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Update: It's great to be acknowledged by the next President Of The United States! Also, continued thanks to the growing number of patriots who liked and retweeted next-POTUS Trump's Twitter MT!

Update: For 15 hours we allowed the issue of Ted Cruz's eligibility issue to take too strong a place in this memo. Yes, we have the conclusive evidence that Cruz is not eligible, but have moved it to the bottom of this post, beneath our support for Donald Trump for President, where it belongs.

Back to the memo.....


Regular readers know we don't make sour predictions.  We have a terrific investigation, activist and prediction record. Way, way up at the top. Indeed, we help make the news, as you know from our Benghazi Select Committee and HRes 422 (to sue Obama) campaigns: they  got huge, effusive praise from the Representatives who authored the bills. When we boycotted Fox News to move back to the right, viewership at Fox dropped 22%. As you know, we proved it with published rating numbers and a degree of detail and specificity you never find anywhere else, including two online percentage calculators so you could see the absolute proof for yourselves.  When I publicly, on Twitter, challenged Newsweek's David Freedlander to prove why he said in a Newsweek article about us that our boycott had little impact, promising him a retraction if he could explain his evidence which countered ours, he made a series of smarmy exchanges and then ultimately blocked my account - without ever answering the question. (that boycott made news in just about every mainstream online outlet there is, including significant video reports)

Media is my business and we have only ever gotten one prediction wrong, ever, out of dozens due to momentary lapse in judgement born of hopeful optimism: in tat instance, we just didn't think any burgeoning news outfit could be, frankly, in our opinion, so completely and shamelessly full of it. No one is 100% all the time.

Ours is a terrific record- we challenge anyone to prove otherwise (are you listening, David Freedlander?) So listen up  We know what we're talking about.

The media is freaking out in blind terror at Donald Trump, who is every liberal's worst nightmare, because he takes on the liberals and GOP establishment like a bunker buster, and like Reagan before him, there seems  to be no way to stop his skyrocketing popularity. 

Trump represents - indeed is - what the liberal elite though they had locked out of the White House for all time: another Ronald Reagan. Only this Reagan is on media steroids and is wearing NYC-made brass knuckles under his boxing gloves. No self-conscious warrior,  he. While Reagan would settle for a technical knock-out, Trump is exhibiting the same behavior that made him essentially the biggest player in the toughest city on earth: leaving his opponents unconscious and in critical condition on the mat. And that is what republican voters want. They are sick and tired of being derided by the media, mocked by Obama, and utterly betrayed by tearful GOP House Speaker Boehner whose eyes glisten with love at Obama. 

The GOP voters are also sick of a timid GOP Congress afraid to throw Boehner out on his ear as he so truly deserves. GOP voters want a fighter. Now, at long last, they have a fighter.  They have Donald Trump, who is a true political heat-seeking missile: precise, relentlessly on-target and devastating upon impact.He's also a RELIABLE fighter because the fight is enthusiastically in his blood, not something he needs to muster.

If Trump displayed similar fighting acumen for the leftist cause, the media would fall on its collective knees and laud him as positively Aristotelian in his empirical, common-sense arguments.
Trump is the twenty-first century moment when Reagan said, angrily, "I paid for that microphone!" Only one choice in this election does not say "manufactured In China" on it's base, and that's Donald Trump.

Sure, there are  differences between Reagan and Trump. But Trump, in our judgement, and at the risk of committing a conservative political sin, comes out way ahead in the comparisons between he and the pre-presidency Reagan at the time Reagan first ran for President:

They say Trump, unlike Reagan or others, has never governed or presided over an economy. But being nn essentially self-made billionaire, his personal worth at $10 billion is larger than the GDP of most nations.  And he made that money using the same prowess so desperately  needed in our next President: an ability to make hard choices which turn into good news. Most politicians lack the skill to operate successfully with reality-based solutions. By being bold and gigantically talented in the area of decision-making, Trump has credentials that no other candidate can touch where it matters to being President: making smart  executive decisions in an imperfect world. 

While Reagan and Trump were both involved in show business, Reagan was an actor. Trump's much more current TV popularity is due to a different quality, one which lies right at the heart of the US Presidency. Trump's wildly popular "Apprentice" is a reality TV show predicated on one talent: that of executive decision-maker. The President of the United States is the chief executive decision maker of this nation. That's not my opinion - that is the job title description! No other candidate can hold a candle to Trump as a proven decision-maker. 

And Trump is the ultimate non-establishment candidate, and that's perfect. If the current GOP establishment had the Founding Fathers under its thumb, there would plainly be no United States of America today.  

The US is plagued by disasters that Reagan himself could never have imagined: ISIS beheadings; a president who is plainly anti-American and anti-Christian; Mexican drug cartels murdering willy-nilly; harvesting of baby body parts while liberals who advocate such a thing try to paint a sweet bunny face on a ghoul. Not to mention an economy so wrecked by Obama that it positively dwarfs the "malaise' that arrogant and pedantic Jimmy Carter whined about. The usual politicians won't cut it.

Trump also has an astonishing skill which makes politicians look tight, wooden, and therefore only partially competent: he speaks without a teleprompter or prepared speech. Leftist and center media, terrified of Trump, have tried to paint his speeches as "rambling". They are not rambling. They are merely unstructured, and that is a huge, huge difference. Trump holds his audience with a tight grip, and that because he is unafraid to speak truths so desperately needed to be spoken. Rambling speeches to not get wildly enthusiastic responses, as Trump's do. Rambling speeches to not result in positively soaring poll numbers, as have been shown by Trump. Rambling speeches do not get you to the top of a business in a city where a middle finger is regarded with respect as an honest display of opinion. And rambling speeches do not make you the number one television draw for over 10 consecutive years. Once again, the media is lying because that's all they can do to try to stop Trump's popularity. The facts, you see, side with him.

In less than a week from this writing, Trump will have his first debate. And while Trump would never need my advice,  I offer it here, and you can call it a prediction, if you want, because we're good at that, and these 'suggestion/predictions", in the manner of kicking false modesty down the stairwell, come from a blog that gets it right. 

Here are scripted responses, which are this blog's prediction to what will be close to what Trump says if the opportunities arise, as he might phrase them. We hope so, anyway. As the red meat gets the thunderous ovations, it will put Democrat strategists into a tailspin in this uncertain new landscape, and in such situations, democrats, already phony to the gills, will be certain to put out mistake after awkward mistake, like the Bill and Hillary ad about Hillarycare which was perhaps the worst political media message in the history of the art. It's always good to have an opponent used to being on top who suddenly who cannot keep his balance, because the falls are a wonder to behold.

TRUMP RESPONSES, in green, predicted and hoped-for.

1. START by saying, 

"First off, I'd like everyone to watch what every expert in politics is anticipating - the other candidates mostly attacking me, because I am leading by double digits in the polls. You can even play at home: count how many times the other candidates attack me instead of touting their accomplishments. Maybe they won't do it, but it will be interesting to see if that's what happens."

This should, in theory, make the opposition too timid to recite many of their well-prepared attack lines lest they prove Trump right - and therefore knowledgeable and even more appealing. If and when they do, say

"Funny how they are not attacking each other. Only me, because they know, as my poll numbers show, that I am the only viable candidate on this stage that the republican voters really want, because I don't just talk, I get things done."

2. MARRIAGES:  Trump should counter anything about his marriages with the comparison to Reagan and say 



"But democrat Bill Clinton has been married as long as you have been, congressman/Mr Moderator, and he lost his law license for perjuring himself while testifying about having sex with a young girl in the most hallowed office in this nation, a lie which cost Bill Clinton his law license for the rest of his life. Long-lasting marriages are nice, but they are no litmus test for what makes a great President, here or anywhere else, congressman/Mr Moderator."

2. ATTACKED FOR BEING A "BIRTHER". Come on full-bore with both barrels blazing and leave no one standing when the smoke clears. 

"Look, the fact that Obama posted a fraudulent birth certificate, which I understand is a felony, by the way, is the biggest non-secret in Washington DC, and the only reason Obama is getting away with it is because every congressman on this stage lacks the guts to say it. (pause for huge, huge applause while the liberal moderators freeze in terror) They all act like timid little mice. Arizona law enforcement has the evidence and has flown to Washington to give the evidence in hard copy form to every congressman on this stage and even then they refuse to do the work the people pay them to do. Why would voters want any one of a bunch of lazy, dull, frightened people to be President? I opened my mouth with no congressional power whatsoever and Obama, feeling the heat, immediately put up a fake birth certificate after spending millions of dollars to avoid the issue. All of the rest of you together on this stage, with all the power of congress you posses, could not even do that. Results like yours are pathetic. Why hire someone like you guys for the job of president if you are totally incompetent as congressmen? And that's what you are. Incompetent. You have let Obama get away with scandal time after time, year after year, because you lack courage and competence. Don't blame me for being a so-called birther. The birthers have been proved to be essentially right. The wrong ones are the media moderating this debate and these congressmen so scared of their own shadows that they are letting  Obama get away with a felony and leaving the mystery behind it unexplained to a frustrated voting public."

If someone says the birth certificate was verified by Hawaii dept of health.

"Have you seen that place? It looks like a cinder block shack in a third-world country. It's in an area of Hawaii that embraced people like Obama's infamous communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis AND YES, A VIDEO FROM THE PAST HAS SURFACED WHICH PROVES FROM OBAMA'S OWN MOUTH THAT DAVIS WAS HIS MENTOR. The only person who handled the original birth certificate, Loretta Fuddy, died in a mysterious plane crash. If I had to choose between the expertise of Arizona law enforcement after a two-year investigation or the friends of Frank Marshall Davis quoting a dead woman who never directly spoke of the authenticity of the document, I am choosing Arizona law enforcement, obviously. Obama's posted birth certificate is a fake, and it's a felony, and Obama must questioned in a select committee about that felony. And these supposedly brave congressmen on this stage who want to be your president don't have the guts to do the most basic job on a politic gift given to them on a silver platter. It's pathetic and it's wrong for the American people who deserve better. It's really disgusting the degree to which these congressmen are so cowardly and irresponsible. I'm serious. It's terrible."

Author: This goes back to something I have said for years: term limits and low salaries are the dumbest things conservatives should demand of congress because they are really only crafting absurdly bad "Help Wanted" ads by telling talent that otherwise commands millions to give it all up so they can get a tiny fraction of their salaries and get savaged by the press. Only losers would apply and for the most part, only losers do. To attract the proper talent we need to pay congressman top money - millions - but contingent on performance, like in the real world, and let them make a career out of that

You know: budget balanced, salary: $1 million per year. $10 billion budget surplus, Salary: $2 million per year. Deficit? Salary: $250,000.00 for that year. You know - like the real world.

Otherwise our laws will continue to be written by harassed loser idiots who don't have a clue how to make it in the real world. My idea/plan - I call it mine because in all the years I have said it, no one has so much as repeated it -  would see congressmen from the right and left fall all over themselves to work together for the good of the nation because they would want the money it would get them. It's as simple as that.  And we would get the laws we want because this nation still skews center-right, and conservative solutions are the ones that lead to the best actual real-world results, for which the congressmen would get paid more. The democrats would come to us for a change, because their self-interest would lie in practical conservative solutions that work, not the failed socialist policies that appeal to certain liberal constituent districts. 

Apply a market-based capitalist solution to how and how much congressmen get paid and we would be done and gone with the Charlie Wrangles and Nancy Pelosis for good because genuine, talented competition, like Trump, would engage the elections as candidates and those current congressional losers and their ilk could never hold a candle in an election to people capable of mature, professional accomplishment.

"My not being a politician is a good thing. At least in this day and age, it is. (to other candidates) Look at all of you. Seriously. I'm sure some of you are good people and all that, but how have you helped the country? How have you helped the Republican party? Obama won a second term. We have Obamacare, which is a terrible blight. It took a dedicated group of online activists (the Tea Party Fire Ants) over a year to get enough of you to co-sponsor a Benghazi select committee or there would not even be that and no hope for justice for the Benghazi slain, murders for which it appears Obama and Hillary we partially very responsible. The economy is a disaster. Those things are why your poll numbers in the republican congress are so low: the democrats bash you out of blind partisanship and the republicans bash you out of frustration because you aren't doing what they want you to do while you take their money. I know. I hear it all the time. Republican voters WANT you to hold impeachment hearings on Obama because he has broken so many laws. Republican voters WANT you to looking into Obama's fake birth certificate and show that you have the courage to stand for something instead of hiding under your desks from the press. I hear it by the thousands everywhere I go.They want you do do anything and everything you can to fix this country now that you have both Houses of congress and do those things and many more and you aren't doing anything except complaining and you guys have the nerve to now run for president. You could have only complained more effectively if you stayed in the congressional minority. Now you have no excuses and you STILL aren't doing anything. And when it comes down to it, what do many of you cite as your big selling point? You try to sell your desirability as a congressman on the fact that you are small business owners! Well, if that is the conclusion, I suggest people  vote for a big business owner who knows how to get things done and forget about the ineffectual, small potatoes who have proven as congressmen that they are not the material needed to be congressmen, let alone President of the United States."


"You see, this is why nobody trusts the press anymore. It used to be people tuned into guys like Cronkite because even though he was liberal, he had the decency to tell the truth. You don't tell the truth. You learned journalism on the knees of lying, socialist teachers in college. You guys lie. The rest of the people up here will go on defense and try to curry your favor and split the difference on your lie and hope you don't beat them up anymore. I can buy and sell jerks like you, wholesale. If I was a mean person I could pull strings and ruin your careers in a heartbeat, or investigate and publish the skeletons you all have in your closets. But I have never done those kinds of things because I believe in being an honest, fair player. But if you think I am going to stand here and listen to unaccomplished jerks like you lie about me and take it the way the others will, then you are living in a dream world. What you just said was a lie and you know it, and if this had been a Grand Jury you'd be in prison for perjury, seriously. Here is the truth to correct the lie you just said and maybe when I am done you should go back to journalism school."
(then correct the lie)


Do not tell how much you have done, and all that. say simply

"That's the dumbest question I have ever heard. How can they trust me to be president? Don't ask me, ask them. I am leading by double digits in all the polls. Seriously. Thank you for the stupid question."


"I have never been called a racist in my life until I started to run for president. Now it's another lie the left uses to stop me. Do I think Obama should be impeached for breaking so many laws? Absolutely, of course,  and it doesn't help me in the election because Obama won't be running. It's about doing what's right. It's about the rule of law. It's about setting a standard of conduct for future Presidents. You impeach a black president the same way you do a white President, and if anyone disagrees with that, then in my opinion THEY are the racists - the anti-white racists, and that includes white liberals who sometimes appear to me as though they despise themselves, like sick mental patients who engage in self-harm. The Klu Klux Klan started among the DEMOCRATS in the south. For decades a KKK clansman OFFICER who was a DEMOCRAT congressmen,  was embraced by people like Obama and Hillary Clinton while the press, like you, never said a word. SENATOR ROBERT BYRD. Did you, mister journalist, ever call out Byrd and rightfully say he was not suited for office, as you should have, because he had been an officer in the klu klux klan, an organization that for decades routinely murdered blacks in the Jim Crow days?  IF RACISTS EXIST, THEY EXIST AMONG THE DEMOCRAT ELITE WHO UNJUSTLY DEFAME THE REPUBLICANS WITH NO EVIDENCE OF RACISM AMONG CURRENT REPUBLICANS WHATSOEVER. And if you find a white Republican  racist you can hold up as exhibit A, be sure to show pictures of Hillary smiling and enjoying the company of KKK officer Robert Byrd, because those pictures exist, so don't pull that racism crap on me, because I will feed it right back to you, which is the proper direction it should be going."

Journalist: Did you just imply that I am a racist?

"No, I implied that you are lying, dishonest journalist, in my opinion, who plays the race card for the advantage of his own political ideology instead of simply reporting the news, which is supposed to be your job, and in my opinion trash like you has no business moderating a serious presidential debate. Go back to your lousy, dishonest socialist kindergarten and allow the American people to make their choices based on what honest, serious, no-nonsense grownups say. Thank you for the question."

In Conclusion

I have followed and admired Trump's honest, brassy, no-nonsense style for years. While I rarely watched The Apprentice (I have seen parts of it perhaps three or four times - I watch TV to ESCAPE watching that kind of thing), I am now nevertheless a fan. This blog concludes that Trump should be the next President not because it is a fan of Trump, but rather this blog is a fan of Trump because it has concluded Trump should be the next President.

We don't know what Reagan would say if Reagan were alive, today. But it seems much too easy to imagine that where he is now, he gets that Irish twinkle in his eye, cracks a rugged smile and gives an approving thumb's up every time Donald Trump hits the campaign stage.


We are already getting anti-Trump flack from Ted Cruz supporters. While we love Cruz as a real conservative fighter,  CRUZ IS NOT ELIGIBLE. For real. So once again it takes this group and blog, the Tea Party Fire Ants and Benghazi-Truth, to lead the national discussion and clarify the facts with irrefutable evidence. You know, we do this too much considering we don't get paid for it. 

Cruz' father did not become a US citizen until 2005. 

In 2008 the US House passed a resolution, S. RES. 511, defining Natural Born Citizen to clarify the issue regarding then-candidate John McCain. This is from the GOV archive itself, so let there be no argument about it:
It specifically cites the applicant must be born to TWO U.S. CITIZENS who were U.S. citizens at the time of the applicant's birth. TRUMP SHOULD SAY THIS, TOO, ACCORDING TO THAT RESOLUTION OBAMA HIMSELF SIGNED, S. RES. 511, OBAMA, HIMSELF, WAS NEVER ELIGIBLE, EITHER! THEREFORE EVERY LAW OBAMA SIGNED IS MOOT ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION. If Trump says that, he will rock the world, and the facts are right here. 

Additionally, while the resolution cites other Presidents not being born on US soil (in fact, the Founding Fathers, actually, who were eligible as citizens at the time the Constitution was written, an exclusion allowed for in-writing in the Constitution, read it yourself), the resolution qualifies McCain because of the fact that the US Panama Canal base on which he was born was regarded as US-owned soil. All of this is in-line with writings of this Nation's Founding Fathers in terms of obvious intent. 

IMPORTANT. Research it: The only time "Natural Born" is known to have existed as a term before or during the writing of the U.S. Constitution is in Emerich de Vattel's 1758  Law Of Nations, a then-contemporary work during the lead-up to the birth of this nation, a writing which was widely quoted by our Founding Fathers, who plainly drew their term "Natural Born Citizen" from Vattel's book. 

Book one chapter 19,
§ 212. Of the citizens and natives.
"The natives, or 
natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens."

IMO, by the way, many of Cruz' supposed fans are in fact false flag liberals who know the facts and hope to later crush Cruz on his eligibility and wind up with a democrat president. That would be if Trump did not lead Cruz by double-digits in the polls, which he does.

STOP WITH THE CRUZ SUPPORT. THE MAN IS NOT ELIGIBLE. And - AGAIN, THIS IS TRUE -  Obama has never been eligible, either, and he cannot claim ignorance, because he signed S. RES. 511 himself as a Senator and being the obnoxious wise-guy we all know he is, obviously knew he was pulling a fast one. Impeach Obama, immediately.

Sorry. No matter how you slice it, Cruz is not eligible.



  1. And why is he willing to fund his own campaign should be the question?? He can not be bought dictated too and is not a Rino. This is a beath of fresh air. He sees the corruption in the GOP and our government and is sacrificing for AMERICA! and its people. What the liberal media describes as errogrant NO! he is feed up! as are the American people, seeing America being destroyed.I would subjest you pray for him, both spiritually and physicaly and for his protection.

  2. Someone wrote:

    "Remember how the game is played. GOP is letting us think we are in control of the primary. They put Graham in as our spoiler to stay in just long enough to siphon just enough votes from Trump in the early state of SC where he will fare well. Then others will drop out, including Graham and the anointed one will be our nominee. It happened exactly that way in 2008 with Thompson that the GOP used to eliminate Huckabee for McCain. Without Thompson Huckabee would've easily won the nomination and probably the presidency."

    Do you see Graham as a spoiler?

    1. Personally, I do not anticipate any such replay because Trump's numbers are simply stratospheric compared to most elections this early. And 4 years ago, when Trump was merely toying with the idea of running for POTUS, the same thing was happening - he led the pack, as long as he was talking Obama's birth certificate and terrible record, and now he is going after the GOP establishment as well - all red meat to starved and clearly frustrated GOP voters, frustrated because no one - not even their congressmen in many cases - has been speaking for them, so this is not just the normal ebb and flow until things settle down. We see it as inevitable. Graham isn't even registering in the polls. We see a straight shot for Trump right to the nomination, barring any disastrous disclosures or difficult-to-anticipate debate gaffes. Rest assured there are many establishment forces planning even now some way to undo him,and you can see it it some extremely dishonest so-called reporting, but they have to be too careful, IMO, to risk any stupid mistakes, because Trump has the courage of his convictions and the wealth to ensure any cutesy-poo deliberate, malicious mishandling by bad players is paid for (he'll likely sue with the power of a tsunami and wash away any bad players in his path). This kind of looks like the next 16 months in which Trump wins the White House, With hopeful optimism, we're looking forward to many good works from the man in office.

  3. You are so right. Iowan were blown away by Governor Walkers 1st speech but Trump wasn't there. In his short time in he has surpassed Walker. His speech in Ottumwa went viral & changed a lot of minds, especially farmers!!

  4. Distorted facts. Your proof is bullshit about Cruz's eligibility. FACT: S. RES. 511 is a SIMPLE resolution. What that means is that it is only voted in ONE house (In this case the Senate). The House of Representatives did not vote on this. It was NOT signed into law by the President. What does this all mean? That the law of the land is still the NATURALIZATION ACT OF 1940. And that clearly states that if the child is born NO MATTER WHERE, to ONE parent that is a leagl US Citizen. Has spent 5 consecutive years in the US after thier 14th birthday, they are IN FACT a Natural Born Citizen.

    So for all you haters out there, lets look at some simple questions:
    1. Did Cruz go thru the Naturalization process?
    NO. Why? Because he is alreday a naturalized citizen.
    2. Does the GOP want Cruz as a President?
    NO. Why? Because he is not an establishment candidate.
    3. So far there have been only 3 lawyers that I have found so far that believe Cruz is not eligible. The most noted one is Orly Tate. The lower courts won't even take a meeting with her these days. If thats the best source you have, better work harder at that.
    4. All other Constitutional Attorneys, the Harvard Law Review (Liberal bastion), and pretty much every other authority on the matter, even pundits and places like wikipedia, fact, etc. ALL state that Cruz is eligible. Why? Because he is. PERIOD. END OF STORY. LEARN THE LAW. If you dont know it, read it.

    If you hate Cruz because of his policies, fine. BUT STOP THE LIES. Read the law! Just because you are a die hard Trump fan, does not mean you should stoop to the Liberal Left against your own conservatives that have proven time and again that they are fighting for you and the constitution.

    1. Your remark is either woefully misunderstanding of what the Act states or pathetically dishonest. The Naturalization Act of 1940 never addresses the idea of being a "Natural Born Citizen:"

      The Naturalization Act of 1940 never states the conclusion you draw from it or even suggests it. I suggest you re-read it again carefully.

      It says citizen, not natural born, per the naturalization act and even then, it states only one parent in the event the child is born in one of the US outlying areas, under U.S. Governance. One of the few times an exception is made was in the case of Panama, where McCain was born, and it goes on at length to make special conditions to the Panama Canal Zone.

      I have little trouble with Cruz's policies. I like him very much. he's a solid Conservative, one of the best. he just can;t be president, and that's all there is to it. And this argument in favor of Cruz is a liberal wet dream, because if Cruz were to get the nomination, Dems would do what they always do when they help the media to set up a hopelessly flawed candidate like Romney or McCain; stay silent until the general election abnd tghen come out with all they sat on and destroy them. Obama never should have won election or re-election, but did because of that liberal media tactic, and since media is what we know, we're putting a stop to that strategy whenever possible.

      These points are likely moot anyway.Trump is simply on fire in the polls where he is sure to remain because the majority like him the best, plainly, It's as simple as that.

      Re a simple resolution, it was good enough to allow McCain to run for president, and another simple resolution will see Hillary Clinton called to testify on Benghazi again in October. We know all about that resolution, we worked for over 17 months every day to get enough co-sponsors to make the Benghazi Select Committee a reality - ask retired rep frank Wolf about the 3 letters of thanks he sent us for helping to make it a reality, and that we made a "huge difference" in it becoming a reality. The Benghazi Select Committee is not a "law", either, but Hillary still has to attend. By law, or she will be subpoenaed to attend. By law.

      “The Law of Nations,” written by Emerich de Vattel in 1758 was widely quoted by our Founding fathers..

      Book one chapter 19,

      § 212. Of the citizens and natives.

      “The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages. The natives, or **** natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.***** As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights. The society is supposed to desire this, in consequence of what it owes to its own preservation; and it is presumed, as matter of course, that each citizen, on entering into society, reserves to his children the right of becoming members of it. The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent. We shall soon see whether, on their coming to the years of discretion, they may renounce their right, and what they owe to the society in which they were born. I say, that, in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.”

      Cruz is not eligible. Sorry.

    2. I heard that it's not just Cruz that's ineligible, it's also Jindal and Rubio. Am I right?

    3. That's the way I read it, Janson. If a candidate is not born on US soil to 2 citizen parents then he is very obviously not a legal candidate because he is not eligible by every actual and manifest benchmark that exists. Everyone pretending that they are is just pulling a con game and hoping no one will notice and in that respect, and God help me for having to say it to be honest on the subject, Cruz, Rubio and Jindal, as much as I like those three, are scarcely better than Obama in terms of eligibility honesty because they must know they do not meet the eligibility requirements and yet talk of their potential presidencies, anyway. Our system is going to hell in a hand-basket and the rule of law is becoming what it was in ancient Rome through Europe at the time of the founding of this nation; power and justice to whoever has the biggest bag of gold, or whoever was born into a dynasty, and those are exactly the systems of government our Founding Fathers were trying to avoid. We can reclaim that Founding Father dream, as imperfect as it may seem ion practice, because it is not too far off course, but the overall trajectory is horrendous. Corruption is not just allowed by the left-wing media, they are so arrogantly confident that they appear to actually celebrate it. It will take many more people than are currently speaking up to correct it. If anyone wants to campaign, let them campaign for more honest voices to expose the lies and corruption - and swarm congress on twitter to have resolutions passed which take solid action against the lies and corruption, as this group has successful done repeatedly in the past. IMO it's the only way to get quick results, and at this point, the results, really, have got to be quick, because the dishonest is now careening out of control because people have learned that in a 500-channel, billion-user internet world, there is enough distraction that they can get away with almost anything unless people hold them accountable in the public square.

  5. I'm writing from my iPad, so please forgive any typos

    I heard that trump may be tapping Cruz for vp. If true, the limbs could hammer them on the natural born citizen issue. But couldn't we do the same on them regarding Obama? How do you envision such an event unfolding if it unfolds at all?

    1. Trump is highly intelligent and doesn't need anyone advising him on so personal a choice. But IMO it would be HUGE mistake to pick Cuz and I think he has a perfect choice waiting in the wings. The law stipulates very plainly that anyone who cannot hold the office of President can be vice President for obvious reasons. The Dems could torpedo Trump's entire presidential run if he chose Cruz or Rubio; Cruz is not eligible, it would make Trump look like a goofy idiot about all the time he spent on Obama;'s birth certificate which Trump already knows, I'm sure - the perils are endless. Trump can stand about rising waters easily, but no man can stand against a tidal wave, and that's what he'd have with Cruz. The only deal that Trump would need cruz for is if they were perilously close in the polls and Trump might offer that to Cruz and say, "Hey, you;re young, you have more time than I do, and I don;t want to run third part and split the right vote." But Trump is outdistancing everyone like a rocket, now.

      What trump should do if cruz get's smart with him is tell Cruz he is not eligible with the evidence, and pull out the law and the resolution from his jacket and wave it and say "I have the law right here, let me read to you what it says." Blast Cruz out of the ozone. I like Cruz, alot, but he is being a wise-guy by running just as Obama was; he isn't eligible and he knows it. Obama got away with it (so far) because he has the media coddling him like a baby (woe to Obama if the media gets angry at him because they can ruin him 10 times faster). Trump will have no such support, obviously. More....

    2. Continued....

      This won;t go down well for many who think Palin is permanently damaged political goods, but I think Trump should pick Sarah. Being with Trump would make her instantly hip because if anyone attacks her trump will positivkly bury him with words. You know;

      MSM Jerk: Donald trump picked Sarah Palin. That makes TWO cl;owns, hahaha."

      TRUMP: The only clown is that MSM jerk who graduated journalism school with a c-minus average, whose first wife left him and according to gossip, even his own dog thinks he's an a-hole. Sarah is bright, accomplished, friendly and beautiful besides. If anything should happen to me, you'd have another very bright person as President. of all the people I could pick, Sarah comes out ahead by far as my "Apprentice".

      Trump should also say this about Tina Fey: "I have met her. She's charming but really, I have to say, she is not very bright and I think if you are honest, you have to admit that from the interviews she has given. Imitating Sarah Palin only works for those not bright enough to be Sarah palin, who before she was attacked by the media, had an 85% approval score from her constituents - that cuts across every political party and every demographic. Tina Fey, honestly, couldn't do anything without a script. I speak without a teleprompter. Sarah speaks beautifully and forcefully without a teleprompter. Obama and Hillary need Teleprompter and Fey can;t say anything meaningful for her unless they write it for her and give her the time to memorize it and allow her to screw up ten takes before she gets it right. She has no right insulting Sarah Palin and the people who like Fey for it are nasty idiots who are even dumber than Tina fey is - and that's pretty dumb..

      Suddenly Sarah is ultra-hip to the tenth power to everyone but MSM liberals whose brains at that point are percolating out of their ears, because, as usual, trump will have won again. There is only one person in America who could make Sarah hip after the savaging she took, and that's trump, and it would not surprise me if the Cruz thing is a red herring. Sarah was talking seriously about running. Now we hear nothing, and Sarah came full-force to trump's defense, recently.

      A Cruz red-herring would be brilliant too, to shut up the MSM about the Hispanic thing, because now they can;t say anything on that for fear on looking like asses if the rumor is true. I hope to God it is not because the Trump'd candidacy would sink faster than the Titanic.

      But I vaguely suspect there may be a Sarah Surprise in the works and I hope so; she is his perfect on-screen complement, the two look fabulous side-by-side and neither takes any sh*t from anybody - they would bury any democrat they put up against them. Trump and Sarah are not McCain and Sarah. Sarah would come out swinging and Trump would love it. From a media perspective I have been giving the VP choice a lot of thought and my smart money goes on Sarah. I hope that's how it turns out, anyway.

    3. I am by nature a worrier and worry that Trump will pick Cruz for VP. I'll leave you to deal with that comment however you see fit.

      I'd also like to say that do you think Trump will still be able to maintain his stratospheric polling numbers even if other candidates up their game the way they should anyway? Also, I see way too many RINOs up on that stage that could take Trumps place if he falls. Having Bush on that stage scares the bejesus out of me!

    4. Maybe you should do a blog on Cruz's ineligibility and how Trump, based on that, should not pick Cruz as his VP.

      Also, since we have the attention of Congress for our work with Benghazi, I was wondering if that will continue into the Trump administration. If so, do you think that Benghazi Truth will be able to help, in some sort of way, advise Trump from a Media Man's perspective how to do things?

    5. Trump faltering is not a concern of mine if he stays away from picking ineligible candidates after rightfully making a fuss about Obama's birth certificate for so long. If he does, then the GOP is screwed in 2016 because those other guys will not beat the Clinton machine, and trump will self-destruct if he picks Cruz or Rubio. As an outsider he can eat those other guys alive because he has accomplished so much and most of those other guys have not done anything.

      I addressed Cruz as much as IMO is appropriate at this point. If I need to repeat the facts, I will, but as it stands, the 100% solid evidence is up for all to see: the McCain resolution, Vattel and the constitution are all that are needed. Independently and particularly in tandem, they make it plain that Cruz was not naturalized as a US citizen until long after Cruz's is not eligible. if it was only one parent on any soil, the term "natural born citizen' would be laughably meaningless, and the McCain resolution almost says so. Cruz is not eligible. period. And he will wind up making an ass out of himself for running, he will not get the nomination and his next senate run will be plagued by opposition and the media hounding him for being dishonest as an ineligible candidate who ran for office, and so will a couple of others, and that could cost the GOP a couple of key seats and positions. They obviously think that the media cannot go after them because they can argue that they did not cite Obama, and that is a STUPID mistake to make, because the media will say it anyway, censor Cruz's responses from being heard, and while you and me and people on the internet paying attention will know, the larger population - the majority - will not know, here only the media version and that could cost the GOP some power.

      Trump knows Television, also, and must know that two tough guy men will not play well to the female audience - too much. MUCH too much. Trump needs someone softer and fun and pretty for balance. IMO he's making a big mistake if he does not offer the VP post to Sarah Palin. Once Trump becomes a team with anyone, that shifts the media dynamic into uncharted territory for Trump; he has always stood alone in everything. To ensure sweeping victory IMO his VP pick must be Sarah. I can think of no one else right for the job, unless he picks an unknown woman, but she must have the same qualities as Sarah: accomplished, younger, very smart and pretty for the camera. Perhaps someone from the business world. trump is surging as the non-politician. he might do well top pick another non-politician, but IMO his best bet by a long shot is still Sarah. The left may be hoping for that assuming she can drag trump down, but they are wrong and hoping for the wrong thing. the only thing that can hurt trump is a guy the media can call ineligible because that hurt's trump's reputation as a truth-teller. IMO he should not have another tough man, either. he needs a pretty, bright woman with impeccable credentials who is also a brass knuckles fighter with a sweet-sounding voice. Once again, I pick Sarah.

  6. I saw someone say "I have seen posts that feel Trump has fallen off his pedestal and that he will lose in the polls"

    Your thoughts? I think that because of the way Trump was treated in the debate, that he will lose support. What do you think?

    1. I disagree completely. After the debates the internet was, pardon the expression, swarming with angry posts about how Trump was being knocked down by Fox news prejudice that was ridiculously obvious, unfair and hateful. in response, Trump knocked them all down.Trump got the biggest applause repeatedly in the debates and it was often when Fox tried to set him up and knock him down. For example....\

      * Megan Kelly pulled the "be nice to ladies" line and trump said "we don;t have time for political correctness." that resonates on 2 levels. 1. people are sick of PC and 2. who wants a guy who suggests the GOP may lose because of misplaced gentlemanly-ness to the like of Hillary Clinton? This country is fighting for it's life, now, in conservative terms.

      * Chris Wallace whined about the investors who lost money when trump used chapter laws to remain solvent. Trump said, "Those investors are killers. they;re not the nice people you think they are. You are living in a dream world." Huge applause, Wallace looking like a corrected schoolboy.

      * Rand Paul tried to be opportunistic in a nasty way and said Trump was buying politicians. Trump reminded Paul that he had given Paul, himself, plenty of money. Paul looked, unfortunately because I like him, like a total idiot. Truly embarrassingly stupid moment and Trump shone again - more applause from the GOP audience.

      * As we predicted he might, when called out on his past, he reminded people that Reagan, too, had gone through a similar personal evolution. Unlike some politicians, I believe Trump because his evolution has been gradual and entirely visible. unlike Romney, he did not have an epiphany on the debate stage about things like single-payer health care. Anyone who has been watching trump has seen him change as experiences have changed him, over many years. One thing about trump: be may be as blunt as a block of iron, but he is no phony, and the GOP needs both qualities in our candidate desperately.

      * Trump did repeatedly what newt Gingrich did 4 years ago to CNN; stood up to them on the debate stage and called them out. There is nothing the GOP faithful love more than that, and Trump beat back Fox endlessly with ease and blunt ability

      Re the negative posts online you are reading, those posts are probably mostly written by liberals being fake conservatives online to undermine Trump. You and I have seen that on a huge scale, first-hand.

      IMO, Trump is for all intents and purposes, unstoppable. In a political world where phony bulls*t and a gentle face hiding a sadist with poison daggers, trump is blunt and operates in a natural capacity that shows shows up virtually everyone else as fake, especially guys like Jeb Bush. Carson is great, but next to Trump, he comes off better suited as an adviser.

      I see no way, really, that trump does not take the nomination and we will positively beat to a pulp the democrat rival.

      As for not signing the pledge to not run third party, that is Trump's leverage against guys like Boehner who would keep him out even if he had the best polls in the world (and he actually does have the best polls in the world). Trump is fighting to win. The last I heard, that's what Republicans want.

    2. Can you explain how it's leverage to not signing the pledge to run third party? I do not at all understand that strategy.

    3. Because trump is a political outsider. As usual, the very thing that has him way, way up at the top of the GOP polls is exactly the quality that the GOP establishment run by Boehner hate. The GOP establishment will do anything it can to keep Trump from getting the delegates he needs to win the nomination at the convention. So one card Trump is holding is the threat of running third party. He wants to be the GOP nominee, but he plainly also wants to make it clear that he will not be squeezed out by a half-assed country club of moderate, self-involved, mostly real-world-unaccomplished, bureaucratic little pansies who become upset the moment anyone asks them to do anything. They also know as President Trump will demand that his party get off their asses for the first time in two decades and try to actually get things done and they like that even less. So Trump is widely expressing this threat to help ensure the nomination. They may even deny Trump the nomination knowing that looking "heroic" fighting against a democrat president they can blame on Trump is better for them than being asked to succeed as a congress or prove to the US voters that most of them are incompetent boobs (but a very dangerous gambit because Trumps poll numbers are SO high that if they pull that, there would be an immediate revolt in the party, and Boehner would be history as speaker and so would a lot of others), and to hell with the country.

      So Trump's pledge not to run third party makes perfect sense for someone who wants to win and the people mostly get it, because polls show that Trump's post-debate polls have not lessened one bit. The GOP voters are so sick and frustrated by the state of things that Trump could have two heads and be spitting fire that they would vote for him because he is the one guy on the debate stage who does not look like a the usual confused, desperate, anxious and politically correct little weakling loser we always get as a nominee. Trump is a blunt, strong-willed winner, and i for one, find him the most refreshing burst of fresh air since Ronald Reagan, and a potentially greater President.

  7. Thank you for what you do, Proe!!