Wednesday, March 25, 2015

ObamaSeuss: "Oh! How Bad The President Has Been!"

This book created under the protection of the Fair Use Act (described after the book)

Well, there certainly has been a lot of talk about Obama channeling Dr Seuss and for good reason: selling an oppressive, communist-style agenda using children's media and the fond, innocent memories that go along with such things is pretty gross: like Hitler and Stalin kissing babies and smiling, laughing and charming the people with their uplifting spirits and appearance of being jovial men with big hearts, then going back to "work", so to speak, as they did. But I digress. This is supposed to be a fun time, so without further allusions to historical precedent, here is the whole goll-darned illustrated book! Well okay! We're always happy to do our part! All original! Have fun!








A word and lesson about copyright law. A few people, obviously very loud leftists trying to discourage this book, have said such a thing would violate copyright law in so much as a parody mocks the style of a work which is allowed, while satire using the style of a work is not quite so allowed unless there is a significant social, artistic or political connection - reason - to use a certain style to make a point.

For example, a book called The Cat NOT In The Hat used that style to re-tell the O.J. Simpson murder story. The court ruled against the book for copyright infringement because Simpson had no connection to Dr. Seuss. Had Simpson used an alibi that had, for example, been called the "Cat In The Hat Defense" then the situation likely would have been much different.

In this case the connection is clear: Obama's use of Seuss has caused much social 
awareness and some outrage, and people from Sarah Palin to John Stewart have held up Seuss books while giving their own barely modified versions of famous Seuss rhymes, and that is allowed because 1. They are not charging anyone to hear or see it (though Stewart's show used it in the context of a commercial broadcast) and 2. there is a very significant connection to the Suess work thanks to the President making the Seuss rhyme style an agency of delivering a message of societal significance. Political cartoons abound with Seuss allusions. This is exactly that. And the Fair Use Act allows for the creation and exhibition of this online book. Do know that this book, itself, however is copyrighted.

That's the chemistry of how copyright law, parody and satire operate together. Hope you have enjoyed it.

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