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You can read the how-to specifics below this update. First, let me tell you online trolls will do everything they can think of to keep you from doing what I am very strongly suggesting here (many of them know this group's political grassroots successes by now)- they will say, "Don't let HIM tell you what to say!" "Banners are for parties!" "Balloons?! Yeah, right, THAT'S really going to do something! LOL!" 

Ignore the trolls.

So you are a trucker about to take your rig to DC to protest. Great. but what do you expect to happen? The 1 million Bikers media fiasco is detailed below. Do you think so many truckers MUST get the world's attention? Wrong. Once again, detailed below, but first I want to say I WANT you to go to DC. but I want you to be successful!  So let's go through this quickly, and I will give you a very fast primer in making your own media, because the mainstream media will absolutely ignore you, the way they did the bikers and everyone else.

Now without the media telling the world 5,000 truckers are going to DC, what will this look like to anyone? Will it look to the world like like a huge anti-Obama protest...

... or just a bunch of trucks?

Does this look like a group of America-saving patriots...

... or a bunch of people you don't know eating food?

Does this look like an anti-Obama rally...

... or a political event of some sort the message of which is unknown to the world? (remember, only you and your friends know what "Don't tread on me" means politically in 2013) 

So unless you want to eat away at America by participating in yet another event which is highly anticipated and goes absolutely no-where, let me speak the way real people speak and tell you that you need to get your shit together and you need to get your shit together right now.

I hate to say this publicly  but we have tried to get Zeeda to recognize these needs (remember we have gotten quite a bit of mainstream media-attacks-because this group IS successful - I think we may know a bit more about media than Zeeda does) but to no avail. Do not assume you have to do it "Zeeda's way". YOU NEED TO TALK TO AMERICA USING YOUR TRUCKS.

BIG BANNERS can be had at VistaPrint for 30 bucks. Call them to see how fast they can get them to you. Call them NOW. Don't wait until you feel comfortable with the idea. Just do it. You can figure out the details while they are printing and rush-shipping your banner to you. 

Keep your message simple! You will be tempted to put every scandal known to man on that banner. If you have more than 7 words no one will be able to read it. 25 years of NYC media experience is talking to you now. Keep the banners bold and eye-catching, but NOT CONFUSING.

Good message are





I do NOT think "Impeach Obama" is great because an incendiary, conclusive message like that only works for protesters on the street. It's great for Overpasses because America is used to intensity from hand-held signs, but not on the side of trucks. "Obama's birth certificate is fake" is plenty controversial enough, trust me.

Here is the vista print site banner page, all ready for you to place your rush order NOW:

All I can say to you truckers further is, "Don't let this opportunity be in vain, because if you are just driving 700 miles for an expensive cookout, just don't go - it will do more harm than good." That, and this:

A nice big professional sign on the BACK of your truck might even be ideal, so people see your message for miles and are inclined to discuss it in their cars. You can keep that sign there forever, too, not just to and from the rally. Why not?

Below will can see how you can release 100's of messages from the back of your truck and have them float harmlessly and legally 10 feet or so off the ground and hang around DC for WEEKS, driving politicians absolutely, 100% crazy. It may just be what they need to frighten them into taking action lest they decide the people really will take back their country. This ends the update. Please read below:  
"WOW! The media can't ignore us this time!"

How often have you heard or read that? How many times did it come true and how many times were you left angry, disappointed and perhaps just a little more diminished? Oh, you'll say your resolve is strengthened by the anger, but what did you actually do to follow it up except complain bitterly to the converted until the promise of the next "big event"?

Media is my business and has been in NYC for a long time. Please learn something: the media hates us. They hate conservatives. They hate the Tea Party. I don't mean they disagree with us, or think we are unimportant. I mean they hate us. The unconscionable remarks I have heard in meetings behind closed doors while all else laughed, nodded or demonstrated disgust at us by the mere mention we exist (forcing me to play-pretend the whole time)would truly shock you. I mean it would shock you. They drip venom, these sophisticates surrounded by chrome and glass and neutral grey color schemes, and talk wantingly of the day we are all gone - even dead - while people nod as though responding to an inevitable truth of the world. These are our "unbiased media people".

The latest example of the hopelessness of "Huge Rallies the Media Cannot Ignore" was the 2 Million Biker rally yesterday for, among other things, justice for the slain in Benghazi.

So what happened? Fox News had a discussion about the fact that they had no permit to rally while the Muslims did. A local TV station discussed it for 1 minute, focusing mostly on anticipated traffic delays. And that was about it, more or less.

In this day and age everyone thinks they are a media specialist because the internet has leveled the playing field compared to what the world once was. Some equate the 1st Amendment to knowing what they're talking about. I'm doing something to the doubters I have never thought of doing before: I am pulling rank. I would not tell a soldier under fire how to hold his rifle, or a fireman how to rescue children from a burning building, or an astrophysicist the proper trajectory to sent a satellite to another planet. But media is what I do and most of you don't, so please listen for a change.  The 1st Amendment does not make you an expert on what you happen feel passionate about and we're burning ourselves out and fracturing our collective opportunities to pieces because no one is following any plan except pretending to be Rush Limbaugh on the internet. I want you to listen because you haven't been listening. And I will be more blunt here than I have ever been, but am reduced to speaking the way we do to each other in the media business: We are running out of time to fuck around.

I have warned you for years about this problem, most recently about the Biker rally:

And I was right. Were you right? Yes? Why didn't you speak up? No? Okay, then I repeat, now is the time to listen about something you don't know about professionally, because I do. 

Now before I go any further, I will be right about something else unless this statement stops them: the trolls will argue all of this and play to your frustration and attempt to redirect it into indignation toward me: "He can't tell us what to say!" "LOL! The "expert"! Well James Madison said (fill in non sequitor here)" "He's on a rant now telling us what we can SAY! This is a free country!" "Don't listen! OUR Rally will work because bla bla bla." They say those things because the ACORN trolls have long known that big rallies don't work for us because we don't have the media behind us to translate those rallies into national awareness  Naturally I've heard it all before. The problem was I was right then, too. This is my business. Not theirs & not yours, so tell the trolls to go to hell before they confuse you right into a communist country - and no, we're not there yet, which is another statement made to confuse your thinking and diminish your resolve, but Obama is doing his best and he might succeed. This is very serious business, now, so I need you to understand how this does work, does not work, and what you must do if you really care.

This is what they ignored yesterday:

But that is nothing new. The 9-12 march looked like this and no one to speak of in America knew it happened. I want to repeat that: the media movers and shakers in control are so Goddamn nasty to the core that they locked this out from the eyes and ears of America just because they hate us, and succeeded in blinding all of America to this:

No one knows it even happened except your friends on the internet. That's not enough. That rally was specifically to protest Obamcare. Today we find ourselves anxiously convincing our lawmakers to defund ObamaCare which goes into effect in weeks, ruing the economy and killing human beings - literally this time - through bureaucratic mismanagement.

By contrast, the media can take a single, IMO dull-witted, drab-faced, whining  extremist protester with no money behind her, like Cindy Sheehan, and make that person such a superstar that that person can run for congress and win. 

That's what we're up against. You didn't realize it was quite that bad, did you? I know you didn't, or otherwise most of you would be taking greater real action. 

This situation is why we led the TPFA to boycott FOX with surprisingly effective results. Effective, in this instance, because the media did cover it - to mock it - which was a huge mistake (taking Newsweek's lead) because all they did was advertise us to other conservatives - it isn't like liberals would tune in to FOX by the score because of it. Result? FOX down 33% (you have seen and read all about that).

So what's wrong with these rallies and people expressing themselves in that way? It wastes time, energy and hope we do not have. It gives people a little more sense that everything will be okay without their participation, partially lulling them to whatever degree into a false sense of security we can ill afford.

The additional problem is a one-day rally is one day. The dems and RINOs just sit it out for one day knowing all will be back to normal tomorrow as though it never happened, and for all the good it does, it never did.

TPFA tried to take advantage of the biker rally by giving all of DC something to remember - and deal with - for weeks, forcing the issue. We tried to convince organizers to get their riders to do this by the many 1,000s, and screw up DC in every possible way physically and hard-core, and do it legally:

"Oh, no", people said. "Balloons are silly!" The mere presence of all these bikers, all were told, would strike fear into DC and wake up America! They were vets! They were patriots! And all of America would hear their thunder roll across the hills and valleys, plains and cities, and would suddenly jump to attention and do whatever we wanted. And what happens? Fox discusses the permits for 2 minutes, a few stations mention traffic delays and that's it, while patriots and trolls alike post millions of pictures and videos and try to convince us we did a great thing - and stupidly waste our time and resources doing it again.

I'm am not attacking the riders, by the way. I love Rolling Thunder and have on several years been in DC for Memorial Day and walked, talked and BS's among them, shook hands, thanked for service and bought a few things from their stands I personally thought were way too cool to pass up. But I could pull the organizer's ears off for being such Goddamn, unrealistic, 

daydreaming idiots who apparently think having the right to speak makes a person a media specialist.


Does that mean all rallies are bad? NO! the Tea Party rallies of 2010 were  gigantically  successful not because they were big, but because they were everywhere,and in being thus needed no mainstream media - because they became their own mainstream media. America needs to do that again soon.

Overpass sign protests we very strongly support because it's a terrific way to reach even as much as a million or more commuters in just a few hours and you need not even go to them. If you go to the overpass, they come to you - by the millions. Perfect. I would venture that more people got the message loud and clear from Overpasses than even heard of the 2-million-rider biker rally.

On the very much at-home front, everyone, even the very elderly and disabled, can do this as a way of protest and spreading awareness outside of the internet:
And most of all, you can tweet Congress to put public pressure on the lawmakers to do what you want them to do. Every time you are about to type a comment on a tweet, ask yourself  "Shouldn't I be doing this, instead?"

Unlike Biker Rallies and "Huge events" that come and go before the echo of the engines vanishes into space, this technique truly works. Big-time.

People, we're seriously running out of time. You need to focus on what works and only what works now, or never complain about Obama again, because you will have had your chance and blew it. Tomorrow is too late. It always is. You need to get active now.

See you on Twitter.


  1. You're a media specialist. You know how to best convey a message so that the most amount of people possible will receive it. You know how to have one's message SINK IN.

    When I was a blogger on MySpace, I complained a lot, I was quite passionate and I thought I was doing something. There were tons others like me. Did we ever accomplish anything such as there being over 170 Reps cospsonoring a particular House Resolution? Nope! Did we have a media specialist changing our views on how we did something? No!

    When I migrated to FaceBook, I was there for 2 or 3 years before I saw you. You totally blew away my perception on how to get things done. Being a blogger doesn't do squat if you don't actually accomplish something.

    As I say on Twitter: ACTIONS speak louder than words, ACTIONS = cosponsoring HRes36 Select Committee! Words= ALL ELSE.

    Well, actions speak louder than words. Actions=public pressure on Twitter by replying to Reps tweets. Words=ALL ELSE. When it's just words, people can claim anything. But when it's accomplishments, then those claims have substance!

    Bottom line: You know how to get things done. You know strategy, tactics... you know about public pressure, you obviously know about what the media will and will NOT cover...

    America needs to listen to you! PERIOD.

    Action... specific action... public pressure (reply to tweets of Reps as opposed to tweeting to them), etc....

    Thank you for teaching me...

    1. I think I know who this is. Thank you for the kind words. Your dedication to what we have all been building is a point of pride with me. Sincerely.

    2. You are most welcome, Frank/Proe!

      And thank you for your kind words:)

  2. I agree with what you say 100% And it does work. Greg Gutfeld said on The Five he got 150 tweets about the bikers rally so they showed a clip! I do think the bike rally was a great thing in a different way. A lot of people saw them riding and asked about it. It showed "patriotism", showed how people come together for a good cause (in short order), and for those who don't tweet it was a way to show support. Also like Overpass, SSSS and Balloons! Good job!

    1. I appreciate all you have said but want to comment on an idea that stuck out: because Gutfeld got 150 tweets he showed a clip. In normal times or to the left this would be so inconsequential as to be not worth mentioning. We on the right have been trained into accepting the tiniest crumb of acknowledgement and dancing around like it's great news while the rest of the world is involved in things on a scale that matter. It's one aspect of our larger problem that is critical and its killing us. We have to aim higher - much, much higher - and be angry and dissatisfied with anything else until we get it.

      We Boycotted FOX for going left, were the only ones, advertised effectively enough that with the media's unintentional help drove FOX down (a minimum) of 33%. IMO there is no question that this was the reason FOX re-hired Palin and gave Benghazi at least barely better than disgraceful air time amounts, which they had been treating the way the MSM does (and FOX is still WAY ahy on where they need to be on it). The problem for us that everyone in media knows 9and is comfortable with) is that FOX is never all that on the right and now are really just CNN with people who complain about Obama but do nothing to endanger his comfort zone. Let's face it, of CEO Ailes wanted to go after Obama, Obama would have been impeached by now. Instead, in Sept 2011 Ailes announced he was taking his supposedly right-wing network which mercilessly humiliated a segment of it's own core audience by mocking the birthers 'to the 'center'" He WANTS FOX to be on the center-left. he dumped Sarah and beck to be there. IMO the boycotts were the only random - and decisive - factor to make him at least try to pretend he gives a damn about conservatives.

      We really need to get out of our collective bubble and start getting in people's faces big time, and instead of wasting years of our collective conservative life "convincing' trolls who hate us, learn to say "fuck you' instead and get on with the much larger societal job at hand, and do the one thing we can do now very effectively: paint them as the nerds and the jerks and conservatives as hip, smart and cool. we are. we're better than they are in every way. We're more intellectual, more aware, more able to debate truth, look better, move better, act better, are better lovers, better judges of aesthetics and tell better jokes. Do you believe that? Because if you don't we cannot succeed. You must believe it. I know I do, and this group has made a lot pof progress in fighting the left believing we're the cool ones. Believe that and half the battle is won. I guarantee it.

  3. Can you advise where to get a stamp and what size for the currency?

    1. Thank you for taking an activist interest. America needs many more like you and those doing it now (we estimate from TPFA activist reports about 2,000-+ bills out now to a probably half million views in the next couple of months, but it isn't enough. To beat the media silence we need to saturate every outlet we can. The good news is the methods described above are worth doing because they work flawlessly at beating the media.

      I very strongly recommend $1 bills for the following reasons: "Where's George" uses 1's, has been around for 14 years and is 100% legal, so using their template is ideal. On the other hand, $1 bills travel many time faster than others. Change from a 10, 20, 50 or 100 is often comprised at least partially 1's, but it can't work the other way around. Nothing moves around the country faster than 1's.

      Here is the whole rundown from this blog. You make your own stamps from inexpensive kits readily available at Staples, Office Max, Costco, Walmart & online.

  4. Found this. FYI

  5. This is what I found out after spending several days driving through inland Florida on backroads and stopping in small towns: These people live in towns where cattlemen, grove owners, bankers,lawyers and doctors are for the most part the affluent and most informed, but inactive politically. Others are retirees, playing golf and Bridge. Rest are hard working and politically uninformed and watch Fox News and O'Reilly! This is where the MONEY TALKS is best and only way to get word out. Next, we will tour rural Georgia and pass the bucks.Would you agree with this?
    Would like to comment on trolls vs consertatives later.

    1. If you mean you are spending Benghazi Bucks around the country to quicken the spreading of messages around the larger country, that's terrific. Thank you

      On the rest, no one group has a monopoly of being politically lazy or active. What I do think is the case is that most republicans (and more democrats) are entirely uneducated, having taken their cue from the mainstream media which now definitely includes FOX, though FOX likes to talk about the mainstream media in the third person, which IMO is a 100% intentional con job,m and many in the biz think so.

      I would say there is no panacea for getting the word out. You just never know because the permutations are endless. You could draw a day where the majority of drivers seeing an overpass are truly in no mood - if most are lat for work because they endured road construction before the overpass, or identify seeing the overpass with the bad day. On the other hand, a guy worth 50 mil might pass under and find it's the last straw and tells his VP to place a full-page ad in the New York times which starts a sea change no one expected. Who knew that Newsweek would get too big for their britches, mock our boycott of FOX demanding FOX turn right and inadvertently advertise us in such a way that a relatively small grassroots effort would damage FOX to an eventual 33% loss.

      Unfortunately, most people think their time for relaxation is so precious that they don't bother to do anything unless it comes with a ribbon made of spun gold proclaiming certain victory in advance, and the uncertainty expressed above will turn them off, and that's the wrong attitude on their part. You try anything that makes logistical sense: low-floating balloons which last for two weeks, get everywhere or travel through 3 different states makes sense. Stamping money makes sense. Doing overpasses makes sense.

      Doing the other things everyone did which were not even strong enough to keep a pathetic jerk like Obama from being re-elected - complaining at each other, desperately attempting in vain to gain converts among the malicious trolls, privately pleading with congress and FOX - as opposed to publicly demanding and boycotting, respectively - do not work. We know they don't work because Obama was re-elected, and blaming the dead voting, the mainstream media and everyone else is just intellectually dishonest and cowardly. The good general in a war does not blame their loss on the enemy not playing fairly and surrendering when they have the advantage. The good general says, "We didn't do that right. here is what we think is a better plan because it deals with X,Y and Z plan and we will implement it." We need to be confident, know we are in EVERY possible respect better than the left - and yes, hipper, cooler, and better-looking, too - all of it - and think like generals. And we need to do it right now because time has run out to crew around.

  6. As a "good general", I agree. I would add we have "class" which I think you are pretty much born with, and you can't buy it. I am a female senior citizen now, but back in the day I was very active in Rep. Party statewide as were my friends. Unfortunately, most are retired or no longer with us. We all thought like generals, because we were/are! And we won more than lost! It is harder now, but getting people to be more confident and 'know that we know' is the key. I'll keep passing the bucks!

  7. Great memo Proe and you are exactly right about big conservative events and the upcoming Oct 11 'TRUCKER'S OBAMA PROTEST RALLY, they never get media coverage and must be creative to make an impact.

    This article from Internet Truckstop News, makes some very good points about the upcoming trucker event and a good read IMO.

    (exerpt from 'Internet Truckstop News') "However, let me say, too, that while the strike and convoy are well-intended, the event is poorly planned." 'Can a 3-day strike change government?'

    1. Thank you for the kind words and the link. I think like you, many of us fear that either the leaders, like #justiceforbenghazi4 IMO may in fact be trolls creating big operations on which conservatives can focus for weeks and go absolutely nowhere or are, IMO, so utterly incompetent as to be beneath the common sense level of a ten-year-old child. As you know I had an extended conversation with one representative for the trucker event - on twitter - who started in with such startling practical responses as "I am God's messenger of truth". Is that a joke? Is that person crazy? I mean, I'm a devout Christian and feel lucky enough to have properly found my way, but when talking the reality of the need for slick media to get the message straight to the people, to DISMISS the issue with a response like that just sounds insane, in my opinion. Ultimately, I fear that what we will see are trucks with MAYBE a few pathetic cardboard signs which will only add to the sense of some horrible mainstream perception of the Beverly Hillbillies redux. If the organizers have slick media and are being coy (which would be the best-case scenario for the country, even if by so doing they made a fool of me - I can deal with that; tough skin, care only about the result), then they sure can't be applauded for "working with others". If the thing is a colossal failure, then at least we made enough noise before hand that we can get pretty tough with the next event in demanding they show some basic common sense and understand that the media will not spread their message to the world - not EVER - - THEY have to spread their message to the world DIRECTLY..

  8. Many people define the MSM as: CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MS-NBC. The MSM are liberal, progressive, nasty, spinners of the news. They censor what goes on air and what stays hidden from We The People. They go out of their way to keep the truth from us.

    They have a truly nasty reputation.

    Conservatives quite often say "We can't trust the MSM to report the truth."

    We also say "They wouldn't recognize the truth if it stared them in the face!"

    Another one is "They don't want to tell the truth!"

    Yet another one is "They hate America!!"

    Since when would the kind of people that I just described ever want to help us Conservatives spread our message, whatever it may be? The truckers event is one example. #T2SDA

    It's almost as if people think "this is too big to ignore!" as well as "I'm passionate, thus I'm right that we'll be listened to!"

    Really? We get screwed over so many times that we actually believe the MSM would not screw us over this one time and that they'd help us out?


    Something else super important: There is a difference between "This event won't get covered enough" & "This event will be covered." The phrase "This event will be covered" makes zero mention of how much it will be covered. This is a mistake I see far too often.

    In response to "The event won't be covered enough," some might say "But I'm covering it!"

    Really? How big of an audience do you have? Is it big enough to spread the message far enough? Are you influential enough to have your message spread far and wide enough?

    Then there's people who'd say "Stop trying to discourage me" as well as "Stop being so negative!"

    People like that will say the things about the MSM that I've said here. At those times, they describe that as "telling it like it is." Except this one time.


  9. PS

    The MSM has an agenda. Anything they cover will be done to satisfy their agenda, if they cover it at all. #T2SDA.

  10. I truly agree with this post.

    1. Thank you. Please share it. Conservatives/Tea Party are in desperate need of re-organizing strategies and priorities. The fact Obama is not under any serious investigation by Congress this deep into scandal shows what is lacking is organization on the part of the right. If we can get our act together Obama stands zero chance of breezing through the ruin he has created. but it's up to us to drive congress and public awareness, and more people need to take their own part in that very seriously.