Thursday, November 28, 2013



1. Obamacare has rolled out and had the same effect as was predicted here 2 months ago. The good news is that it is proving a disaster for the democrats as their poll numbers for 2014 are now falling well below that of the Republicans who haven;t done anything but sit and watch (which is wrong - they can;t hold that advantage forever with the media against them - they must press their advantage now so they are well above their current poll numbers 11 months from now). Therefore

2. This may be the end of concerns about sopcialized medicine in our lifetimes. We can thank God that someone less ideologically crazy and more skilled than Obama was not behind it, because they might have pulled it off. As it stands, Obamacare looks certain to face the very real prpospect of a full repeal IF WE KEEP PRESSING THEM. Therefore

3. The GOP appears to be growing a spine as they watch the media attack Obama for a change. They should act NOW before the media chances its mind.

4. Therefore Tea Parties need to act. And they are. In solidarity with TPFA, it's causes and activism, and to stand united against trolls who would divide us, significant TP leaders and tea Parties just in the last days have formally pledged their support and allied action.

5. Therefore, TPFA and other Tea Parties of proven accomplishment, together as an allied political front, are certain to have real decisive power in the direction of this country in ways RINOs themselves will be forced to accept and against which democrats are currently helpless - America has now learned not to trust the democrats. Or at least the democrats in the White House and Congress.

6. Therefore, things are suddenly looking pretty good for the future as long as we stay truly active on Congress' back. That's all it probably takes, now.

7. Therefore, since will will not onlt stayt active with other Tea Parties, we will - indeed, really, must - see this nation move to the right because TP candidates are springing up all over for 2014 to challenge RINOs for the GOP nominations. Already we see the RINO/centrist GOP running to over to the right, with several centrist democrats with them. This is certain to continue. If Obama keeps fighting for Obamacare, dems lose. If he admits it was a mistake, dems lose. If he tries a modification - which cannot work because the core plan is horrible and the media will not cover for them because their lives are at stake now (and that isn't theory - take it from me - the media offices in NYC are filled with seething liberals who got their bad health care news and are  absolutely furious that "Barack betrayed me"). As long as we jump on congress so they don't turn jellyfish utterly and try to make nice with Obama while they absolutely, 100% hold the cards to win completely (and TPFA has manifestly proven itself pretty good at communicating with congress) - we will see a huge move to the right in the coming 12 months.

This is no time to breath a sign of relief, make no mistake -  there is still much fun, exciting, sometimes time-consuming and by necessity productive work to do to absolutely, positively ensure a giant lurch to the right in the coming year. The road ahead in the next year is certain to be filled with potholes, trolls and unexpected outrages. But the plan itself is neither complicated nor particularly difficult to see realized, generally. Obama did most of the work for us: in overplaying his ideological  communist hand, Obama has opened the door for a Reaganesque revolution with a certain seismic shift in congress in 2014. Not even liberals - as they are proving - are prepared to trust Obama with their very lives anymore, and no matter how you slice it, there is no successful exit from or implementation of Obamacare. It just stinks, and Obama will not, by any stretch, be invited to speak at any of but the most liberal districts for the 2014 elections. And when a party must run that hard from their standard-bearer because of a plan they fought to see realized which has resulted in a situation they cannot control - and they cannot control what is happening to people's health care costs and plans - that is the end of that party's control of congress. It's a combination of historic patterns that can be 100% relied-on to deliver all the political power we need in 2014. That's another prediction TPFA is certain will come true - one we're overjoyed and excited to make and enthusiastic to help see realized for America's sake.




  1. To all Reps who haven't cosponsored HRes36:

    The info U used to make decision to refuse to cosponsor #HRes36 is FAULTY! Want proof? Go talk w/ Rep Wolf!

    Will they go verify that their info is wrong and then cosponsor HRes36? Or will they refuse to verify?

    Some thoughts: If they don't, then they either don't want there to be a select committee regarding Benghazi OR they don't want their precious egos wounded by being proven wrong after such a long period of doing the wrong thing.

  2. About putting public pressure on the Reps to do their jobs:

    People hear the phrase "Put public pressure on them" and they may think "Well, my comments are public and they are pressure, thus they're public pressure!"

    The term "public pressure" doesn't explain which specific methods work best in putting public pressure on the Reps. Says one hypothetical tweeter: "Hmm... I think I'll tweet to a Rep from my page and not by replying to a tweet of theirs. My way will be more effective."

    When I put it that way, the old way of tweeting to the Reps looks ridiculous. I think the method you came up with, Proe, is magnitudes more effective than the old way of doing things.

    Some other important stuff:

    1.) Hash tag events don't get much done. Replying to a Rep's tweets becomes far more effectively public than any other method on Twitter.

    2.) Tweeting stuff like #BENGHAZI #BENGHAZI #BENGHAZI to fill up your tweet... what does that do? Does it put effective public pressure on the Reps as replying to their tweets with your comments would? No.

    3.) Look, we all know that the GOP moves slower than a snail covered in molasses in January on stuff, so tell me how on earth tweeting to the Reps only a few days per week (either the way I've mention here or otherwise, especially otherwise) would get stuff done?
    a.) The way to deal with this unfortunate fact about the GOP is twofold: 1.) Your public pressure comments need to be far more often (try using the frequency & duration of a TPFA swarm as an example) and 2.) your comments need to be replies to the Reps tweets.

  3. As we discussed, I am going to consolidate your comments into a "guest editorial" so they get the attention they deserve. Thank you, and outstanding.