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This post is really a follow-up/extension of our now somewhat infamous - and often mentioned - BENGHAZI-TRUTH GUIDE TO STEALTH ONLINE LIBERAL TROLLS PRETENDING TO BE CONSERVATIVE  If you haven't read it, I suggest you do.

9/27/2013 - now updated with more bile from the trolls -screenshots! Plus a surprise about
"Conservative" actor James Woods! Updates in blue

An amazing couple of facts presented themselves on a silver platter for all to see yesterday - yet no one else seems to have seen the significance except Tea Party Fire Ant members. Not that these facts were a surprise. Not, at least, if you read the above-linked article. What makes them amazing is that the trolls are dropping their masquerades to an astonishing degree - or are not trolls demonstrating IMO a seeming impossible disconnection from all reality. It's impossible to know if they are so confident they don't care, or are themselves so fed up with Obama they do just enough to earn their Soros-money.

1. It's pretty clear IMO that "Special Operations Speaks" management is entirely off the rails on the Benghazi Select Committee. We told you about this before but the extent to which they are now mocking and deriding Rep Wolf's HRes36 demanding a Benghazi Select committee while pushing HRes306 the sole purpose of which is to see HRes36 passed in the House. Make sense? No, of course not. Unless, that is, if you understand that it's a very good way to never get a Benghazi select Committee, since HRes306 is a Discharge petition which has, as of this writing 6 co-sponsors. the original HRes36 as you all know has 174 (Edit: now at 177), or 3/4 of the GOP House.

In this screenshot you can see Special Ops twitter account both deride HRes36 while admitting to HRes306 having only 4 co-sponsors

It's not the first time:

I have been really torn on the following for the embarrassment factor - particularly for the 1,000 vets who signed their petition - IMO requested by SOS to give a False Flag operation the unimpeachable cred of their service - but it must be shown. I will spare the gory screenshots - for now. Here's what the Special Ops Speaks admin DM'd me and told Kathy Amidon independently on the telephone: 

H. Res 36 is dead in the water.  Boehner refuses to bring it to the floor and Boehner won't form the Select Committee himself.  It's useless


H. Res 306 goes around Boehner and forces a floor vote on H. Res 36. (Editor: TPFA thought this initially and worked for a few weeks on it before Spec Ops Speaks even existed and we learned shortly that that's all wrong - Discharge petitions never pass and would send Wolf back to the drawing board, not ensure an automatic passage and implementation) Please listen to me, I've worked in the House before and know


what I"m talking about.


Wolf has turned coward on us and is in Boehner's pocket.  He is of no use to us anymore.  If he really did want to force H. Res 36 to the 


floor for a vote, he would have signed on to the Discharge Petition / H. Res 306

(Except if Wolf was in Boehner's pocket he would have pulled HRes36 already and not sent letters of thanks to us for continually getting more co-sponsors on the bill which is putting a great deal of pressure on Boehner now - we get that from inside several congressional offices. SOS's assertion here that Wolf wants to block a resolution that would otherwise send his own bill to victory is at the very best IMO a stupidly illogical and absurdly paranoid fantasy)


Say and do what you want sir, but in this case...legislatively, you are wrong.


Wolf is not our ally anymore.  He is working for Boehner and has not intention anymore of getting a Select Committee.


In all truth, every Republican SHOULD be on board with both pieces of legislation.


We've had Wolf in conference calls and have given up trying to work with him.  Wolf, Boehner, Cantor, the whole leadership is useless

(there is more)

A call to Wolf's office confirmed that no such conference call with Special Operations Speaks ever took place.

I was lucky to copy-paste and get screenshots of all this. When I told SOS we would check all his assertions with Wolf's office he deleted the DMs so fast I couldn't believe it. 

Now this is what is to me the real tell-tale aspect that proves IMO that Special Ops Speaks is a derailment operation: they never say "Do both". If they were merely misguided, they would push for more reps on HRes36 and HRes306. Instead they effectively dismiss HRes36 and slam it's author who had nothing to do with HRes306. "Maybe they are too busy to do both". Okay, what have you seen them doing besides sharing stories? "Working behind the scenes?" You mean like the conference call to Wolf that absolutely, positively never happened? 

The whole thing just stinks to high heaven. IMO if they are sincere, they are entirely incompetent to the point of virtual retardation. My own opinion is that they are a very carefully planned fake-out. Remember, Soros has billions and Benghazi would/can ruin Obama and the democrats with him ten times worse than Watergate did Nixon. Control of the most powerful nation in the world is something people spend money on. Don't mistake it. This looks to me like one of those things.

Benghazi-Truth challenges Special ops Speaks to recant their attacks on Wolf and HRes36 and push at least for both, with an emphasis on HRes36. Do not follow them to see what happens next - that only gives a group saying these kinds of things power that comes with the credibility of your support. We'll tell you when there is any news on it.  

2. My my my! Look who is suspending conservatives! Why, if it isn't the same collective group that has been decrying that very activity. You have heard them endlessly: "My best friend is in Twitmo! Get them out!" "So-and-so's account has been hacked!" Endlessly, endlessly, endlessly, it's about almost nothing more than getting people out of Twitmo . This IMO is a duel strategy to make these people appear to be a "threat to the left" (despite the fact that they never do anything) while eating up moment after moment, hour after hour, day after day while Obama moves ahead unimpeded by the non-stop hollow ranting taking place in a chat bubble the rest of the world never hears. 

You probably recall that I, myself, was accused by these people of "Suspending Boss Hogg." How I was supposed to accomplish alone, without ever interacting with him or them, this Ozian feat was never explained. Not that I didn't ask them to explain - I did, repeatedly - I just never got an answer. How I was supposed to do it supposedly completely alone  since,  according this  knucklehead,  Kathy and I are the same person, is an even greater mystery:
(Pretty good last line if I do say so myself. AHEM!)

You can see "Boss Hogg" himself perpetuating that unfounded lie even after being outed:
Considering "The Hogg" knows that this group, the Tea Party Fire ants, led by Kathy and myself, have received among several honors not one but two letters of thanks from congressman Wolf for this group's work on Benghazi (one more than almost anyone and two more than anyone), I don't see how anyone can consider Hogg as anything but an unmitigated  bold-faced liar when he calls us "frauds", here. He knows better, clearly, and as usual offers no proof or specifics - everyone is supposed to take his word because he has, what I suspect from the disparity of his wall activity and the number of followers he has, 1,000's of ACORN-supplied phony follower accounts.

You see Harriet Baldwin uses the same entirely unsubstantiated generalization:

More from their trolls:

We had to include this from always-looped-in Clarence, who, while Senator Ted Cruz made his speech on the Senate floor, spent the entire 24-hour cycle almost exclusively
attacking us

Note here that he sarcastically interjects himself to blunt the message from me representing TPFA - the message being to vote against cloture. Obvious liberal troll. This is Hogg's pal. He's one of Harriet's pals. He's one of Dakota's favorites

So who are these people leading the suspension charge and sending conservatives to Twitmo? Why it appears to be none other than Dakota Rose Lexliewis888, "Surgical Strike Harriett" Baldwin, Boss Hogg BossHoggUSMC themselves and their followers! (HUGE hat tip to Kathy Amidon for catching this in the cacophony of endless Twitter characters by the billions)

How do they do it? How do they attack others the way they say I and others do to them? Well, they, as a group, spamblock the victims to twitmo/gulag. Spamblocking a single victim as a group activity triggers an account suspension in Twitter. Now it seems that not talking to them and putting a period "." in front of the "@" on each twitter handle renders this useless - I do both and have not seen Twitmo in a good few months at least. But Spamblocking in unison is how they knock people out people not doing those things. From Twitchy:

How do we know it's Hogg, Dakota Rose? Here's the obvious smoking gun(s). They and their group(s) are clearly behind it:

Get the picture? These people apparently use any excuse they can think of - "stalker" (no offense, but who would want to stalk whisky-throated  Dakota Rose?); me presumably surgically attached to Kathy who are supposed to have nothing better to do than suspend some guy we never heard of before?.

Now this is interesting! Look who appears to be in the game! Actor James Woods!

"But - but - but, James Woods said bad things about Obama! He's a true conservative!"

Wanna bet? Who's been feeding you this spin-doctor diet of 100% pasteurized bullshit? Look at his 2008 political campaign contributions:


Now, I don't know what universe you live in, but where I come from, Democrat Langevin and Uber-RINO Olympia Snow are not exactly competing with Ted Cruz for the love of the Tea Party. Yet, IMO the appearances these days is that someone has been spinning Woods as some kind of Conservative actor hero. Do you feel that way from the social media these days? I do.

Officially, Langevin's liberal voting record is twice as high as his Conservative ranking:

 Snow, from "Conservapedia":Olympia J. Snowe (b. 1947) is a former Republican United States Senator from Maine. She is a liberal on many current issues and calls herself a moderate. She supports abortion, gay rights and amnesty for Illegal Aliens. In fiscal matters and on defense, Snowe is somewhat conservative, though she rejected fiscal sanity, voting nay on Cut, Cap and Balance.

So we have people all here who are very tightly connected, clearly. The foorsoldier trolls doing the dirty work, their higher ups, also doing the dirty work, their celebrities like "Surgical Strike Harriet" Baldwin - calling for people to do the dirty and work and now actor James Woods volunteers, apparently, to Harriet Baldwin, a block maneuver.  Now one might think that I have been bugging Harriet directly that any blocking would be necessary. The problem is I normally blocked (not suspension-causing spam-blocked) Harriet and have not looped her in for months. In fact, we had to unblock her to catch these screenshot moments. I can only deduce, in my opinion, that Woods gave his own little contribution to the Twitter suspension  operations against conservatives, for whom his contribution record obviously suggests he probably has no love. 

You can mix and match these connections any way you want:

Democrat Langevin = Woods = Baldwin = Hogg = Dakota et al

Wicked Huntress = Dakota = Hogg = Baldwin = Woods = RINO Snow.

Are you getting the picture?! Things are probably not as you have been led to believe. Unfortunately, it may be much worse. "

Well Bo Snerdly, Rush Limbaugh's right-hand man appears to really really like... Harriet Baldwin.

He also really likes.... James Woods, whom he retweeted while Woods, who is clearly not a conservative, was playing one on twitter. This is interesting because I know he has never said a thing about TPFA and my knowledge has not said anything about Overpasses To Impeach Obama - on other words., activists who do something besides politically-harmlessly complain (Obama did win re-election, as you recall).
So - back to Woods, please keep a scorecard -  what is Woods doing talking like this when he is donating to democrats and ultra-liberal republicans? I don't know, but I find it unsettling that he postures like he did, above, while offering Harriet Baldwin a new way to block the founder of the Tea Party Fire Ants - Harriet, a person clearly engaged on some level in the mass spamblocking of conservatives to suspend their twitter accounts. 

So you can form an opinion like this if you want, like I am beginning to:  

Rush's right-hand man Snerdly = Harriet = Woods = Democrat Langevin and ultra-liberal Snow 

Things could be very bad and it's all happening right under your noses. My own opinion is that they are probably laughing at the conservatives who hold them in such regard. You see the un-doctored screenshots. Doubtless you have seen Bo happily retweet Harriet, Harriet calls Woods a good friend, and Harriet is with Hogg who is with Dakota, etc al, and except for Bo, all have been caught on screenshots apparently involved in this Twitter account-blocking suspension operation of conservative accounts, though Woods' connection may be more tenuous than the others, though the way  Harriet responds to Woods' apparent voluntary offering and the way he responds back is, IMO, suspicious as hell.

Many among their number will mock all this, of course. But conservatives know hollow mockery with no facts when they hear and read it, and so far that is all the trolls have offered.

My own opinion is that things, while looking very good on HRes36 and some congressmen looking into Obama's personal records behind-the-scenes, appear to absolutely horrible for Conservative on social media. When a guy with a donation record like Woods gets a respected foothold in the conservative social media, we are in the deepest trouble imaginable. 

What do we do? I suggest people politely ask Woods on twitter to explain himself. he's an outspoken public figure - why not? As for me, obviously from my own experience I have rejected him utterly as anyone to listen to for a moment - obviously.

Back to the suspensions in general. It is quite clear that I was right about something else - Hogg, etc are obviously spamblocking themselves via surrogates so as to play the "victim/martyr". This is a variation of an old, old trick  which  Putin,  Islamic  Terrorist etc do: create a false enemy to solidify their power base and make sure there are "victims" to anger their followers into taking action. It's also pretty harmless compared to what Nazi spies would do; murder one of their own to prove to the allies that they were on the side of the allies.

I mean, think for one moment, seriously: They say we are "frauds" while they know perfectly well about this short version list of Tea Party Fire Any accomplishment and recognition (of which they have zero to show for themselves). I put these things up against any tea party group. Do you agree with what we have done? Do you disagree with people who know what we have done and attack and spamblock our accounts into suspension? 

Dakota, Hogg, Harriet and the rest are plainly lying through their teeth in a way that defies any explanation  except, in my opinion, that they are very tremendously not nice people. They know every move we make (in fact, they often claim moves for us we didn't make). The obvious answer, IMO, is they are working from the other side. It does not matter what you have been led to believe up to now. Read all this again. And again. And again. Until the doubt that makes you think "misunderstand" could account for it evaporates and you have come to a solid conclusion. What is the conclusion?

Here's mine (need I explain it?):

I implore you for the sake of your country, if you follow these people, to unfollow them, walk away and shake the habit of chatting merrily in a big plastic bubble while American goes to hell in a handbasket - and they facilitate that destruction by suspending accounts of activists while keeping everyone else busy with fantasies and imaginary enemies. Instead, learn new ways and get active! Tweet your Reps - and not the way they do it, which is meaningless, but this way, the TPFA way, which creates public pressure and works:

The time for living among the lion and scarecrow and other fantasies is over. We need to get serious about winning this thing, now. Following guys clearly caught red-handed spamblocking people will ruin this country bit by bit as surely as any Obama-created national cancer.

Now you have the evidence of who has been behind the conservative suspensions. The evidence is right there in front of you. Absorb the shock if you've been taken in by Dakota, Hogg, Harriet and their people. Accept it, and take a new path. Following those people only helps Obama. Deal with the reality of it now.

Tweet congress every night with #TPFA. We make no money from it - TPFA is entirely volunteer - and even this blog intentionally has not a single advertiser where I could be making good money from it, now. This is for America. #TPFA will never betray the cause like, IMO, the people above. Time is running out for me to convince you against the momentum their numbers have created. We need you now to close the sale on Benghazi to congress.

If you don't, never complain about Obama again. Your complacency is your contract with Obama to never do anything but empower him and condemn your children to live in the world as a spoiled, communist community organizer would have it.

America needs your energetic, activist help. Now. Today.

Join us on Twitter #TPFA and/or follow @Kathy_Amidon every night 7:15 PM EST to tweet congress as a group. We're out of time. America is out of time. This is important.


UPDATE, OCT 6, 2013!

This blog simply had to post these latest screenshots, which I believe you find both educational and entertaining, even if they make your blood boil a bit. If you have read all of the above, they need little in the way of explanations:

To begin with, the above-mentioned and their pals have really upped their attacks in recent days as we press them hard - but fairly - on Twitter to explain the screenshots. Now, to read them, you'd think I was monstrously unpopular among conservatives, right? So to put a little perspective here for balance, lest anyone reading already have wondered on Twitter (not the most amazing but not bad), here are a couple of screen shots off my twitter account:

Here's Boss Hogg seeming not asking but ordering his followers to spamblock:

Here are 4 people chosen at random IMO seeming acknowledging compliance to the order (unbelievable)

Harriet. "InstaBlock" again, Oct 6:

And yes, people are influenced by this kind of thing. I'm pretty sure "Tag Team" is another term for "group spamblocking" to send someone into suspension, but I'd be happy to be corrected.

Even after many years dealing with tough people in a tough business in the toughest city on earth, I have to say that I regard following, in my opinion, to be simply gross and alarming. If there are people out there who regard "Boss Hogg" as a representative sample of Tea Party conservatives, it's no wonder so many mainstream/centrist Republicans worry about us. I use tough language and have been know to say Goddamn" and "Jesus Christ" (pardon me), but IMO the following by Hogg, a seeming representative sample, is simply off the chart. People may want to consider this when dealing with Hogg, his close followers or if you follow him:

I find it particularly weird that we read, written with seeming steam-level fury, the remark "You have a lot of nerve to question me and side with fake personas..." coming from a guy named "Boss Hogg".

In the meantime, since this entire situation was researched and then reported in our  defense after the people above attacked us first, we will continue to ask them on Twitter to.... "EXPLAIN THE SCREENSHOTS" of the seeming calls to spamblock conservative accounts into suspension. IMO it's the least of the questions they should be called upon to answer.


  1. You have no proof of anything, you pompous ass and for someone who's supposedly in the media biz, this blog is a rambling and an incoherent mess. Add to that your slowly dwindling number of tweeps who no longer join in on your tweetfest nightly should give you pause. No one is paying any attention to you anymore because you have convinced yourself that you are the grand poopah of all things Benghazi and your daily tantrums and accusations have turned off the your followers. You are not all that. Grow up, get a life, stop pointing fingers and take a good look at yourselves in the mirror. Jealous is no way to go through life, it's unbecoming and makes your whole TPFA look small.

    Oh yeah, I'm sure this comment will go into moderation because you are unable to see how you have really failed with your mindless accusations and removed any credibility that you thought you had. You sir are a joke

    1. I sere we hit a nerve. Poor baby.

      I wouldn't dream of deleting an idiotic post like yours when I can keep it as an example of total social and political retardation.

      No proof? There is nothing BUT proof. Screenshots are proof. people seeing the original posts is proof. And Boss Hogg, Harriet, IresistAll, Dakota Rose have been clearly caught red-handed suspending conservatives by exploiting and abusing Twitter spamblock. I don;t see how anyone can argue it, though I am open to a reasonable discussion.

      The number is not dwindling and even if it was, that would make the accomplishments noted by Rep Wolf's letters all the more impressive.

      I'm lad this blog has upset you into a stream-of-consciousness rant of attempted degradations. The Tea Party fire Ants are doing better than ever - and the people who have been suspending us via Twitter have been outed.

      Have a great day! M'wah!

  2. Sorry for being off topic, however I just saw this quote and figured on sharing it with the audience of your blog:

    "The time to start thinking about the next election is now. It doesn't matter whether the vote is next month or next year. Whether the vote is a year away or four, start preparing now, because the Democrats already are." -David Horowitz

    From his book "How to Beat the Democrats and Other Subversive Ideas"

    Trolls paid for and trained by ACORN already know this. I think that this quote applies not just to elections, but winning, period. Libs have victories that aren't always achieved by elections, fair or otherwise.

    They know to prepare long ahead of time, which reminds me of the documentary "Agenda: Grinding America Down," which talks a bit about how progressives/liberals are pretty much just Communists.

    They've been planning what we're currently experiencing since long before either of us were born or even conceived of.

    Wouldn't you say that a hundred years, maybe a little more, is long term preparation? That's about when the communists started their BS here in America...

    1. Thank you for the very smart & insightful comment. It's appreciated. Yes, communism has been growing roots slowly and surely into the fabric of this nation for 100 years.

      Some people are very unhappy about the so-called 'bickering between groups". This isn't that. This is TPFA telling people with screenshots who are clearly, IMO, organizing spamblock suspensions of people they don;t like, yours truly included. There is only one activity served by organizing mass spamblocks of individuals, and that is to trigger an automatic suspension of the victim's account.

      This is no fun for us, either. but if TPFA is to live up to its obligations to the conservative cause, we have no choice but to engage these people directly. We can be Ted Cruz or Bob Dole. We can be Gingrich in his heyday or we can be Mitt Romney. We can fight or we can be polite and make things look nice on the surface while the trolls eat away every scrap of foundation beneath us. Some of us in TPFA, through a combination of effort and happenstance find ourselves well-positioned to make the fight. We've proved we can do it, too. I have no choice but to take on this battle. propaganda is much more deadly than any bomb attack, because the destruction is invisible and happens often with no one seeing it until the destruction is done. i won;t sit back and watch it happen. I'd rather die, first. literally. Some things are worth fighting for.

      I'm middle-aged and lived and loved pretty well for a jerk, while millions of awkward kids died in searing pain, clutching the cold snow while their last words were calling to their mothers because they had not lived long enough to know the love of any other woman. Will I dishonor that moment in their lives by sitting it out because people are 'annoyed"

      I don't know about you, but I'm going to fight.

    2. I believe this is Horowitz's new group page : Truth Revolt

  3. Frank & Kathy, Keep up the good fight!

  4. By the way, I'm myfoxmystere on Twitter, Sodahead, Instagram and a few other sites. I also have a Wordpress blog mystere's moonbat spanker and a few others.

  5. Pleasure to meet you. Introduce yourself more often on twitter, please. I know it's controversial, but you would do America a great service by reporting this spamblock/suspension operation on your blog. It's only my opinion, but in my opinion we have stumbled, by virtue of they attacking us first, on what maybe the granddaddy of lib troll ops online. If we can break that by doing nothing more than calling vast attention to the facts and the screenshots, we can get rid of a huge impediment to conservative victories online. IMO that's pretty important. We need to start winning for real, now, not just promise ourselves we'll do it someday because we mean what we say. We need to get serious and start winning now.

    Thank you for the very kind words. Appreciated. Hope to see you more on Twitter.

  6. I wasn't previously familiar with your group, but I've long been battling the leftist trolls who harass Rep. John Fleming (R-LA), who makes himself available to all constituents via Facebook & Twitter, which he avidly uses and does so personally (as opposed to having staffers do it for him).

    Let's force Boehner (or as I prefer to call him, "Rep. Flaccid") to resign by mounting a grassroots campaign the leftist GOP won't be able to ignore.

    1. Petere, it's a pleasure to meet you. It sounds like you have a good general idea. I suggest you follow @Kathy_Amidon, our twitter swarm leader, on Twitter every night around 7PM - 10PM EST, watch her wall and add you voice to the topic in question, to congress. Bringing more people with you will help. We're very small, but are making profound results. We can use activist thinkers like you, and in return can use our organization to help bolster your idea into reality, as it sounds, by and large, to pretty much how we see things, too. One caution: I would NOT hammer Boehner to much just now. As much as I think he has done a pretty poor job generally, the shutdown is working wonders. There is a time for everything. before the shutdown i would have stood right by you. Let's watch this unfold for the duration and then re-assess where we are. There is plenty to do in the meantime.

  7. Some of you people need to get a life. I've never seen more Gossip and second hand assumptions. All striving to what, be a leader? Expose the idiots in DC, forget about the little gossipers. This is not a court. I'm just blown away by the pettiness of ya'll. We're about to lose our country and your busy putting people down? That's all I got.

  8. Eric, you post is entirely idiotic, of course. We warn you that there are those in our midst who ID those they do not like, then call for their pals to spamblock those victims into suspensions so their voices to the world have been silenced - indeed, prove it unambiguously with screenshots, no doubt whatsoever - and you call that "putting people down". Doubtless you are either one of them or, IMO, are functioning on a preschool level. Exposing the methods of those who silence conservative voices in a time of national crisis is not name calling, it's a necessity if we aim to preserve what is left of those aspects of America we hold dear and wish to hand down to future generations. You're an idiot. THAT'S putting someone down. IMO it also happens to be true.

  9. I'm not going to spam block anyone. nor will I participate in any arguments between conservative folks. Face it. Freedom is messy. We all don't get along. This is no crime.
    I WILL however, do what I can to crush the leftist/communist ideas and spread the word about what happens and who's doing it, in DC.
    Twitter is a good place for ideas, but your representatives are where you need to be. talk to them. let them know your thoughts (politely please) on various happenings and legislations.
    In freedom,