Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It has been one year since Ambassador Stevens and three others, under the authority and supposed protection of President Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, were slain in Benghazi without a finger lifted by Obama to save them.  A few days less than one year since Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice lied to the world that the cause of the murders was some kind of - we are left to assume - justified homicidal rage by Benghazi locals over a video - a video which had been clearly chosen to be the scapegoat of a collective murder obviously planned in advance, as there was little that was spontaneous about it and has, increasingly, all the earmarks of a hit job. One year since the 33 Benghazi Survivor Witnesses went missing under the caring and watchful wing of Comrade Obama - witnesses whose names are still being kept a secret from a congress comprised of timid and quaking "small business owners" who would not know how to deal with a crisis of this magnitude if God sent them the handbook.

On this day most writers, pundits and supposed right-wing spokesmen will do what they always do: stand in heroic pose, with strong-jawed face to the wind and speak of bravery, sacrifice and their anger toward a seeming pathological president whose growing apparent disturbed condition makes Richard Nixon look Mister Rogers. Make no mistake, Benghazi-Truth agrees with all of that. But there is no point in attempting to pile extra words upon platitudes which will vanish into thin air the moment spoken. This blog and the Tea Party Fire Ants are about being conservative activists whose objective first and foremost is that of measurable accomplishment in an otherwise political world of pontification. Toward that end we're going to illustrate what we call 'activism" and "accomplishment" by own own example - the best anyone can show, because it shows the people in question know what they're talking about instead of interpreting or basking in the reflected glory of others. We're also going to ruffle more than a few feathers by calling out people we have decided, in our opinion, to be either left-wing activists or people so hopelessly confused - at least - that they should not be where they appear to be headed: worming their way with many trollish yes-men into positions of respect in our conservative community which needs to do a much better job of vetting and holding its own accountable.  But not today. Tomorrow we will have quite an eye-opener, so stay tuned. But this is not the day

Today is also not the day to a wax sorrowfully with the carefully designed sad fatalism fostered by leftist trolls seeking to soften our resolve, manifest by proclamations such as "Congress will do nothing" or "They are all corrupt" so everyone shrugs angrily and stops fighting. We, TPFA, have proved that Congress can be forced to move forward: in the last 2 days, 3 more co-sponsors of HRes36 for a Benghazi Select Committee have come aboard, bringing the total to an impressive 172, or approximately 3/4 of the entire GOP House of Representatives.  As all readers of Benghazi-Truth know, the stumbling block now is Speaker John Boehner, the crying GOP leader whose golf games with Obama have proved more important to him than his duty of oversight and fiduciary duty to his constituents.

It's also not a day for people who have achieved no accomplishment by dent of effort to stand falsely heroically and say Thank you" to undeserved compliments and that includes most of the so-called "Conservative Leaders' who, with each passing year, seem to resign themselves more and more to the role of professional complainer instead of nation-saving activist.

And today is not a day to froth endlessly at the mouth about Obama. That's an old act, now, when that is all that gets done. Complaining about Obama is a broken record. Replace it with a new song: Bring justice to the dead with meaningful, resolute action.

I would suggest that of all the things related to marking the anniversary of the murders in Benghazi and the bringing of a year-long cover-up by the Obama administration to an end, that we set our our sights squarely and with determination to do what it takes to see action taken. Not pontification or endless complaining, but something solid and manifest that can be described as a job which now needs to be finished.  This is best done by finishing the job of calling out on social media all GOP congressional Representatives not on HRes36  - twitter particularly - and humiliating them into action by signing onto HRes36. The pressure Beohner is under, we get from sources, is intense. With each new signer the dam cracks a bit more and yes, little bits of truth leak out, most of which we cannot yet report openly.

Liberal trolls, naturally, will attempt to distract you with in-fighting, complaining, socializing and false hopes in things like "Huge rallies the world cannot ignore" - every one of which so far was not ignored by the nation because they were so ignored by the media that most people never knew such things occurred in the first place.

One-day events will not get to the bottom of things. Hashtags on Twitter and likes on Facebook will change nothing in terms of getting over the hurdle of getting congressional action - indeed, lib troll ops like ACORN - like anyone else - can buy Facebook "likes" by the 100,000's from many vendors - it's meaningless, now. You will notice some false flag operations pretending  to be conservative have a quarter million "Likes" and 1% of that number in Twitter followers - a sure sign the "Likes" were purchased because the Twitter followers cannot be. 

Only pouring it on publicly on the congress until the withering criticism is alarming - and rightfully so - will do the trick and make a Benghazi Select Committee happen. Many in congress do almost nothing except make important sounding noises when they feel like it and otherwise goof off on the public dime. It's a good gig if you can get it. Conversely, threatening that gig is how to get results. Public humiliation on the few remaining HRes36 holdouts who cannot really even call themselves GOP at this point is the surest way. That isn't theory; we've proved it. There is no doubt about it. It works. These, from a rare heroic Congressman, ranking House member Frank Wolf, author of HRes36, the Benghazi Select Committee resolution and a quiet lion with a spine of steel:

So light a candle for the slain, pray for the missing witnesses and make your own resolution: that you will put chatting and complaining on social media on the back burner and spend your time calling out congress on social media. We're very close to making a Benghazi select committee happen. Tell congress; Benghazi Select Committee - now. Let the dead rest a little easier and give hope to Americans who are alarmed that 33 of their fellow citizens can vanish off the face of the earth at nothing more than the whim of a communist president met by little resistance from the people in congress who were elected to hold him in check.

We'll see you on the social media battlefield. Follow @Kathy_Amidon & @FrankMDavisJR on Twitter, hashtag #TPFA, join with all the other TPFA and let's finish this job once and for all. After 297 unbroken TPFA Benghazi HRes36 Twitter campaign days, including  Christmas, New Years and Easter, the numbers prove we're almost at the end. 

We can do it. We can get this done.

Join us, and celebrate with us when the time for justice finally arrives.


  1. I have noticed over the last 6 months that Obama has been compared to Nixon as if Nixon was the "Gold Standard" of evil, ever to occupy the White House. I strongly disagree with these comparisons. Nixon cared about this country and he was a true patriot. He severed in WW2 honorably, then went on to become Vice President under Eisenhower. Sure he made a few glaring mistakes but to compare him to Obama, the Communist, Black Liberation Theologist, Lying Fraud is not acceptable to me. I predict that one day Nixon and "Tail Gunner Joe", will both be exonerated. Other than that, I have no complaints with the TPFA's. Keep up the pressure.

  2. Frank Wolf has been a close personal friend of Morris Sadek for many years. Morris Sadek is the person who managed the dubbing, promotion, and advertising for "Innocence of Muslims. Some of Sadek's other friends: Pamela Geller, who was financed in advance, for her efforts to put up anti-muslim posters in three major cities in the weeks after the Benghazi attack. Another of Sadek's friends: Joseph Nasrallah Abdelmasih, who operated the money-laundering operation to hide the financiers of the anti-muslim video production through his "church." I can go on and on with the connections of neocons and people working for Romney who are directly or indirectly connected to the assassination of an ambassador. You want the truth? I hope you get it. I hope the neocons get the death penalty for it. There are MANY of us who are not fooled by the antics of the insider spooks who tried to throw the election to Romney. Go back and tell your friend Frank Wolf to use a revolver like a good Nazi, because he won't escape prosecution.