Thursday, October 24, 2013


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The issues in the collage created by this blog, above, are but a small representation of the problems plaguing ObamaCare. Here's is a modest list of the disasters: 

1. The website is an absurd train wreck. It's worse than anything a high school kid ever put together badly. Obama has tried to distance the healthcare plan itself from the website delivery system, but he cannot, because he chooses the people who administer to both. Expect Obamacare, if fully implemented  to literally kill people by 100,000's at least with a 30% chance that you will be one of the people Obamacare kills. There's no point in being cute about it. 

2. Premiums are skyrocketing because of Obamacare.

3. Many insurance providers have dropped millions because of ObamaCare and those people cannot now be covered by ObamaCare. They have no insurance. 

4. As millions of additional people crowd into hospital emergency rooms because of the Obamacare disaster leaving them without health insurance, emergency services will be stretched many times their operational capacity. Once again, Obamacare will kill millions. Please remember if you are a regular reader here - we pour over the stats endlessly and have never made a prediction that did not come true. Not ever.

5. CBS News found that the Obamacare website was deliberately underestimating quotes by 50% - 300%. Repeat: deliberately. Because of this no faith can ever be fully placed in the system from this moment forward. As a consequence, confusion and mismanagement will always rein ObamaCare.

6. Young will get the same rate as the elderly. Meaning, their premiums will skyrocket the worst. Word to the kids who were conned by Obama into voting for him. Learn it: "No good deed goes unpunished."

7. The IRS will administer to Obamacare. Expect them to target Republicans for "being allowed to die the way nature intended" the way they targeted Republicans maliciously for audits and tax penalties. Once ObamaCare is fully implemented, the GOP establishment which has always been so weak-kneed and fearful of taking resolute action will never have to worry about taking resolute action again, because once Obama's ACORN-fed IRS starts passively killing off registered GOP seniors, the GOP establishment will never be able to win a majority again - ever.                    

8. No, you can't keep your doctor or existing plan. Worse, they are dropping you and replacing you with a website which, after 3 weeks, is no nearer to operational than it was on the first day it was launched. 

How can you help to end it?  Following the same, simple, safe, easy and satisfying strategy from this blog which its leaders and participants on Twitter did to earn this and others for this group like it:


In that same tradition start hammering all the GOP Congressional Representatives and Senators in public like this:

with a close variation of this message:

Why is it the best way and how will it work?

1. Obamacare will never get 60% approval from the public in a million years but

2. to be fair to Americans whose lives are literally on the line it should get at least 60% and

3. it is imperative to look fair to Obama, and not like political hacks. To say, "Fix your own toy you demanded on getting before it literally kills us" is way more than fair. The fact it has not already been said by the GOP astonishes me.

4. Why December? Because that is when the next potential budget standoff/shut-down can occur. If we wait longer than that - or allow the GOP House to dither waiting for the obvious time to act, it will already be too late - people will have started dying because of Obamacare. BE SURE TO TELL THE GOP IF THEY LET PEOPLE DIE THROUGH OBAMACARE BY SITTING BACK TOO LONG, WE WILL HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE BEFORE OBAMA IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE. Just because we know Obama is a reckless jerk doesn't mean the GOP can be reckless jerks just a little bit less than Obama and come out clean; the American people will excoriate them in 2014 if they do not act now and people start to die because they can not get the life-saving care they need because of the ObamaCare train wreck.

We're media pros in the big city and know what we're talking about. We dropped FOX ratings by 33% - never done before. We have been credited with the lion's share of 180 co-sponsors for a Benghazi Select Committee HRes36. Do you have those accomplishments? Does any other group? Do the trolls attacking us? The answer is "No", so we implore you to save your own country, your neighbors and yourselves by following the strategy recommended here.

Obama wanted Obamacare. OK, he got it. But that does not mean he gets cart blanch to do whatever he wants while it implodes and destroys millions of lives. Obama must be held accountable for it's failure. Lives are being destroyed, now. This is no game. Convincing the GOP to issue a warning to Obama now that he has until December to get 60% of America to love his health care nightmare is a fair way to deal with this issue.

If you need more help getting started, or need to know the twitter accounts for congress, contact (or better yet, follow) TPFA Twitter swarm leader @Kathy_Amidon or myself, @FrankMDavisJR on twitter.

ADDENDUM: Leftist trolls pretending to be Tea Party have frightened many conservatives into non-action by filling their minds with paranoid, New World Order fantasies of black helicopters coming down out of the sky to swoop them away in terrifying scenarios to keep them curled into a fetal position, and to some extend they have been successful in frightening some people. In a word, all that New World Order paranoia is bullshit. We're still here and more energized than ever. Unlike most of you, Kathy uses her real name online and no one has so much has said "boo" to her. Particularly if you are using a pen name online, there is no reason to fear doing this. You can not threaten or personally slander members of Congress, but you can say any other thing as a disgruntled citizen demanding action to them and they have no choice but to take it - in public. Twitter does not "monitor" posts or "suspend/gulag" accounts - those are the leftists using a glitch in the system to group spamblock people into suspension and since we outed the people doing it (as you have probably read), "Twittergulag" has been pretty quiet. No black helicopters, New World Order troops or other paranoid scenarios exist in reality. It's "Terror propaganda  to shut you up. Ignore it and let your voice be an explosive weapon for freedom and a country the way you want it to be. The world is, in fact, mostly as your neighbors believe it is except for the media covering for a communist president with a fake birth certificate trying to turn America into a hard-core soviet communist model. Everything else is the same, and that's a lot.

Don't sit it out and watch others do the work. Rush Limbaugh would have you believe that saving America is a spectator sport. It isn't. You must get involved, today!

MESSAGE: GOP MUST ANNOUNCE Obama has until Dec to get #Obamacare 60% public approval or GOP will shut-down/impeach.


Do that, and like our similar activities, you win. And this will be one of the biggest wins America has ever seen


  1. I remember someone saying something along the lines of “The website may not work, but Obamacare does.” I can’t remember if it was Pelosi or Obama himself. Maybe it was someone else.

    My response to whoever it was is all of what appears below:

    1.) You had the money to get it right the first time.
    2.) You had the resources to find the very best people to set up the website the first time.
    3.) You had a couple of years to do all this.

    If you’re gonna brag about something being so great, why on earth would you make those three very fundamental mistakes I mention above?

    I would think that you’d make every effort to get all aspects of this entire issue right the first time.
    Something else I just thought of:

    Nancy Pelosi said that we had to pass it to find out what’s in it.

    No. You read something to find out what’s in it. We’re talking about something that will affect American lives. That’s 300 MILLION (approx) of us. Reading something before passage, in light of millions of lives being affected, is fundamentally important and 100% necessary.

    Would a book publisher go publish something before they knew what was in it? Nope.

    Passing something to find out what’s in it and publishing something before you’ve edited it both have one major thing in common: Doing so allows for many more mistakes to go unnoticed until unacceptable damage is done.

    Of course, if you already knew what was in it before you passed it but said to us “pass it to find out what’s in it,” that right there is a red flag that you’re full of BS on the entire Obamacare law.

    1. You response is worthy of being a stand-alone post in itself. Yes, of course, Obama had the resources of the wealthiest Government of the freest nation on earth and years to do it and it failed in every regard. IMO the problem stems from the same reason Obama shut down WH tours, fills his Town halls with shills and demands utter obedience from the press: he's a paranoid amateur who knows he isn't supposed to be there and lives each day doing a balancing act internally between being full of himself for pulling off the con and living in terror that the entire world will wake up and agree on the fact.

  2. PS The comment above originally appears at the link below: