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Dear Chairman Gowdy and The Rest of the Benghazi Select Committee,

You know us. No group fought harder for - or were more successful in helping Rep Wolf to get - the Committee on which you now sit. A monumental effort, needed because the man you incomprehensibly still allow to remain Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, was adamant that such a committee would never take place. But we manifestly - not opinion - helped certainly more than any group to beat that silencing of what happened in Benghazi. Many of you know that all too well; we weren't always as friendly on this issue as we would otherwise have liked to be. The short of it is, We Know Benghazi.

What we do not know is why you are playing Obama's game of "Hide The Witnesses".
This week, in theory, Hillary Clinton will make another appearance before your committee. There are many questions, serious and mocking, which can be asked about Hillary returning to the land of high anxiety over basic questions: 

* Will you, the GOP, once again allow her to read from a gigantic book of pre-scripted answers she apparently compiled while she was too ill to appear before you because of a concussion, but not too ill to compile - and seemingly memorize the location of each subject in - a mammoth book of answers? The only thing more embarrassing to this nation - and disrespectful to the Benghazi dead - than her performance were the Republicans  allowing her to perform it. She should be forced to answer without the book, and if she demands the book, you should first ask her to answer without the book, and then when she demands the book and you let her read from it, ask her what was in the book that she could not answer spontaneously. No American citizen in a court of law is allowed to protect themselves like that, even if facing life in prison. Presumably Clinton is not facing that. Clinton should be forced to testify without her book of prefab answers out of respect for the citizens of this nation who are kind enough to elect you and her, and if she demands it, then every opportunity should be taken to heap scorn upon the act each time she does, including asking her if this is how she plans to debate for the 2016 presidential nomination: from a book of pre-scripted answers. Don;t be timid. let the American people hear it, over and over, and if anyone calls you mean for it, say "Don;t call us mean. Mean is what Hillary Clinton said: 'What difference does it make?' about the Benghazi murders."

* Will Hillary Clinton crack under the pressure again even with her Giant Golden Book of Benghazi Life-and-Death Answers and give her democrat rivals another wonderful quote to throw in her face in 2016?

* Will she un-retire from mothballs the black velvet Dragon Lady cape she wore with obvious brazen contempt for the seriousness of the issue during her Whitewater appearance? Nasty equaling being cool only works on a grade school playground. When lives are being accounted for, more respect for the process must be shown. To some she is a superstar. To this blog, Hillary Clinton worn-out, nasty-faced sack of over-ripe potatoes whose Stalin-inspired, hyper-photoshopped, slight-low-angle images of The Great Benign Leader leading up to 2016 - the ultimate in media manipulation - are already causing nausea and anger.

However, there are those whose importance make whatever Hillary Clinton says look like comparatively nothing: the 30 missing witnesses who were on the ground in Benghazi, brought back to the states, and vanished. We have been told by Obama himself that they are being hidden to "protect" them. And you, Dear Benghazi Select Committee, serving on the committee we were instrumental in helping to bring about, are saying the same thing. You will interview them in private to protect them, you say? What?! Not on our watch, you don't. Out in the open, thank you. Protect them from whom? A bunch of backward, barefoot third-worlders from half a world away? 


And what is the verdict by the mere three Benghazi witnesses actually being allowed to merrily promote their book and themselves while everyone else rescued from Benghazi is presumably forced to live in silence and fear and despair, away from friends and schoolmates and family to "protect' them? Why by golly, the three allowed to run all over the nation as free as a bird conclude that Obama and Hillary were not to blame for what happened in Benghazi! Gee whiz! Wowee! How convenient for Obama! How convenient for Hillary Clinton, too, the likely next President of the United States if you, Benghazi select committee, continue to show such knees-buckling cowardice and ineptitude.

One would expect an obvious communist like Obama to play such an outlandish and horrific game as "Hide the unwanted witnesses and promote the beneficial ones". But why, Benghazi Select Committee, are you playing that same, sickening game? If this is how you are going to do it, why have the Select Committee at all? Just have everyone read 13 Hours, right? In effect, that is essentially - indeed almost exactly to the word -  what you are telling every Republican voter to do because you are determined to play Obama's meaningless, totally illogical game of "Hide the (Bad) Witnesses (while the good witnesses write a book), and, frankly, We The People are getting sick of it.


You see, we are developing a theory and it's the only theory we can come up with that makes sense, now, and remember, we know Benghazi now probably almost as well as anyone except those directly involved in government and the people on the ground (if journalists know more, they are doing a poor job of proving it).

Our growing and solidifying theory/opinion is this, and it is unfortunate but we are struggling to make sense of this: Perhaps in a cocaine-induced rage (Obama has admitted to having been a cocaine user in one of his two(!) autobiographies before becoming President - why two? What was it he wanted to put to rest before it was asked?) or just seething evil in its worst, albeit typical historical form, Obama had, in our growing theoretical opinion, perhaps had the witnesses who did not support his version of Benghazi killed and that you, the Benghazi Select Committee, know about it and are covering the fact because you believe that if the American population finds out about such an act by a then-perceived murderous despot in the White House (hypothetically), there will be a crisis of chaos in the U.S. that you cannot control. That is the growing opinion of this blog as to why most of the Benghazi Witnesses are not allowed to be seen or heard, while the three who support Obama's version of the events in Benghazi are on the talk show circuit loudly selling a best-selling book about the information the others are being silenced about - and why you, the Benghazi Select Committee, are playing Obama's game of "Hide The Selected Witnesses". It's not a pleasant supposition or opinion, but it's the only one that comes up a likely winner.

Let's face it, many of your fellow congressmen have proven that they are not the brightest bulbs society has to offer, and get filled with obvious apprehension at even simple questions and decisions. If that is your fear, that America cannot deal with the truth, if that is what it is, then  you do not give the people a fraction of the credit they deserve. Unhappily, such a fear would assume that Americans are the weakest people on earth, literally, because every major nation in the United Nations, and some outside of it, has listed in its own history books a very, very bad person as a leader and they deal with it: Hitler, Stalin, Richard III - Japan had two very bad Prime Ministers during Word War II alone and they seem like a pretty happy, well-adjusted people - the list is endless. Only the US and a few famously benign places where they wear wooden shoes has escaped the law of averages on this matter. All other great nations on earth have had to deal with these unpleasant historical facts; facts which become facts, realities, when people like you do not do your jobs. With each American election, by the mere and very necessity of the law of averages, the odds of such a situation as a despot President increases against us, and having a population addicted to cute kitten videos on YouTube isn't helping to guard against such matters: that is your job. Oversight. It is first and foremost what we elect and pay you for, and you are expected to do it in exchange for feeling important walking among the marble hallways you did not build, but were rather built by true heroes before your time - heroes who did their jobs no matter how difficult.

What this nation can not deal with is the eventuality of such an event, if in fact true, being silenced by you and the left therefore being even more emboldened to do the same thing to yet more American citizens; silence many citizens while a select few make money off highly publicized books - until Obama and Hillary's "Civilian Army" - the Civilian Army  Obama campaigned for and partially has succeeded in creating on the internet, at least (and for which there will unfortunately need to be another McCarthy-style purge of the bad guys, but that's life and for another post)start acting like the SS and KGB and like-minded people who did and do the bidding of a hundred other despots in as many countries. Wildly imaginative Conspiracy Theory on overload? If it were only that simple. WHERE ARE THE MISSING BENGHAZI SURVIVOR WITNESSES?

You are at a seminal moment in history. This nation - very literally, IMO, no exaggeration - may stand or fall on how you handle this single issue: what happened to the other 30 Benghazi Survivor Witnesses, and what makes their version of the same information given in the 13 Hours book witnesses so different that they must vanish into the night, away from friends and family and co-workers, to be given "different identities" - that according to Obama himself! -  while three of those same witnesses presumably get rich on a book that clears Obama and Hillary of wrongdoing? And that description, one in which the survivors who did not write the book have been merely silenced as Obama himself has openly admitted is the best explanation of what happened to the silenced Witnesses, from Obama himself! This situation is a hideous, screaming nightmare to be happening in the United States. Beyond Obama's own explanation, which is terrible and suggests gigantic constitutional rights violations, it only gets worse, and we too easily imagine the previously unthinkable in the rather spoiled United States: the missing Benghazi witnesses may be missing, hypothetically as a matter of opinion, because they may have been murdered by Obama's people to shut them up while the remaining mere three Benghazi witnesses run around saying "Obama is innocent" while selling their book everywhere, including Fox News which, horrendously, welcomes them with open arms while never asking where their friends, the other witnesses, are and why they have been silenced and not also writing books and being invited to appear on Fox News. 

BENGHAZI SELECT COMMITTEE, the creation for which we worked so hard for the better part of two years, GETTING TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS IS YOUR JOB. Only YOU can put this matter to rest.

Once again, the Tea Party Fire Ants, enjoying a dormant political larval stage of comparative relaxation,  will fire back up 110% and more on all social media if this issue is not properly dealt with according not to the oh-so-very hauteur congressmen hiding their personal terror with arrogant postures and dismissive responses, but the real way - the way the rest of the world imagines we, the United States, the so-called freest country on earth, should - out in the open.

The Benghazi Annex Team of THREE have no problem telling all they know, in print, talk shows, social media, blogs, everywhere they can get their message of "Obama and Clinton are innocent" which appears to be the message, since that's what they told the book's author.  Worse, Obama himself has no problem with those mere three witnesses telling all they know while keeping the majority of the others "hidden for their own safety".

Look, we're not stupid: On the surface at least this has shades of Hitler and Stalin plastered all over it like a rubber stamp in a KGB ID card (I saw one, by the way, from a business  acquaintance developing companies in Russia in the early 1990's after the Soviet Union fell - like the USSR Communist Leaders themselves, it's a cheap piece of plastic and cardboard which once had the authority to kill.)

What is most troubling, Benghazi select Committee, is that you have no problem with the book-centric witnesses merrily chatting away in a book while you, too, are keeping the other witnesses - the majority -  silenced, hidden, away from all friends and loved ones, playing Obama's game, so he gets away with whatever it is he is plainly hiding and Hillary Clinton rides a wave of media-driven adrenaline to the White House, probably taking your majority in the Senate, and possibly that of the House, along with her. Without the public testimony of the silenced witnesses or their vanishing accounted for in melodramatic terms that this nation can understand, and you being plainly on the fast-track to holding no one in Obama's administration accountable for Benghazi, that is just exactly what is obviously going to happen. Voters need to start holding guys like Sean Hannity accountable for the right's political losses instead of applauding him for blaming the mainstream media - the opposition - for losing the game people like Hannity should be winning; like the coach of the Giants whining that the coach of the Jets should have lost the game against them instead of winning - absurd. (and 2016 will not be like the mid-terms, because people will be voting for the presidential candidates' alliances down the line; this is media, and we know media, too). They need to start holding you, like our right-wing talking heads - accountable for our losses, too, because now you have the House and Senate majorities to do something about it. If you fail, conservative voters will demand your ouster not from the majority, but from public service. 

Politically, Benghazi is the gift that keeps giving, and you appear steadfastly determined to keep turning down the offer while the left media bashes you successfully with comparative trivialities. This is called, in the common vernacular, "Gross Incompetence".

You have tough choices to make, but these are tough choices which can not wait. They must be made now (Don't slow things down for an "October Surprise"; the media will stifle whatever you have until long after the election. Whatever you have has to be said now, so it can work its way slowly through the population, which is the only way for those of us on the right to be heard. Without exaggeration, we are entering a new Nazi/USSR version of the nation: there is only one media, and it supports the left. Period) 

But whatever decisions you make are not being made in secret, because this nation still has Freedom of Speech, and as long as it does, we will be telling people not to look at Obama and Clinton, but to look at YOU, Benghazi Select Committee, because to the people who vote Republican, yours are the only actions that matter. And if you do not pick up your game, we are going to start campaigning with that message on social media. We like you, but only when you do your jobs to our satisfaction. At present, that rather low bar is not being met. Not even remotely.


Stop playing around. Do your jobs. NOW, please, and do not think the people cannot handle the truth, whatever it may be; they are generally emotionally stronger and often smarter than you are. Look around and see for yourself.

From 2013:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

ObamaSeuss: "Oh! How Bad The President Has Been!"

This book created under the protection of the Fair Use Act (described after the book)

Well, there certainly has been a lot of talk about Obama channeling Dr Seuss and for good reason: selling an oppressive, communist-style agenda using children's media and the fond, innocent memories that go along with such things is pretty gross: like Hitler and Stalin kissing babies and smiling, laughing and charming the people with their uplifting spirits and appearance of being jovial men with big hearts, then going back to "work", so to speak, as they did. But I digress. This is supposed to be a fun time, so without further allusions to historical precedent, here is the whole goll-darned illustrated book! Well okay! We're always happy to do our part! All original! Have fun!








A word and lesson about copyright law. A few people, obviously very loud leftists trying to discourage this book, have said such a thing would violate copyright law in so much as a parody mocks the style of a work which is allowed, while satire using the style of a work is not quite so allowed unless there is a significant social, artistic or political connection - reason - to use a certain style to make a point.

For example, a book called The Cat NOT In The Hat used that style to re-tell the O.J. Simpson murder story. The court ruled against the book for copyright infringement because Simpson had no connection to Dr. Seuss. Had Simpson used an alibi that had, for example, been called the "Cat In The Hat Defense" then the situation likely would have been much different.

In this case the connection is clear: Obama's use of Seuss has caused much social 
awareness and some outrage, and people from Sarah Palin to John Stewart have held up Seuss books while giving their own barely modified versions of famous Seuss rhymes, and that is allowed because 1. They are not charging anyone to hear or see it (though Stewart's show used it in the context of a commercial broadcast) and 2. there is a very significant connection to the Suess work thanks to the President making the Seuss rhyme style an agency of delivering a message of societal significance. Political cartoons abound with Seuss allusions. This is exactly that. And the Fair Use Act allows for the creation and exhibition of this online book. Do know that this book, itself, however is copyrighted.

That's the chemistry of how copyright law, parody and satire operate together. Hope you have enjoyed it.

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There is a brand-new Twitter post being circulated by Kristen Snow White who has for the better part of a year claimed I was Jack Cashill. Jack is a good writer and a solid conservative so why that should be an "attack" is beyond me, but if you have not already read Jack's story about TPFA and himself, you can read about it here.

In a true fit of, IMO, lunacy, Snow White is now claiming she spoke to Kathy and myself, that Kathy and claiming that Kathy and I are somehow, for some reason, deeply regretful about our actions (we remain extremely proud of our accomplishments and all Tea Party Fire Ants and affiliated groups and friends) and the statements Kristen Snow White is spreading in this post are ridiculously false. 

Here is Snow White's virtually entirely untrue new statement being circulated by her friends who are also IMO total paid leftist trolls. Screenshots used here via the Fair Use Act:

Needless to say, Kathy never spoke to Snow White much less agreed to a "open letter of apology" or anything else, claimed above. This IMO is clear defamation of Kathy's good name by saying Kathy used the tea party to advance herself, and more, and is amazing and even entertainly good timing, because just last week Kathy got great, good news - one of the most successful cyber-crime lawyers in the U.S. - a huge winner - has agreed to take her case (Kathy has an email which confirms it). Needless to say, that lawyer is likely to subpoena Kristen Snow White's phone records, Kathy will provide hers, and it will be clear that no conversation ever took place. IMO what Kristen has done is not only outrageous, but incomprehensibly irresponsible: Kathy does have law enforcement involved regarding her being harassed and threatened by trolls, she does have lawyers involved, and she is on very good terms with countless Congressional offices. Why anyone would continue to pick a fight with someone so esteemed for her achievements and so well-connected to the people who would matter in something like this is totally bewildering.

As for her statement about me agreeing to anything, I have never communicated to her and if I ever did it was many months ago on Twitter and in no other way. All this stuff about me agreeing to make an announcement or anything else is patently untrue. Period.

She and her pals have said I was Jack Cashill for over a year, and she makes mention of that year, so presumably they are sticking to their story while deciding to stop these kinds of attacks against Cashill, and if true, is the one smart thing in that post:

Anyway, that's that. This needed to be said. Thanks for your patience.

On a good note, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you to keep an eye on this blog, because we have something coming up very soon that every reader who is not a big fan of Obama is simply going to  love. I guarantee it. It's really fun! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


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As we go though this, open the links designated by the orange letters to confirm what is being said if you have any doubt as to what has been written, here.

Before we get started, I have just one question: "Where the hell is Fox News - again?!" I mean, do they do any research on these people they showcase or not? Fox in my estimation has got to be the laziest collective of so-called journalists I have ever heard of. They have a big Special on "13 Hours" and apparently don't check the background of the book's author to verify his political objectivity or ask why the very few guys like Paronto can walk around and chatter like monkeys about Benghazi but even Fox itself reported that Obama was hiding 30 Witnesses - a "report" confirmed by the Benghazi Select Committee. Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. Wake up, Fox! Get with the frigging program! For God's sake! I mean, seriously!

Well, I decided to check up on the "13 Hours" "definitive story of what happened on the ground in Benghazi" author Mitchell Zuckoff and guess what

Already smell something rotten - again? I do, obviously.

There's more. Much more.

Zuckoff, happily pounding the keyboard away for the very uber-liberal Salon, wrote this:

"As the House Select Committee on Benghazi begins its public hearings today, it seems likely at some point to focus on the contractors’ revelations last week that the CIA’s base chief repeatedly delayed them from responding during the crucial first minutes of the attack. It may also examine new disclosures about the Benghazi contractors’ extraordinary acts of heroism and the approximately two-dozen lives they saved during 13 hours of assaults by terrorists throughout the long night.

As valuable as those inquires could prove, it would be a missed opportunity if the committee failed to treat what happened in Benghazi as entree into a broader examination of contractors’ enormous role, and their treatment as disposable assets, in the protection of U.S. personnel, facilities and interests around the world."

Do you know what this is? It's another way of repeating the mantra of democrats on the Benghazi investigation. It is not "Is Obama responsible?" but rather it is "Let's not dwell on the facts which may lead up to that conclusion, let's just concentrate on making sure this never happens again."

He's quoted by some pretty far left sources as an authority on social security(?), such as The Progressive Socialist Democrat. No, I did not make up that name.

When Zuckoff decided to write a biography, usually a long and sometimes complex process, on whom did he chose to spend his time and energy? One of the most stridently liberal filmmakers Hollywood has ever known, Robert Altman. Want to know how stridently liberal Altman is? He has been quoted as saying

When I see an American flag flying, it’s a joke. — Robert Altman

Zuckoff teaches at Boston University. What kind of place of higher learning is Boston University? Here are a few examples which appear generally representative:

Howard Zinn, political Science Professor, is a socialist activist.

David Carr. Until his unfortunate death a few days ago, Boston U's Professor of Communication was David Carr, not a mere New York Times reporter, but a New York Times columnist, or as we are inclined to categorize NYT columnists, "Hate Spewers".
By way of example, what did Carr write in 2012? "Conservatives Should Stop 'Tired' Whining About Liberal Bias".

The Boston University Newspaper prints "non-prejudiced" tidbits like this.

This is the world in which Zuckoff lives his daily life while writing things for places like ultra-liberal Salon.

And oh yes, at the Boston Globe, he was all over the Bain issue like most liberal journalists who were generally trying to use the issue to derail Republican candidates in 2012, so IMO there is plainly more than a hint of activism present in Zuckoff's past.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to the paragraphs in purple to conclude this update in which it is shown Zuckoff's book "13 Hours" not only seemingly very strongly attempts to exonerate Obama of any wrongdoing about the response to the attacks on the US consulate in Benghazi, but that message is being carried all over the nation by places like the New York Times.



Despite the term "Benghazi Truth" in the Tour name, we have several problems with circumstances surrounding the book and consequently, the tour. Please know WE DO NOT ENDORSE THE BOOK TOUR and as a side note, as you shall see, IMO the tour name was suspiciously arrived-at.

First, if you know us, we need say nothing about our work on the Benghazi issue. But new readers abound, so it should be said as a quick intro that this group was given an unprecedented 3 effusive letters of thanks  by Congressman Frank Wolf for our 17 months of consecutive days (that's right, we did not even stop for Christmas or New Years) campaign to see Wolf's resolution HRes36 enacted to establish a Benghazi Select Committee(read the article proceeding this one for more on that, and yes, obviously it was successful). Graphics we did for the Benghazi issue reached as high as 14 million views on Twitter. We successfully boycotted Fox News demanding mostly more Benghazi coverage  and it appears we got it, too: on the first night of the second boycott with only one day warning Fox dashed out a previously unannounced Benghazi Special. Rather than have our demands deflated, mockery from places like Newsweek unwittingly legitimized the boycotts into a smash success (Thank you, David Friedlander). 

You may want to take a peek at the video below for an encapsulation of our efforts (it looks better full-size on YouTube).

The point is, We Know Benghazi. So when 13 Hours came out and it was clear no great news would come out of it, quite frankly I, for one, skimmed it and shrugged it off. We all knew there was a stand down order, we all knew the timeline, and unless you wanted the thrill of a first-person account of what you knew already, there was not much point. I was a little bothered by the fact that so many witnesses were silenced and these three book authors were not, and while suspicions remained, we were more focused on other things. Now, however, given the emerging new landscape on this issue, I am bothered by the fact that these guys were allowed to speak. In fact, I am very much bothered by it.

The seeming tip-off that something was amiss came when something unusual began to occur; suddenly there was all this talk, meant to chide TPFA, apparently, about a "Benghazi Truth Tour". The problem was that that was coming from the very trolls who have been attacking and indeed threatening the Fire Ant's Benghazi efforts on social media and Kathy, particularly, with calls to her home for nearly two years. Yes, that's right. The same trolls who called our letters from Rep Wolf fakes even after World Net Daily had confirmed their authenticity by calling Wolf's Chief Of Staff where pushing this Benghazi Truth Tour hard! They were all there in considerable force - Stan, who posted an image of a gravestone with Kathy's name on it and then posted a map to her unlisted address; Kristen Snow White who IMO rants horrendously at Kathy and in fact called her at home with unpleasant messages - repeatedly (you should see the IMO totally unhinged unposted comments she leaves here); Randomthots, Devoe, the truly offensive Le Petite Homme (one of several obvious aliases) -the whole crew who harass TPFA virtually every single day, are all in pitching for the "Benghazi Truth Tour." (you will note that many of these so-called conservatives use Twitter handles which IMO display an obvious leftist stereotyping contempt, arrogant and seething, for the very conservatives they claim to be - Bumpkin, Randomthots, Dribblethots, Le Petite Homme ("The Little Man", changed to The Little Patriots when called out for it), etc and some more directly threatening, like Kathy's Nightmare)

So suddenly, as you might expect, there are alarms going off in my imagination loud enough to send a city population to the bomb shelters. Now suddenly this whole thing stinks. It smells rotten. Really rotten. (I'm sorry, but after all we did for the cause, and the name not being directly connected to the book title, I cannot help but think, in my opinion, that the name "Benghazi Truth" Tour was pilfered from us specifically to confuse the innocent, but so be it).

Predictably, the inescapable thought is pressing hard, now: these 3 authors are walking around not just talking about Benghazi, but collaborate, no less, on a book about what happened on the ground in Benghazi. Clearly, this makes no sense, because the chasm between being all over television with a book, blathering apparently no new information while others are being silenced by Obama's political machine for years about the exact same kind of information cannot be bridged without the foot-ties of suspicion firmly attached. 

So Kathy and I initially alone questioned that situation on Twitter and unsurprisingly we were - and continue to be - met with an avalanche of abuse from these same trolls along the lines of...

... who have now taken to making gross amateurish photoshop videos of Kathy, which, IMO, means as far as those abusers are concerned, Kathy rates on the political danger scale somewhere near where Sarah Palin does, because few earn that much poison from the left. Me? Oh, I had my Twitter account suspended again - what did you expect? 

Then a few of Kathy's friends (TPFA activists) jump in and an absolutely stunning Twitter exchange occurred between Amanda Williams and one of the "13 Hours" authors, Kris Paronto, the one heading on the road today, apparently for the "Benghazi Truth Tour". Look at this Twitter exchange. Read it a few times to absorb this:

Yes, you read it right. Benghazi survivor / 13 Hours co-author Kris Paronto appears to be saying that no witnesses have been silenced by Obama.

UPDATE, 12/19/2015: There has been some speculation in the last two days that the Twitter account in the screenshot making those outrageous statements might not be Kris Paronto's actual Twitter account. However, we scoured every possible piece of evidence we could find and the most conclusive of it seems to definitely confirm that it is Paronto's actual Twitter account, and that's his Twitter communication with Radio Host Lisa Benson and vice versa. And yes, that is plainly Benson's Twitter account, below, because the feed for that account is on her radio show website and her radio show website is linked to the radio station  website.

Regarding Paronto's unbelievable assertion that Obama is not silencing Benghazi witnesses, please know that Rep Gowdy, chairing the Select Committee, is still trying to get the witnesses in to testify.  Paronto also Tweeted elsewhere that the reports of the survivors being silenced was old news from in 2013 and people should get up-to-date. Paronto might try reading Breitbart from January of this year among dozens of other sources, since as a Benghazi survivor his statement is as utterly at-odds with what is common knowledge to congress ad people following the issue: Obama most definately is hiding/silencing Benghazi witnesses. 

Manifesting a further Kafka-esque allusion to this issue, Obama's Administration is still to this day claiming to be keeping the witnesses hidden to protect their safety - so safe even Congress cannot ask them what happened when a U.S. Ambassador and his aides were murdered in Benghazi. "Hillary's concussion, "the enraging video", "protecting witnesses from Congress" - the liberal democrats of this nation are so empty in the attic that they cannot even fabricate decent second-rate fiction. 

Further, Partono grossly insults all those heroes who have been silenced by Obama's political machine by saying that the silenced Benghazi heroes do not have his courage to speak - his "balls and spine" as he worded it. We can quibble over the semantics of whether he directly called all those Benghazi survivors cowards but in my opinion, he did. I think you probably share my opinion, too - this isn't rocket science. In my opinion, also, those are not the words of a "hero". In fact, in my opinion, those are the words of a real jerk, frankly, and he owes an apology to every one of the silenced witnesses and their families and he owes it to them now.

So who does say such things? Would it benefit Obama, for example, to have someone saying such things? IMO yes, very definately. You have someone - three to be exact - out there making much noise about Benghazi, giving you all the dramatic moments but nothing comes out of the book, by these three not hidden by Obama, which is damning enough to put Obama into any real legal or political jeopardy while as Benghazi Select Committee confirmed, Obama hides the others. Fancy that.

Have you heard the Benghazi Select Committee say they gleaned anything important from the book 13 Hours? Me neither. Indeed, such a book and such witnesses sucking the air out of the issue could wind up, in the long term, invoking "Benghazi fatigue" among the US citizens before anyone gets any real facts that could damage Obama legally or politically. Fancy that, too. 

With the antagonists who have dogged TPFA relentlessly with defamation, abuse and threats pushing for the book and the "Benghazi Truth Tour", one must, IMO, really wonder whom is exactly behind what.

The flip side is, how does this help the Benghazi cause? I see no way. Indeed, by Paronto categorically  "confirming" as I read it, against the words of every GOP congressman who has spoken about it, that Obama has not silenced any witnesses, I see no way at all that the book, the Tour or the tweets, do anything but help Obama enormously.

People will often be too polite - especially politicians - to call this kind of thing out, but in answer to your presumed hypothetical question, "Do I believe that the book and its authors, free to speak unlike the others, are shills for Obama, having proven particular loyalty as Obama employees in Benghazi?" My answer is, unfortunately, in my opinion, "That is just exactly how it looks". What Paronto tweeted a day or so ago is simply off the chart as far as I am concerned: it's grossly worded, appears to essentially call all the silenced Benghazi survivor heroes who did not co-author his book cowards and appears to attempt to clear Obama of any silencing or other censoring of the witnesses who are, after two and a half years, still trying to be had from Obama's political machine for questioning by the Republican-led Benghazi Select Committee.

UPDATE: Back to 13 Hours author Zuckoff. I have come to a conclusion - and I bet you have too, that will make Fox, the Left and especially Obama's people and fans extremely uncomfortable to have said out in the open air and bright sunshine: In my very, very extremely firmly held opinion ("opinion" is a must-do qualifier to avoid the hassles of legions of leftist lawyer trolls, and it is opinion, though systematically arrived-at), Fox and much of the media have been conned by a very clever pro-Obama and probably White House-organized propaganda operation to have exactly the effect it is having: to give places like the New York Times and Media Matters a way to cover for Obama on Benghazi by being able to say things like this to the world:

But as the contractors explained to Tapper, though they believe they could have done more to save American lives that night had they been allowed to leave immediately, they did not view the decision as one of "malice" towards Americans, nor did they place the blame for the decision on anyone higher up than the base chief.

As the New York Times noted , their story "fits with the publicly known facts and chronology" we already knew about the non-existent "stand down" order. For example, the Associated Press reported  last year on the disagreement between CIA leaders and security contractors about the delay to try to gather support from militia allies, citing Republican Rep. Lynn Westmoreland pointing to the disagreement as a possible source of the "stand down" myth.

This situation is truly horrible and this is now no time to mince words or get our undies in a bunch about invoking uncomfortable facts and questions about men whom even Fox has called heroes. Anyone can call them heroes. Everyone can call them heroes. It does not change the apparent fact that Zuckoff, as NewsBusted said in 2007, is a hard core-leftist; it does not change the fact that Zuckoff's book appears to get Obama off the hook for the stand-down order; it does not change the fact the Paranto and just a couple of others - directly connected to Zuckoff's book - are allowed to talk Benghazi while the state department is keeping a couple of dozen hidden from Congress(!) and it does not change the fact that Paronto said those others simply lacked "Balls and Spine" to speak out and claimed, contrary to the Select Committee itself, that Obama was not silencing any witnesses.

This is insane. This is plain and outright bullsh*t being performed in broad daylight in front of the world while Fox once again betrays the conservatives which made it successful by legitimizing this story without questioning the players to determine if they have a political agenda or not.

WHERE IS FOX ON THIS?! Do we have to lead another boycott again?!

Okay, let's cut the crap and get down to it. Fox will not report this. No one will report this. Not at least, until you make it impossible to ignore. I would say "spread this blog memo everywhere", but that might sound self-promoting for its own sake so I will say GET THIS INFORMATION OUT THERE. Post links to this blog, paraphrase it, use the links in this article. Anything. Anything! We - you included in heart and soul - did not work several hours a day every single day for seventeen months for a Benghazi Select Committee only to have justice for the Benghazi dead checkmated by a book written by a hard-core liberal, some unbelievably ignorant media coverage and enough incompetent GOP House members, not having the slightest idea how to handle this, will otherwise smile and nod and forget about it and thus truly and in actuality derail justice. The world needs to see Obama held to account for Benghazi by that Select Committee and IMO this book and its associations are something the Committee needs to open up like a rotten can of sardines - because it stinks to high heaven and only the most naive, child-like or truly stupid citizens cannot see what is happening with this information placed before them, now. For the sake of the Benghazi dead, for America's sake, for your kid's sake, get this information out into the world. Do not let "Obama was not responsible" from a book written by a liberal to be the narrative that denies justice to the Benghazi dead. As long as it's legal I don't care how you get the word out, please just do it. I am imploring now. Yes, I will even say I am begging, because justice for the Benghazi slain is worth it. Just do it. Just do it!

EDIT: IS IS NOW AN "ALSO" SUGGESTION. GETTING THE WORD OUT IS JOB ONE.  TPFA is about getting things done. So what to do about this? Here is what I would suggest. Be polite to the authors and IMO simply download the image of Amanda's Twitter exchange with Paronto, above, and, via the Fair Use Act, get it into the hands of every GOP congressman you can on Twitter and elsewhere, particularly those on the Benghazi Select Committee: they have been trying to get Obama to release the witnesses to testify for ages, and Paronto's remarks suggest he knows more about the issue than they do, so they need to ask him some questions, such as "why did he say over two dozen Benghazi survivor heroes lacked "balls and spines", "how does he know Obama is not silencing the other witnesses the Select Committee has been unable to get from the administration" and to "describe all the communications has he had with the Obama administration since returning from Benghazi with the understanding that neglecting to give any would, IMO, be tantamount to criminal perjury." And if Paronto shows up in your town for a book signing, be very polite, even gracious, as you quietly ask him the same things. Questions at a book signing relevant to the theme of the book are everyday occurrences and we'd love to see the videos.

Get cracking, you Fire Ants!

Remember, you read it all here first, at the original, well-known and Congressionally- praised (we are grateful for that) BENGHAZI TRUTH.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


On Twitter!

If you follow this blog you know why Kathy Amidon deserves to be followed: many thousands of her Twitter followers lost after the trolls at Twitter suspended her account because, plainly, she is simply too effective a conservative activist, and it's as simple as that. The trolls who defame her every day will scream otherwise in an effort to discredit her, but that's the fact of it. For the record, if you don't know, in  our extremely-firmly-held-opinion, the Twitter trolls are actually a few dozen-to-a-couple-of-hundred of Twitter safety chief Del Harvey's Perverted Justice "vigilante " pals, having given up pretending to be little girls online to sadistically harass "potential" pedophiles in favor of attacking conservatives on Twitter for dollars, in our opinion, plainly being protected from lawsuit and suspension by Harvey herself.

But why should you follow Kathy on Twitter? 

Here are a few great reasons:

You know that Kathy's efforts got TPFA three effusive thank-you's from Congressional House Representative Frank Wolf. Here's one:

What you may not know is that Kathy was in continual direct contact with Wolf's Chief-of-Staff Dan Scandling. How many other Tea Party activists do you know who not only get 3 thank you's from a congressman for one issue campaign, but exchange over 350 emails with that congressman's chief of staff to see to it that the grassroots efforts to get a Benghazi Select Committee are successful?

Because of this, as you know if you already follow Kathy, you will get updates and information on the Benghazi Select Committee from Kathy on Twitter usually faster than from anyone else on Twitter. That's a big plus - for you!

While most Republicans on Twitter are either RINOS who get media attention or Tea Party conservatives who do not, you will be following a Tea Party activist who does get mainstream media. A very rare and valuable person to follow!


By watching Kathy and following her efforts, you'll be in great company! Even on her newer account (Twitter has suspended her for no good reason nor ever explained the suspensions SEVEN[!] times!) most of Kathy's followers have over 20,000 followers and some have over 100,000 followers - many are media experts and respected journalists. Kathy will follow you back and this puts you in direct contact with some pretty big players. One retweet from Kathy and your message gets into the hands of real movers and shakers. That's good for YOU!

In following Kathy, you will be following a tireless champion devoted to getting the word out! You can learn a lot from her creative efforts which can help make YOU a better conservative activist!

And finally, following Kathy seems to be something the leftists pretending to be conservative very obsessively don't want anyone to do. If they spent 1 percent of the time campaigning against Obama as they have against Kathy and the Tea Party Fire Ants, Obama would have lost his bid for reelection in 2012.

By the way, we were stunned to read, a few days ago, what CBS News icon Sharyl Attkisson said about how the Obama trolls have gone after her - it is exactly the same pattern, point-for-point, experienced by Kathy Amidon for the last 2 years! Defamation, threats, weird phone calls and Obama's surrogate bloggers setting up sites exclusively to attack her!

So if you are are anything from a casual observer who wants what's right to a hell-bent-for-leather fighting conservative who means it, follow Kathy Amidon! It will do wonders for the Tea Party cause leading up to the 2016 Presidential elections!

FEBRUARY IS FOLLOW KATHY AMIDON ON TWITTER MONTH, AND ONCE YOU DO, STAY FOLLOWED TO HER ALL YEAR AROUND. She'll follow you back, automatically get your tweets access to many important media people, give you great information before anyone else, will give you great ideas and you'll see news in the making before anyone else does!

On Twitter!

Make a note next to your computer and don't forget!

God Bless and may the Tea Party be stronger than ever in 2016! With your help, it will be!