Sunday, December 15, 2013


ADDENDUM: 1 day after this blog was posted, made a huge reversal in it's approach, and e-mailed the following morning what amounts to an invitation to all to do exactly what we described. In my opinion the structure of this event is proving to not quite be there, yet, and we'll address that in a day, but we're very greatly heartened by Tea's sense of unofficial alliance with  the Tea Party Fire Ants, and if in our marketing judgement today's event lacks surgical nuance and precision, they certainly have organized and out-come based passion, and that's everything. We can quibble about the specifics later and as friends. Big kudos and thanks to Tea's clear sense that they, like we, put what's best for all and appear to be avoiding, with clarity and at all costs, the destructive mindset which we here behind-the-scenes call "the Big Cheese Syndrome". We are hopeful for a long and productive activist alliance with Tea, the first group besides the Tea Party Fire Ants to, in our judgement, starting doing it right - and they have a very big membership, so we are hopeful of stellar, manifest results from our working together which will make a real difference in righting this nation, not just the usual posturing and meaningless chatter.

Thank you Tea We're pleased and proud to stand with you.

Original post:

OK, What's wrong with this picture?

What's wrong is that they retweeted my remark, but have failed utterly to live up to what is stated. They, nor any other group so far except the Tea Party Fire Ants (us) have been Tweeting congress as an organized effort to let the will of the people be known to the GOP, and doing so in a way in which the GOP congressmen know that everyone else sees what is being demanded. That's called PUBLIC PRESSURE and nothing moves an ambitious politician whose comfy life is determined by the voting of the people as does public pressure. Worse, these Tea Parties, which in 2010 were about nothing but activism, have failed to even rally their own members and followers, and a retweet isn't enough to get people to change unproductive habits, and that is exactly and only what we are talking about.

Recently this was articulated more efficiently and effectively than I ever could by our own Janson Smithers in a series of comments, and I want to put them up front and center. But first, watch this video, please:


The way TPFA has done things, we've had more success in getting awesome results. Those letters from Wolf thanking us for contributing to there being so MANY cosponsors of HRes36 illustrate my point. 

So if people want to succeed, wouldn't the ideal thing to do be studying how successful people and/or groups get things done? In other words, should people want to learn effective methods of doing things as opposed to mere catharsis? (note, if a media specialist offers free advice, please take it!!)


Actions speak louder than words: Actions = effective activism. Words= what people usually put out there.

Something else:

The USA (over 300 MILLION people) is at a crossroads.

Here's something I want to share about me:

I used to be a sheep (well, not a Democrat sheep, but still...) and I am SICK and TIRED of our Reps doing the following:

1.) Going slower than a snail covered in molasses in January regarding important things to help our country. Dems move fast in destroying our nation, so wouldn't it make sense for the GOP to move faster in helping save our nation??? I would think such a thing would be obvious!

2.) Not preserving, protecting and defending the US Constitution.

3.) Doing things to lose my trust and respect.

I am just now starting to get my life going and excuse me while I respectfully request our public servants by serving the public!

I am still young and I have many years ahead of me, if only the GOP would get a backbone and do their jobs! Otherwise, Obama will ruin America. And my American dream, and MILLIONS of other American dreams, lives, futures will also be ruined!

It seems some people get offended when you ask them to prove what their accomplishments are.

In light of how easy it is to share a list of accomplishments (three ways listed below), when I see only claims that a group or a person has accomplished something, refusing to do so makes them look bad.

Ideas on how to share list of accomplishments:

1.) Make a YouTube video stating what they are. YouTube gives people plenty of time in creating vids to do so.

2.) Tweet them one by one on their Twitter page. Like Twitter, it's free and easy.

3.) Create a blog (here on Blogger, for example), make the list on there and then share it with us.

Free & easy.

To refuse to do what's free and easy.... um.... huh?

There you have it. Who needs to be told any more than that? The Tea Parties need to stop acting like troll surrogates posting distractions all day long while believing that being a social club based on sharing news clippings is in any way going to solves a thing. Take Janson's extremely clear-headed and well-expressed advice. Get active! You can find us on Twitter at @Kathy-Amidon or @Kathy_Amidon2 (our TPFA twitter leader who is constantly gulaged by trolls)@FrankMDavisJR (me), @JansonSithers_2012, @Pugs47 and a few hundred TPFA & TPFA Friends and many 1,000's of followers.

WE NEED THOSE CONGRESSIONAL TWITTER THREADS TO BE FILLED WITH THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE DEMANDING No Budget deal Without Obamacare repeal (#NoDealWithoutRepeal) and getting HRes36 for a Benghazi Select Committee an up or down floor vote from Boehner.

LET'S ROLL, PEOPLE. If you want to Tweet, TWEET CONGRESS! It works!

Tea Parties. Do you have acknowledgements like these? If not, GET ON THE STICK. LET'S GO.RALLY AND ORGANIZE TO TWEET CONGRESS ON OBAMACARE AND BENGHAZI!


  1. From Twitter:

    When you reply to a Reps tweet, their Twitter audience will see it! When you retweet something, their twitter audience wont!

  2. The words "Reply to a Reps tweet" is a VERY important distinction from "Tweet to the Reps" because it more specifically describes the method you came up with to create public pressure. When people use your method, their political concerns stand better chance of being heard than if they merely "Tweet to the Reps."

    It's because of situations like this that I can be a big stickler for proper wording...

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