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Those of you who read this blog regularly know that we have had no choice but to make an issue of the antagonistic "trolls" who have gone way out of their way, many all day long every day for months, to attack the Tea Party Fire Ants, the group which runs this blog. It may be Benghazi Truth, but it's tough to get the truth out, or even have a halfway meaningful short discussion, when you have a small but relentless group of highly inflammatory people claiming to be conservatives defaming, insulting and goading you all day long, every day. Well-known and well-read World Net Daily published not one but two recent articles about it.

The "trolls" have significantly curtailed their antagonistic rhetoric since those articles and also because they, IMO, incriminated themselves by making a big deal about something no one knew about - even Kathy - and that is a supposed letter from the Ohio Attorney general....
... sent to a friend of Kathy's apparently by mistake, and Ohio, as I understand it, with nothing on record about Kathy in any department, believes that a criminal forgery was created and sent to Kathy (received by her friend) and Ohio now has detectives investigating (see our blog about "defamation").

At the core of both World Net Daily articles is the fact that TPFA Twitter swarm leader and TPFA co-leader Kathy Amidon had her account suspended by Twitter without reasonable explanation, along with my account of Frank M Davis. It is our opinion also that Twitter administration appears complicit in the trolling, especially since a certain Kate Beecham who was trolling us and supplying art voluntarily to those antagonizing us unprovoked claims to have previously worked at Twitter, which IMO in-context suggests the culture within the walls at Twitter, and that explains a lot. 

WND saw the trolls in action as the trolls called to Twitter chief of safety and security, Delbius Harvey, to do what they wanted as though speaking to an old friend.

The idea that Twitter is complicit in trolling and cyber-bullying (a crime) IMO appears to be really now borne out by this positively outrageous e-mail from Twitter "Safety and security" on June 26, a few days ago, after Kathy's account with 6,000 followers had already been suspended for many months:

When Kathy wrote back to appeal, they had already closed the case, thank you:

IMO, it appears that since the trolls had to curtail their level of attack after the WND articles, Twitter "balanced" the situation by permanently  removing from Kathy her 6,000 followers, leaving her with a current account of a few hundred with whom she can promote her political viewpoints via her 1st Amendment rights. IMO, the whole thing reeks of an inside job at Twitter of gross and horrendous abuse of power - and of kathy - across the board.

So here is our challenge to Twitter and specifically, Twitter safety and security chief Miss Delbius Harvey, whom, after being written about in not terribly complimentary terms by World Net Daily, and IMO, rightfully so, must certainly be aware of the situation regarding kathy's account:



Let's go through a few Tweets by others as an illustration of the point. 

I thought antagonizing people was against Twitter rules. Here's Harriet Baldwin speaking her mind in a way entirely representative of how she has usually spoken of Kathy, myself and the Tea Party Fire Ants. What has Kathy said that is as, IMO, bad as some of these things, and what volume of tweets did Kathy put forth that contained them, as these contain the following?

(I was never visited by the FBI. IMO, that's true defamation)

Here is, Harriet, IMO, inciting people to act negatively against others. Is this part of Twitter's good behavior and do you have an example of Kathy doing likewise - or anything as bad? And if it is not part of Twitter policy, why has Kathy Amidon had her account  permanently suspended while Harriet flourishes, Tweeting things like this?

Harriet, to my knowledge, has never provided any evidence for that last claim, by the way, made nearly a year ago. 

I also thought that enjoying maliciously antagonizing people, as IMO appears to be the case here, was also something Twitter presumably frowned upon. Why after all this is Harriet's account allowed to continue if Kathy "broke the rules"?

If you check the timelines, you will see that HoneyGee, a Tea Party Fire Ant activist, said nothing to provoke this gross attack and insult.

So we ask Twitter and Delbius Harvey, where are the tweets by Kathy Amidon that are worse than these, above, that Kathy should just now receive an e-mail of permanent suspension  while Harriet plows merrily along as illustrated above if there is no bias on the part of Twitter "Safety and Security"?

Here is the aforementioned "Boss Hogg". I thought spamblocking people as an action to have people suspended was against the rules. Why has Hogg not also been permanently suspended, like twitter security did to kathy Amidon??

(We disagreed with him after he and Harriet attacked us first, but never 'slandered" him, but that doesn't seem to matter any more than Harriet's claim that I somehow got him suspended which was impossible for me to do, anyway. As regular readers know, I think the explanation Twitter offered for trolls suspending people by exploiting a spamblock feature is bull. IMO that was only a confusing excuse to cover acts of political prejudice within the ranks of the leftist San Francisco-based Twitter safety and security itself, who, IMO, are deeply involved in, if not at the operational core of, the attacks against  conservatives on Twitter; IMO silencing effective conservative voices and allowing trolls to threaten, cyber-bully and humiliate conservatives appears to be Twitter's idea of "policing", and Congress will soon investigate, thanks to TPFA)

Can it be that Hogg has friends inside Twitter.... could he or others be former members of the "Perverted Justice" which some law enforcement people called a vigilante group of which Delbius Harvey was not only once a part, but it appears to have been her only job before joining Twitter? (something Twitter execs need to be asked about when Congress starts an investigation)

And speaking of Spamblocking, here is Hyperion, from about the same time, nearly a year ago, calling for the spamblocking of people - me, in particular (I guess she doesn't like the fact that we were working toward, and helped to achieve, a Benghazi Select Committee, as Rep Wolf's office has stated and World Net Daily confirmed). Why is Kathy permanently suspended and this person flourishing if Twitter does not harbor a prejudice against Kathy? (By the way, the people reading this are not stupid, so you better think up some pretty good answers and not the usual "clever" wise guy hairsplitting we often see on Twitter)

Here is Clarence Silkwow, already  established in the opinion of others as a severe aggressor....

.... and Clarence says things like this, which if they are not against the rules, suggests that Twitter has a great reason for permanently suspending Kathy, whose only transgression appears to have been helping to expose the troll abuses on Twitter...

You know, by this point I had stopped looping Clarence into my tweets in rebuttal because it invariably meant gulag by "unbiased' Twitter. I thought volunteering this kind of harassment unprovoked was called cyber-bullying, and it is a very serious criminal offense? Is that what Twitter fosters? Serious criminal offenses? IMO at this point that is a very legit and serious question.

I get the feeling that if any TPFA volunteered remarks like this to any of the people, above - all of whom appear very closely associated on Twitter, BTW, as you can see - they would be suspended like Kathy was suspended. So where are the remarks by Kathy which are much worse than those, since Clarence flourishes, his antagonism everywhere, and Kathy is suspended for..... what?

Everyone knows that giving out unlisted, private personal information is very much against Twitter rules and the internet in general, especially when done for apparently malicious purposes....

... and apparent not-so-veiled death threats, as reported in World Net Daily, are absolutely against Twitter rules, and the law...

Yet Stan Hjerleid who not only posted what most appear to agree, IMO, is an obvious death threat, (and actually claimed copyright for the sick graphic!!!!) is doing just fine on Twitter, so Twitter admins must really love him. Del Harvey and the Twitter admins and Execs must be de facto officially recognizing death threats as what they, IMO, must think is a positive form of communication on Twitter. I am sure Congress and the Ohio Attorney General's office will find that fascinating. This also means that whatever supposed transgression  Kathy performed at Twitter must be worse than a death threat, right? Okay, what is it, then, if Twitter is not just seeking poisonous, power-mad revenge against Kathy for helping to expose the troll problem of otherwise unbiased and unprejudiced Twitter administration? Like all of the above people, we have many screenshots of Stan which in our opinion definitely qualify as being in violation of Twitter's rules, yet Kathy is suspended and Stan keeps posting things like that.

It should be noted that virtually all of the people shown in these illustrations of conduct are apparently very closely aligned and appear to use Twitter as a sort-of organizational internet office to orchestrate unified behavior as illustrated, above - that is plain when some say "Everyone should do this or that, etc. Another of these friends is "Randomthots" ...

... who accused me of being anti-semitic. Proof? None, just like Harriet's claim that I got Boss Hogg suspended. But she sure does engage the others, shown above, as friends, regularly. She also does things like this...

... and appears to try to find the slightest context, IMO, to "innocently" retweet calls others have made to attack us - literally, and in so doing "innocently" spread that message of hate. Del Harvey, at this point, I must assume thinks all this is fine, and presumably has evidence that Kathy Amidon has done worse than the above people since all their accounts are doing just fine, thanks, but Kathy, whom they attack, has been permanently suspended by "neutral" Twitter safety and security which is run under the watchful eye of Delbius Harvey, with whom the above people appear to be on very friendly terms.

A few more, just for good measure... all these accounts are doing fine while Kathy has been suspended....

Dakota Rose appeared to be organizing Spamblock operations, in these tweets, against people she does not like...

We told you about "True Patriots For America', admitted by the people who run it to be an intentional acronym to swipe the TPFA hashtag from the Fire Ants and dilute the message. They behave like this....

Anna calls Kathy, who is a courageous patriot in every sense of the word (remember the TPFA accomplishments and letters of thank you from conservative congressmen) a whore, and Twitter thinks that's great, apparently....

 and True patriots, again, jumps in unprovoked while kathy is trying to be positive about the new TPFA video (29,000+ views in just a few days)and calls her a bigot.... and Devoe, who associates with most these same people regularly (surprise, surprise), volunteers  without provocation little gems like this...

All of this is apparently fine with Delbius Harvey and her bosses at Twitter who must be aware of all this since they were written up about our group twice so far in well-read World Net Daily and the article link has been tweeted to them, by, among others, us. The larger problem is that this is also called "cyber-bullying" and that is a criminal activity, and Twitter IMO appears absolutely  complicit. This is not a new observation unique to us and this is why we are working with GOP House members to move ahead on a Congressional investigation of Twitter abuses among it's 250-million daily users and the failures of Twitter administration, which may include, IMO, intentionally empowering such acts. No doubt the congress people Kathy knows will be astonished to know that it is actually worse than before; Twitter has permanently suspended the, IMO, one of most beleaguered victim of, IMO, manifest antagonists; a woman whose accomplishment has opened many doors and who is now on very friendly terms with the office staff of many of the GOP Reps who will likely be involved in the very investigation of Twitter, itself. I hope Twitter has a great reason for suspending kathy compared to these others who run free, because IMO suspending her in this way at this time was an incomprehensibly stupid thing to do.

Additionally, this info and article, like much else, is being sent to the Ohio Attorney General's office for their detectives, since it appears, IMO, that Twitters' security chief Delbius Harvey and her staff are ignoring the, IMO, gross rules transgressions (and even punish the victim) of people who associate together with a unified activism against Kathy, at least a few of whom IMO appeared to have some knowledge of the apparent forged letter from that office.... something of which, IMO, they plainly could not have had any knowledge unless they had spoken intimately on the subject to people involved with the creation of the apparent Ohio Attorney General letter forgery:

It seems each time some of these people try to, IMO, salve their concerns by posting something - IMO to keep the lib trolls from scattering for fear of a congressional investigation and give them unwarranted confidence - they make things worse for themselves. Snow White apparently contacted Rep Devin Nunes' office and got a letter from him saying he knew of no investigation of Twitter, IMO solicited by White to keep the Twitter troll ranks unafraid of congressional hearings and fully active. But Nunes would not have known at that point anyway; Kathy is dealing with a few very selected Reps. However, since this was  volunteered by Snow White, Kathy called Nunes' office. Kathy has now spoken to Nunes' staff three times for over two hours total. Nunes' staff has seen the screenshots, seen the Twitter timelines in real time, the World Net Daily articles, and now understands even more fully the Fire Ants legitimacy and accomplishments  (as reported by World Net Daily when WND called Rep Frank Wolf's office about the Fire Ants) and understand the thanks to TPFA from fellow Reps Wolf and Rice. Nunes' staff definitely understands the troll problem now in a big way and we can expect Nunes' to get into the investigation soon, also. 

IMO Some of these people somehow think they are terribly intelligent and immensely clever and think that by hair-splitting the particulars like wise guys, the world will have no choice but to ignore their actions and give them a pass. Wrong. All anyone has to do now is look. There is very little left to the imagination at this point. And to anyone who may be working on Obama's behalf, I repeat; remember Rev Wright, Bill Ayres and Ambassador Stevens: if any you think Obama will write you a pardon or come to your aid when trouble comes, you're crazy. Obama has made it clear time and again that he believes people have a duty to sacrifice themselves for him so he can vacation in Martha's Vineyard with fewer headaches. Ask Wright, Ayres and channel Stevens with a ouija board.

Oh yes, additionally, through an intermediate, a few e-mails to kathy by a couple of the  people whose tweets are shown, above, were sent to a fairly famous law enforcement team known well to conservatives. Conclusion? The e-mails were "layered" to protect the identities of the users in ways that the investigators recognize and the news is not good. That, too, is being looked into, by them.

So before Congress and the Ohio  Attorney General's Office asks, we ask Twitter: what is it that Kathy Amidon Tweeted that is so terrible that she was now permanently suspended after all these months of being otherwise suspended, and the people whose behavior is illustrated above have not been suspended? Why Kathy and why not them? It should be a simple question to answer, but IMO it better be a good one that makes sense to Congress and Ohio, not just to you as an excuse comprised of twisted minutia, because the appearance of complicity in cyber-bullying and death threats is, IMO, terrible, now. And remember, these people don't want to hear stupidly over-confident wise guy responses from people who may think the real world stops at the San Francisco city limits. This issue is a poster child for a much bigger problem which is getting congress and law involved. This is serious, now. So what is the answer? Why has Kathy Amidon, now well-known to many congressional offices, been permanently suspended?



  1. PS Thank you for what you're doing, Proe!!!!

  2. Communists have used the “Twitter” method for several generations to take over America and bring it to ruin. First they assaulted the universities and the public school system. Then, all major American media fell to them. Almost (probably all; I’m trying to be optimistic) every branch of government is under their control. Not even the Christian churches have been spared. Seminaries are rife with Communist doctrines and whole denominations have fallen under the spell of “liberalism”.

    When I was composing this comment, I thought to outline exactly how the attacks were carried out but, I won’t do that. It would serve no purpose. If you know how Twitter Trolls work and how Twitter enables them while punishing Conservative voices then, you already know. Universities, schools, the major media, government and churches, who are taken over by the Communists, behave just like Twitter. They punish, harass and intimidate Conservatives while rewarding their little “troll” cronies. Communists/Progressives/Liberals always rely on the same methods.

    Yes, this is a very grim picture.
    Even though I have posted this on the Blog, it is not directed at Proe or Kathy. It’s directed at all the people out there who are blinded.