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In the last update I described how we - the Tea Party Fire Ants - are broadening our efforts. It isn't so much "Co-sponsor HRes35" anymore during the Twitter swarms as it is "Sign the discharge petition so HRes36 can get a floor vote." 162 co-sponsors is nearly 3/4 of the entire GOP House majority. That's enough. It's time to get a vote on it now.

Digressing slightly, it makes me sick to my stomach that we wound up with Boehner as Speaker for a second time despite all the obvious signals he was in no way up to the job. Little could anyone have known that our own worst enemy would be our own Speaker of the House who would prefer to play golf with Obama than engage his constitutional responsibility of oversight over Obama. In 2014 there will be a positively terrible political price payed by all those who supported Boehner as Speaker. These country club trolls on both sides of the aisle need to be driven out by solid, no-games, get-the-job done conservatives.

One of the broadening Fire Ants efforts which we have been engaging in has been discussion with "Impeach Obama Overpass" groups. These people basically have overpass demonstrations calling attention to unhappiness with Obama and as a media pro I have to admit the idea is brilliant: traffic flows by the millions and if you cannot get your message out to now-leftist FOX NEWS, the newspapers and timid radio hosts, then you can use the overpass like a living TV screen and force the message in front of people. It works. 

If you recall, we floated this idea on twitter not long ago:

Well, these truly terrific overpass organizers, many of them, anyway, were not even aware of the HRes36 resolution for a Benghazi Select Committee to do to Obama on Benghazi what the dems did to Nixon on Watergate in the 1970's. That's not their fault - the Obama-media-protection-lockdown - even by FOX - has been beyond anything we have ever seen in the United States, though people who lived through Soviet Russia are warning us that we are now clearly on the same path that ruined the lives of hundreds of millions of soviets. And many of the overpass organizers did not think to start advertising this powerful message, originating here, now retweeted over 2,300 times and seen on Twitter by an estimated nine-million-plus people: 

Here's one more step forward for the Fire Ants. The first Overpass group (there are many in states all over the US) to adopt the message, located in Tennessee, had this this past weekend:

Last but not least even though this isn't a good angle, note the blue tarp sign, as described in the floated idea graphic, and the message on it:

I'll be the first to admit that it's a small start. But then this blog was a small start before it got written up by Newsweek and a host of other leftists trying to mock away our message, a strategy that blew up in their stupid faces and made this blog huge and popular.

The better news is that in less than a week the same group is planning on having a Benghazi survivor sign - with the same message - twice that large, along with the original, at the next event in less than a week, and will have them at every event and more besides.

These overpass demonstrations catch people's attention, and all day long an endless number of car horns signal - sometimes enthusiastically -  that people agree with the message - and more importantly, many are finding out about it for the first time.

Better news still is that other Overpass Groups around the country are warming to the idea that the best way to impeach Obama is to create intense public awareness about the Benghazi Witnesses, whose testimony alone is likely to shock all of America and via the true leaders in the congressional GOP who are finally stepping up to the plate, end Obama's political rein of terror once and for all. Once the American people say, "Yes, Obama is terrible! He's a monster! Remove him" it's all over - in a legal, constitutional way - for Barry Seotoro/Sobarkah/Barack Obama in horrifying public expose that will erase for all time the sick and exaggerated "triumph" that democrats have heralded for 40 years: removing a comparatively innocent Richard Nixon for a crime he, himself, didn't actually commit. And, of course, no one was horribly m
urdered during the absurdly inconsequential Watergate break-in the way people were while Obama denied them help - and them lied about almost every possible aspect of what happened, even to the United Nations General Assembly, not to mention up-close to the faces of the grieving parents - to cover it all up. 

If you are part of a group, or just like the idea, now is the time for Overpass signs, especially in those climates where fall and winter are not so welcoming to outdoor activities.

"Where are the Benghazi Survivor witnesses?" and "Obama, Free The Missing Benghazi Survivor Witnesses!" will be on the lips of every American by September even if the media doesn't say a word.

It's summer. People are travelling. Give them something to talk about in the car. 

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