Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Future: The Tea Party Barter Deal

Since 2010, the media has told the world, alternating, that the Tea Party is dead, or, as elections approach, tells some story of someone who is trying to become the leader. Recently, retired General and sometime FOX NEWS talking head Gen. Paul Vallely addressed the terrific Arizona Surprise Tea Party (Surprise is terrific because it was that group which petitioned Sheriff Joe Arpaio to send his plethora of detectives and investigators to pour over Obama's birth certificate [Arpaio has 3,400 law enforcement personnel on the payroll and another 1,000 who volunteer] and came up with the fact that Obama's birth certificate is an outlandishly amateurish forgery). This seems as good a time as any, then, to lay out some specifics about where this blog feels the Tea Party must go - and what political territory it must avoid like the plague. We'll use the video of Vallely as a springboard and example of what to avoid.

You only need to see his video for the first 3 minutes to see where Vallely is going, and IMO it's a very, very bad place.

1. He consistently refers to the Tea Party in the past tense while trying to court it.

2. He says that the Tea Party is going nowhere and needs central leadership (read "Big Government") to get Congress to act (I guess he hasn't been paying much attention to the Tea Party Fire Ants, who, in terms of actual get-er-done for the conservative cause, IMO beat Vallely handily. Vallely's built an organization, but where is the accomplishment where it counts - swaying media and congress? We've done it. Has he? Anyone have an example? I can't find one).

3. Vallely says in essence that the best thing for America is that the Tea Party willingly allow itself to be absorbed into his organization for leadership and then immediately promotes his own credentials in an IMO obvious bid to be the leader.

So, in other words, for the supposed good of America, it's apparent that almost unknown-to-America Vallely wants to subjugate the Tea Party to his supreme authority. We see this kind of thing all the time as elections arise: individuals want to claim the creation of the Tea Party for themselves or make themselves it's supreme leader or both. That's a nice gig if you want it and can get it: to be supreme authority of the most powerful political movement in 50 years in the most powerful nation on earth.

IMO his "offer" and "advice" reek of nothing more noble than manifestations of a craving for raw, unbridled power, no matter how patriotically couched. No thanks, Vallely.

But conservatives, frustrated by the current notable lack of Tea Party power, have started, here and there, whining about the need for strong leadership to "get things done" forgetting that the Tea Party's genius is its autonomy and the freedom of each group. 

Well, what do you want done? You want the GOP congress to act the way you want them to act? You want the Tea Party to make a dent on liberal media - or circumvent it entirely? You want the Tea Party to see the conservative GOP take control of the House and Senate in 2014? You want to see Obama held to account for his many outrageous scandals which make Richard Nixon look like Abraham Lincoln?

If you want those things done, then - and many, the trolls and lazy alike, won't like this - you have to stop gazing upward for political messiahs and look at yourself in the mirror. The Tea Party does not need a Caesar. It needs more activist boots on the ground. There is more than enough leadership within the Tea Party to do anything conservatives want done. What the Tea Party needs are more people to stop looking for leaders and help make current strategies actually happen. Here are a couple of examples using what we know:

1. On twitter, this group under the hashtag #TPFA, as you know got the vast lions share of 178  GOP Reps to co-sponsor a Benghazi Select Committee. #TPFA is still a relatively small group and yet we did that. Imagine what could happen if  instead of a few hundred we had 20,000 doing the exact same thing? The difference would be proportional.

2. We did not need a central authority to organize the FOX NEWS TURN RIGHT boycott which, to this day, leaves a resounding dent in Fox News ratings - and told FOX the right is not happy in the way it matters: in FOX NEWS' pocketbook - the only group to ever accomplish that.

3. Overpasses 4 America, whom we endorse 100% , has made major media as well and reaches millions of people daily during their events. They needed no "Master Control" for that. Imagine if 100,000 did that every day?

4. Surprise Tea party needed no Central Agency to petition Arpaio. What if ALL Tea Parties nation-wide did that for their own sheriff's and state officials?

However, a federal bureaucracy-style Tea Party might have said, "You cannot attach our name to any of those things", "You are not to do this and that", "We have decided it is best to handle things the way John Boehner handles them"  and the results which occurred may then have never happened. Indeed, in that hypothetical, could never have happened.

So what is the alternative to a central government-style Tea Party organization? Easy. It's called Working Together.  It's that simple. I founded the Tea Party Fire Ants #TPFA and am it's principle strategist. Unless you have achieved those kinds of results yourself, you'll have to take my word on this unless you have a better idea and can prove it. As is always true in America, it is YOU who makes the difference, not a handsome hero who will keep you entertained and cheering while he does, impossibly, the work that only you can do.

But we do need organization, and to that end I suggest a very simple thing. 


It's simple. If you want to help anyone, or need help and are will to help in return, I suggest you simple tweet the following:

I WANT TO ENTER A TEA PARTY BARTER DEAL WITH .@NameOnTwitter. Will provide X for X

and/ or


It is all at once the Federalist / Capitalist model which always works in America: freedom for all and nothing for nothing/ something for something.

The problem, of course, is always getting the first people to make the start so that others follow. YOU be the person to start. If every one of you reading this blog (many 1,000's) start today you alone can get this nation's Tea Party up and humming productively all over the country in a week, make gigantic  progress  fast and maintain freedom and autonomy for all Tea Parties, within the alliance and from without, because no central authority tells anyone what they can or can not do: we do it. You do it.

Then the Tea Party can at last re-harness the power from 2010 and revitalize it to be 100 times what it was.

And then there will be no need for Caesars.

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