Saturday, August 24, 2013


As Many of You  have noticed on Twitter - indeed, many have joined - #TPFA is/are going birther at least through the congressional recess, ending Sept 6, 2013. 

Some trolls have tried to claim that such a move indicates insincerity on the issue of Benghazi and therefore the #TPFA are insincere. This, by the way, is "troll number #1" in our Troll ID list, "the Purist", for whom perfection is only ever measured, no matter how tortured, by a mindset that results in no action against democrats or Obama. Others have suggested we not scatter our focus (with which I generally agree) and not take on the birther issue. 

Of course, this author has been a "Birther" from the very beginning, hence, so I cannot claim no personal skin in this game ideologically. However, we've been testing a strategy and it works. It works so well that there is no harm in giving the game away, and much to gain if everyone understands the method behind the madness. It's simple: When the issue of both Benghazi and Obama's birth certificate are made angrily, before the world, with both cases being so legit, forcing Congress to answer, and with Congress scared to death that tackling the birth certificate issue which will result in people discovering they are not up to the job, they voluntarily choose Benghazi. Fast.

How do we know it works? Because there were 80 co-sponsors for a Benghazi select committee in April. As of a few days ago there were 160. In the few days since we started this duel message approach, there are now 166. This is called, in the common vernacular, a "win/win strategy". When confronted with what they perceive as not demands for both - as actually presented - but a choice to placate the angry voices making them look bad in public on Twitter, and hence jeopardizing their fine, lazy lives on the public dime, they jump on the Benghazi bandwagon, signally wildly that they care.

We suggest all TPFA and their friends Tweet and contact the reps with BOTH issues angrily presented with equal, terrific force. They will choose Benghazi and we'll also make a bit more headway in getting Congress to look at Sheriff Joe Arpaio's evidence of the birth certificate being what he has determined to be a 100% sure criminal forgery.


There is a response the trolls cannot beat on the birther issue. Don't be too smart for your own good: please use it: 

Sheriff Joe Arpaio (@realSheriffJoe on Twitter) says the birth certificate is a fake. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has 62 years in law enforcement, 30 of them Federal. he has a constituency of 5 million people. More people in little Maricopa country, Arizona, voted for him than watch MSNBC on any given night in the entire continental United States and fully more than half the number who watch O'Reilly on FOX. CNN has 800 employees, all involved in media. Arpaio has 3,400 people under him, all of whom are law enforcement. That is what Arpaio has. What to the anti-birther trolls have? The trolls have nothing. 

Tell them that. often.

Speaking of Trolls, the #TPFA have come under intense attack - which TPFA have successful pretty much beaten away while making the trolls look foolish - by trolls of whom one appears to be "Boss Hogg", who makes a good show for himself but attacks anyone who demands real action against Obama politically while playing martyr to obvious-self-gulaging on Twitter - "Troll #3" in our guide to internet trolls. 


We now, by virtue of updates from TPFA activists, count about 1,500 Benghazi Bucks and Birth Bucks in circulation so far. This means about a quarter million messages will be received and discussed by people otherwise not tuned into these issues.

Another 2 groups are planning balloon launches soon.

TPFA will also continue working with Overpasses USA which is the one group of all that this blog can 100% recommend as hard-working volunteers who have the right approach and attitude - get in people's faces.*

That's what we're doing today. What are you doing?

Get active! Follow #TPFA and @Kathy_Amidon & myself, @FrankMDavisJR on Twitter. Don't let other fight the fight, and don't let others cut you out of the party when success draws near. Get active now!

*Because of an entirely alarming rant from the seeming Special Ops Speaks Twitter administrator, this blog and the #TPFA can no longer support that group until his/their outrageous remarks against Rep Wolf and HRes36 have been explained by them to our satisfaction. This is a no-option. Their billboards appear also to blame everyone for Benghazi but Obama, as well. Vaguely, this blog is beginning to suspect there is a firm possibility that SOS is an ACORN-like operation of leftists who conned 700 patriot military Vets to sign on so as to be able to use the honor of those patriots' service to make themselves unassailable in polite company on the issue of their, IMO, shaky message at best. Of course, SOS need only explain themselves and their Twitter admins remarks and all will be good again with this blog and SOS is the explanation holds water. Since SOS voluntarily contacted us (Kathy Amidon, specifically) first wanting our help, knowing we were firm Wolf/HRes36 supporters, requesting an explanation from SOS for their twitter admins remarks before supporting SOS further is entirely appropriate and fair.

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