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LIBERAL TROLLS ARE REALLY OUT IN FORCE, so here is an important re-print from April, 2013


EDIT 1: People by the score have asked me in PM & DM to keep this Memo at the top of the page so they can get this information out to the larger population of conservatives. That makes sense and is appreciated. Therefore, this will remain at the top at least through Wed, 4/10/2013

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Note: print out this article and keep it by your computer. Over time, you'll be amazed how much of it proves true by your own experience. Have it handy at all times!

They are everywhere, well-funded and often effective against the unwary: liberal trolls pretending to be conservatives to manipulate true conservatives. We have dealt with them for the last few years, and outed a few who, when their cover was blown, went down flaming, "LOL"ing how the conservatives would be destroyed and socialism would win. As fake conservatives, they always find a way to derail decisive action with ideological masquerading, and attack effective conservatives making headway and accuse them of not being pure enough, and each attack is backed up by the appearance of a dozen "friends" of theirs you never saw before playing yes-man to their attacks.

Liberal ACORN-style trolls have a few easily-recognizable approaches and we know this "officially" because I've read notes taken from a reliable source with access to their marching orders in places where people sit in small offices and are paid to do one thing: make the conservatives ineffective on the internet (I am not the first to report on these places; this is well-known). 

We're going to blow their cover right now, mention a few names and render them useless if you follow these simple guidelines. This is how guys like Soros spend a fraction of their political money: running places like that.


EDIT 2: Here is a very specific type of liberal troll pretending to be conservative I initially forgot: the "conservative" who complains bitterly about boycotting FOX NEWS even though they know our intention is to force FOX back to the right-wing, and they mock and condemn upcoming Tea Party-oriented news network One America. Does that sound like a conservative to you? No, I didn't think so. Me neither.

Here's a rundown of the basic variety.


These people are not Tea Party people who believe in small government or Obama's birth certificate issue - that's not what I mean by "purist". These "purists" are people for whom purity is only ever realized by doing things that ensure GOP defeat. They take up much space on message boards, Facebook and Twitter loudly endorsing un-electible candidates with no name recognition on third party tickets to split the Republican vote and open the door for the democrat to win. They proclaim that their "vote is too important to waste on a RINO" as though voting is a religious experience (No one hates RINOS more than I, but we live in an imperfect world. If after the primaries we fail on any given state or district and are stuck with a RINO, you vote for the RINO over the democrat. Sometimes there is scant little to distinguish them, but it does help the GOP maintain a majority where elected Tea Party House and Senate members can help drive the nation agenda instead of sitting in the back seat to democrats). One now-famous line from these people: "I am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils". I have news for any actual conservative who might actually agree with this absurd notion: human perfection exists only in Jesus Christ, and the last I heard, he isn't running.


The operative excuse for this fake is "Oops". "Oops, I did not mean to send the thread off-topic when any idiot would know better". "Oops, I forgot how to do basic things when it really mattered." "Oops, I know better than TOPOSTLIKETHISANDMAKESPELLINGERRORS and make the entire operation look stupid but I do it anyway and always when a thread is catching fire and helping the conservative cause." Don't assume these people are well-meaning; handle it like a job: say "Please post using proper form and English or don't post with us because you are making us look bad." There is always collateral damage in any war and accidental friendly fire, but if you said that to them, the chances are 95% that you just eliminated a troll working from the inside to blunt the effect of your collective efforts. This isn't theory: we know some are ordered to operate like this.


"I love ya, darlin'!" "Happy Birthday, sweety, you're the best!". Nice words, but when they come from someone represented to be some kind of leader, like, in my strongly-held opinion  Dakota R on Twitter, who then poisonously attacks in the same breath people getting the work done and not just running on a twitter treadmill of love-speak and pompous complaining, then you have just run into a particularly nasty troll variety. Set on high by other operatives and people falling in with them unknowingly, this is a Troll for whom conservative political activist accomplishment is never apparent but the appearance is that other trolls treat that person like a God. 

This type invariably writes in a pathetic stereotype of what elite liberals think conservatives to be: twangy hicks. Basically, this kind of operative is an anchor for the others. The anchor lies, the operatives say, "So and so said so!" and they all "Ooooh" and "Ahhhh" in unison and condemn the guilty party on the authority of the anchor. If you watch carefully only one form of behavior meets their lofty standard: complaining about nothing that hurts Obama but creating a venue to loudly complain about anything that does not hurt Obama, giving the participants a way to blow off steam and feel like they are being productive while politically hurting Obama not one bit. 

Once you start to get things done, watch your back. We have seen this kind over and over and they play rough. Indeed, they are after this group now with a passion since our nation-wide media recognition for boycotting FOX to get FOX to turn hard right and therefore once again become a threat to Obama. Our boycotts are working, putting pressure on FOX to be a threat to Obama, and so then, too, do we become a threat to Obama. And that's just too damn bad.

This type is particularly nasty because it's the head of a troll snake that sets the agenda. You will see clearly how this works in two primary ways:

A. They find ways to play the role of victim against the retaliation of people they have suckered into an angry response to their unilateral first attack. In other words, they attack first, the victim responds, then the attacker complains bitterly and pretends to be the victim. From there all the otherwise invisible operatives pile on, defending the "innocent Troll 3", attempt to destroy the "offender" - the hapless guy who was targeted in the first place -  and then vanish again.

B. They find every possible cause to rally, occupy time and otherwise keep the heat off Obama. It's always a matter of, "So and so is in twitmo! Get them out!". "So and so attacked me!" "So and so is not really a conservative!" But never, "Let's tweet media and congress for a select committee to prosecute Obama". Never, "Demand FOX turn right to keep the pressure on Obama." Never, "Let's help other groups that are doing these proven-effective first two things." In other words, they engage their group participants to lead meaningless rant sessions about Obama but never to actively coordinate to raise public awareness about his scandals, suggest activity to engage the actions of the congress or anything else that hurts Obama.


Anyone who, in effect, says the following; "NO! Be good conservatives! Be nice! Don't engage in activity that makes us look bad! Do everything with the best possible good manners and heartfelt consideration for the liberal democrats!" because as you can read, that is what it all amounts to - making democrats happy. 


The combination Christian/girl-next-door/siren promising love, agreement, companionship and delights. All at once supposedly devout to Jesus, flirtatious, fawning to men and sporting a picture of an attractive-to-beautiful girl with a supposed "real name and face", these are perhaps the most obvious and clearly deliberate characters they have created. One may have a picture of Angelina Jolie, for example, and assures the world that they/she look "just like her". Those who are trolls under disguise are usually older gray-pony-tailed liberals who have not bathed in a month, snatching pics off dating sites and the like to lure in the lonely. I outed an obvious one myself on a message board a few years ago, and they "Bwahahah"'d as they called conservatives "losers" before his/her identity vanished. Doubtless he came back again within an hour under a new, innocent identity. Make no mistake, they don't just sucker in conservatives; there are many lonely liberal guys out there convinced the "girl" admires them for their mind and doing what the admiring girl is telling them to do, unaware that the person on the other end stinks of old cigarettes and male sweat. So who's the sucker then? This is not a new trick; the only twist is that Mata Hari is now only an electronic image and nothing more. File this one under "L" for "Last but not least" because this type is everywhere by the dozen. You probably are aware of half-a-dozen yourself without understanding who and what they are. As with all else in life, if they seem too good to be true, they probably are.

None of those kinds of people, by the way, some now claiming some authorship of this group's activities (pretending to be conservatives), had anything to do with its achievements, including this:

You can see the Troll operations very clearly if you understand all this. Go to Twitter, read around and check the posting styles and content against your print-out of this article. You will see these patterns fall into place instantly. When you see someone like that, don't engage them. If you do it is an easy matter for them to whine to twitter to suspend your account and Twitter has better things to do than play nursemaid to a bunch of victims of trolls. If these people attack you, wear it as a badge of honor. Indeed, you might almost want to earn their disdain  because it means you are an effective fighter for the conservative cause and getting real things done, not living in a bubble "praying" for help from trolls saying, "Love ya darlin'". If worse comes to worse, just block them.



1. DO boycott FOX. IMO No conservative believes they are right-wing enough. You won't destroy them completely, you will just inspire them to turn right.

2. DO Tweet media and Congressmen and tell them you want more Benghazi coverage and a select committee on Benghazi. And most of all, you want the Benghazi witnesses freed!

3. DO follow this blog and follow @Kathy_Amidon (that is not me) to stay involved in these actions.

4. Do call out the above-described trolls and ask, WHY AREN'T YOU TWEETING THE CONGRESS? Why aren't you boycotting FOX news instead of defending the "Rino News Network". Make them explain it. In so doing, they will out themselves, even by their silence. This isn't rocket science.


1. DO NOT respond to their attacks directly.

2. DO NOT let them waste your time on distractions like personal fights on Facebook and Twitter - stay focused on Benghazi issues and not flame wars with trolls.

3. DO NOT SIT BACK AND DO NOTHING because of trolls or anything else. More than any activity, that is the worst, because if you do that, then the trolls win for Obama without even lifting a finger. If Obama's trolls are going to ruin America, at least get involved and make it difficult for them. The flip side is it looks like we have a 50/50 chance to win back a conservative America.

GET INVOLVED! TODAY! Or never complain about Obama to anyone again, because complaining alone won't get America on the right track again.

THIS BLOG, WWW.BENGHAZI-TRUTH.BLOGSPOT.COM IS THE ONLY OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE TEA PARTY FIRE ANTS AS REPORTED IN ALL NATIONAL NEWS STORIES. Except no imitators - they do not have our blessing nor our agreement or authorization to represent themselves as such or any organizational part of this movement.

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