Sunday, October 20, 2013


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We have never done this, but The Tea Party Fire Ants is now asking directly for your help, and not money, but a little time and activism from the confort of your own home. We need your help to close the sale
with congress on Benghazi and defunding/eliminating Obamacare. No, we don't need your money (we never take any and never will - not even advertising revenue - this effort needs to be 100%"clean" and with no special interests involved). We need you because we can attain victories now against Obama's agenda in the conclusive 
sense, but we need you.

Recapping this groups' efforts, and most importantly successes and recognition, to prove our worthiness of your small time and modest amount of energy for which we are asking, we've been at it for about year in Twitter, and at it online for 5 years, long before the Tea Party Fire Ants name was born (25-year Green Beret Vet Sgt Major: "We're like fire ants". Me: "Eureka! The group's official name should be 'The Tea Party Fire Ants'! Anyone disagree?" Everyone loved it. And here we are. #TPFA on Twitter). 
You probably know NYC media has been my business for over 25 years (I'm a very closeted conservative in the belly of the beast. It isn't easy, but it has it's activist advantages to know what the "enemy" is thinking and doing very intimately). You know that marketing is the specialty of twitter swarm leader Kathy Amidon. You know that Sgt Major brings his Green Beret experience and perspective to the TPFA op. And you know we, in the very larger collective, have had solid successes under our banner I believe no grassroots group in the last year can remotely match. You can decide on that last part. If anyone has, please correct me so I can correct this blog entry:

For almost 1 year of unbroken consecutive nights, Christmas and New years included, the core of our group has Tweeted media and congress on mostly Benghazi, but has diversified a fair amount to include the shutdown, activism generally and to eliminate ObamaCare, because IMO Obama's media armor is as thin as rice paper, now. A concerted GOP effort brings it all down politically. Tweeting as a group on open threads for public pressure was a strategy brainstormed and initiated in practice by this group.

100's of you retweet our swarm posts every night and we thank you. You brought this particular art original to us to 2,600 Retweets (approximately 10 million people) as of this writing (the first group to demand Obama free the Benghazi survivor witnesses to testify, posted on Twitter, Jan 13, 2013).
We've produced 100's of original works for the Benghazi/conservative cause (prompting lib trolls to christen me, this group's founder, as "#clipartdude". I guess I'm supposed to feel diminished by their "devastating"  sarcasm. Sorry. I'm just a little pissed off at dealing with idiots, that's all. Smart people know the difference. Honestly, does that sound to you like fellow conservatives who merely have a problem with your activist approach, or does that sound like lib operators trying to make a successful group unpopular by mockery?) 

We initiated and exclusively did many dozens of Benghazi days counts. We don't believe tweeting hashtags into outer space twice a week, while America has no idea of the issue, is good enough for an organized activist group. We don't think that you think so, either:

Dozens of pieces if Editorial art

Most importantly, you probably know of some of this group's accomplishments by now. Real accomplishments, not just the kind of appeal to popularity lib trolls pretending to be conservatives use to fake out people looking for a group to which to belong:

When Fox News, IMO, began to clearly betray the conservatives who made that network hugely success in the most nauseating and manipulative audience betrayal in television history, we made America's voice known in the only successful boycott of that network, ultimately bringing their ratings down 33%. And yes, thanks to a mocking media whose unctuousness backfired, they know who did it.


At this point we would like to ask poisonous critics who have been relentlessly attacking Kathy and myself on twitter - @clarencesilkwow, @BossHoggUSMC, @SirTatters, @Lillisbeesmom, @HarrietBaldwin etc, to post their group accomplishments, to, you know, remind them that activists are not on this earth to be those for whom the trolls were put here to judge. They need to prove they can get something done once in a while just to distinguish the difference between do-er and, IMO, the merely obnoxious voice designed to distract and make true conservative accomplishment less efficient. 

#TPFA / this blog has made significant inroads successfully into keeping issues alive and denied the left media the victory of making them go away, not just to the choir online, but to the rest of society :

We've done some pretty gutsy stuff, too, like when #TPFA swarm leader Kathy Amidon had the patriotic chutzpah to call Boehner's office and legally record the guy on the other end admitting Boehner was refusing to allow HRes36 for a Benghazi select committee a vote because he knew it would pass!


Admittedly, on occasion we have not been successful, but no-one get's 100% success 100% of the time. Truckers to Shut Down America refused to take our free information, guidance and advice as most of you know, and as you know the event was basically a media catastrophe insomuch as, as with most conservative "big events", it went nowhere because the media put a lock-down on any story that advances the Conservative cause. We wanted the trucker event to look like this, told them how and researched and found the resources for them to do it incredibly inexpensively. They refused. But we tried. Maybe the next time:  

We keep an eye on the important facts necessary for conservative political media success and broadcast them in ways you probably know that no other group does.

We've had our right-wing celebrity acknowledgements from the right as well as major major media who attacked us;

We've also held events (Exhausted yet? I am)

We have also provided art for other groups' events, unconditional and free of charge:

We've helped fellow conservatives learn how to identify liberal trolls, and protect themselves from being "Gulaged" (account suspended) on Twitter:

And we have waded obliquely in the past into some pretty controversial material which we feel is entirely legit to investigate further based on the evidence, because ignoring  important evidence is what our side often does best - and hurts the conservative cause the worst, because, like cancer, the damage is done silently and undetected:


Besides the basic need for more people to influence congress to ensure that by January Obamacare is given its last rites and to see a floor vote on HRes36 for a proper Watergate-style Benghazi select committee, people, common called "trolls" who are, in my opinion, troublemakers and opportunists  have hurt the TPFA brand, scaring people away from activism. Some of those trolls were past "members" of TPFA whose involvement was pretty slight to say the least. Some have never been involved at all except to act is grand critics that none of the above is good enough for those whose own accomplishments amount to zero.

You have probably seen this relentless guy, whose name we are supposed to believe really is Clarence Silkwood (who is apparently a woman who goes by the additional handle of "SirTatters, whose real name Kathy knows from past association)), who seems to have made it a cause to attack us 24/7. He/she even spent the night Ted Cruz filibustered attacking us while everyone else was tweeting support for Cruz:

In this case he is pushing a guy named Donnie who set up a blog to, IMO, whine about what we feel is nothing more or less than a veiled excuse for cyber-squatting our group domain name, around April 3 or 4th, just after the media gave huge coverage to the Tea party Fire Ant name. Here is our abbreviated rebuttal to his, IMO, whining rant.

"Stan" has written two columns about me as a mysterious persona whom he feels, seemingly for the good of all mankind, needs to be brought forth into the sunshine, never mentioning some of the people he trolls against us with have names like "Boss Hogg", "SirTatters", etc, with no legit identities - and no activist accomplishment, either. He also does not seem to realize, also, that his seeming obsession appears to be alarming most who read it since 99% of the people on twitter who are not brand-name celebrities, as is recommended by online advisers,  use an alias to protect themselves and their families from harm. But "Stan" is a citizen "investigative reporter" who has decided, it seems, that finding any angle to diminish my credibility and thus hurt this group is where his journalistic talents best lie.

And they have partially succeeded. The trolls have hurt us, no question. Most people see them, know their type and retweet our demands that they tweet some example of their own accomplishment. But the net result is that TPFA activists have been reduced to a handful because the trolls' weird, obsessive ways and sometimes downright alarming ways succeed in frightening people off, as is their way-too-obvious goal (Update: this trend is now reversing itself as people have seen the relentless aspects of the trolling, have seen the harmlessness of it except as a distraction, and have begun to get on-board again while occasionally shouting down the trolls).

The conclusion of all this is that America needs you and we really need you and your help right now through the final month or two to see Obamacare ended and the Benghazi investigation truly properly begun. We can do it. I'm right a lot, frankly - my business for 25 years has been to be right. For example, I was right in predicting that the polls would turn against Obama and the dems last week after people got a good sense of Obamacare when no one else, media or conservative pundit alike, mentioned it. I am now absolutely convinced that we are in the end game of stopping Obamacare and seeing Benghazi break open. But I'm also right that we need more people to accomplish it and am fearful that Obama's agenda will be realized fully if more people do not join this effort to see victory through.

Update, Please see 12/10/2013 post on the Tea Party Barter Deal.

We need people to tweet congress with TPFA (follow @Kathy_Amidon's wall on twitter any/every night at 7:00 PM EST) and shout down the trolls attacking #TPFA and we need more of you than them. Right now ACORN pays its people and we can't match their monetary inducement.

Saving America is not like a football game where a handful of people play it out and everyone else watches. This is a game where every person in the bleachers now needs to get on the field. We need you activist help very badly to succeed in a way that will prove to be truly historic if unreported by the mainstream media. We need you.

My twitter account is @FrankMDavisJR
Kathy's is @Kathy_Amidon

Now is the time. Please log on or click back to twitter and pledge & fulfill your activism to help defeat Obama's agenda for the next 2 months. 



  1. Tweeting to Reps can happen in two ways:

    1.) From one's own profile, which means that the comments are not public.

    2.) Replying to the tweets that a Rep has already made, which are public.

    By saying "Tweet to the Reps" people will say "Ah, and I am doing just that."

    The phrase "tweeting to the Reps" is too vague.

    1. Yes! And thank you. Tweeting to Reps must be done as REPLIES to their tweets, so THEY know THE WORLD read what you said. One of the few ways left to put public pressure on public servants, and re-election is all most care about - public pressure is what works. Thank you for the clarification!

  2. People base their not helping out as often as we need on the false notion that "a few tweets here, a couple of hashtags there and a weekly event…. ah, that ought to get things going!"

    At the same time, they complain that the gov't is slow.

    Well the gov't is slow because people just sprinkle the Reps twitter page with replies to their tweets instead of deluging them with tweets!

    The TPFA helped get 177 Reps to cosponsor HRes36 Benghazi.

    That was just a few people and it's been a long time since we started.

    If people realized what I'm saying here, then the Reps would get off their butts and do their jobs!

    People are voicing their opinions alright.

    But like my mother always said "It's not what you say, it's how you say it"

    Well the way people voice their opinion is nearly far too ineffective.

    It's as though once they let out their lofty rhetoric, that this way of doing things is somehow effective.

    "I'm speaking out, thus I'm being effective" is a phrase that someone should have them evaluate & have a debate about.

    The phrase "speaking out" is not specific enough.

    So when someone "speaks out" the question from here on out is:

    Is your comment in the form of public pressure?

    Tweets to the Reps from one's own page is not public pressure.

    Replies to tweets the Reps make IS public pressure.

    A few tweets here, a few tweets there, a few hashtag events here and there is NOT enough. The slower the Reps are to do something, the more that people on twitter should let their boisterous views be heard AND in public.

    In short, they need to follow your advice, or at least how I understand it.

    And if you don't like what I wrote here, feel free to delete it.

    1. PS

      I wrote "Well the gov't is slow because people just sprinkle the Reps twitter page with replies to their tweets instead of deluging them with tweets!"

      Many times, people don't even do that. Out of the many tons of people on twitter, I've only seen a handful reply to a Reps tweet and when they do, it's not often enough for effective activism.