Saturday, July 13, 2013


In the tradition of this blog, of tempting condemnation by citing extremely uncomfortable but nevertheless entirely 
irrefutable facts, I'd like to take this one on directly. Naturally hysterical libs will do what they always do with this blog when it hits a nerve: they will mock it and paint it with a broad, dishonest brush, so please read carefully and intelligently, and have your Bible handy.

The reason I'm writing this is I just read a tweet, one of countless such remarks in social media over the years - and media is my business -  saying in essence, "I know I am not being a good Christian, but I hate Obama." Or, "If I were not a good Christian, I would hate Obama." You get the picture. Many of these remarks are entirely sincerely expressed. Others, however, come from our friends the trolls who are paid to do that - indeed, the libs are now advertising on job hunting sites for "paid blog posters" to sit all day and spread Obama-protecting, Marxist propaganda.  

Paid trolls are the front-ranks strategic enemy of a free nation and say many unconscionable things regardless of truth and with often the worst of possible intentions. A new one, for example, is "Never Forget  

Benghazi." Think about that. What does that do to you emotionally in terms of wanting to take action to get to the bottom of the facts and see those responsible within the United states prosecuted? It dampens your resolve, doesn't it? Sure, you'll remember and be angry, but that doesn't hurt Obama. "Never forget"  presumes anger but defeat on Benghazi. Like 9-11 won't be forgotten, but remembering it won't roll those buildings back up into the air and bring 3,000 people killed on that day back to life. Unlike 9-11, Benghazi is not a lesson to be learned for the future, it is a murder and a cover-up which needs to still be investigated and prosecuted today. "Never Forget Benghazi" is an absurdly obvious crafted manipulative message to anyone who knows media on a professional level - it's meant to make you accept it and "move forward". Don't accept it. Every time you see "Never Forget Benghazi", post back, "I won't forget and I am doing something about it by Tweeting the GOP Reps in public to get them to do their jobs. What are YOU doing about it?" You'll see "Never forget" vanish quickly  and that's good. We and millions of others will remind everyone every single day, all day long, of Benghazi without the implied defeatism, thanks. Don't worry about it "being forgotten". As evidence of this blog/group's dedication, again:

No, we won't forget and we aren't going anywhere until this cover-up is blasted out into the sunlight and all guilty parties held to account and that's that.

So back to, "Is it Christian to hate Obama?"

The question is more a matter of, if you hate Obama are you being honest?  If you don't hate him but say you are - if you are lying -  that is against scripture, of course; not complicated - lying is forbidden (funny to consider that in today's world, isn't it?). But if you really feel he is wicked, if you feel in your gut he is evil, if you believe you hate him, this man whose first and last names are the same used by Jesus to describe Satan in the Book of Luke (look up "Lightning" and "Height" in a Hebrew-to-English translator sometime - trust me, you're in for a big shock), truly, then the answer is "Yes, it is not un-Christian to hate Obama." You can do it and you can say it. Out loud. To anyone.

For decades liberals and secularists have tried to manipulate Christian conservatives by twisting the image of Jesus the Peacemaker into Jesus the Weakling Ultra-Pacifist, because if he is weak as an example of goodness, you will follow that example and be easily defeated. Manipulation 101. Jesus, however, was not weak. He was strong and defiant and determined. He could be angry. He looked Kings in the eye and gave them a dose of reality no one else would dare to think of doing, and He did not die for that, He died because when they came for Him, knowing the Plan, He refused to hide or run. That is the example of Jesus Christ.

Here are some quotes from the King James version, which need no explanation in context:

  • Psalm 5:4-5 For thou art not a God that hath pleasure in wickedness: neither shall evil dwell with thee. The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity.                                     
  • Psalm 11:5 The LORD trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth.                             
  • Proverbs 6:16 These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
  • Psalm 26:5 I have hated the congregation of evil doers; and will not sit with the wicked.                                       
  • Psalm 97:10 Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.                               
  • Psalm 101:3 I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.            
  • Psalm 119:104 Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way.

Jesus also got in people's faces, turned over the tables of the money-changers, and did any number of things the thought of which terrify liberals if enacted by large masses of millions of angry conservatives, as perhaps may now not be such a bad idea, provided no laws are broken.

Jesus was righteous, of course, as righteous as righteous can be, as the Living Son of God, and he fought for the abused and downtrodden, and he fought for His Father's Name for Its sake.  And to help those who were innocent, abused and being led to corruption, and for it's own sake, he hated evil, and he hated those who performed evil and kept evil in their hearts. I don't say that. The Bible says that.

Partly, of course, for this discussion to have clarity, the question also in context and opinion must be, "is Obama evil"? Now, in today's world and Western society, "human evil" is seemingly really only allowed to be applied to one human being: Hitler (not Stalin who killed five-to-ten times more of his own citizens than Hitler because Stalin was Communist and to liberals communism is cool and they'd just rather not dwell too deeply on Stalin's "bad" side, so they change the subject to Hitler, thanks). The fact is, however, that Hitler is no barometer for evil as illustrated in scripture; Hitler is, essentially, 6 million times worse, and then some. The "evil bar" is not set nearly so high as those who dwell in their numbers, defend them and have been influenced by them would have us believe. "Evil" as illustrated and cited in the Bible can be readily understood as something we now take almost as commonplace. The kinds of people the Bible describes as evil can be found on police blotters around the world millions of times every day. That is an unpleasant but literal fact. That's not interpretation, that's fact, if they are guilty as charged, and the majority at any given time usually are.

So if you feel this man Obama,who we know has lied - many times over including about a video causing the Benghazi killing, a lie told to the parents of the dead - who we know supported the killing of living babies who survived abortions, who at the very least turned his back on those murdered in Benghazi and has somehow silenced - or worse - 33 survivor eyewitnesses to the events, if you feel Obama is evil by the benchmark set in the Bible, then yes, it is quite and entirely clear you may hate him. You may not do physical harm against him, but you can hate him and positively do whatever is both legal and within Biblical law to remove him from power, absolutely. In fact, to be perfectly blunt about it, to follow Jesus' example, you essentially have an obligation to do so. That's not a joke. Intense, determined, righteous hate, as Jesus hated, as God hates, is a very fine motivator for that, as hatred for Hitler inspired millions to defeat him against, for a time, increasingly pessimistic chances for success.

If you feel at-odds with this column because of the way you were raised, please don't argue it with me, argue it with God and His Son, Jesus Christ, because I am only quoting their words, not mine, and there is no conclusion to draw, per se, as the facts are inarguable. Re-stating an easy prediction made at the outset, of course liberals will be forced to say this column is "unhinged", because if I am not crazy, in the larger sense, their agenda is in a lot of trouble!  

So please don't say, "I know it's not Christian to hate Obama." You are basing your behavior and self-recrimination on the words you hear on television, not the word of God.

It's right there in black and white on the printed page. Read it, yourself.

God bless.


  1. Proe, your July 13 article is a masterpiece and should be must reading for anyone who cares about the Benghazi cover up. Amazing job!!

  2. Proe, This is one of your best articles yet and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. This article should give us all plenty to think about going forward as we continue our fight for Benghazi, truth and what is right for our Country. WWJD? You explained that very well. Great job-Thank You!

  3. Wow!!!!!! I have to say that this is an amazing and eye opening piece. I had to read it twice. I wish every blogger wrote like you do! Thank you for all you do!

  4. We are commanded by Christ to "love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and might - and - to love our neighbor as ourselves". we are told if God's word if we obey these two commandments we will have fulfilled God's Ten Commandments.

    I believe we are to have the same heart as our God, we too should not want any to perish and to come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ unto salvation. We must keep our witness fresh and pure always ready to give a testimony of the love and grace of the Lord.

    What we are to ARBOR/Hate is the EVIL and darkness men walk in, we are to have nothing to do with these deeds of darkness, those whom are of the antichrist spirit and to hate the evil and destruction they walk in, we are to speak up against and expose the evil of those whom walk in spirits of such darkness. We are to hate the obominations of godless leaders whom hate our Lord Jesus and whom try to force ungodliness upon his saints. We must walk in the light and love of Christ for we whom are Christ's are that light in all the darkness that surrounds us we carry the message of eternal life in Christ giving hope and joy in him, yet hate the evil that surrounds us and the evil deed and plots and lies our leaders walk in..
    here is an insert for a wonderful man of God in our times.
    John Piper

    5. Genuine Love Must Hate

    If there were a universe in which there was no evil that hurt people or dishonored Christ, there would be only love and no hate. There would be nothing to hate. But in a world like ours it is necessary not only that we love and hate, but that our love include hate.

    Paul says, “Let love be genuine, abhorring what is evil.” One commentator calls this abhorring “an intense inward rejection.” It is rejection. It is inward. It is intense. And my point is that in this world love has to feel hate for evil. Since evil hurts people and dishonors God, you can’t claim to love people while coddling evil.

    Don’t make the mistake of saying: the evil I cherish only hurts me, and so it is not unloving to others. That’s absolutely false (see 1 John 5:2 above). You were made to display the worth of Christ to others. That is what is good for them. That’s what it means to love them. But if you do things to yourself that damage your delight in Christ and your display of Christ, you sin against others and not just yourself. You rob them of what God made you to give them.

    So I say again, love for others must hate evil. Because evil hurts others directly, and evil hurts others indirectly by hurting you. Evil obscures the beauty of Christ. And Christ is our greatest good. Our greatest joy.
    Please include the following statement on any distributed copy: By John Piper. ©2013 Desiring God Foundation. Website:

  5. My pastor says hate the actions. Not the person. But very difficult. I'm not Jesus Christ. I'm a proud Christian. Don't use the word hate often. In O's case, I do hate him for all the atricities committed by him&his lies&deception. He's a murderer of innocents. He has brought Islamic terrorists to America. I'm afraid&ashamed to say I hate him. Forgive me Lord. Too much blood has been spilled. Soon be my blood. I accept that, as I know you are with me always Lord.In Jesus name. Amen.

    1. God and Jesus hate the people as well as the actions. the quotes in the article from the Bible say it, clearly. Jesus and God tell us we should hate those who sin, and their definition is very much broader than those of current society. IMO God and Jesus, looking at Obama who has lied, who has supported infanticide for those people who survive abortions, on just those two counts, it is quite clear would tell us to shun Obama and not sit with him. They essentially already have. No question. that's 100% inarguable.

      Re your blood, i would not worry. You give Obama WAY too much credit. has he murdered? IMO maybe, depends on who ordered the hit on Bill Gwatney, the apparent hits on the guys Obama had gay oral sex with and where the Benghazi survivor witnesses are. But don't YOU worry. At the end of the day Obama is just a spoiled, communist wise-guy street punk who bullshitted his way into the White House, and when his presidency goes the way of Nixon's x 10, the docudramas by conservative filmmakers will be a wonder to behold. Don;t see it as the end. see this as the start of the rebirth of the REAL America.

  6. #BENGHAZI. Never forget #BENGHAZI. Four men died.BO & HC lied. #BENGHAZI. We keep up the fight. #BENGHAZI. Thank you for allowing my statement. God bless America & Americans & the world full of innocent people destined to die & torture at the hands of Satan's minions. God will intervene as he sees fit. We fight while we wait for our destiny sure to be revealed very soon I fear. Lord help us all. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Thank you Lord. Amen.

    1. There is nothing to fear. IF you follow the suggestions on this blog and get the word out, Obama will not be able to hurt anyone, anymore. The recent CNN report about the Benghazi survivors being silenced, threatened and many missing - completely - shocked a nation. Just keep working and keep saying nice prayers like that one while you do and we'll win this for sure, now. People want to know where the witnesses are and Obama is hesitant to say. That smells like the a very dramatic end to a presidency to me. Watergate x 100.

    2. I certainly will pray that is true. Fear for family. I'm Christian. As such, am immune to fear for myself. Happy MSM catching on to O's tyrannical, Islamic, Communistic aspiration.Still, we're in way over the point of no return. 800+ FEMA prisons& foreign troops inside America.How can we fight that? PD's militarized & we see unprecedented actions taking place. We are in a "soft state of Marshal Law. Evidence seen everywhere. Cannot prepare for Agenda 21 bc The Elite have technologies in place. Unimaginable! NASA document reveals much of that. Can't fight unseen enemy. God help us all. They intend to wipe out 99% of world population. Too stupid to see they can't survive without us. I just do not see a way out. O is a puppet for banks, corporations, Illuminati et al. Ironic we fought 2 wars in the search for Osama. Now Obama is US president. A nasty play on words. How can we not have noticed this? I've an excuse, still am partly responsible. Not blind any longer. Willing to fight to my death as others have before me. I WILL NOT COMPLY! N E V E R! N E V E R!!! Thank you for giving me opportunity to redeem myself. TY for being here. God bless you & your families. God bless America & the world!

    3. Obama is not hesitant to say where 33 witnesses to BENGHAZI are. He's just following their plan. 22 US embassy closures were a distraction designed to hide the highly possible attack of Americans on US soil in my opinion. Unprecedented! Once Ramadan ends, Muslims will attack US I believe. Am I paranoid? Can't say for certain. But all indicators point to such attack. Hmmmm. I'm very concerned. Arab terrorists come through S Border are armed with biological weapons of mass destruction. Muslim cleric stated they don't need airplaines. They have weaponized Anthrax they carry in small boxes across the border daily & one box can kill 330, 000+ people! Imagine! Once Anthrax gets into the soil, very difficult to find source & kill the germ.I believe that is our most likely fate. More afraid of that than FEMA CC. What is your opinion on my educated guess/theory? Please let me know. Much appreciated. Of course the other facts & theories are likely as well. So much. So fast.

    4. There are so many ways they can wipe us out it isn't funny. IMO of of the things which has prevented it - and it would be logical even to a madman - is the fear of retaliation against them by less kind nations who would really like to own and occupy the US, such as Russia and China. Also, the "evil empire" US props up the world economy. Much of what is said against the US by leaders of hostile nations is for local public consumption so the enemy exists in the minds of those from whom the leaders need obedience. Without the US as an imaginary enemy, their people will say, "OK, now what?" and that's when the shit hits the fan - for those leaders, and they know it.

      Smaller madmen groups like the one that struck down the World Trade Center are of much greater concern.

      My real immediate concern IMO is Obama. I think he concerns Pution, too, who has complained that Obama is ruining the US economy. That ruins Russia's economy eventually AND makes the US a very undesirable place to conquer - who wants a bankrupt nation to fix? The thing is unlike Putin who sees communism as an end to his own means, Obama really believes the communist kool-aide; his wooden marionette head was stuffed packed-full of that junk from his grandparents, mother and father, the latter of whom was certainly Frank Marshal Davis as the morph between mother & Davis create an astounding resemblance to Barack. Unlike those people, Putin cannot live a small, sheltered existence supported by a capitalist system against which he can passionately rail against while creating no real threat to comfort and financial survival. Putin has to live with the consequences of Obama's reckless ideological actions. In a way Obama doesn't, though, as is clear by Obama's many vacations on the taxpayer dime - he's living the same life his parents and associations lived: living off capitalism and the tax payer's money while destroying - on an infinitely larger scale - that very support system, and he's too reckless, self-involved and immature to even begin to understand what he's actually doing. Indeed, he bristles visibly when reality rears its ugly head, and probably goes back to his youthful drug habits of which he has admitted to ease the emotional pain before starting the next day fresh as the sun rises and repeating the process all over again.


    I pledge allegiance to the f*g of the Benighted States of
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