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...And What's The Deal With All These New Liberal-Supporting "Conservative"  Celebrities, Anyway? 
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Conventional dramatic structure dictates that the punch line be placed at the end. But in this case, the punchline is better placed up-front, with the rest of the backstory, afterward.

Former TV Talk show host and now leftist radio Air America celebrity Montel Williams claims to be a conservative.Here he is making the claim in response to TPFA co-Leader Kathy Amidon calling out Williams for grossly insulting conservative/Tea party favorite Michelle Bachmann.

So the question really is, what do you think a conservative is? If Williams believes he is a conservative, then IMO he is at extremely dramatic odds with the political reality all around him because in the world I live in, "Conservatives" do not agree to be TV pitchmen for Barack Obama Inauguration Commemorative coins and say he is proud to do so, as Montel Williams did in 2009:

If you like videos, here he is making his pitch, with a couple of funny editorial modifications made by whoever uploaded the video:

To add insult to injury, the coins are for want of a better word, "fakes" (a word used by at least a few journalists, along with rip-offs, etc). They are just standard US Currency with stickers attached to them.

Some have argued that Williams could not have known the unbelievably cheap quality of the product, but that, IMO, seems rather implausible considering he was sitting virtually right on top of them, and the stickers are apparently very poorly done and visible as stickers easily even in a casual inspection:

Why is this important? because as you will see in the screenshots from Twitter, below, all we did was Tweet to Williams - who had followed us first (no idea why, but seems troubling as you will see)- that we had been tapped to advise the Congressional House Science Committee on their investigation into Twitter trolls and Truthy, we having had so much experience and having been covered by media several times on the issue, and Williams fights the idea of a Twitter investigation by Congress vigorously.

Now, where I came from, additionally, Conservatives help other conservatives. The demands that something be done about the Twitter abuse and suspension of conservatives are very common now (though only TPFA campaigned on this issue directly to Congress). Every conservative knows about the Twitter conservative suspension problem if they have been anywhere near Twitter. But Williams fights against the idea of helping his "Fellow Conservatives" in this way, going so far as to say that Conservatives - presumably equally in his view - are trolls also (and presumably, then, Twitter allows conservative trolls to go wild too, which is absurd, since Twitter suspends innocent conservatives while plainly allowing leftist trolls to run mad). That, apparently, by "conservative" Montel Williams who in 2009 was proud to be the TV salesman for Barack Obama coins, which turned out to be fake.

Doesn't add up to your definition of "conservative", does it?

The bigger problem is we are seeing a pattern emerge, one in which celebrities, who call themselves conservatives pretty much out of nowhere, attack activist conservatives and endorse extremely liberal candidates and politics (and apparently really bad "Obama coins").

You will recall when we wrote about "conservative" Hollywood actor James Woods, who in our opinion appeared happy to help trolls attacking us while he himself supported Rudy Giuliani (who is an OK moderate, but he's sure no conservative in the true conservative definition, as are Ted Cruz, Rand Paul or Sarah Palin) and whose only online donation records we could find show him donating to way left-wing candidates:

Here is a supposed "Conservative" (apparently related to uber-liberal actor Alec Baldwin) Harriet Baldwin, who claims personal friendship with Woods and also claimed, in a tweet (not laced with IMO classless, foul-mouthed profanity which she has used repeatedly against us in the past), that our/TPFA thank you letters from Congressman Frank Wolf and Congressman Tom Rice were "bogus"(IMO clear defamation; after she posted that remark, World Net Daily proved the letters are real by confirming the fact by calling Wolf's office. Baldwin never apologized for the, IMO, plainly obvious slander):

Twitter is packed with so-called "conservatives"  behaving like this.

So just what on earth is going on here with these so-called "conservative" celebrities who attack conservative groups unprovoked, aid in the attacks, donate to liberals and pitch Barack Obama commemorative coins?!? 

In my opinion only, knowing the media professionally as I do, what we are seeing is a probably loosely-organized activism by far-left celebrities to infiltrate the highly effective Tea Party right, and in so doing move the nation's perception of the political center way to the left to compensate for the genuine threat to the left of Tea Party accomplishment. IMO nothing else makes sense. Here's how, in theory, it works: celebs make the claim of being conservative, media picks up on it, celebrity says things like "Giuliani for President" and "Do not investigate Twitter" and the mainstream media sells the perception to the public that anyone who is to the right of those "conservative celebrities" is a "far right wacko".  

TPFA is investigating this vigorously and will not let you down. Rely on it. We're going to find out where this is coming from because it makes no sense on the surface even to a casual observer well-versed in politics.

Our pledge to you also, about the Twitter Investigation, is this:

We campaigned hard for it:

We are advising Congress.

And while we like the investigation committee(which announced the investigation three weeks after the Twitter Trolls Must Be Stopped video was tweeted to Congress and 3 days after the committee asked us/TPFA us to help), at the first sign that the investigation is going "RINO" - and you all know that frustration: weak, wrong-headed, "conventional", too timid of leftist media response to do the job at full power - the Tea Party Fire Ants will swarm congress on Twitter, name names and demand that they get it together or will publicly cite  the committee as not competent and demand that the investigators be replaced, and we will do it every day for months - over a year as we did for Benghazi if necessary - until it's done right according not to ivory tower investigators being paid by public money - but by the public which has lived this horror and is demanding that congress do the job like righteous, hard-nosed and determined leaders, not weak-kneed bureaucratic  politicians looking for the easy way out every time something reveals itself which demands a little passion and elbow grease. Being "intelligent and measured" does not mean being weak and lazy. We know you - the true Tea Party people - generally don't trust your government in exactly the way the Founding Fathers warned all citizens to be wary of all governments. We promise to you that this congressional investigation of Twitter, one way or the other, will be done properly with results manifest which you will find acceptable, if we have to campaign all over again from scratch. What IMO appears to be the biggest case of ongoing censorship and emotional abuse in American history - what is happening on Twitter, whose execs have a practical love-fest with Obama - will be addressed and remedied.

Millions of innocent people are being criminal cyber-bullied, and driven to despair - and even suicide - from endless humiliation, rape and death threats, and conservatives are mostly at the receiving end of such activity - in the political realm, at least - while the trolls who attack (now labeled medically as everyday, common  psychopathic sadists) are clearly given free rein by Twitter. This is no time to screw around and play politics as usual. This is serious and we mean business. Twitter will be fixed by congressional action no matter what the social and political pressures may be. That is our promise to you. And as you have learned, we can do it, too.

Enjoy the Tea Party Fire Ants debate Obama "Fake Coin" Montel Williams threads, and watch as Williams seems to use circular logic, change the subject and ultimately claim  angry, self-righteous indignation as a debate response when all he had to do was not debate the people who Tweeted to Williams initially only once - people Montel Williams followed first before they followed him.

For readers' sanity I chose a thread reading that omitted the trolls. Here is a sample and see how Montel takes their attacks against us at face value, all the while sticking by his view that GOP Congressman should not investigate federal funds used to fund truthy and not investigate Twitter trolls, basically the only way that Conservatives will be able to be saved from having their lives ruined by Twitter trolls. Remember, Twitter defamation shows up on any search engine. You can never have looked at Twitter in your life and anyone who dislikes you can destroy your life just by tweeting about you. It's that bad, and needs to be stopped

A toll sampling from the Williams threads:

TPFA's Kathy seemed to have the right message to stop Williams cold: Post links to the videos of Montel Williams The  Conservative being a proud pitchman for lousey Barack Obama commemorative coins (ever-present trolls not included):



Stay tuned.

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