Saturday, August 17, 2013


On Aug. 16, 2013, the Nashville chapter of the Tea Party Fire Ants and a sympathetic group each released separate balloon releases according to the plans outlined here.

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One release was in Nashville, the other in Murfressboro, Tennessee . Still awaiting all the videos, but street traffic in both Nashville and Murfressboro was dense and people seemed positively uplifted, laughing, clapping, cheering, and playing them them - eyes sparkling, smiles open wide, amidst much laughter, as though some heavy burden had been lifted from their shoulders. Yes, the truth has that effect. A few people took what they seemed to regard as a memento - a balloon itself. One person attached one to the side of his car with the "Obama's Birth certificate is fake" side facing out. 

What's terrific is that the Hi-Float additive allows these balloons to travel - at 5 - 8 feet as prepared -  for 2 weeks! The jet stream indicates a hard north-eastern flow last night and today at approx 8 miles per hour, so as of noon Saturday we estimated what part of the group of balloons which did not fall prey to accident to be within several miles, this way or that, to Danville, Kentucky, 192 miles away. As of this writing, about 12 hours later, they are probably headed in the dark toward Ohio/Pennsylvania, where by morning the occasional message is certain to surprise church goers in those states.

The genius in all this is that the message meets and exceeds "Advertising 101" - it will be blasted into the minds of everyone who sees them because the moment is surprising, colorful, entirely unique and extremely controversial. The crowd reactions prove it. A color, a balloon shape, a light moment where good memories flow, almost anything will trigger the memory and elicit a discussion of the message at home, store, party, pub, or online.  

Your Congressional House Representative is back home until Sept 6. Those of you with activist leanings - especially the Overpasses To Impeach Obama people, should contact whichever balloon printing place you want and get going NOW. The instructions, followed beautifully and easily - and they said they had a blast doing it - by the Tennessee groups, are on this Benghazi-truth post:



  1. How wrong you are. Wolf is no longer helping the process. Boehner has him under his thumb. If Wolf really wanted his Legislation, H. Res 36 to go to the floor, he would be on board with H. Res 306 which forces it to the floor for a vote. Boehner hasn't allowed it to the floor for a vote yet. You gotta see all the angles, not just what they want you to see.

    When senior members of congress buck the leadership, there are consequences. Wolf got ripped a new one when he introduced H. Res 36, which is why he gives a nice lil speech now and again, but he isn't pushing it, outside groups were pushing for this legislation, lobbying members, which is why there are so many co-sponsors. If the leadership won't allow it to the floor, then it's useless. This is why the discharge petition is needed, to push the legislation to the floor, circumvent the Speaker and finally get a vote.

    1. Hey genius, if Wolf did not want HRes36 to go through he would have pulled it. If HRes306 gets close to passing and forcing HRes36 to a vote, and Wolf doesn't want it, he will STILL pull it. So you concentrate not on HRes36 but the very least likely chance of success, HRes306. And IMO you are the same jerk from Special Ops Speaks who keeps bashing the TPFA and I think you are really a troll. Go soak your head and stop giving vets a bad name.