Thursday, December 18, 2014

Representative Frank Wolf, The Quiet Lion, Retires

It would be simple enough to re-post the tribute to House Representative Frank Wolf we posted a year ago, but not good enough.

Congressman Wolf's office more or less shuts down tomorrow, Friday, 12/18/2014. Before we forget, we'd like to thank everyone in Wolf's office for their understanding, good will and support to us as we worked to help Wolf achieve sometimes seeming insurmountable ambitions designed for the good of the country. Special thanks to Wolf's Chief Of Staff Dan Scandling, with whom we exchanged so much, and who was always there to help us help Wolf. In a town where prima donna chief of staffs often rule, Scandling has been a tireless champion for his Boss, Rep Wolf, and to that end put in much overtime and effort on Wolf's behalf. Dan's integrity shone brightly. The country is a little better because Dan Scandling and his staff were there for Representative Frank Wolf.

Rep Wolf really is a rarity in DC. He has stood for what he believed in when get-along would have been better politics. He has fought congressional leadership when leadership got weak in the knees against the leftist media and the country club establishment. He has paid the price for being honest because the leadership knew he would do what was right, not what jellyfish politics demanded. Putting it bluntly, he gives a damn, and he means it. We can tell you that from the watchtower.

He has still been a visible figure on the talk shows, and as has so often been the case, the man we call The Quiet Lion spoke with calm but no-nonsense determination. His relaxed and pleasant demeanor masks a political prizefighter for whom more than a TKO will only suffice; his warm and unassuming manner belies a man of true and intense passion. While so many others shout passion and do little, he speaks in measured tones and does a lot. And on those rare occasions when justifiable indignation at one of life's injustices gets the better of his all-too-human nature - watch out: he's not fooling around. 

Some have tried to diminish his credentials as a conservative - probably the trolls who we, too, have fought online (it seems  some of their troll careers are coming to an end as we work with police and congress to now-successfully end that scourge onm Twitter). Make no mistake, perfection exists only in Jesus Christ and when it comes to being a conservative, Wolf's ratings from conservative groups is a record of which any Republican should be proud: Wolf gets a 100% rating from the National Right To Life Center. The Center for Security Policy gives him an 83% approval rating. American Conservative rating gives him an 80% though there must be some numbers missing there because the ultra-leftist aclu gives him only 8% and NARAL gives him 0%; in our judgement, that gives Wolf a 92% conservative rating. The NRA puts him in the mid-90 percentile range.

As of late, Wolf has been one of the very few voices to say directly what ISIS is doing and what their ambition is; as Hillary Clinton tells us to empathize with ISIS, Wolf tells the world what it needs to hear: ISIS is interested in nothing less than the total genocide of Christians in the Middle East. We hope he keeps saying it.

And then, of course, there is Benghazi. We like to be able to claim much credit for the fact that the Benghazi Select Committee exists as we campaigned so hard for the congressional co-sponsors to support it. The people on the committee like to post on their Twitter feeds their ten minutes of hearing glory, and make no mistake, some of what they say is quite good. But there is only one person who can take the singular bow for the Benghazi Select Committee, and that is Congressman Frank Wolf. He wrote the resolution, which was re-written with nary a change in another's name and then put on the floor by a clearly tyrannical House Speaker John Boehner, seemingly to deny Wolf the credit because Wolf plays by the only rules that matter: those of God and the Founding Fathers, in that order - not Boehner's. Many in congress are giving Boehner the credit for the Select Committee and that is simply wrong considering Boehner fought it for a year and a half until there were 191 congressional co-sponsors reading Boehner the riot act. We know - we watched him fight against it while we campaigned 4 hours a day, every day for 17 months to get it. But there would be no Select Committee had not one man wrote the resolution which brought about its being, and that man is Representative Frank Wolf. No matter what comes out of the hearings, all who take bows for their moments of glory stand under the very large shadow of The Quiet Lion who fought so hard for the bill he alone authored, which gave birth to what appear to be historic moments looming on the near horizon.

We will miss Rep Wolf's congressional reports and his dignified yet relaxed, straightforward style. We wish him all the best on his well-deserved retirement, but also secretly hope that he finds retirement dull and unsatisfying; so dull and unsatisfying that he continues to speak as only he can on issues which so desperately need to be voiced with the kind of courage which only Wolf has shown.

Here's to you, House Representative Frank Wolf. We raise our glasses in a toast to The Quiet Lion.

Well done, Sir. We'll never forget. Thank you.

Enjoy these great Rep Frank Wolf moments.


  1. Many kudos to Rep Frank Wolf!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am so envious. How I wish I could have joined you. Sounds like y'all had a marvelous time.