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Well, we told you it would happen: Fox is back at it, attacking Trump.

To take the he said / she said out of it, recall that Fox struck at Trump first with a series of questions which were patently designed to take down the GOP front-runner, while handing Jeb Bush, in particular, softball questions. Their biases and prejudices were clear and well-understood by an enraged Republican audience which made its collective fury known all over the internet. 

The problem for Fox, from a business  standpoint,  is that Trump leads all GOP candidates more than 2-to-one, now, so Fox basically spat in the eye of its own audience, which was the motivation for this boycott, which from this past Thursday and Friday's Neilson ratings numbers, may indeed be catching on.

Thursday and Friday saw Fox on a precipitous  decline with Friday's ratings numbers being the worst Fox has seen in ages.

Before the TPFA-organized Fox News Turn Right boycott 2 years ago, Fox was posting ratings about 15% - 20% higher than they have remained, more or less, ever since.

On average, the numbers have averaged at 

O'Reilly 2.5 

Kelly 2.3

Hannity 1.5 

They got a huge boost from the debate, and a bump from the skirmish thereafter. When we last reported, the boycott seemed to have been a wash. Addressing numbers only up to Wednesday of last week, we did not count on a delayed/roll-on effect. Certainly the idea of a boycott was picked up all over Twitter. 

Now look at Thursday's numbers:

O'Reilly 2.3

Kelly 2.1

Hannity (rises) 1.6

The arrow appears to be pointing down not from the debate, but from their 12-month average. It's a huge fall so soon after the debate, where O'Reilly was getting well over 3.2 and Kelly close behind

Now for the one that shocked even us. Look at Friday:

O'Reilly 1.9

Kelly 1.6

and the proof that the boycott is probably responsible is that most people on Twitter said they would remain loyal to conservative Hannity while turning off RINOs O'Reilly and Kelly, Hannity remains identical at his normal average of 1.5  

Hannity 1.5

So tuning into Hannity and turning off O'Reilly and Kelly appears to be exactly what is happening.

We think the boycott may be kicking in (we'll keep you apprised), and good for you for standing your ground and breaking old habits to teach Fox a lesson: don't piss off the audience that makes you rich. 

Now, Fox gets nasty again, believe it or not.

When asked in other interviews about Kelly, Trump answered other interviews honestly about his feelings for Fox's Megyn kelly's extremely abrubt announcement of her virtually immediate vacation, feeling that seething audience antipathy to Kelly everywhere on the internet perhaps in some way precipitated Kelly's "vacation". This is an absolutely logical and reasonable speculation to make. But because of that, backstabbing and ungracious Fox News is back at attacking the presidential front-runner that Fox's own audience favors, and doing it with, in our opinion, the kind of hateful, dismissive and poisonous tone that  Megan  Kelly manifest that so angered Trump supporters in the first place.

So, heedless of any programming common sense, Fox is blasting away at Trump with a preposterous lack of grace and decorum - really, just coming across, IMO, like a very large and well-financed internet troll. They have basically reduced themselves to that level. That is not how you please your audience that by a huge margins adores Trump and hates the attacks.

When Fox CEO Roger Ailes told Newsweek in September of 2011 that he was taking Fox away from the core conservatives and making it more mainstream, he tacitly admitted that Fox skews the news according to the audience they wish to grab - there is no other way to interpret what Ailes said. That, then, proves that Fox is not "Fair and balanced", nor does it really make it objective journalism any more than CNN or MSNBC. Without perhaps realizing it, Ailes admitted that Fox News was nothing more than entertainment, arranged to play for a certain audience. It is the job of entertainers please the audience. This is not a revelation 15 years into the new millennium. And when an entertainer or entertainment company enrages its own audience with a seeming purpose, then that entertainment company plainly has an agenda. The agenda appears to anoint hopeless loser Jeb Bush and somehow try to damage Donald Trump whose polls continue to leave his closest rivals in the double-digit dust and the rest already-forgotten in the single digits. This makes Fox as much the mainstream media as CNN or MBC or ABC or any other left-wing outfit, all of whom are trying in vain to damage Trump while his voter poll numbers show that he has broken through the  stratosphere and is now leaving all competition behind. The way Fox is behaving, it looks like Fox's audience is going with Trump and leaving Fox in the single-digits, too, along with the candidates Fox appears to favor.

Fox and all the of the media seem to have forgotten that Republican voters now have the internet. Fox and the mainstream media also seem to have forgotten that Republican voters  generally poll as above-average in education and intelligence and if forced to choose between TV networks hostile to their opinions or the man who they are very firmly convinced is the best candidate to fix America, they are going with the latter; they are sticking with Trump.

Need we say it? Boycott Fox until Fox decides to wake up and smell the coffee.



well, you can't be 100% all the time and..... it isn't our fault.

If you were watching TPFA-friendly accounts on Twitter, you likely saw dozens of Tweets with retweet numbers just like this. Some of these people have tens of thousands and some even have hundreds of thousands of followers, almost all Conservatives. That means hundreds of thousands of Conservatives got the message. Hundreds of thousands at least. Add others with large followings, picking up on the idea with their own original boycott art, and make that certainly millions.

Unlike the Fox News Boycott from 2 years ago, this one is a wash. Indeed, Fox ratings' numbers are slightly up this week!

Gleeful, malicious dorks sadistically high-five-ing this particular instance of a lack of Fox News boycott success will blame us and an imaginary perception that this group is not effective. (liberals love a Fox News whose CEO promised Newsweek in 2011 that he was taking Fox to the left, that mocks birthers, bashes Trump and never asks where the missing Benghazi survivors are) Well, we'll put up here for new readers a few screenshots to show if this blog and group is effective or not. But there is the problem and the problem lies not with us. The problem, and I mean this, lies with Conservative Fox news viewers who, when given the choice, watched Fox anyway instead of turning it off, as they did two years ago. 

Many people with staggering follower numbers - over 100,000 and more -  picked up on this boycott, creating their own art and Tweeting like mad and still the majority of Fox News viewers tuned in. 

How does one reconcile this with the fact that almost every U.S. conservative frets endlessly about the fact that Fox News has gone too far to the left? The seeming fact is IMO, that with such a scandalous eye-candy feud between Fox and Trump, conservatives did not show the self-discipline to turn off Fox, and wound up rewarding Fox News, literally, for bashing Trump, because you just put extra advertising dollars in Fox's bank account by tuning in. 

There was plethora of advertising for the boycott in the form of people retweeting to hundreds of thousands of people. Everyone is furious at Megan Kelly. But conservatives tuned in anyway, IMO, because the basic, short-thinking instinct to watch a delicious scandal overrode the responsibility to help their nation. To help the Nation, people must make Fox turn back to the right in it's content and presentation approach, and that only happens when they send Fox a message by turning Fox off during an organized boycott.

Whose fault is the lack of boycott success? Not ours. Not the people who retweeted. The fault lies with literally every conservative this week who heard about the boycott, agreed with the need for Fox to turn right, and watched Fox anyway. If that is you, blame yourself, and don't come whining to us the next time Fox bashes a birther, attacks Trump (they will again, you know it), ignores Obama's forgeries and lawbreaking, shows it could not care less about the missing Benghazi witnesses or anything else. We organized the boycott, many patriots online with huge follow numbers got the word out and you people rewarded Fox anyway by turning in and telling Fox that destroying conservatives is the best way for Fox to make more money.

Shrug. We did our part. If a RINO news network is what you want, then keep watching Fox in its present form and a RINO news network is what you are going to get. Forever. And all the bitching won't help if you are bitching and turning in to Fox at the same time.

File this under "Y" for the "You can lead a horse to water" department. 

Since trolls will try to diminish this blog and group while pretending to be conservative and saying this blog and group are somehow generally ineffective (while the attackers demonstrate no accomplishment of their own), let's take a short walk down memory lane. Once again, don't blame us for organizing a boycott which went nowhere this time around. Blame the people who bitch and whine about Fox News not being conservative enough and tuned in to Fox during the boycott, anyway.




"Curiouser and curiouser", said Alice, redux.
You may remember our last Fox news Boycott, two years ago, that made mainstream media everywhere. Here we go again, but this time the need for a Fox News Boycott is more pressing than ever.


Firstly, in the interest of disclosure, this group and blog officially supports Donald Trump for President whole-heartedly. However, that does not change the objective reality that a news organization like Fox that claims to favor the Republicans as an audience should obviously not try to undermine in a debate the candidate who, in polls, has been favored overwhelmingly by that very same audience. That is called spitting in the eye of the people who pay your bills and salaries. That is called grossly unprofessional - even horrendously unethical, IMO - media misconduct. And for that, Fox needs a good, hard spanking until their ratings are red and sore for a month.

Remember, ratings equal how much Fox can charge advertisers to run their commercials on Fox. As Fox ratings slip, so, too, do their profits, and that is what boycotts are all about: for an audience or consumer group to refuse to give money to a company until the company does what they want the company to do. That - and this - are the very definition of a legal boycott. And our last boycotts hit Fox hard, to an astonishing overall 22% ratings drop  and if you recall, we proved it to you with links to industry-standard rating reports and percentage calculators ( a minor detail the mainstream media accidentally overlooked as a couple of them tried to make the ridiculous case that there was no cause and effect between the boycott demanding Fox turn right and the drop in ratings numbers, obviously hoping that you, the conservative viewer, would never wake up and realize you have real power as to how the news is reported). 

Remember this from 2 years ago?


Look at the facts: in 2011, Fox bigwig Roger Ailes told Newsweek he was taking Fox to the "lucrative political center". If you are on the right and move to the center, it means, literally, you are going to the left. Obviously.  Now that's gross on two levels.... 

1. It means that Fox is skewing how they report the news to fit a certain audience desire and that is not news, that is called 'entertainment". Most news agencies also do that, but nevertheless it is, in its worst form, called Propaganda and nations have fallen because of the type of shenanigans Fox is pulling.

2. It means that using money as an excuse, Ailes  and Fox the Corporation are, IMO, once again totally stabbing in the back the millions of desperate conservatives who need their voice to be heard. This is true betrayal, IMO, in the worst possible form. It's disgusting. It reeks of, IMO, a personality so seared of conscience that it would walk on the faces of those who made him and his organization wealthy and hear their awful cries of audience desperation, in the manner of a sadist, as a happy song. At best it is cold-blooded indifference. Either way, it's disgusting beyond words.

Some obvious past betrayal by Fox of its own audience;

1. Handling Benghazi, otherwise known as Watergate to the tenth power on steroids, as a casual subject. Fox got somewhat with the program after our first Boycott, suddenly racing to do 'Specials". Those specials included talking to the co-authors of the Book 13 Hours, about Benghazi, written by a rabid liberal with the 3 co-writers who were on the ground at the Benghazi annex - the only three apparently allowed by Obama to speak - with Fox News giving those witnesses particular credibility even though their conclusion was that Obama and Hillary did nothing wrong regarding Benghazi. What about the other 30 witnesses who have mysteriously remained silent after 2 1/2 years, also remaining unidentified to Congress by the Obama administration?  It is obvious that Fox seems quite pleased with the mystery and silence of the 30 Benghazi witnesses  and it seems as though silenced is how Fox News feels they should remain, because Fox has done not one thing on the issue of the silenced witnesses, including asking in a substantive way what happened to 30 American witnesses whose testimony could bring down a sitting, communist-raised, anti-American President.

2. The Birthers appear to be correct: law enforcement has determined without a doubt that Obama's birth certificate is a fake - and a felony. No question. A felony. Absolutely. For sure. Does Fox give the chief law enforcement investigator, with the third-largest constituency of its kind in America - over 5 million people - and 50 years law enforcement experience, who also himself worked as a federal agent for 30 years, Joe Arpio, who has a law enforcement staff of approximately twice the number of employees at Fox News - 3,500 law enforcement specialists - and who used to be called "America's Sheriff" by Fox itself, even two minutes to even tell the facts of Obama's criminal forgery to the public? No. Fox anchors instead, seeming almost to a one, go off on screeds defaming the "birthers" and in so doing once again spit in the eyes of the audience that made Fox successful in the first place. Horrible, disgusting behavior by ingrate Fox. Absolutely, 100% off-the-chart awful.

3. Sean Hannity is probably the only true conservative Fox has ever had in its prime time lineup (and even he is pretty squishy on any issue that could inflict any actual political or legal damage to the Obama Presidency, such as ignoring the missing Benghazi Witnesses, Obama's felony forgery, HRes36, HRes422 and HRes198, all of which he has ignored for years). So what does Fox do? Despite strong ratings (and profit, which they claim is their reason for moving left) they move Hannity to a time closer to the Witching Hour, 10:00 PM EST, and put in his 9 PM EST slot Megyn Kelly, who has in our opinion, proven time and again that she has little in common with her Fox News audience, who often admit that they only tune in to Fox because they have nowhere on TV to turn. 

That desperation from the audience, in-turn, has apparently resulted in an unconscionable take-them-for-granted attitude by Fox toward its own audience, and is well represented by this Twitter exchange with Fox News reporter James Rosen 2 years ago. Several Tea Party Fire Ant patriots were warning Fox of another boycott if they continued to betray its core audience. Rosen responds, in essence, "If we go away because of your boycott, you will have no one to love you." IMO, Rosen's message amounts to the kind of words you expect from a cruel, pathological manipulator, and represents, ultimately, it seems, all of the Fox News Corporation's obvious thinking from the top down.

Now Fox tries to sandbag Donald Trump, the double-digit, hands-down favorite in every poll among the audience that pays Fox News' bills via their viewership, with a hatchet job which, thankfully, Trump was able to seemingly effortlessly  knock down with each cheap, drive-by attack Fox apparently believed it could sell to the viewers as being in the service of the public good. 

Enough. The time has come, once again. BOYCOTT FOX NEWS AND SPREAD THE WORD EVERYWHERE! And remember: do not tune in to Fox to "See how the boycott is going." that defeats the whole purpose. Turn their prime-time lineup off. Clear off. All the way, for 4 days.WE WILL KEEP YOU APPRISED HERE OF HOW THE BOYCOTT IS GOING THE MOMENT THE RATINGS NUMBERS ARE AVAILABLE, probably two-to-three days after the boycott begins. 

Make a difference, once again. Fox needs to re-learn the lesson from 2 years ago it has obviously forgotten. Send a signal to cruel, arrogant and manipulative Fox News decision-makers: "We're mad as hell and we aren't going to take it, anymore." 


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