Thursday, July 11, 2013


It's been 10 months since Ambassador Chris Stevens and his communications person, Sean Smith, were killed in the initial attacks in Benghazi. Both were Obama-supporting liberals. Both were trapped in a country which all other western countries had abandoned because it was too dangerous for westerners to keep their embassies there. Trapped in a hostile, murderous Libya despite their cries for help to the liberal president they followed. Trapped by the liberal President who, at the very least, turned his back with a shrug and let them die. At the least.

Their deaths - slow, terrified and agonizing - knowing they had been utterly betrayed and possibly intentionally trapped to die by Obama, was as real for them, then, as reading this is for you now. Think about that. Let it sink in. It's a bad way to die.

It's been 10 months since the only first-responders to the initial attack, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty saved an estimated 33 Benghazi survivor eyewitnesses, before dying themselves from a mortar attack on the roof of the American Annex in Benghazi.

It's been 10 months since the 33 eyewitnesses whisked away by Obama have vanished. No one knows their names. No one has heard a thing. We only have rumors they even exist. This is what happened in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia and that is not hyperbole - that is absolute, 100% historical fact. "It can't happen here, today" is what the sophisticated elites in those countries at those times also said until the streets ran deep in their own blood. You need to pay attention and get active if you don't want to risk sharing their same fate. There is nothing wrong with investigating a murder and prosecuting whoever may be guilty in the crime or the cover-up, even if the crime and cover-up may have been ordered by Obama himself, and there is only one way to find out, and it isn't by the media ignoring the story and Boehner blocking a select committee which would otherwise investigate.

For perspective, here's a side-by-side comparison of the Watergate timeline, still heralded as a great scandal by Obama supporters and the Benghazi timeline.

Watergate Timeline

Using slow and cumbersome 1972 technology, meaning no fax, no office computers or printers, internet, security cameras or answering machines (a meandering, technological stone-age by comparison):

1. June 17, 1972 The Watergate burglars, guilty only of a politically-motivated break-in to a democrat political headquarters - not for the overthrow of a government, just stupid albeit illegal shenanigans to get a slight edge on the political competition, are arrested in the act.

2. Sept 15, 1972, Buglers are indicted.

3. May 17, 1972  Select Committee hearings begin. Many soon go to prison, media uses terms such as "Horrors" and "Massacres" which are still used today, to denote an absurdly crummy little break-in and a few firings. (11 months)

4. August 9, 1974. Nixon resigns under threat of impeachment. (Democrat Bill Clinton, member of Obama's same democrat political party, was impeached, lost his law license and had the gall to say it didn't bother him because he was not forcibly removed, is as clear an example as any of the liberal democrat culture mindset of nasty arrogance and shamelessness) 

Total: 2 years, 2 months, approx from break-in to resignation of a President.

Media devotes 134 hours to hearings alone. Many hundreds of hours total.

Benghazi Timeline

Events unfold like a snail's pace despite speed and efficiency of current cutting edge digital and computer technology. The speed of communication, depending on type, is thousands of times faster in the aggregate than 1972, and not only much cheaper, but in most cases, free. Indeed, you would not have been able to log on to a website to learn a thing in 1972.

1. Sept 11, 2012, 4 people murdered, 33 more whisked away by Obama administration under his authority and are not heard from again.

2. December 15, 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in charge of the Benghazi annex/consulate under Obama, suffers "concussion" just before she is to testify before congress, NOT select committee, offering her many more defense options. Even still, during her "recuperation' she uses the extra time to compile a massive book of legalistic pre-prepared responses from which she reads without fail every response when she finally testifies on Jan 23, 2013. The process of questions and answers is laughably and "horrifically" slow as she turns pages and looks up each answer from the book during a supposedly spontaneous question and answer session. Even then, when pressed she panics and angrily yells "What difference does it make?" Liberals and left-controlled media pretend the moment never occurred.

3. More low-level, "casual" congressional hearings proceed, no eyewitness are called, no TV networks broadcast them.

4. July 11, 2013, TODAY - Liberal media almost entirely ignores the Benghazi story. Supposed "opposition" GOP Speaker John Boehner, friend to and golfing partner of Obama steadfastly refuses to allow a floor vote on Representative Frank Wolf's HRes36 to establish a Watergate-style select Committee to investigate the murders in Benghazi, even though HRes36 is co-sponsored by 160 GOP Reps (almost 3/4 of the GOP Congressional House majority). Eyewitnesses names are still not given to congress. Hard-left media activists circle around Obama and begin apparent hand in cover-up by proclaiming they will publish books by "first responders" even though the only two first responders were killed, promise there is nothing political about it. The names of the "first responders" whose book the Obama-supporting leftist media will publish? Sorry, it's a secret. FOX NEWS, Supposed "right wing" cable news network that mocked the Tea Party before CEO Roger Ailes took the network 'to the center" (further left then it was when it mocked the tea party) devotes approximately 10 hours total in as many months to Benghazi and crows loudly because they are better than left media that covered it for about 6 hours. 4 people are still dead. 33 people spirited away by Obama are still missing because, you know, it's a healthy, America-loving secret the American people cannot know.

What happened to Stevens and the rest, including the ,missing surviving eyewitnesses could happen to you, conservative or liberal. That means you can be killed and your death shrugged off with a political excuse. You could go missing into the night like the Benghazi survivors, and the Jews in Nazi Germany and 40 million in Stalin's communist Russia. If this is not investigated and prosecuted as far as law allows, as Watergate was, and quickly before more books of pre-prepared excuses are written, it is, in my opinion, the literal end of the United States as we have known it.

You have no choice in the matter. If you remain a passive audience/observer and restrain yourself to nothing but meaningless complaints to each other, you literally do so at your own peril. It is exactly as serious as that. Speak up now, or truly fear the black helicopters forever, and condemn your children and grandchildren to the same fate.

Tweet not just your own but all congressmen in the US House of representatives and demand a Select Committee on Benghazi. Boycott FOX until they get serious and let them know you are boycotting. 

Failing to get involved for whatever reason assures you have no reason to complain if Obamacare literally kills you because the panels have decided that your life is not worth the expense of your care, or the leftist agents, like those in Russia, knock on your door in the middle of the night. We're at that point. 

You need to act.

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