Monday, September 30, 2013


This blog will be watching this situation very carefully. It is our opinion that what we are seeing when it comes to twitter suspensions is fake-out troll activity on conservatives going right to big names in Hollywood,  primarily  under the hastag #justiceforbanghazi4". If you read this last blog post, you know in our opinion we think we've found one such player: actor James Woods.

First and foremost let's talk "conservative" The mainstream media calls Woods conservative. That's great for them, because then it looks like anyone to the right of James Woods must be 'a crazy extremist", right? Why is that good for them? Because besides James Woods himself admitting to be liberal on some issues, as we reported in the last memo his only online donation records that we could find show him donating to 1 Democrat and perhaps the most liberal Republican in the last 50 years, Olympia Snow (click on images for larger versions). 

UPDATE: "Conservative" James Woods Wikipedia bio lists him as a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT. If that is incorrect, he should change it, but it seems in-line with his donation records, to be sure:

We also told you how trolls have been suspending conservatives. 

People claim evil liberal forces are at work inside of twitter, targeting strong conservatives for Gulag (Twitter suspension). Then they spend all their time rallying people to use hashtags to get them out of Gulag, over and over, day after day, week after week, month after month, when those people might otherwise be contacting congress to impeach Obama, form a select committee, etc. And it turns out that the very people blaming twitter for the suspensions and leading people on a huge collective wild goose chase to get them out appear, as a group, to be the ones suspending people by organizing group spamblock operations to trigger automatic account suspensions (in violation of Twitter rules, by the way) as reported above. In other words it's obvious that it's a huge con - a set up. 

We showed you indisputable screenshots of the same people, over and over, calling for "spamblocking" accounts and those people are usually looped together: Harriet Baldwin, "Boss Hogg", "Dakota rose" and.... actor James Woods. He gets along with those people just great. Very interactive, in our opinion.

He also promotes something of his own apparent creation, a hashtag called "INSTABLOCK". Repeat "INSTABLOCK". "BLOCK". Isn't that adorable? 

Now what is "InstaBlock"? Is it some technical app that instantly blocks with some impossible intelligent software with huge objective awareness and an old-fasioned sense of values of what constitutes to be a "bad person"? No. It's a hashtag. It's a message. What is the message? To block whoever he says to block. Why not just block? "InstaBlock" is, IMO, very plainly a barely-veiled attempt to rally people who know the code to "mass spamblocking" while appearing innocent. They even tried it on my Twitter handle, Frank M Davis JR (trolls, don't bother calling me out on a "fake name" if you are a follower of "Boss Hogg". Thanks)

I'll make the conclusion quick and to the point: IMO what we are seeing is a massive, subversive operation which draws in celebs to play a merry game against conservatives to censor conservatives via targeted twitter account suspensions and then have lower-level "leaders" keep a large portion of the conservative twitter community wasting day after day fighting an imaginary enemy in the form of some entirely fictional evil twitter controlling force when, as Malkin's Twitchy reports, the suspensions are triggered automatically via group spamblock sessions. It is also my opinion that Woods appears to be very plainly involved in it, hooked up with pal Harriet Baldwin, self-claimed cousin of super-uber-leftist actor and left-wing political loudmouth Alec Baldwin. Harriet claims to be a conservative, too. I'd like to know what public records show her political donations to look like. I am guessing, probably like Woods - democrats and RINOs.

In my opinion you're being manipulated,   spun and sent down a merry path that leads to nowhere so as to protect Obama. The libs and trolls say that about us, of course, but without mentioning one very gigantic difference: We Tea Party Fire Ants have things like these to our conservative activist credit and they don't. I guess no one is supposed to think about that:

In other words, the trolls appear to be obliquely quoting P.T. Barnum by implication when they attack us; "Who ya gonna believe -  me, or your lyin' eyes?" Images, screenshots and letters from Congress are not imaginary, and it is clear that the trolls attack Tea Party Fire Ants and other Conservative  activists for one reason - unlike their victims who they have chasing imaginary forces on the internet, we are getting Conservative things actually done - and that includes outing the trolls themselves.

Now, this blog may be wrong in all this. Okay. That's fine. I can live with that. But let's find out. If James Woods can urge people to "InstaBlock" (group block individuals) then we can ask him why he supported a democrat and RINO if he claims to be a conservative. Ask him why of all the people on Twitter he may know in Hollywood and elsewhere, he appears to be primarily involved with a small group of comparative unknowns just outed for organizing group spamblocking with the obvious intention of suspending targeted twitter accounts. And ask him what the function of InstaBlock really is. Oh yes, in my opinion you might also want to report him to Twitter for creating a subversive, smart-ass form of group spamblocking unless  of course, Woods can answer that last question, and IMO, he should.

IMPORTANT! To get around these leftist horror shows, there's a little trick you can use that seems to work for us. Put a "." immediately in front of every name included in your tweet. This was recommended to us ages ago and I have not seen Gulag since. Somehow it fakes out the automated Twitter suspension mechanism. DO NOT FORGET to do it - make it a habit until you aren't even aware you are doing it, because you may get targeted at random just so they can make it look like there is no pattern to their activity (fat chances of that, but I digress)

This "." activity was put to the acid test 3 days ago inadvertently when Kathy forgot to put a period before 1 of three names when tweeting Barbara Boxer. She was suspended in seconds. Now, that was so fast because the trolls really hate us and watch Kathy and I 24/7. They are now trying to frighten and intimidate TPFA members into peeling off from the group, and several have, in fact, gotten nervous and left, DMing that as their reason (and I believe them. Absolutely). Okay. That's life. But whatever you do, put that period before every name. The trolls hate me more than anyone on earth, it seems, and I have not seen Gulag ever since I put that period there. I strongly suggest you make it a habit to protect yourself at all times. Can the liberals do it, too? Sure. But that's okay, because we don't believe in censorship like they do; as conservatives we know we can always win a political argument based on the merits.

We're going to win this, you know. The big picture, I mean. They can't stop us. I predict here and now Obama will be impeached for any number of offenses Congress has already acknowledged for which they could impeach Obama and probably removed well before the end of his second term. Congress appears to be getting more fed-up than frightened, and once that happens, we win almost instantly. That will be the American System properly at work, righting wrongs, and for that we should, at that time, celebrate.  And then we can all celebrate together. On twitter, too, with no fear of being "gulaged" by trolls. Right? Right!

Keep the faith and keep swarming. Let's earn a few more congressional thank you's before the celebration time comes!

For more about the #justiceforBenghazi4" troll ops, read

Personal Addendum:

Some people are very unhappy about the so-called 'bickering between groups". This isn't that. This is TPFA telling people with screenshots who are clearly, IMO, organizing spamblock suspensions of people they don't like, yours truly included. There is only one activity served by organizing mass spamblocks of individuals, and that is to trigger an automatic suspension of the victim's account. 

This is no fun for us, either, but if TPFA is to live up to its obligations to the conservative cause, we have no choice but to engage these people directly. We can be Ted Cruz or Bob Dole. We can be Gingrich in his heyday or we can be Mitt Romney. We can fight or we can be polite and make things look nice on the surface while the trolls eat away every scrap of foundation beneath us. Some of us in TPFA, through a combination of effort and happenstance find ourselves well-positioned to make the fight. We've proved we can do it, too. I have no choice but to take on this battle. Propaganda is often much more deadly than any bomb attack, because the destruction is wholesale, invisible and happens often with no one seeing it until the destruction is done. having been in media for over 25 years in NYC and knowing the power of such operations, I won't sit back and watch it happen. 

I'm middle-aged and lived and loved pretty well for a jerk, while millions of awkward kids in uniform serving this nation died in searing pain, clutching the cold snow or stinging desert sands while their last words were calling to their mothers because they had not lived long enough to know the love of any other woman. Will I dishonor that moment of their sacrifice by sitting it out because people are "annoyed", for God's sake?

I don't know about you, but I'm going to fight. It's easy enough to do with the evidence. Wrap your minds around the screenshots. Words are too easy for many, but the proof doesn't lie.

- Proe/Frank


  1. To honest Twitter users. Do not follow anyone who is using #instablock. When I found someone who followed me on it I instantly unfollowed them and blocked them from my account. I will continue to do the same. I will not associate with someone so immoral as to use such a device. If someone does not please you, all you have to do is a simple block. Group Spamblocking is bullying behavior. I will not be party to it.

  2. Thank you for saying it plainly: if you don;t like someone, just block them. On the other hand, we/Benghazi-Truth/TPFA never ask anyone to block anyone. Unfollow, yes, but never block. IMO it;s obvious that InstaBlock is being recommended by James Woods, in context, clearly, for the express purpose of triggering account suspensions of people he, Harriet et al do not like. You have all seen this blog/groups accomplishments and recommendations, which are impressive, and know too, the trolls spamblocking have, politically, none (if any do, please cite one). This groups leaders are the ones they are clearly focused on. That should tell you all you need to know about who is on which side.

    By the way, On Twitter someone excused the photo at the top saying Woods - STILL A REGISTERED DEMOCRAT, according to his Wikipedia bio which he should correct if inaccurate - and who has twice been nominated for Oscars, needed to behave that way to get jobs in Hollywood. The stupidity of that argument is made clear when you remember that Jon Voight, father of Angelina Jolie, has been nominated for Oscars 4 times, actually won 1, and maintains his conservative profile in public - and seems to be doing just fine, thanks.