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All Tea Party Fire Ants and friends should be very, very proud of this. We've gotten major media, forced FOX right, and done other great things as a group. But this is perhaps something I would consider a bit reverent. It should also silence our critics once and for all. Edit, a few people have voiced concern that Wolf is using the past-tense in this letter and worried that suggests it's all over. No! We are in nearly daily contact with his office and trust me, Wolf, like the rest of us, is taking this all the way to victory and justice. Let's make this courageous and honorable man proud and finish what we started: 

You have worked very hard, Fire Ants, and while you cannot yet rest, you have now been, despite our being a very controversial group, now entirely legitimized. You've earned it. Take a bow. Now get back to work!



Filed for Sunday, June 23, 2013

EDIT:9:47 PM, June 24: If evening events are not your thing, or no town nearby has an active nightlife, it;s summer, get a few people together at the park with no candles but signs. Light candles at dusk. 3 more probable events on June 29, bringing the total of states up to 8. 

EDIT:11:52 PM, June 23: There are now Tea Party groups in 5 states pledging a Candlelight Vigil on June 20: Tennessee, Missouri, Virginia (a few in Virginia), Arizona and now North Carolina. You don't need any official affiliation: you and a few family friends will be enough. See how people will join you and applaud you online for caring! Tell us if you are having one!

Normally this blog posts in one continues page/thread, but I am breaking it up this time because I would like to re-open comments for this one event. Doubtless the foul-mouthed hateful liberal trolls from Newsweek, Salon, The New York Times, The Young Turks and the like will spread vile and malicious profanity all over the page, but we'll try anyway. The reason is that this event is the one which is the most potentially social outside of Twitter and Facebook:

There is one question no one can or will answer. One which always results in awkward silence, stammering and an immediate visible draining of confidence from politicians on both sides if the Aisle: Where are the Benghazi Survivor Witnesses?

Perhaps it is because no one can claim this question springs from the mind of "conspiracy theorists" and therefore cannot be mocked is it so devastating. Hillary said 25 - 30 US citizen survivors were flown out of Benghazi after the attacks which left 4 US personnel murdered, including Ambassador Stevens. Kerry did, too. Generals have. The media has. All of Congress has. Okay, so after nine months, where the hell are they? 

Obama refuses to even discuss the subject. The one patient supposedly at Walter Reed Hospital apparently was listed there under an assumed name. The best info we have - which stinks and I do not believe - is from GOP Senator Lindsey Graham saying the witnesses are so terrified of their own President of the United States that they refuse to come forward. Obama, rightfully, should be impeached even if it's true, because clearly he must have had his people say some very illegal threats to them to put them in so severely frightened state of mind. Snowdon did not flee to China after disclosing the monstrous activity of the Obama Administration, he says he left because he fears for his life. So why should anyone doubt him? He knows what the situation is from the inside. He's a witness. And he fears Obama will have him killed. Is that what happened to the 33 Benghazi Witnesses? Did Obama have them killed, and is congress, these "small business owners" thrust into positions of power for which they are painfully apparently entirely ill-prepared, so petrified of a complete societal breakdown if it turns out Obama is behaving like Stalin and Hitler and killing witnesses which stand in the way of his plan and desires?

There is only one way to find out: to put the words "Where are the missing Benghazi survivor witnesses?" on the lips of every American. Next weekend, Saturday, July 29, we start just that. We brought FOX NEWS down 33% and started them turning back to the right.  We have been - by voluntary compliments from congressional offices - directly instrumental in bringing 128 additional co-sponsors onto HRes36. We can do this - and I mean, as always, we can do this - meaning all of us - you too!

Bring candles but not just candles. A group of people with candles at a distance communicates only an unspecified image. Make signs, too. Big ones. A blue plastic drop cloth from Home Depot costs about ten bucks, and some white painters tape/ white duct tape the same. With those you can make a beautiful sign which can be seen easily by cars passing on the road, is waterproof, and can be used over and over again. Wake up those passersby to an issue of which they probably have no awareness whatsoever. Make them go home and say, "What's this about missing Benghazi witnesses?" to their family. Create the mystery which gets tongues wagging at every water cooler within 40 miles of your town. These are only photoshop illustrations  but give you a look you can easily shoot for:

See the eyelets on the edge? Just a painters drop-cloth and some white tape can make this look.

Are you shy? I suggest this: Wear a "blank face" mask in solidarity with the missing Benghazi survivors as an illustration of American citizens whose identities are being held secret and possibly erased because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to suit Comrade Obama. There are a million variations of these and absolutely every costume shop and many places like Michael's carry them from just a dollar or two each:
Party City has them for $3.99. CLICK HERE

You could always get alarmingly dramatic and really make an impact:

No matter whether you want to go "Code Pink" style or just be civilian patriots making a point, NOW is the time. No one can mock you: Every member of congress wants to know who these people are and why they have vanished off the face of the earth, and the left media has entirely legitimized even dramatic forms of candlelight vigils - they dare not mock you for fear of ruining the perception of the activity which the left relies on so heavily. You are safe. Do it!

In just a few short hours we have confirmation of 4 state Tea Party groups pledged already: Tennessee, Missouri, Virginia (a few in Virginia)and Arizona. Also a very likely one in Indiana and several more which are being discussed and organized at this moment. By next weekend we want to have at least one in every state, ideally at the statehouse or in a public park nearby, near the roadsides, where all the world will see the message. This is how the Tea Party was successful in 2010. We're going to do it again, this time to create public awareness for what may turn out to be the biggest political crime/scandal in American history.

For those who like media, we here at the blog are working out a way to have a video "switcher" for Skype or Facetime in the event anyone wants to cover their own participation at such an event with their iphones, itouch or laptops. (Be sure to respect the privacy of others or you may find yourself out with the cars driving by!) If that can be done, this can truly be an event the way Occupy wall Street was an event. I have seen their video plans and while big and complicated, it may not be impossible to mimic what they did at a fraction of the price.

Doing a Candlelight Vigil is ridiculously easy if you want to go the modest route with handheld signs. You can also walk down the streets where stores are still open at dusk, you and your group, where people will read you signs on the sidewalks as well as the drivers going past. If you are the type who like to make things over-complicated, here's a page about how to 'organize' a candlelight vigil (although all you really need are some friends and or family and a few candles and pieces of poster board), HERE

Comments will be open below. The rest of the Benghazi-truth blog will remain on the "other" post. We also hope to hear your own Candlelight Vigil plans on Twitter, and we'll be happy to cover them here, if you want. 

This post will remain ongoing with updates every day. 



  1. Go ahead. Tell the world what you think!

    1. It is a fact that people want to know the truth about what happened in Benghazi. It's a stain on the fabric of our country - never before have we (as a country) abandoned our men with no attempt to rescue them.

      It's also a fact that getting that truth has been like pulling teeth and we are still in that process. Benghazi needs exposure. The media seems to be treating this like the proverbial 'bump in the road' it was called early on, and that's a travesty of justice.

      The survivors need to come forward publicly and tell their stories under oath. Anyone involved needs to testify under oath.

      This appears to be one of the only places devoted to obtaining the truth that IS. Not fostering a picture of might have beens, or looks like.

  2. 1.) You wrote "Where are the missing Benghazi survivors?"

    2.) A while ago, you brought up another point. I can't remember it word for word, but it's along the lines of "This is the first time in American history a President is told to "Release the survivors!"

    To me, those that statement and that question need to be so synonymous with one another that you can't ask the question without making the statement and vice versa.

    1. PS Pardon the typo: "To me, those that statement" lol sorry for that.

      But I think I made my point, so no worries...

  3. Anonymous, I get your point and it's important. "Where are the survivors?" Well, who "had" them last? Obama. He was in control of their transportation out of Benghazi. According to congress, the names of such people in similar situations are released within 48 hours. It's been 9 months and no one knows who they are and not a single family member, co-worker, friend or anyone has giving one scrap of information, so something is clearly alarmingly wrong. This is not how the world works. People leak government info every day and 33 witnesses wanted by the congress don't just VANISH. Therefore, "Mr. President, free the witnesses". This is not a joke.

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  4. You are welcome, Proe.

    And you're right!

  5. Americans should speak up for fellow Americans when any are held captive!!!

    1. Janson, as one of the original TPFA going a long way back before even this blog, you know how serious this issue is compared to others. Our job is to put "Where are the missing Benghazi survivor eyewitnesses" on the lips of every American. Maybe everyone in the civilized world. If the witnesses had something to say to help Obama they would have been pushed out into the light. If their involvement was neutral, Obama wouldn't care. For this appearance of horrendous control of human lives - if they are even still alive - to be allowed to continue while he is obviously trying to distract attention away means something truly terrible has or is happening. THAT is what the world needs to know, and discover that secret, whatever it may be.

  6. I love the honest, up to date information that I get thru the BENGHAZI TRUTH! There is no sugar coating of what has happened! Calling out the Conservative GOP is needed! Great job!

  7. I didn't want to post this in the other daily memos because I didn't want to take the focus off of what you're currently trying to do. So I figured I'd post this here instead.

    This is what I just wrote on my personal page. I figured on sharing it with you (and you have my full permission to post this as it's own daily memo should you feel it will help our cause.)

    Here it is:

    I am so sick of political correctness.

    I'm not referring to the particular issues.

    I'm referring to how the freedom of speech on such issues is handled.

    I'm referring to how legal battles regarding freedom of speech on such issues are handled.


    There is a distinction between what your beliefs are and how you're a representative of those beliefs.

    When I was growing up, my mother always used to say "It's not what you say, it's how you say it."

    Let me extend that a little further:

    "It's not what you say, it's how you say it & how you represent your beliefs in whatever forum you're in at any given time."

    Representing your beliefs by advocating for the restriction of others speech is a very very bad thing (insert adjective here).

    Just think, if people who want to restrict your speech are all that's left one day, they'll have to live amongst their own. That won't be a pretty sight.

    1. Wow. That was very well expressed. I assume you are talking about the trolls who are maliciously antagonizing the Tea Party Fire Ants non-stop on Twitter. They are mostly one person as we know. Once that person is forced to stop, by social pressure or police arrest, things there will be a little nicer.

  8. Thank you!

    In the last paragraph, I'm talking not only about the trolls, but about anyone who does things in a lawless way.

    They are setting the precedent for people like themselves to do what they do... back at them! If one day they are all that's left, they will be a society of pure dysfunction. OR you can just insert your own perferred adjective here _______.

  9. I wrote something else that I'd like to share with you. Since it doesn't have much to do with TPFA, I figured on posting it here because it won't take the focus off TPFA activities.

    The only way that nobody will be offended by anyone else is if everyone is the same. If you are the same as someone else, how could they possibly offend you?

    Then again, life isn't so simple as that. Since life isn't perfect, something would somehow happen where someone would be offended.

    So I'll add this: Only if the human race were perfect (oh what a vague concept) would people not be offended.

    Since no human is perfect, that's just not possible.

    The best that we can do at any given moment is just that... the best that we can do.

    1. Another truly brilliant comment posting, Janson. i really look forward to them, now.

      I would add an important qualifier; that it IS the best they can do. Too many people take one look at the effort involved in even the simplest activity with which they are not familiar and say, "Oh, I can;t do THAT." They are only right if they try and fail. And things being what they are in the United States, everyone must at least try, even if they fail. If nothing else, it will be a valuable life insight into their own limitations. But that's not why they say it, of course. They say, "Oh I can;t do that" simply because they cannot take the trouble. In the end then, if Obamacare cuts of their life services and they spiral down into death, they should keep their deathbed complaints to them,selves, because they didn't fail because they were not good enough. they failed - and died - because they did not even try.

  10. I just wrote something that I figured on sharing with you. It's not related to TPFA, but I think I will share it with you anyway.

    Here it is:

    Liberals often call you bigoted/hateful when you disagree with them. Some liberals will say "it's ok if you disagree, but"

    Now whatever that "but" ends up leading to, here is a question that I would ask them someday:

    "How does one go about disagreeing with you and not be called bigoted/hateful? After all, if it's ok to disagree, then…"

    It's my experience that some of them don't want to say anything so bold as "Don't disagree with me and you won't be considered bigoted/hateful." But the more extreme they are, the more likely they'll be so bold and say such things.

    The reason I said this:

    "How does one go about disagreeing with you and not be called bigoted/hateful? After all, if it's ok to disagree, then…" because if any of them have & tout the belief that "It's ok to disagree," this question of mine should help make to expose them as hypocrites to those who witness such an interaction. Maybe not everybody, of course, but some people.

    Consider it a way of teasing out their inconsistencies for the world to see.

  11. Rep Jeff Duncan posted something about Benghazi a bit earlier and what follows below was the FIRST comment. He didn't "like" or reply to me, BUT since it was the first comment and he came back a few minutes later to respond to someone else, I have a strong feeling he may have seen this:

    Benghazi is 1st time a POTUS told to "Release the witness/survivors" That is very creepy but because it's a POTUS we're talking about, it's far more creepy than normal…

    So my question to Boehner would be "So Boehner, how come the GOP is sitting on it's butt regarding this fact I just shared?"

    We need a Select Committee on Benghazi now!

    This is something that every single one of us Americans needs to be complaining about!! Not to be passed off as merely another thing to feel uncomfortable about, but something to complain to our Reps about!


    The first two lines of my comment are what I wanted Rep Duncan to focus on. I think they are direct enough that if he saw the comment, he couldn't help but say to himself something like "Oh shit, he's RIGHT!" as opposed to the more mundane "Yeah, you're right!" To me, there's a world of difference between the two.

    The rest of that comment I left is from another thread on FB. But it was close enough to what I wanted to say that I posted it. I also explained that in another comment.

    But I made sure to avoid "edit" the comment (which I posted here too) because I wanted it up front & unavoidable.

    SO.... I am proud! And I left enough comments about the Benghazi witness/survivors on another thread so there's a pretty good chance that Rep Duncan heard me.

    AND I am currently writing another piece that I will share with you here and if you want, you can post it on a daily memo....

  12. 1.) Nobody agrees 100%, even amongst communists/progressives/liberals.

    2.) If they win, they'll have to live amongst each other's "ban those who criticize from criticizing" kind of thinking.

    3.) Thus, even if they win, their kind of thinking (in point 2 in my comment) will make their lives MUCH harder to live. They won't have us to blame if they're all that's left one day.

    4.) If they are so blind that they cannot see even a victory for them carries with it this thing I pointed out, then they have issues that go far beyond their communist ideology. They are true SICKOS.

    But you already knew that.