Thursday, July 4, 2013


WE HAVE ASKED for your attention to report Tea Party / Conservative frustration and activism directed at our "own" people, GOP congressmen and FOX NEWS. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to recap and report, so here is a summery of this blog and the accomplishments of the group.

Our FOX NEWS boycotts against Fox in March, 2013 for not being conservative (let alone conservative enough)...

... led to some significant reporting on the events from Newsweek, the Daily News, MSN and others:


The boycotts also led to an initial 22% ratings drop which later turned out to be a 33% drop when the final numbers were in.

FOX NEWS ratings are now around 44% of what they were just before the boycotts. Argue the larger causation if you will, but you cannot deny the timing.

And on July 5 we do it again:

We have mixed it up with many FOX reporters and hosts on twitter for not serving the conservative audience (Van Sustern, Jeanine Pirro, Brett Baier & others) and IMO  manifestly left them gaping for reasonable responses. 

We also credit this group's activity for FOX NEWS re-hiring of Sarah Palin and at least pretending to care about Benghazi although their responses are far, far from satisfactory, let alone what IMO they like to think of themselves, which appears to be, supposedly, exemplary.

Our twitter activity demanding GOP Congressmen in the House co-sponsor HRes36 demanding a Benghazi Select Committee has been at times admittedly tough, but the direction this country has taken even has many liberals now alarmed. Besides, no one ever said politics was for the feint of heart. 

On the flip side, there is much reverential about pursuing sincere justice for a liberal Ambassador and liberal staff killed in Benghazi,and then the liberal staff suvivors silenced upon their return by a liberal presidential administration.

We've pages of illustrations and evidence we could post here (read more on this blog if you need it)but we like this best:

You'll being seeing a lot of us on your local Twitter feeds from now on, for your local towns and counties. We're taking this right to the home districts of the GOP congressmen who are manifesting a weakness or critical lapse in judgement on the need for deeper Benghazi investigations.

Crazy Tea Party Benghazi people and "birthers", or staggeringly effective grassroots Tea Party group whose success cannot in any way be remotely denied or discounted? You decide. If you need more info, contact us on twitter.

Happy Reporting.





  1. Hello America, from just an old lady who was born in America and I am shocked to see the total danger my country is in, she has been sieged! by a One World Order mentality, there is no truth anymore! cover up after cover up and the men we put in office whom have pledged to protect the America people and our constitution are nothing more than an embarrassment not only here in America but to the world. Only a handful have the guts to stand up, Thank You thousands are with you! those whom are playing games you are going to wake up one morning and find America gone!!! in a few month if you continue to do nothing! Bohner you need to stand up to the plate NOW! don't sell us out. Fox News you too need to stand up to the plate or you will lose a huge audience and you too will suddenly wake up and see just a memory of what this county once was. Our freedoms and our freedom of religion will be gone! God will no longe have his hand of protection over this nation and you can expect the worst pagan mixture of relegions to take over America. I weep over what I see, we have but a short time to stop the coming demise of America people of America repent and turn back to God, those we have put in office to protect us - call for a GOP select committee and begin to get to the bottom of Benghazi before we lose more Americans and this country.
    Just An Old Lady

  2. I follow this blog daily and have from the beginning and I must say I have learned a lot. I no longer watch Fox News and haven't in months but get my true news information from reliable alternate sources online, this blog being the first place I read. Thank you Proe, you do a great job of getting the truth out to the public and your expertise and fact proven points are very much appreciated.

    I think the FOX Boycott is not just a great idea but a must. Fox does not pay attention to what the viewers want and expect from them but IMO, they will pay attention to the advertising dollars they lose as their ratings drop even further. I hope Fox gets the message and does 'Turn Right' because we must have truth in media again. Way too many people are being misled and uninformed about what is really going on in our Country that rely on FOX as their news source and that is not acceptable at all.

    We must get our media back the way it use to be, the way it was intended to be. It is the medias job to 'report' the whole TRUTH and hold the various branches of government accountable so the viewers can be informed of facts and base their decisions accordingly. It must serve as an independent monitor of power. It is bad enough that the lame stream media is obviously biased and leans to the left as everyone knows but IMO, it is especially bad when FOX News pretends to be the 'right' media source while still refusing to report the facts & or censor information to unsuspecting viewers.

    If FOX had reported the truth about Obama from the beginning and even now, our great Nation would not be in the mess we are in, this is our chance to change that and FOX News should take the challenge and the opportunity now to prove themselves and report the truth. Is that asking to much of FOX? NO!

  3. I'll add a comment about this blog. It is a national treasure for truth. It has well researched information that always proves correct every time. I never signed up but like thousands of other people I consider myself a "tea party fire ant". The question of where are the Benghazi witnesses was first asked on this blog. That alone makes me respect them. The way it is written keeps me coming back for more. Thank you tea party fire ants.


  4. I am not sure I am on-board with all of it, but this blog is one of the best anywhere, I am forced to agree with that. It does have impressive reporting and graphics. I will read more but so far it is very well done. Congratulations on a blog which is actually worth reading


  6. I never had gave too much thought to the people who were saved by Doherty&Woods until I stumbled onto this site. Frank has facts that you don't see other places and puts out the right questions. This is a truly awesome site. Keep on rocking Tea Party Fire Ants!!

  7. Proe Graphique and Kathy Amidon: You two are God sends... Benghazi Truth is awesome!

    I can see there being statues honoring you two in America's future... THAT is how important you two are to American history!

    1. Wow, thank you Thomas, but it's the Tea Party Fire Ants - like you - who make the strategies outlined here come to life successfully via social media. It's all the people with Tea Party contacts and inroads, on Twitter, Facebook and blogs who have forced FOX to at least pretend to try to look conservative again (no one is buying it but it's a start) and drove enough House Reps to understand that Benghazi is important that Rep frank Wolf cites this blog and the Fire Ants as being "Key" to there being 150-plus co-sponsors for HRes36. You'll notice at our insistence Wolf does not thank Kathy or me, but the blog and the Fire Ants. As for the statues, for myself I say "no thanks". Too many pigeons in NYC and liberals shit on us enough already. ;)

    2. Thank You Thomas, I appreciate that and what a very nice thing for you to say about Proes blog. Proe's right though, it takes you and all of the Tea Party Fire Ants working to get the word out about Benghazi, we appreciate you all very much.

      LOL Proe, I never thought about the pigeons ;) hahaaa

    3. You're welcome Proe & Kathy!

  8. Benghazi Truth is one of the best blogs any conservative can hope for. I'm glad this list of appreciation got started. Benghazi would have been lost without you guys. No one works harder than you do.

  9. I love the honest, up to date information that I get thru the BENGHAZI TRUTH! There is no sugar coating of what has happened! Calling out the Conservative GOP is needed! Great job!

  10. The three issues that can free us of Obama are Benghazi, the Birth Certificate and ALL of his records (college and otherwise)!

    Fox, and everyone else, should make enough of a fuss about those three things so that the movers and shakers will start doing their jobs via public pressure! How much of a fuss? As much as they'd make for a Presidential election, for example!

    Proe and Kathy, you already knew this. That's one major reason why I respect you so much!

  11. It is time the MAINSTREAMMEDIA gets a clue. The first boycott of Fox news should of been a wake up call, one that ALL OF AMERICA needs to receive, but sadly most of the masses know NOTHING OF BENGHAZI and even less of HRes36 that is being led by Rep Wolf of VA and the Tea Party Fire Ants. Which by the way I wholly support and want to thank for their tireless efforts to SAVE AMERICA. The Murders of Chris, Sean, Ty and Glenn are reprehensible and their souls cannot rest until Justice has prevailed. HRes36 is the only way. One Committee, one use of resources, the best of the best going for Justice. The other scandals that America is facing from the Alphabet gang ie:IRS< NSA< AP< etc, are only being brought to light to cover the complicity and the out and out TREASONOUS acts of the present administration. I still cannot fathom why the American media will not or have not been SCREAMING FOR TRUTH. Bob Woodward where are you? The Speaker of the House John Boehner is THIRD in line for the Presidency, if and when we WIN with HRes36, so someone tell me why HE IS NOT LEADING THE CHARGE? What has the present admin got on all of our senior legislaturers that they are NOT bringing them to account for their murderous, treasonous actions?
    I can only thank you Frank and Kathy for your work. Keep up the good fight. God Bless America, we are going to need it. If we fail in this endeavor? Sharia law, martial law, gun grab, our bill of rights shredded and the America we know and love will be lost forever. Amen.

  12. This is a fan club for Proe (Frank) Kathy and the rest? Count me IN! Tireless efforts is right. They have the accomplishment to show for it! Who else has a letter from a congressmen thanking them for help with the Benghazi investigations? Who else has ratings to prove what the tea party fire ants can do working with the tea party leaders to make a rino network report what they should be reporting? No one. I am devoted to you, this blog and the tea party fire ants. God bless us all. All us tea party fire ants! NOW LET'S FINISH THIS THING!

  13. This appears to be one of the only places devoted to obtaining the truth that IS. Not fostering an illusion but plainly offering fact.

    It is a fact that people want to know the truth about what happened in Benghazi. It's a stain on the fabric of our country - never before have we (as a country) abandoned our men with no attempt to rescue them. Nor hidden survivors for fear of their testimony.

    It's also a fact that getting that truth out has been like pulling teeth and we are still in that process. Benghazi needs exposure. The MSM seems to be treating this like the proverbial 'bump in the road' it was proclaimed to be early on, and that's a travesty of justice.

    The survivors need to come forward publicly and tell their stories under oath. Anyone involved needs to testify under oath. And for that to happen the public needs to be made aware of the egregious behavior of the leadership in this country. We have hummed ourselves to sleep.

    And, just as was said in Hosea: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

  14. Benghazi Truth has pointed out Boehner and Obama are working together on the Benghazi cover up! The way Boehner blocks the Benghazi Select Committee is legendary! The Benghazi Truth has been saying this for months! We are now hearing others come on board, Mark Levine echoed what the Benghazi Truth has been shouting out for the past 10 months! Thank you Mr. Levine!

    1. Thanks. This is in great part our job: to pave the way for the media cowardly, too tied up in concern for their careers to speak uncomfortable truths, until the reality becomes commonplace and they become brave enough to get the word out to the larger society and make it commonplace for them, too. It takes time, but it works, because when all is said and done, we really do have objective truth, by any measure, on our side.