Sunday, August 11, 2013

GUEST EDITORIAL: PsyOps; #BenghaziBucks From A Military Perspective

Guest editorial by Sergeant Major
"Sgt Major" spent 25 years in the Green Berets and retired E-9 SF Jumpmaster with a Top Secret Clearance. He's also, naturally, a regular on Twitter as one of the Tea Party Fire Ants (indeed, it was a comment he made about being like fire ants which led to the group name itself). We ask him for his guest editorials. He obliges quickly and without a fuss. We're proud and grateful to have him among our ranks, and to stand by him. - Proe  

When I went through Special Forces Training a good deal of time was dedicated to Psychological Operations. In the cliche, PsyOps is the “Winning of Hearts and Minds” of the enemy. But in the truer sense PsyOps is “Getting the Enemy to Think What We Want Him to Think”A PsyOps mission can run from the mundane - say mob control - to the intricate, like the phony army built around Patton before D-Day in WWII. 

One such PsyOps mission is the distribution of ideas, propaganda, and information to the general populace, opposition, and allies. In today’s internet world much can be accomplished with Social Media. Twitter and Facebook allow access to a large ebb and flow of information. That’s why it’s used, followed and, ultimately, monitored by the Authorities. With Government as Tyrannical as the OBAMA administration, (not to mention protected by a sycophantic, slavish press,) the message of the Oppressed requires as many outlets as possible.Its not just about “Tweets” and “Likes” anymore. 

Low Tech PsyOps, tried and true, has a place in the Civil Disobedience Arsenal. Such techniques include Banners, OverPass Demonstrations, even Graffiti. In three months time, I hung eight #BENGHAZI banners over the freeways in Los Angeles. I witnessed an overpass “Impeach Obama” demonstration in the same city. In a bathroom stall in the Denver  Airport I read a scrawled “Fuck Obama”

The banners required hours of prep. The demonstration was broken up by the Glendale Police. I’m sure by now the graffiti is painted over. This brings me to my current favorite Psychological Operation: #BENGHAZI BUCKS, originated on this blog by the Tea Party Fire Ants, with whom I am proud to serve. #BENGHAZI BUCKS are nothing more than US currency that you have stamped with your favorite anti-OBAMA slogan. Mine is “Who Ordered The Stand down At BENGHAZI” printed in red on the back of ones, fives, tens, and twenties. You can put anything on yours, though I suggest keeping it short. I will skip all the logistical nuts and bolts as you can find them in another post in this blog if you scroll down this page. ( - Editor)

#BENGHAZI BUCKS are anonymous, grass roots and subversive. The perfect PsyOps trifecta. Spend them at high trafficked areas, i.e. sporting events, concerts, conventions, or at locations where the bills are sure to travel, i.e. airports, truck stops. You want to target a specific audience,say, Libs? Spend them at coffee shops, trendy restaurants, museums, anywhere wealthy Lefties gather. #BENGHAZI BUCKS should be passed face side up so as to not call attention to them. If the recipient notices and comments, play dumb and claim you got it in change. This has never happened to me (and I’ve spent about a hundred and fifty of them).(That means according to the Where's George and CDC distribution models, about 50,000 messages sent and received - spurring awareness, discussion and debate in homes and public - in only a couple of months for just that many spent so far. -Editor)

#BENGHAZI BUCKS work as PsyOps because it forces the reader into thinking about the current scandal. Even if the reader is a bleeding heart, holier than thou, condescending Lib they still can’t be immune to the nagging feeling that something big continues to simmer in America. They might even be motivated to chat it up. And, bonus!, unless the reader is really wealthy, they will pass the money on for someone else to read. 

As with all Civil Disobedience, the more of us spending #BENGHAZI BUCKS, the more effective the message. I’ll settle for just knowing they are out there, but I would love to have one circulate to me from another #BENGHAZI Patriot. I even hope that one day so many are in circulation, it gets some attention in the Press. (I know, I’ll see Big Foot before I see that). 

I’ve been passing #BENGHAZI BUCKS at the Iowa State Fair, just before and after headliner Dennis Miller performs. Stamp your bills and pass them at your favorite locale. 

There’s Discontent to PsyOp in America.

Sergeant Major's Twitter handle is @Pugs47
An Example of Sgt Major's message:

Examples sent in so far by TPFA Patriots



  1. Excellent choices! I'd never have thought of it! Thanks

    1. You can get do-it-yourself message stamp kits dirt cheap at Walmart, Staples, Office Max, Costco, other physical locations and online. It's a funny thing. Almost everyone who has done it agrees that this activity can be a little bit addictive. There is so much anonymous power in this that it really is a "feel good" activity! Check in once in awhile if you are comfortable doing so and let us know how many physical bills you have spent. An update with estimated "view/impression" numbers is long overdue. Must be in the millions by now just from those we know who started in August!

  2. Replies
    1. Terrific, Kristi! Please read my response to the tweet by anonymous, above.Also please read the blog post on the front page of this blog because Tea Party activism must get better coordinated. We don't want every person who reads out of every 100 to think that 99 other people are doing one thing (or all of it) so they don't have to (resulting in nobody doing anything - and that does not mean you, Kristi!) Thanks!. ;)