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Just a few important head's up. We don't want to distract too much from people's focus for their Benghazi Survivor Candlelight Vigils tonight, but these things should be announced now.

Firstly and not-so-important, you'll see that this blog has reverted to the common new-topic posts with each memo. Early-on, when this blog was central to organizing and growing a movement later to be and currently called the Tea Party Fire Ants, it was critical to keep information tight and juggled within one displayed page. We can relax and make things a bit easier on both the eyes and your internet bandwidth now that this organization is solid.

Second, we will have updates this evening and tomorrow as to what is happening with the candlelight Vigils. People are generous with partial information and therefore that's all we have to give you on the Candlelight Vigils (it makes sense for people not to divulge precise locations lest they attract ACORN counter-demonstrations). 

We have confirmation that there will be vigils, and sometimes multiples in some states, in NY, MI, FL, MA, NH, OH, GA, TX, VA (a few), NC (a few), CA, CO, PA, TN(a few), AZ. There are maybes in several more, but let's just wait and see on those and be happily surprised. There are also variations: a TPFA member on twitter is near a waterway heavily-traveled in the summer, and she and her family will be putting up a very large sign (perhaps made from something like a 24 ft blue plastic drop-cloth with white duct tape letters - an entirely 100% waterproof sign)  saying "WHERE ARE THE MISSING BENGHAZI SURVIVOR WITNESSES?", which we understand will remain up as long as necessary (weeks, months, years?). Others will take their signs and candles to parks. Other on busy roadsides. Others in front of their state capitals (we need to thank New Hampshire for that idea and the idea of the vigils in general, though the emphasis on the finding of the survivors comes from the TPFA). One we know of will be along the grounds of a school near a busy road (that sounds ideal, but not imperative by any means).

Understand, also, that this is only the first of a series of candlelight vigil events, and like with the growth of the Tea Party Fire Ants and being key to raising co-sponsors for a Benghazi select committee from 30 to 159, it will take weeks-to-a couple of months to have huge impact. We cannot expect all our activities to be as immediate and devastating as the FOX boycotts. But we expect these to definitely grow and people come together as a Conservative community to ask a single burning question which represents so much of what angers and concerns conservatives regarding the direction of this nation: "WHERE ARE THE MISSING BENGHAZI SURVIVOR WITNESSES?"

Third, the time has come. Benghazi-Truth and the Tea Party Fire Ants will be having another FOX NEWS boycott and this time it's for keeps. There is no choice, though we can't say we're suffering from pangs of guilt recalling how they tried to brutally humiliate the birthers who turned to to be right, though their correct predictions remain unreported to the nation. The so-called Brett Baier "special" on Benghazi last night was watched by many of us while on Twitter together and the opinion was 100% unanimous: it was just insulting window-dressing designed to make stupid sheep shut up. 

With the exception of a few clips of Hillary and Hick's testimony, this "Benghazi news special" could have been made in December of 2012. We have news for Fox news; that isn't "news", that's "history", and their audience would already know it if FOX did their job and reported on Benghazi as much as they have breathlessly drooled over utter tabloid junk like the Airas and Zimmerman trials, the results of which will effect the average America not the tiniest fraction, while Benghazi and the birth certificate imply murder and fraud and cover-up on scale that challenges our Nation's very Constitution if left unaddressed. Surely if a sleazy trial is worth hours of daily attention, the 33 missing Benghazi survivor witnesses should be front page outrage every day - that's such basic logic a small child could ultimately comprehend it.

Our negative critiques of that truly worthless broadcast last night sparked surprising thin-skinned and insulting responses directly to us on Twitter from both Brett Baeir and James Rosen, both who IMO are too spoiled to have learned that you do not argue with critics who represent your core audience, you thank them and pledge to do better. This blog's opinion and that of the TPFAs is that this "Special", announced 2 days after we announced our vigils, was the second time FOX tried to blunt our efforts with window-dressing. 

If you have been with us for the last few months you know that when we announced our first FOX boycott, FOX rushed out a Hannity "Benghazi 6-Month Anniversary Special". The problem is it was broadcast on Friday, March 9 when the anniversary was Monday, March 11, on which day Hannity did not so much as mention Benghazi. March 9, "coincidentally", was the first day of our FOX TURN RIGHT BOYCOTT, announced weeks before they announced their "anniversary special". The intention was clear; they tried to make our boycotts moot and irrelevant while presenting information that damaged Obama not one bit. Result? A 22% ratings drop for FOX initially which turned out to ultimately be a 33% drop. FOX NEWS is now suffering from a roll-on effect; their numbers are almost as low as half of what they were before the boycotts. That's why they just re-hired Palin before they then pre-empted her first return prime-time appearance for utter nonsense about the Zimmerman trial. We will have the full details on all of that plus Twitter screenshots of thin-skinned FOX hosts, IMO, panicking at the mention of another boycott if the special last night was no good. They had reason to panic - the special stinks - barely even mentions Obama, which says much - and they know it.

Media is my business. I know that. The best thing for all conservatives is to give huge business from FOX to the new One America debuting on July 4th, because nothing would be so good for us as to have FOX and One America trying to out-conservative each other to win the hearts and minds of conservatives, and that only happens if One America becomes a threat to FOX. And fight they will, because as the boycott before One America proved, we really don't need either, and we'll make that plain to both. 

If they want us, they are going to have to fight for us and work hard to make us happy, or they can both go fish. I am certain as a long-time media specialist, however -  and I make this as a prediction - that we will see a war between the two in less than 6 months (maybe much less) for the lion's share of Tea Party love and the advertising revenue that will generate. And that means on our collective demand they must give extensive coverage to the Benghazi survivors, Obama's birth certificate, impeachment, all of it. But that happy situation won't happen without another FOX boycott to dig in the thumbscrews to make FOX desperate to please us, and after last night's FOX NEWS disaster, a boycott - for keeps - is exactly what they deserve regardless of any larger conservative strategy. That broadcast was a clumsy and arrogant attempt to stay left and shut us up at the same time. We're not stupid and it only made us more angry.   

There will be much more tomorrow (and possibly tonight)so in the time-honored parlance of the medium: Please stay tuned - you won't want to miss it!



  1. I wish I had learned of this action earlier. I could have created my own vigil in my town. Now it's too late in the day to group more than three people. Three might be more than none, but it would give reason for some to say that it's a moot point. No one is interested anymore.
    I've just found your site so I will do my due diligence with regard to research. If you are as you claim, I'll happily pass the knowledge on. My only concern is if or how fast you might start swinging to center as Fox News has done.
    The facts should be neutral but they should not be ignored because of optics.
    I reserve my opinion at this time.

  2. You wrote:

    "My only concern is if or how fast you might start swinging to center as Fox News has done."

    Proe is the real deal. As you stick around and read what he writes, you'll see he's 100% consistent/genuine.

  3. I appreciate all critiques, but am astonished that someone would post that they will see if this group is the real deal before reading and that makes me suspicious - that's the kind of thing ACORN liberal trolls post to seed doubt in the minds of others. We've seen THAT ploy a million times, everywhere; a vague doubt expressed takes the edge off the enthusiasm of others and all the world's internet distractions then do the rest.

    This group successfully boycotted FOX for turning left with the demand that they turn right. So successfully FOX is now down a staggering 44% since our first boycotts a mere 4 months ago - 44& in 4 months after years of success is essentially unheard-of as drops in television ratings go, and the timing makes the causation clear. We credit the activists who regard this website as Home and their fellows on Twitter as their closest allies for forcing Ailes to re-hire Sarah Palin and to FOX discovering, however poorly - and it isn't remotely enough - the Benghazi issue; they barely covered it at all before we started demanding loudly on twitter.

    The activism of this group has achieved more than some of the most recognized true conservative sites anywhere. No, we don't have the huge central star name in the middle of all, driving nonsensical talk with a sense of celebrity - what we have is the hardest-working group of patriots anyone has ever seen, and the manifest results speak for themselves. Read many of the recent posts on this blog and you will see the true and actual indisputable evidence for yourself.

    So if you have doubt, that's fine, Mr Anonymous, but keep it to yourself - our people are out working twitter approximately 16 hours a day, 7 days a week on Twitter. They roll in every single day by the truckload and they get things done. Anyone else can make that claim, but at this point in time no one else can prove it, even the Tea Party Express which appears to be getting slowly absorbed by the DC machine.

    Respect the work of the people here and who call this blog "home base". They work every single day with proven effective strategies to get things done. If YOUR group - if you have one - has a letter from a long-standing US Congressman thanking you for playing a "key role" in advancing a resolution to having 3/4 of the GOP House co-sponsor it - a resolution that puts Obama in the hot seat over Benghazi - then respect the work of this blog and the Tea Party Fire Ants.

    Pompous critics won't help America. I suggest "Anonymous" stop being one, roll up his sleeves and get to work. The time for pompous critics is over; America has no time left to accommodate them. We have to win this battle against Obama's agenda and we have to win it fast. Only focused and sweeping activism can do that, now. I suggest everyone lend a hand and leave the armchair superior posturing in the past.

  4. Any updates on various Vigils held?

    1. We have some shots and a video, but it's very clear from conversations that while many had no problem doing the vigil, many are bashful about releasing their pictures on the internet. We have to assure everyone that their pictures are beautiful no matter how small the size of the vigil and it's only a start to an ongoing series of activities. When we have enough pics and videos to make a real article out of it, that's what we'll do.

      If you had a vigil - meaning anyone - and would like to post a link to a pic gallery, link it in this comment thread. One group did and forgot to mention it to us. They told their close friends, but forgot to tell US!