absolute from the start of the game. Since you have the facts and polls behind you, have to - and can, easily - out-maneuver - on an open board for all to see - the opposition, and you can do it. You can do it because there is no way to fix the disaster of ObamaCare in three months. Or 30 years. The law is intrinsically flawed, as is illustrated by the mind-blogging skyrocketing premiums.

As an added inducement to act, let me remind you that Obamacare will be run by the IRS which targeted GOP taxpayers. They are certain to do the same with health care. malicious, hateful, probably-disturbed types, hired by Obama's radical-left, who targeted Republicans for pain financially will do so to life-saving procedures to both your constituents (who, when enough die, won't be around to re-elect you) and to your extended families not covered by your own (probably  unconstitutional) health care plans. If you fail and your young nephew asks, "Why  does  grandpa have to die?" you can say, "Because I did not have the courage to do what was right" 

IN A NUTSHELL : YOU NEED TO PLAY THIS AS FAIR AND SENSIBLE, not like sneaky wise-guys. YOU NEED TO ISSUE REPEATED WARNINGS THAT OBAMA HAS BETWEEN NOW AND DECEMBER TO FIX OBAMACARE OR THERE WILL BE A SHUT-DOWN AND POSSIBLE IMPEACHMENT, AND YOU NEED TO DO IT IMMEDIATELY. Do that and America will see you as fair, sensible, and concerned heroes for America - and support the next shut-down in December positively guaranteed overwhelming numbers, almost guaranteeing either Obamacare goes away or Obama resigns or at the very least so damages the democrat party that 2014 and 2016 will be a walk in the park for Republicans. BROADCAST YOUR FAIR WARNING TO OBAMA THAT HE NEEDS TO MAKE OBAMACARE PERFECT BY DECEMBER OR THE DEAL IS OFF AND THERE WILL BE ANOTHER SHUT-DOWN. LET EVERYONE KNOW. BUT LET EVERYONE KNOW, NOW!

Yours Truly,



  1. You wrote:

    "Let me say here that if your plan is to wait until ObamaCare implodes by December, and shut-down again citing the by-then truly alarming statistics, I think your plan is positively brilliant - because it will work. Truly."

    My fear is that the GOP is too stupid to come up with this plan on their own and that they stumbled onto the current set of circumstances without quite knowing the gift that's been given to them.

    This particular Daily Memo of yours could very well be the first time the GOP sees this brilliant plan.

    Yes, I think that little of them.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind comments. It may be that this has not occurred to them, but I would like to think it has and what we are doing is removing any doubt in their minds by confirming public support for an idea they, themselves, might be hesitant to express in public. More to the point, if they wait an extended period of time to make the announcement/warning, the public will say "Not this again!" when it comes up. If they do it soon, within a week or so, then people will be on the edge of their seats watching the suspense drama play out while cheering the GOP for holding the winning hand - everyone loves a winner and everyone hates ObamaCare. When Obama inevitably fails to deliver the love for ObamaCare the GOP demands, the public will all have it straight in their heads it's time for Obama to pull the plug on ObamaCare, and will support any reasonable measures by the GOP including, IMO, Obama's impeachment and, if he continues to be an unruly child, the attempt to remove him. Obama continues to act as a spoiled brat/tyrant on ObamaCare, and this scenario playing out will be the illustration that leaves America in no doubt of the fact, because, again, they simply hate his supposed "Affordable Health Care Act" which is driving them bankrupt fast.

  2. GOP also has to have ready a replacement for ObamaCare because Obama will. Obama's checkmate move will be to implement SINGLE PAYER INSURANCE - possibly by executive order.

  3. With respect, your comment is entirely ridiculous and your remark seems designed to frighten the GOP into backing off from the advice, above. Anonymous, you are wrong because 1. The replacement for Obamacare is the successful, decades-old system which existed before Obamacare which in most cases was 100% -300% less expensive for every family than ObamaCare and. 2. Obama cannot issue single payer by decree - any idiot should know this because if he could have done it by now he would - Obama is not shy about being a tyrant by unconstitutional executive order. Now go shuffle along and bother someone else with your obnoxious falsehoods. There's a good fellow. Sheesh. *Rolls eyes*

  4. Is it ok to copy some of your remarks to a facebook page?

    1. We ask you credit the source with a link. We can't do as much hands-on activism for free (we take no money at all, not even advertising revenue) as we feel needs to be done by us AND self-promote to any appreciable degree; that's the only reason I ask. Otherwise, sure, and thank you for your interest. Keep fighting the good fight.

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