Thursday, May 8, 2014


The Tea Party Fire Ants have worked a long time for this moment - a Benghazi Select Committee will happen. Every night for 17 months we "swarmed" Congress on Twitter, calling for GOP House Reps to co-sponsor Rep Frank Wolf's HRes36 for a Select committee, and sometimes getting direct responses (a small sample): 

When we started swarming for HRes36 had 35 co-sponsors for two months. When we finished, it had, and has, 190 (no new ones have signed on since the TPFA, sensing 190 was enough, turned it's attention to Tom Rice's HRes442 to "take Obama to court". When we started HRes442 it had 30 co-sponsors. Now it has 120. They didn't write us those thank you letters for nothing. And to those who saying we are not being gracious by "bragging", get a life: every day winners from business to sports cheer "Hooray for us!" when they have a victory). On HRes36 we figure some TPFA put in 4,000 hours (and I mean in some cases, per person, not adding everyone's time together. Swarm Leader Kathy Amidon put in much more than that). 

We're positively delighted that our choice for Select Committee Chairman was indeed chosen: Former prosecutor Trey Gowdy, whose grilling of Hillary Clinton during the initial otherwise worthless Benghazi hearings has all the hallmarks of a dazzling intellect with the determination of a shark adroitly handling a scalpel. He was magnificent. 

But guess what? TPFA isn't done with HRes36. As Ken Starr's Whitewater investigation proved, if the first right steps are not taken, you might not want to bother with the rest of the steps. Step one on the Benghazi Select committee is for all of you to drive the following points home to Chairman Gowdy. Tell the chairman these points, but politely, because we have tremendous respect for Congressman Gowdy. But make your voices heard.


1. Demand all information pertaining to the 33 survivor witnesses rescued from Benghazi. Yes, they exist: Hillary Clinton was quite clear about that, though she claimed to have no spoken to any but one (this one mysterious person at the hospital; always just this one, and that person, too, has seemingly vanished.) had not spoken to them no could give names or really anything else. After moving on two years, we are quite concerned about those people. No one knows who or where they are, not even congress who, according to House Rep Jason Chaffetz, is usually apprised of such identification within 48 hours. No one has heard from them. No one knows who they are. Obama's people made some very alarming, cryptic offhand remarks about the survivors being moved around the country and given different identities. That would be fine if they were chess pieces, but they are human beings in a free society. Are we to believe that to a one all accepted this fate? That their spouses did? Kids uprooted from friends and schools and told they have new names didn't mind this frightening change in their lives? Their grandparents shut up with a shrug? Friends never saw them again and didn't care? This is insane.

More alarming still is that what Obama's administration describes in terms of giving them new identities is the profile of a witness protection program. A witness protection program runs its course after the witnesses have testified; such things are designed to get the truth in a trial. Obama's Administration should have presented them at the hearings held months ago so they could go about their lives. And who were the witnesses going to finger? Unknown terrorist mobsters with no money who live on the the other side of the world? And instead of offering them up now, Obama and his people have made it clear that they will not cooperate with the investigation. So where are the witnesses that even Hillary said were 'rescued" from Benghazi.

So the Chairman understands the depth of our concern, let me make it as plain as possible: in the opinion of this blog, Obama has had them killed to shut them up, just as, we suspect, Ambassador Stevens seems was likely killed to keep him quiet about probable gunrunning. Sound too melodramatic? Obama was raised in a household full of communists who so loved Communist poet Frank Marshal Davis that they took their ten-year-old son to him a few days a week (source: Obama's autobiographies)and left him alone with the older man for hours on end - and Davis' poems are often love letters to the bloody red Soviet Union Army. Obama's good friend Bill Ayres is on record - and video - as telling children they should kill their parents to further the communist cause. That is the world from which Obama sprang. So much so, that he did not even salute the flag during the anthem repeatedly, so contemptuous is he for American pride and tradition. Obama, IMO, fits the profile of exactly the kind of man who would kill witnesses who would threaten his power. This is no joke. Stalin was seen as kindly to children as he systematically murdered 40 million of his own citizens - who were just as real and alive before Stalin killed them as you are reading this now - and as the old saying goes, even Hitler had a girlfriend. It's not impossible. 

The Benghazi Witnesses must be found and if any are presented to the Committee, their identities must be confirmed in every way possible so as to ensure that they are not actors performing on Obama's behalf in the way that hundreds of communist activist trolls pretend to be conservative on Twitter and Facebook so as to work their poison from within. If anything less than 33 are presented, a full accounting must be given for their absence and that too must be investigated in every way possible. Weak-kneed, jelly-like RINOs will be inclined to once again say, "The President has given us his word, and we take him on his word." Those days are over, and frankly, never should have been manifest in the first place.

We are not the only ones who thing the Benghazi Survivor Witness are central and critical to all that is Benghazi: this art we posted on Twitter on Jan 13, 2013 has received over 3,000 retweets and an astounding estimated 14 million views. 

Witnesses are at the heart of any investigation. Just because this happened in another land with the President in charge does not change that. The Benghazi Survivor Witnesses are at the heart of this, too. In our opinion if the Administration "does not cooperate", then making sad and frustrated noises about it until the issue dissipates cannot be the way business is conducted this time. the President needs to be held to account, even to the point of being charged with negligent homicide or even murder if the facts warrant the charge. That may be true for Stevens and those killed in Benghazi as well; in our judgement it is not credible to think that they are dead with the innumerable options available to Obama (and weeks of forewarning as the Brits pulled their people out in advance of rumblings about the anniversary of an attack on America) unless Obama simply wanted them dead. It is our opinion that he did and to some extent arranged their deaths. The question now is did he do the same to the 33 people who could tell what happened on that day? The Select Committee will be the one and only opportunity to tear open the most horrendous scandal in America history if that is true. Fears that "the people cannot handle it" need to be shut away quickly in exchange for boiling determination. Fear of dealing with large issues needs to be thrown away and replaced by energetically digging deeper with each unpleasant suspicion and alarming fact uncovered. 

The world needs to know what happened - all of it - and the proper justice applied. The only people who can tell us that are the witnesses. They must be found or Obama must be charged wit whatever criminal act is deemed proper depending on how the White House responds to demands for the witnesses. The time for fun and games is over. America can take the truth. What America cannot survive is the cancer of a nagging mystery which will eat at the core and self-confidence of this nation worse than even the most Hitler-esque revelations. This country was born of bravely dealing with unpleasant realities and towering ramifications. We can deal with this, easily.

2. The Duty officer in the Situation Room on the night of the attacks must be identified and forced to testify. No opinion here, as is the rest.

3. All security videos for the halls near the situation room need to be gotten by the committee and reviewed to see who went in and out of the Situation Room and when; if nothing else to corroborate the testimony of the Duty Officer. 

4. Eastern Television news was already blaming the scapegoat video mere hours after the killings happened. It is quite, quite obvious that the scapegoat video had already been figured to take the blame for the killings in advance of the killings. This means the entire situation was premeditated and carefully planned. Obama's refusal to pull our people out of Benghazi when the British left or to save Stevens and the others when he could,  and his immediately parroting Libya's bogus and absurd charge of a video inciting murder suggests strongly in our opinion that this was a plot in which Obama had foreknowledge at least. If this is not the case, then Obama is alarmingly hopeless as a thinker because that is exactly how it looks, and he should have been mindful of the appearances at the very least. Obama knows about such things: he threw his own pastor under the bus when Wright became a political liability before his first election.

5. No witnesses should under any circumstances be allowed to do the outrageous thing that Hillary Clinton did: read her legally crafted answers from a dictionary-sized book of crafted answers compiled by her, presumably, during the several months from which she was recovering from a concussion so severe that she said she could not testify. If democrats make a stink, angrily point out that the servants of the American people are no better than the people themselves, and the people do not get to read crafted answers when testifying in a court of law. That entire limp-wristed interrogation of Hillary was a heartbreaking and absurd miscarriage of justice - with the truth itself as the ultimate victim. This time around, the woman who would be president needs to show she can think on her feet like ever other civilian witness at a trial.

6. Anyone who refuses to "cooperate" must be immediately held in contempt with the most severe discipline possible meted out. No country club approach to criminal justice this time.

Benghazi-Truth suspects that many distractions and threats will be attempted. Gowdy has apparently already received threats against his life. That is not reason to shirk, that is reason to press on, because any President who inspires that kind of behavior on his behalf is clearly running with the wrong crowd. If that is the case as it seems to be, then if he can be removed from office legally, he must. God knows he's ruined this nation worse than Carter ever did, and Carter until now has been the worst President anyone can recall in our lifetimes. Demand by Democrats will be made for General X and Captain Y and Technical Assistant Mr or Mrs Z to testify so as to run out the clock and energy without getting to the core of what really happened in Benghazi. We request in the strongest possible terms to stick to the above points first, foremost and never let their impact be diluted or attempts to see them through thwarted.

While many in DC do not want to hear the following, it must be said. Everyone in DC with half a brain by now knows Obama's birth certificate is a pathetic fake (open it in Adobe Illustrator, open the layers, go down to the signature, open the histories tab and you will see the program command log for that layer displaying that the signature was moves around, rotated -90 degrees and scaled 120 percent.) "Sheriff Arpaio" is slated to seen present more information on this matter promised to blow a hole in the history books. Yes, he is a sheriff but I put that in quotes to dispel the local yokel Andy of Mayberry perception: he has 56 years law enforcement, 30 years of which were in the Fed and has a constituency of five million people and 3,400 law enforcement personnel under him. He says he and his investigators who have already identified the birth certificate as a criminal forgery have additional information uncovered on Obama which is "universe shattering" - an eye-opening term from guys who until now have played it all pretty close to the vest (for months after determining the birth certificate to be a criminal forgery they continued to cite nothing more than "probable cause", so cautious have they been. These guys are not prone to P.T. Barnum-esque ballyhoo and hyperbole, so"universe shattering" the information may well be and and the DC GOP is not doing their collective job if any or all turn a blind eye to this matter). Any smart prosecutor could work such information into the Benghazi proceedings easily. After all, if Obama has any problems so horrendous in his past that he came up with a playschool-level forgery to hide it, that surely impacts whatever credibility he and his people bring to their defense, and yes, in this blog's opinion, it is Obama who is on trial for Benghazi.  

Ultimately, it follows, then, that Obama himself must testify. We hope House  Representative and Benghazi select committee Chairman Gowdy keeps his nerve on this investigation and turns over every stone loudly and to hell with the political country club. This Nation is falling apart, now. The Benghazi investigation may be the cure.


  1. Proe, I'm grateful for what you've given America. Your time, your guidance, your ideas, your tenacity, etc.

    With that said, it's comforting knowing that some big names are reading your blog. :)

  2. It's bad enough when regular person told "Release the witness/survivors" but a POTUS? BEYOND CREEPY!

    I'd really like that point to be made sometime during the select committee hearing. Now since I'm not as experienced as someone like Rep Gowdy, I don't feel as comfortable bitching about how it "needs" to be said. Because Trey knows better than I do.

    However if the point I made is one that should be made.... then yeah, I'll be hoping & praying it's made!