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IF YOUR READ the blog post immediately beneath this one, you know what the title of this post means and the highly detailed specifics of why it must work: legally stamping dollar bills with Benghazi & Obama birth certificate awareness messages on dollar bills, getting them into circulation fast and  quickly exploding the national discussion on these two issues outside of the internet.

The update on (Twitter hashtags) #BenghaziBucks, #BirtherBucks is that in just a few short days, we have heard both publicly on twitter and privately from several people that they have already gotten their $5.00 - $10.00 custom rubber stamping kits from Staples, Costco, etc and a few have started stamping OBAMA MUST FREE THE MISSING BENGHAZI WITNESSES and OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS A FAKE on dollar bills and distributed them. The first was Benghazi-Truth's official Sergeant Major, "Sergeant Major", whose military-perspective columns you have read here exclusively, who so far has distributed 50(!) $1.00 "Benghazi Bucks" messages at the Iowa State Fair (that was yesterday, I don't know how many he has done today). 2 other people have distributed, together, 40 Benghazi messages and 1 person is doing Birther messages (please do! - some inexpensive kits come with two stamp handles) and sent out 20 yesterday. In 1 day that is 120 messages sent. The math works out as follows, total combined:

240 views a day

1,680 messages received (views) a week (meaning that many probable comments, discussions, debates drawing in many more people)

6,720 a month 

And if it needs to go this long (and even if it doesn't the messages are out of the bottle and can't be put back in, thankfully. One wonders if someday Antiques Roadshow will have someone come in with some stamped bills and the expert will cite that these will have been determined to have once saved America and each one is worth a lot) that works out to:

80,640 views - messages received - promoting that many moments of awareness, discussions, debates, arguments and people looking it up on the internet to a probable minimum of 1 mil people (average 10 people per involved per discussion including people talking about what they found with friends on the internet) involved on these otherwise mostly silenced issues in one year. If that seems like an unrealistically high number, remember that one piece of art from this blog has already racked up over 2,300 retweets on Twitter to a total probable viewing thus far of 9 million people. The numbers don't - can't - lie,and we're basing our predictions on very reliable mathematical models created by experts. 

All that from nothing more than the activities of only 4 (FOUR) Tea Party Fire Ants (you are automatically inducted for free if you help in any #TPFA activity, there is no 'registration") who just took an hour to buy a stamp kit, an hour to arrange the message on the stamp, 10 minutes at most to stamp the bills and then just went about their everyday activities of spending as they would normally, only with as many stamped one dollar bills as they happened to have (Sgt Major clearly got a few bills cashed down to ones for the effort, which is IMO the right way to do it). And to repeat, that 80,640 views are in play and inevitable with no extra effort at all. No one has to do anything else for those 80,640 views/conversations/debates/arguments to happen. In fact, they can't be stopped except for the casual lib happening upon and destroying a bill, which is a literal criminal activity, though being communists, mostly, they are sure to do it regardless of law, which to them is trumped by the sick passion of their ideology.

If 10 more people follow their modest but nevertheless results-powerful example, that will be another 67,200 messages in a month and 670,000 likely people involved -in just a month - and of course around 10 million people involved in a year. That would be the result of ten people releasing a few $1.00 bills each in one day and never doing anything else. You can see how these numbers can add up.

Just for one day. 

If a practical number of "many" Tea Party Fire Ants do this right away we will have many millions of messages sent, discussions/debates/arguments created running per month and eventually increasing exponentially. Those are just the raw, inarguable numbers of it. Don't debate it with me - debate it with "Where's George, "Where's Willy" and the National Centers for Disease Control (see the blog post below, we're basing our predictions on their prediction models and proven experience). Many millions in a month. 

I ask you: Do you want many millions of people debating the Benghazi witnesses being silenced/missing and Obama's forged birth certificate every month while those same millions of people are now otherwise unaware and silenced? Yes you do, and you now know what to do!

On the Issue Of Trolls, 

We've seen a huge spike in liberal troll propaganda directed at the Tea Party Fire Ants on Twitter- one even claiming to be related to Alex Baldwin with the same last name and also claiming we aren't -um, AHEM - true conservatives and actually working for the liberal cause. They are really out in force so without wasting time getting drawn off-message and into meaningless flame wars which don't hurt Obama - which is one of their tricks to run out the clock so Obama can succeed in 'transforming America" - we would nevertheless like you to fight back a little on this group's behalf. I suggest a response along the lines of the following, and being sure to post the evidence: ask them straight -up, 

Look at this post of #TPFA accomplishment and list one Tea Party group which has this much accomplishment in the last year & show me the proof ->

They won't answer the question, of course, and will try to spin the answer and turn it into an attack on you - you're supposed "punishment" for "disobeying" their social/political demands as though you are their slave. I would suggest saying, "Yeah, I knew you couldn't answer. This person is a lib troll, everybody" and leave it at that. But we really do need your help now because they appear to have decided we're the biggest Tea Party group threat to Obama and liberals on Twitter and we can use a little support on the boards before people really start to believe their BS, which is hurtful. The good news is, every time you defend us (yourself if you;re one of us or like us) with examples of TPFA accomplishment, you also strike one more blow against liberals/Obama because those examples/responses send the messages you want heard: free the Benghazi witnesses / Obama's birth certificate is a criminal forgery (that's what reliable law enforcement says).  I know you'll help out.

ONE MORE THING (ala "Columbo"),

Check in tomorrow evening - Monday, 8/4/2013, sometime after 8 PM EST - for a "balloon conservative message update" you'll simply love. See you then!

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